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Publication: McNeill, J., F. Barrie, H. Burdet, V. Demoulin, D. Hawksworth, K. Marhold, D. Nicolson, et al. 2006. International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Vienna Code). Regnum Vegetabile, vol. 146. xviii + 568.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Anthocerotae -- not accepted
  Apiaceae -- accepted
  Arecaceae -- accepted
  Asteraceae -- accepted -- sunflowers, tournesols
  Balantiopsaceae -- not accepted
  Bataceae -- accepted
  Batidaceae -- not accepted
  Brassicaceae -- accepted -- crucifers, moutardes, mustards
  Charophytina -- not accepted
  Clusiaceae -- accepted
  Compositae -- not accepted
  Correa Andrews -- accepted -- Australian fuschia
  Cruciferae -- not accepted -- crucifers
  Cyclamen coum f. albissimum R.H. Bailey -- not accepted
  Cyclamen coum f. pallidum Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Cyclamen graecum f. album R. Frank & E. Frank -- not accepted
  Cyclamen hederifolium f. albiflorum (Jord.) Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Cyclamen peloponnesiacum f. albiflorum (B. Mathew) Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Cyclamen persicum f. albidum (Jord.) Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Cyclamen persicum f. puniceum (Glasau) Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Cyclamen repandum f. albiflorum B. Mathew -- not accepted
  Cyclamen repandum f. album Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Cyclamen repandum var. baborense Debussche & Quézel -- accepted
  Cyclamen repandum var. peloponnesiacum (Grey-Wilson) Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Cyclamen repandum var. vividum (Grey-Wilson) Grey-Wilson -- not accepted
  Fabaceae -- accepted -- legumes, peas
  Gramineae -- not accepted
  Guttiferae -- not accepted
  Julianiaceae -- not accepted
  Labiatae -- not accepted
  Lamiaceae -- accepted -- menthes, mints
  Leguminosae -- not accepted
  Liliatae -- not accepted
  Magnoliatae -- not accepted
  Mesostigmatophytina -- not accepted
  Monocotyledoneae -- not accepted
  Ocellochloa craterifera (Sohns) Zuloaga & Morrone -- accepted
  Ocellochloa irregularis (Swallen) Zuloaga & Morrone -- accepted
  Palmae -- not accepted
  Papilionaceae -- not accepted
  Poaceae -- accepted -- graminées, grasses
  Trema Lour. -- accepted
  Trema micrantha (L.) Blume -- accepted -- Jamaican nettletree
  Trema micranthum (L.) Blume -- not accepted -- Florida trema, Jamaican nettletree
  Umbelliferae -- not accepted -- parsley

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