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Publication: Fosberg, F. R., M.-H. Sachet, and R. Oliver. 1982. Geographical checklist of the Micronesian Pteridophyta and Gymnospermae. Micronesica, vol. 18. no. 1. 23-82.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Cyathea ponapeana (Hosok.) Glassman -- not accepted
  Diplazium woodwardioides (C. Presl) C.V. Morton -- accepted
  Lindsaea repens var. lingulata K.U. Kramer -- accepted
  Lindsaea walkerae Hook. -- accepted
  Lycopodium cernuum var. crassifolium Spring -- not accepted
  Marattia mertensiana (C. Presl) C. Chr. -- not accepted
  Sphaerostephanos maemonensis (W.H. Wagner & Grether) Holttum -- accepted
  Tectaria crenata Cav. -- accepted

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