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Publication: Schoville, Sean D. 2012. Three new species of Grylloblatta Walker (Insecta: Grylloblattodea: Grylloblattidae), from southern Oregon and northern California. Zootaxa, issue 3412. 42-52.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Grylloblatta E. M. Walker, 1914 -- valid
  Grylloblatta campodeiformis occidentalis Silvestri, 1931 -- valid
  Grylloblatta marmoreus Schoville, 2012 -- valid
  Grylloblatta occidentalis Silvestri, 1931 -- invalid
  Grylloblatta oregonensis Schoville, 2012 -- valid
  Grylloblatta siskiyouensis Schoville, 2012 -- valid

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