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Publication: Lewis, Gwilym, Brian Schrire, Barbara Mackinder, and Mike Lock, eds. 2005. Legumes of the World. 577.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Coulteria Kunth -- accepted
  Erythrostemon Klotzsch -- accepted
  Erythrostemon gilliesii (Wall. ex Hook.) Klotzsch -- accepted
  Guilandina L. -- accepted
  Guilandina bonduc L. -- accepted
  Guilandina ciliata Bergius ex Wikstr. -- accepted
  Guilandina culebrae Britton & P. Wilson -- accepted
  Guilandina portoricensis Britton & P. Wilson -- accepted
  Libidibia Schltdl. -- accepted
  Libidibia coriaria (Jacq.) Schltdl. -- accepted
  Mezonevron Desf. -- accepted
  Mezonevron kavaiense (H. Mann) Hillebr. -- accepted -- uhiuhi
  Poincianella Britton & Rose -- accepted
  Poincianella mexicana (A. Gray) Britton & Rose -- accepted -- Mexican holdback, Mexican poinciana
  Tara Molina -- accepted
  Tara spinosa (Molina) Britton & Rose -- accepted -- spiny holdback

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