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Source: IPNI, 2007 - 2010, database (version 2010)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Alisma parnassifolium L. -- not accepted
  Alisma rostratum Nutt. -- not accepted
  Allium ramosum L. -- accepted
  Bulbostylis curassavica (Britton) Kük. ex Ekman -- accepted -- West Indian hairsedge
  Carex fuscula d'Urv. -- not accepted
  Carex X josephi-schmittii Raymond -- accepted -- Joseph Schmitt sedge
  Carex X neopaleacea Lepage -- not accepted -- sedge
  Carex X paleaceoides Lepage -- not accepted
  Carex X subnigra Lepage -- not accepted -- sedge
  Carex X ungavensis Lepage -- accepted -- sedge
  Dracaena fernaldii (H. St. John) Jankalski -- accepted
  Dracaena forbesii O. Deg. -- accepted
  Dracaena halaapepe (H. St. John) Jankalski -- not accepted
  Dracaena rockii (H. St. John) Jankalski -- not accepted
  Drimia maritima (L.) Stearn -- accepted
  Lysichitum Schott -- not accepted
  Lysichitum americanum Hultén & H. St. John -- not accepted
  Molineria Colla -- accepted
  Nerine bowdenii W. Watson -- accepted
  Pleomele auwahiensis H. St. John -- accepted -- Maui hala pepe
  Pycreus P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Sagittaria engelmanniana ssp. engelmanniana J.G. Sm. -- not accepted
  Sagittaria obtusifolia L. -- not accepted
  Trichophyllum palustre var. calvum (A. Gray) House -- not accepted

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