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Source: Angiosperm Phylogeny Website, 2009, website (version 2009)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Aglaodorum Schott -- accepted
  Allagoptera Nees -- accepted
  Anacharis Rich. -- not accepted
  Anaphyllopsis A. Hay -- accepted
  Anthericum L. -- accepted
  Anubias Schott -- accepted
  Aploleia Raf. -- not accepted
  Burnatia Micheli -- accepted
  Caldesia Parl. -- accepted
  Campelia Rich. -- not accepted
  Chrysalidocarpus H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- chrysalidocarpus palm
  Cuthbertia Small -- not accepted
  Dracontioides Engl. -- accepted
  Inodes O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Jasarum G.S. Bunting -- accepted
  Lagenandra Dalzell -- accepted
  Lasia Lour. -- accepted
  Leiandra Raf. -- not accepted
  Limnophyton Miq. -- accepted
  Lophotocarpus T. Durand -- not accepted
  Luronium Raf. -- accepted
  Paurotis O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Phaeosphaerion Hassk. -- not accepted
  Ranalisma Stapf -- accepted
  Rhoeo Hance -- not accepted
  Setcreasea K. Schum. & Syd. -- not accepted
  Typhonium Schott -- accepted
  Wiesneria Micheli -- accepted

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