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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1992. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Six Plants and Myrtle's Silverspot Butterfly From Coastal Dunes in Northern and Central California Determined To Be Endangered. Federal Register, vol. 57, no. 120. 27848-27859.

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 Kingdom Plantae
  Chorizanthe howellii Goodman -- accepted -- Howell's spineflower, Mendocino spineflower
  Chorizanthe valida S. Watson -- accepted -- Sonoma spineflower
  Erysimum menziesii (Hook.) Wettst. -- accepted -- Menzies' wallflower
  Gilia tenuiflora ssp. arenaria (Benth.) A.D. Grant & V.E. Grant -- accepted -- greater yellowthroat gilia, Monterey gilia
  Layia carnosa (Nutt.) Torr. & A. Gray -- accepted -- beach layia, beach tidytips
  Lupinus tidestromii Greene -- accepted -- clover lupine, Tidestrom's lupine

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