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Publication: CITES. 2007. Appendix III. Notification to the Parties, no. 2007/007. 6.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Damaliscus lunatus (Burchell, 1823) -- valid -- Common Tsessebe, topi
  Epixerus ebii (Temminck, 1853) -- valid -- African Palm Squirrel, Ebian's palm squirrel, Palm Squirrel, Temminck's giant squirrel, Western Palm Squirrel
  Hyemoschus aquaticus (Ogilby, 1841) -- valid -- Water Chevrotain, water chevrotain
  Tragelaphus eurycerus (Ogilby, 1837) -- valid -- Bongo, bongo
  Tragelaphus spekii Speke, 1863 -- valid -- sitatunga, Sitatunga

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