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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1996. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Determination of Endangered Status for Twenty-five Plant Species From the Island of Oahu, Hawaii. Federal Register, vol. 61, no. 198. 53089-53108.

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 Kingdom Plantae
  Chamaesyce herbstii W.L. Wagner -- not accepted -- `akoko, Herbst's sandmat
  Chamaesyce rockii (C.N. Forbes) Croizat & O. Deg. -- not accepted -- `akoko, Koolau Range sandmat
  Cyanea acuminata (Gaudich.) Hillebr. -- accepted -- haha, Honolulu cyanea
  Cyanea humboldtiana (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma -- accepted -- haha, Oahu rollandia
  Cyanea koolauensis Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma -- accepted -- haha, Palolo Valley rollandia
  Cyanea longiflora (Wawra) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma -- accepted -- haha, ridge rollandia
  Cyanea st.-johnii (Hosaka) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma -- accepted -- haha, St. John's rollandia
  Cyrtandra dentata H. St. John & Storey -- accepted -- ha`iwale, mountain cyrtandra
  Cyrtandra subumbellata (Hillebr.) H. St. John & Storey -- accepted -- ha`iwale, parasol cyrtandra
  Cyrtandra viridiflora H. St. John & Storey -- accepted -- greenleaf cyrtandra, ha`iwale
  Delissea subcordata Gaudich. -- accepted -- `oha, Koolau Range delissea
  Eragrostis fosbergii Whitney -- accepted -- Fosberg's love grass, Fosberg's lovegrass
  Gardenia mannii H. St. John & Kuykendall -- accepted -- nanu, Oahu gardenia
  Lepidium arbuscula Hillebr. -- accepted -- `anaunau, Waianae Range pepperwort
  Lobelia gaudichaudii ssp. koolauensis (Hosaka & Fosberg) Lammers -- not accepted -- Koolau Range lobelia
  Lobelia monostachya (Rock) Lammers -- accepted -- Waianae Range lobelia
  Melicope saint-johnii (E.P. Hume) T.G. Hartley & B.C. Stone -- accepted -- alani, St. John's melicope
  Myrsine juddii Hosaka -- accepted -- cloudswept colicwood, kolea
  Phyllostegia hirsuta Benth. -- accepted -- Molokai phyllostegia
  Phyllostegia kaalaensis H. St. John -- accepted -- Kaala phyllostegia
  Pritchardia kaalae Rock -- accepted -- lo'ulu, Loulu, Waianae Range pritchardia
  Schiedea kealiae Caum & Hosaka -- accepted -- ma`oli`oli, Waianae Range schiedea
  Trematolobelia singularis H. St. John -- accepted -- lavaslope false lobelia
  Viola oahuensis C.N. Forbes -- accepted -- Oahu violet

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