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Source: eFloras: Flora of China, 2011, database (version 2011)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik. -- accepted -- sunset muskmallow
  Abutilon pictum (Gillies ex Hook. & Arn.) Walp. -- accepted -- painted Indian mallow
  Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl -- accepted -- acanthus
  Acorus calamus L. -- accepted -- sweetflag, calamus, sweet-flag
  Acorus gramineus Sol. ex Aiton -- accepted -- grassleaf sweet flag, grass-leaf sweet-flag, slender sweet-flag
  Adoxa L. -- accepted
  Aeginetia indica L. -- accepted -- ye gu
  Aeschynanthus bracteatus var. peelii (Hook. f. & Thomson) C.B. Clarke -- not accepted
  Aidia cochinchinensis Lour. -- accepted
  Allophylus timorensis (DC.) Blume -- accepted
  Alnus japonica (Thunb.) Steud. -- accepted -- Japanese alder
  Alnus trabeculosa Hand.-Mazz. -- accepted
  Alocasia cucullata (Lour.) G. Don -- accepted -- chinese taro
  Alocasia macrorrhizos (L.) Schott -- not accepted -- giant taro
  Alpinia galanga (L.) Willd. -- accepted -- greater galangal
  Alternanthera repens (L.) Link -- not accepted
  Amelanchier asiatica (Siebold & Zucc.) Endl. ex Walp. -- accepted
  Anacardium occidentale L. -- accepted -- cashew
  Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Wall. ex Nees -- accepted
  Annona diversifolia Saff. -- accepted -- ilama
  Antenoron Raf. -- accepted
  Antenoron filiforme (Thunb.) Roberty & Vautier -- accepted
  Antenoron filiforme var. neofiliforme (Nakai) A.J. Li -- accepted
  Antidesma bunius (L.) Spreng. -- accepted -- bignay
  Aphanamixis grandifolia Blume -- not accepted
  Aphanamixis polystachya (Wall.) R. Parker -- accepted
  Aquilaria grandiflora Benth. -- not accepted
  Aquilaria sinensis (Lour.) Spreng. -- accepted
  Aquilariaceae -- not accepted
  Arceuthobium oxycedri (DC.) M. Bieb. -- accepted
  Ardisia solanacea Roxb. -- accepted -- China-shrub
  Argusia Boehmer -- not accepted -- sea rosemary
  Arisaema amurense Maxim. -- accepted
  Arisaema heterophyllum Blume -- accepted
  Arisaema speciosum (Wall.) Mart. -- accepted -- cobralily
  Arisaema tortuosum (Wall.) Schott -- accepted
  Astragalus frigidus (L.) A. Gray -- accepted
  Baccaurea motleyana (Müll. Arg.) Müll. Arg. -- accepted -- rambai
  Baccaurea ramiflora Lour. -- accepted
  Baeckea frutescens L. -- accepted
  Balanophora fungosa J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. -- accepted
  Balanophora indica (Arn.) Griff. -- accepted
  Beilschmiedia roxburgiana Nees -- accepted
  Benincasa hispida (Thunb.) Cogn. -- accepted -- waxgourd, winter melon, white gourd, ash gourd
  Berberis aggregata C.K. Schneid. -- accepted -- salmon barberry
  Berberis duclouxiana (Gagnep.) Laferr. -- accepted
  Berrya ammonilla Roxb. -- not accepted
  Berrya cordifolia (Willd.) Burret -- accepted
  Blyxa octandra (Roxb.) Planch. ex Thwaites -- accepted -- blyxa
  Boea chaffanjonii H. Lév. -- not accepted
  Boea primuloides Miq. -- not accepted
  Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf. -- accepted -- rotund boesenbergia
  Bombax ceiba L. -- accepted -- red silk cottontree
  Brassica narinosa L.H. Bailey -- not accepted -- broadbeaked mustard
  Brassica parachinensis L.H. Bailey -- not accepted -- false pak choi
  Brassica perviridis (L.H. Bailey) L.H. Bailey -- not accepted -- tender green
  Buchanania latifolia Roxb. -- accepted -- chirauli nut
  Buxus harlandii Hance -- accepted
  Caesalpinia crista L. -- accepted -- gray nicker
  Calotropis R. Br. -- accepted
  Calystegia pellita (Ledeb.) G. Don -- accepted -- hairy false bindweed
  Calystegia pubescens Lindl. -- accepted
  Camellia chrysantha (Hu) Tuyama -- not accepted
  Camellia japonica L. -- accepted -- camellia
  Camellia petelotii (Merr.) Sealy -- accepted
  Camellia petelotii var. petelotii (Merr.) Sealy -- accepted
  Camellia sinensis (L.) Kuntze -- accepted -- tea
  Camphorosma L. -- accepted
  Camphorosma monspeliaca L. -- accepted
  Campsis grandiflora (Thunb.) K. Schum. -- accepted
  Cananga odorata (Lam.) Hook. f. & Thomson -- accepted -- ilang-ilang, ylang-ylang
  Canarium album (Lour.) Rausch. -- accepted -- Chinese white olive
  Cardiospermum halicacabum L. -- accepted -- balloonvine, love in a puff
  Carissa carandas L. -- accepted -- karanda
  Carissa edulis (Forssk.) Vahl -- accepted -- Egyptian carissa
  Carmona microphylla (Lam.) G. Don -- not accepted
  Caryopteris mongholica Bunge -- accepted
  Castanopsis sclerophylla (Lindl. & Paxton) Schottky -- accepted
  Castilleja pallida (L.) Kunth -- accepted -- boreal Indian paintbrush
  Catalpa bungei C.A. Mey. -- accepted
  Catalpa fargesii Bureau -- accepted
  Catha edulis (Vahl) Forssk. ex Endl. -- accepted -- khat
  Cayratia Juss. -- accepted
  Cayratia japonica (Thunb.) Gagnep. -- accepted -- bushkiller
  Cayratia trifolia (L.) Domin -- accepted -- threeleaf cayratia
  Celastrus gemmata Loes. -- accepted -- Chinese bittersweet
  Celtis bungeana Blume -- accepted -- Bunge's hackberry
  Cerastium pauciflorum Steven ex Ser. -- accepted
  Cerastium pilosum Ledeb. -- not accepted
  Cerbera manghas L. -- accepted -- reva
  Ceropegia teniana Hand.-Mazz. -- accepted
  Chaenomeles sinensis (Thouin) Koehne -- accepted
  Chaiturus marrubiastrum (L.) Rchb. -- accepted -- lion's tail
  Chenopodium giganteum D. Don -- accepted
  Choerospondias axillaris (Roxb.) B.L. Burtt & A.W. Hill -- accepted
  Cinchona calisaya Wedd. -- accepted -- quinine
  Cinnamomum cassia (L.) D. Don -- accepted
  Cinnamomum verum J. Presl -- accepted -- cinnamon
  Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume -- not accepted
  Cissus repens Lam. -- accepted
  Claoxylon longifolium (Blume) Endl. ex Hassk. -- accepted
  Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cusson -- accepted -- Monnier's snowparsley
  Codoriocalyx Hassk. -- not accepted -- tick trefoil
  Codoriocalyx gyroides (Roxb. ex Link) Hassk. -- not accepted -- false tick trefoil
  Codoriocalyx motorius (Houtt.) H. Ohashi -- not accepted -- telegraph-plant
  Coffea canephora Pierre ex A. Froehner -- accepted -- robusta coffee
  Coffea congensis A. Froehner -- accepted -- congo coffee
  Coffea stenophylla G. Don -- accepted
  Colocasia antiquorum Schott -- not accepted
  Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott -- accepted -- coco yam, wild taro
  Comastoma Toyok. -- accepted
  Comastoma tenellum (Rottb.) Toyok. -- accepted
  Convolvulus japonicus Thunb. -- not accepted
  Corylopsis sinensis Hemsl. -- accepted -- winter hazel
  Corylus chinensis Franch. -- accepted
  Corylus colurna var. chinensis (Franch.) Burkill -- not accepted -- Chinese hazelnut
  Cotoneaster acuminatus Lindl. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster acutifolius Turcz. -- accepted -- Peking cotoneaster
  Cotoneaster affinis Lindl. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster ambiguus Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster amoenus E.H. Wilson -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster apiculatus Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted -- cranberry cotoneaster
  Cotoneaster bullatus Bois -- accepted -- hollyberry cotoneaster
  Cotoneaster bullatus f. floribundus (Stapf) Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster bullatus var. floribundus (Stapf) L.T. Lu & A.R. Brach -- accepted
  Cotoneaster buxifolius Wall. ex Lindl. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster calocarpus (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) Flinck & B. Hylmö -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster dammeri var. radicans (Dammer ex C.K. Schneid.) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster dielsianus var. elegans Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster foveolatus Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Franch. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster harrovianus E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster harrysmithii Flinck & B. Hylmö -- accepted
  Cotoneaster hebephyllus Diels -- accepted
  Cotoneaster hebephyllus var. fulvidus W.W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster henryanus (C.K. Schneid.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster integerrimus Medik. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster microphyllus Wall. ex Lindl. -- accepted -- smallleaf cotoneaster
  Cotoneaster microphyllus var. glacialis Hook. f. ex Wenz. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster moupinensis Franch. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster multiflorus Bunge -- accepted
  Cotoneaster multiflorus var. calocarpus Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster nitidifolius C. Marquand -- accepted
  Cotoneaster obscurus Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster oliganthus Pojark. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster reticulatus Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster rhytidophyllus Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster rotundifolius Wall. ex Lindl. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster rubens W.W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster rugosus E. Pritz. -- not accepted
  Cotoneaster salicifolius var. henryanus (C.K. Schneid.) T.T. Yu -- accepted
  Cotoneaster salicifolius var. rugosus (E. Pritz.) Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Cotoneaster soongoricus (Regel & Herder) Popov -- accepted
  Cotoneaster turbinatus Craib -- accepted
  Cotoneaster uniflorus Bunge -- accepted
  Cotoneaster wardii W.W. Sm. -- accepted
  Cotoneaster zabelii C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Crataegus chlorosarca Maxim. -- accepted
  Crataegus dahurica Koehne ex C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Crataegus kansuensis E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Crataegus maximowiczii C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Crataegus pinnatifida Bunge -- accepted -- Chinese haw, Chinese hawthorn
  Crataegus pinnatifida var. major N.E. Br. -- accepted -- Chinese haw, Chinese hawthorn
  Crataegus sanguinea Pall. -- accepted
  Cunninghamia R. Br. -- accepted -- cunninghamia
  Cyclanthera pedata (L.) Schrad. -- accepted -- achocha
  Cymodocea rotundata Asch. & Schweinf. -- accepted
  Cynoglossum furcatum Wall. ex Roxb. -- not accepted -- Indian hound's tongue, Ceylon hound's tongue
  Cynoglossum wallichii G. Don -- accepted -- prickly hound's tongue
  Cynoglossum wallichii var. glochidiatum (Wall. ex Benth.) Kazmi -- accepted
  Cypripedium calceolus L. -- accepted
  Damnacanthus indicus C.F. Gaertn. -- accepted
  Dendrocnide Miq. -- accepted
  Dentella repens (L.) J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. -- accepted
  Derris elliptica Benth. -- not accepted -- oiltree
  Desmodium gyroides (Roxb. ex Link) DC. -- not accepted
  Desmodium motorium (Houtt.) Merr. -- not accepted
  Desmodium polycarpon (Poir.) DC. -- not accepted
  Dillenia ovata Wall. ex Hook. f. & Thomson -- accepted -- ovate dillenia
  Dillenia philippinensis Rolfe -- accepted -- Philippine dillenia
  Dimocarpus longan Lour. -- accepted -- longan
  Dioscorea hispida Dennst. -- accepted -- intoxicating yam
  Dioscorea japonica Thunb. -- accepted -- Japanese yam
  Dioscorea pentaphylla L. -- accepted -- fiveleaf yam
  Diospyros cathayensis Steward -- accepted
  Dipentodon Dunn -- accepted
  Dipentodon longipedicellatus C.Y. Cheng & J.S. Liu -- not accepted
  Dipentodon sinicus Dunn -- accepted
  Dipentodontaceae -- accepted
  Donax canniformis (G. Forst.) K. Schum. -- accepted
  Dopatrium junceum (Roxb.) Buch.-Ham. ex Benth. -- accepted -- horsefly's eye
  Elaeagnus angustifolia L. -- accepted -- Russian olive, Russian-olive, Trebizond-date, oleaster
  Elaeagnus pungens Thunb. -- accepted -- thorny olive, thorny elaeagnus
  Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. -- accepted -- oleaster, autumn olive
  Elatine ambigua Wight -- accepted -- Asian waterwort
  Elatine hydropiper L. -- accepted
  Elatine triandra Schkuhr -- accepted -- longstem waterwort, threestamen waterwort
  Enhalus acoroides (L. f.) Royle -- accepted
  Epipremnum pinnatum (L.) Engl. -- accepted -- centipede tongavine, pothos
  Eritrichium pauciflorum (Ledeb.) DC. -- accepted
  Erythrina variegata var. orientalis (L.) Merr. -- not accepted -- tiger's claw
  Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. -- accepted
  Eulophia pulchra (Thouars) Lindl. -- accepted
  Eulophia spectabilis (Dennst.) Suresh -- accepted
  Euonymus nana M. Bieb. -- not accepted
  Euphorbia bifida Hook. & Arn. -- accepted
  Eurya japonica Thunb. -- accepted
  Eurya japonica var. nitida (Korth.) Dyer -- not accepted
  Eurya nitida Korth. -- accepted
  Euryale ferox Salisb. -- accepted
  Falcataria (I.C. Nielsen) Barneby & J.W. Grimes -- accepted -- peacocksplume
  Falcataria moluccana (Miq.) Barneby & J.W. Grimes -- accepted -- peacocksplume
  Flagellaria indica L. -- accepted
  Flueggea virosa (Roxb. ex Willd.) Royle -- accepted -- common bushweed
  Fontanesia phillyreoides Labill. -- accepted -- Syrian-privet
  Fontanesia phillyreoides ssp. fortunei (Carrière) Yalt. -- accepted
  Fraxinus chinensis Roxb. -- accepted -- Chinese ash
  Fraxinus mariesii Hook. f. -- not accepted -- Maries' ash
  Fraxinus sieboldiana Blume -- accepted
  Gagea bohemica (Zauschn.) Schult. & Schult.f. -- accepted
  Gagea fistulosa Ker Gawl. -- not accepted -- star of Bethlehem
  Garcinia multiflora Champ. ex Benth. -- accepted -- garcinia
  Garcinia tinctoria (DC.) Dunn -- not accepted
  Garcinia xanthochymus Hook. f. ex T. Anderson -- accepted -- garcinia
  Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr. -- accepted
  Geranium nepalense Sweet -- accepted
  Gonocarpus chinensis (Lour.) Orchard -- accepted -- Chinese raspwort
  Gratiola officinalis L. -- accepted -- hedgehyssop
  Guettarda speciosa L. -- accepted
  Gymnema sylvestre (Retz.) R. Br. ex Schult. -- accepted -- miracle fruit
  Gymnocarpos Forssk. -- accepted
  Gymnocarpos przewalskii Bunge ex Maxim. -- accepted
  Halimodendron halodendron (Pall.) Druce -- accepted
  Halodule uninervis (Forssk.) Asch. -- accepted
  Haloragis chinensis (Lour.) Merrill -- not accepted -- seaberry
  Hippophae rhamnoides L. -- accepted -- seaberry, seabuckthorn
  Hodgsonia heteroclita (Roxb.) Hook. f. & Thomson -- accepted -- Chinese lardplant
  Houttuynia cordata Thunb. -- accepted -- chameleon
  Hygrophila ringens (L.) R. Br. ex Spreng. -- accepted
  Hylotelephium spectabile (Boraeu) H. Ohba -- accepted -- chang yao ba bao
  Hypericum beanii N. Robson -- accepted
  Hypericum patulum Thunb. -- accepted
  Hypericum uralum Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don -- accepted
  Ilex buergeri Miq. -- accepted
  Ilex cornuta Lindl. & Paxton -- accepted -- Chinese holly, horned holly
  Ilex goshiensis Hayata -- accepted
  Ilex pedunculosa Miq. -- accepted
  Ilex rotunda Thunb. -- accepted -- Kurogane holly
  Ilex sugerokii Maxim. -- accepted
  Illicium verum Hook. f. -- accepted -- staranise tree
  Incarvillea delavayi Bureau & Franch. -- accepted
  Ipomoea muricata (L.) Jacq. -- not accepted
  Jasminum elongatum (P.J. Bergius) Willd. -- accepted -- earleaf jasmine
  Jasminum laurifolium Roxb. -- accepted
  Juglans mandshurica Maxim. -- accepted -- Manchurian walnut
  Justicia adhatoda L. -- accepted -- Malabar nut
  Kaempferia rotunda L. -- accepted -- kaempferia, resurrection-lily
  Khaya senegalensis (Desr.) A. Juss. -- accepted -- Senegal mahogany
  Kochia iranica Bornm. -- not accepted
  Kochia stellaris Moq. -- accepted
  Koelreuteria Laxm. -- accepted
  Koelreuteria bipinnata Franch. -- accepted -- goldenrain tree
  Koelreuteria elegans (Seem.) A.C. Sm. -- accepted -- golden rain tree, flamegold
  Koelreuteria paniculata Laxm. -- accepted -- goldenrain tree
  Krascheninnikovia Gueldenst. -- accepted -- winterfat
  Krascheninnikovia arborescens (Losinsk.) Czerep. -- accepted -- winterfat
  Lasia aculeata Lour. -- not accepted
  Lasia spinosa (L.) Thwaites -- accepted
  Laurus cinnamomum L. -- not accepted
  Lavatera thuringiaca L. -- accepted -- tree lavatera
  Lavatera trimestris L. -- accepted -- annual mallow
  Leonurus sibiricus L. -- accepted -- honeyweed
  Ligustrum sempervirens (Franch.) Lingelsh. -- accepted -- privet
  Lilium dauricum Ker Gawl. -- accepted
  Lilium pensylvanicum Ker Gawl. -- not accepted
  Limnophila aromatica (Lam.) Merr. -- accepted -- limnophila
  Liriodendron chinense (Hemsl.) Sarg. -- accepted -- Chinese tuliptree
  Liriope graminifolia (L.) Baker -- accepted -- lilyturf
  Litchi Sonn. -- accepted -- lychee
  Litchi chinensis Sonn. -- accepted -- lychee
  Lotus krylovii Schischkin & Sergievskaja -- accepted -- Krylov's birdsfoot trefoil
  Luculia pinceana Hook. -- accepted
  Ludwigia hyssopifolia (G. Don) Exell -- accepted -- seedbox
  Lumnitzera littorea Voigt -- accepted
  Lycium chinense Mill. -- accepted -- Chinese desert-thorn
  Lycium chinense var. chinense Mill. -- accepted -- Chinese desert-thorn
  Lycium chinense var. ovatum (Poir.) C.K. Schneid. -- not accepted
  Magnolia lotungensis Chun & C.H. Tsoong -- not accepted -- eastern joy lotustree
  Mallotus paniculatus (Lam.) Müll. Arg. -- accepted
  Mallotus tiliifolius (Blume) Müll. Arg. -- accepted
  Malus prattii (Hemsl.) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted -- Pratt apple
  Malus sieversii (Ledeb.) M. Roem. -- accepted
  Malus sikkimensis (Wenz.) Koehne ex C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Malus toringo (K. Koch) Carrière -- not accepted -- toringo crab, toringa crab apple
  Malus toringoides (Rehder) Hughes -- accepted -- cutleaf crab apple
  Malus transitoria (Batalin) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Malus X asiatica Nakai -- accepted
  Malus X micromalus Makino -- accepted -- Kaido crab apple
  Malus yunnanensis (Franch.) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted -- Yunnan crabapple
  Malus yunnanensis var. veitchii (Osborn) Rehder -- accepted
  Malus yunnanensis var. yunnanensis (Franch.) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Melandrium mongolicum (Maxim.) Grubov -- not accepted
  Melanolepis multiglandulosa (Reinw. ex Blume) Rchb. & Zoll. -- accepted
  Melastoma malabathricum L. -- accepted -- Malabar melastome
  Melia azedarach L. -- accepted -- Chinaberry tree, chinaberry, Indian lilac, lelah, paraiso, pride of India, white cedar
  Menyanthes cristata Roxb. -- not accepted
  Merremia gemella (Burm. f.) Hallier f. -- accepted
  Metaplexis japonica (Thunb.) Makino -- accepted -- rough potato
  Momordica cochinchinensis (Lour.) Spreng. -- accepted -- balsampear
  Monochoria hastata (L.) Solms -- accepted -- monochoria, arrowleaf falsepickerelweed
  Murdannia simplex (Vahl) Brenan -- accepted
  Murraya J. Koenig ex L. -- accepted
  Murraya koenigii (L.) Spreng. -- accepted -- curryleaftree
  Murraya paniculata (L.) Jack -- accepted
  Musa balbisiana Colla -- accepted -- plantain, banana
  Musa textilis Née -- accepted -- Manila-hemp, abaca, abaca
  Neotorularia Hedge & J. Léonard -- accepted
  Nephelium lappaceum L. -- accepted -- pulasan, rambutan
  Nerium oleander L. -- accepted -- oleander
  Nymphoides cristata (Roxb.) Kuntze -- accepted -- crested floatingheart
  Nymphoides hydrophylla (Lour.) Kuntze -- accepted
  Ornithogalum fistulosum Ramond ex DC. -- not accepted
  Orobanche cernua Loefl. -- accepted -- nodding broomrape
  Orychophragmus limprichtianus (Pax) Al-Shehbaz & G. Yang -- accepted
  Osmanthus delavayi Franch. -- accepted
  Osmanthus fragrans Lour. -- accepted -- sweet osmanthus
  Osmanthus heterophyllus (G. Don) P.S. Green -- accepted -- holly osmanthus
  Paeonia delavayi Franch. -- accepted -- dian mu dan
  Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews -- accepted -- moutan peony
  Papaver croceum Ledeb. -- not accepted -- ice poppy
  Paraderris (Miq.) R. Geesink -- accepted
  Paraderris elliptica (Wall.) Adema -- accepted
  Parakmeria Hu & Cheng -- accepted
  Parakmeria lotungensis (Chun & C.H. Tsoong) Y.W. Law -- accepted -- eastern joy lotustree
  Parrya platycarpa Hook. f. & Thomson -- not accepted
  Pemphis acidula J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. -- accepted
  Penthorum L. -- accepted
  Penthorum chinense Pursh -- accepted
  Perovskia atriplicifolia Benth. -- accepted -- Russian sage
  Persicaria neofiliformis (Nakai) Ohki -- not accepted
  Philadelphus tomentosus Wall. ex G. Don -- accepted -- fuzzy mock orange
  Philydrum lanuginosum Banks ex Gaertn. -- accepted
  Phlojodicarpus villosus (Turcz. ex Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Turcz. ex Ledeb. -- accepted
  Phoenix hanceana Naudin -- not accepted
  Phoenix hanceana var. philippinensis Becc. -- not accepted
  Phoenix loureiroi Kunth -- accepted -- Loureir's date palm
  Physalis alkekengi L. -- accepted -- strawberry groundcherry
  Physalis angulata L. -- accepted -- cutleaf groundcherry, cut-leaf ground-cherry, lanceleaf groundcherry
  Physalis cordata Mill. -- accepted -- heartleaf groundcherry
  Physalis minima L. -- accepted -- pygmy groundcherry
  Physalis peruviana L. -- accepted -- Peruvian groundcherry
  Physalis philadelphica Lam. -- accepted -- Mexican ground-cherry, Mexican groundcherry
  Physocarpus amurensis (Maxim.) Maxim. -- accepted
  Picrasma quassioides (D. Don) Benn. -- accepted -- nigaki
  Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Ten. ex Breitenb. -- accepted -- crowdipper
  Pisum sativum L. -- accepted -- garden pea
  Platanus acerifolia (Aiton) Willd. -- accepted
  Platanus hybrida Brot. -- not accepted -- London planetree
  Platanus occidentalis L. -- accepted -- sycamore, American sycamore
  Platycarya strobilacea Siebold & Zucc. -- accepted
  Polygonum polycnemoides Jaub. & Spach -- accepted -- manyleg knotweed
  Potamogeton alpinus Balb. -- accepted -- alpine pondweed
  Potentilla betonicifolia Poir. -- accepted
  Potentilla leucophylla Pall. -- not accepted
  Potentilla rupestris L. -- accepted
  Primula wilsonii Dunn -- accepted
  Prinsepia sinensis (Oliv.) Oliv. ex Bean -- accepted -- cherry prinsepia
  Procris Juss. -- accepted
  Prunus insititia L. -- accepted
  Prunus salicina Lindl. -- accepted -- Japanese plum
  Pseudocydonia C.K. Schneid. -- not accepted -- Chinese-quince
  Pseudocydonia sinensis (Thouin) C.K. Schneid. -- not accepted -- Chinese-quince
  Pseudolysimachion spurium (L.) Rauschert -- accepted -- bastard speedwell
  Psilotrichum ferrugineum (Roxb.) Moq. -- accepted
  Pyrus ussuriensis Maxim. -- accepted -- Chinese pear
  Quercus chenii Nakai -- accepted -- xiao ye li
  Quercus dentata Thunb. -- accepted -- Daimyo oak
  Quercus mongolica Fisch. ex Ledeb. -- accepted -- Mongolian oak
  Quercus serrata Murray -- accepted -- bao li
  Quercus variabilis Blume -- accepted -- Chinese cork oak
  Quisqualis L. -- accepted -- Rangoon creeper
  Rauvolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. ex Kurz -- accepted -- snakewood, serpentine wood
  Rauvolfia vomitoria Afzel. -- accepted -- poison devil's-pepper
  Reutealis trisperma (Blanco) Airy Shaw -- accepted -- Philippine tung
  Rhamnus frangula L. -- accepted -- glossy buckthorn, columnar buckthorn, European alder, fen buckthorn, tall hedge buckthorn, alder buckthorn
  Rhaphiolepis indica (L.) Lindl. -- accepted
  Rhapis excelsa (Thunb.) A. Henry -- accepted
  Rhus chinensis Mill. -- accepted -- Chinese sumac
  Rhus punjabensis J.L. Stewart ex Brandis -- accepted
  Rhus punjabensis var. sinica (Diels) Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Ribes burejense F. Schmidt -- accepted
  Ribes latifolium Jancz. -- accepted
  Ribes meyeri Maxim. -- accepted
  Ribes multiflorum Kit. ex Roem. & Schult. -- accepted -- manyflower currant
  Ribes orientale Desf. -- accepted
  Ribes stenocarpum Maxim. -- accepted
  Rodgersia sambucifolia Hemsl. -- accepted
  Rosa alberti Regel -- accepted
  Rosa beggeriana Schrenk -- accepted
  Rosa bella Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Rosa brunonii Lindl. -- accepted -- Himalayan musk rose
  Rosa caudata Baker -- accepted
  Rosa davidii Crép. -- accepted
  Rosa davurica Pall. -- accepted -- Amur rose
  Rosa fedtschenkoana Regel -- accepted
  Rosa foetida Herrm. -- accepted -- Persian yellow rose, Austrian yellow rose, Austrian copper rose, Austrian-briar
  Rosa forrestiana Boulenger -- accepted
  Rosa giraldii Crép. -- accepted
  Rosa helenae Rehder & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Rosa kokanica Regel ex Juz. -- accepted
  Rosa laxa Retz. -- accepted
  Rosa lucidissima H. Lév. -- accepted
  Rosa moyesii Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Rosa multibracteata Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Rosa roxburghii Tratt. -- accepted -- Chinquapin rose, chestnut rose
  Rosa sericea Lindl. -- accepted
  Rosa setipoda Hemsl. & E.H. Wilson -- accepted
  Rosa soulieana Crép. -- accepted
  Rosa sweginzowii Koehne -- accepted -- Sweginzow's rose
  Rosa webbiana Wall. ex Royle -- accepted
  Rosa willmottiae Hemsl. -- accepted -- Willmott's rose
  Rosa X anemonoides Rehder (pro sp.) -- not accepted -- rose
  Rubus crataegifolius Bunge -- accepted
  Rubus ellipticus var. ellipticus Sm. -- accepted -- yellow Himalayan raspberry
  Rubus ellipticus var. obcordatus Focke -- accepted -- yellow Himalayan raspberry
  Rubus idaeus ssp. sachalinensis (H. Lév.) Focke -- not accepted
  Rubus idaeus ssp. strigosus (Michx.) Focke -- not accepted -- grayleaf red raspberry, common red raspberry, red raspberry, grayleaf raspberry
  Rubus idaeus var. aculeatissimus Regel & Tiling -- not accepted
  Rubus idaeus var. idaeus L. -- accepted -- European red raspberry
  Rubus melanolasius Dieck -- not accepted
  Rubus sachalinensis H. Lév. -- accepted
  Rubus sachalinensis var. sachalinensis H. Lév. -- accepted
  Rubus xanthocarpus Bureau & Franch. -- accepted
  Sagittaria sinensis Sims -- not accepted
  Sagittaria trifolia ssp. leucopetala (Miquel) Q. F. Wang -- accepted
  Sagittaria trifolia ssp. trifolia L. -- accepted
  Salacia chinensis L. -- accepted
  Salomonia cantoniensis Lour. -- accepted
  Salomonia ciliata (L.) DC. -- accepted
  Sambucus L. -- accepted -- elderberry
  Sanguisorba tenuifolia Fisch. ex Link -- accepted
  Sauropus androgynus (L.) Merr. -- accepted -- chekkurmanis, sweet leaf, star-gooseberry, katuk
  Saxifraga sibirica L. -- accepted -- bract saxifrage
  Saxifraga umbellulata Hook. f. & Thomson -- accepted
  Sedum spectabile Boreau -- not accepted
  Shirakiopsis indica (Willd.) Esser -- accepted
  Sida javensis Cav. -- accepted
  Silene songarica (Fisch., C.A. Mey., & Avé-Lall.) Bocquet -- accepted
  Smilax aspera L. -- accepted -- rough bindweed
  Solanum virginianum L. -- accepted -- Surattense nightshade
  Solms-laubachia Muschl. -- accepted
  Solms-laubachia platycarpa (Hook f. & Thomson) Botsch. -- accepted
  Sonneratia alba Sm. -- accepted
  Sorbus alnifolia (Siebold & Zucc.) K. Koch -- accepted
  Sorbus tianschanica Rupr. -- accepted
  Sparganium erectum L. -- accepted -- simple-stem burr-reed, branched burreed, exotic bur-reed, simplestem bur-reed
  Sparganium erectum ssp. stoloniferum (Buch.-Ham. ex Graebn.) H. Hara -- not accepted -- branched burreed, exotic bur-reed, simplestem bur-reed
  Sparganium stoloniferum (Buch.-Ham. ex Graebn.) Buch.-Ham. ex Juz. -- accepted
  Sparganium stoloniferum ssp. choui (D. Yu) K. Sun -- accepted
  Sparganium stoloniferum ssp. stoloniferum (Buch.-Ham. ex Graebn.) Buch.-Ham. ex Juz. -- accepted
  Sphenoclea dalzielii N.E. Br. -- not accepted
  Sphenoclea pongatium DC. -- not accepted
  Sphenoclea zeylanica Gaertn. -- accepted -- chickenspike
  Spiraea flexuosa Fisch. ex Cambess. -- accepted
  Spiraea media Schmidt -- accepted
  Spiraea sargentiana Rehder -- accepted
  Spiraea trichocarpa Nakai -- accepted
  Spiraea wilsonii Duthie ex J.H. Veitch -- accepted
  Spondias pinnata (L. f.) Kurz -- accepted
  Sterculia ceramica R. Br. -- accepted
  Stictocardia tiliifolia (Desr.) Hallier f. -- accepted -- spottedheart
  Stranvaesia davidiana Decne. -- accepted -- Chinese stranvaesia, Chinese photinia
  Striga densiflora (Benth.) Benth. -- accepted -- witchweed, denseflower witchweed
  Syringa emodi Wall. ex G. Don -- accepted
  Syringa komarowii C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Syringa meyeri C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Syringa oblata Lindl. -- accepted
  Syringa oblata ssp. dilatata (Nakai) P.S. Green & M.C. Chang -- accepted
  Syringa pubescens Turcz. -- accepted
  Syringa pubescens ssp. microphylla (Diels) M.C. Chang & X.L. Chen -- accepted
  Syringa pubescens ssp. patula (Palib.) M.C. Chang & X.L. Chen -- accepted
  Syringa sweginzowii Koehne & Lingelsh. -- accepted
  Syringa wolfii C.K. Schneid. -- accepted
  Syringa X josiflexa I. Preston ex J.S. Pringle -- accepted
  Syringodium isoetifolium (Asch.) Dandy -- accepted
  Syzygium samarangense (Blume) Merr. & L.M. Perry -- accepted
  Taxodium mucronatum Ten. -- accepted -- Montezuma bald cypress, ahuehuetes, Mexican cypress, Montezuma baldcypress, sabino
  Tectona grandis L. f. -- accepted -- teak
  Telosma cordata (Burm. f.) Merr. -- accepted
  Terminalia bellirica (Gaertn.) Roxb. -- accepted -- myrobalan
  Terminalia chebula (Gaertn.) Retz. -- accepted -- myrobalan
  Tetragonolobus Scop. -- not accepted
  Tetrastigma pubinerve Merr. & Chun -- accepted
  Thalassia hemprichii (Ehrenb.) Asch. -- accepted -- thalassia
  Tilia japonica (Miq.) Simonk. -- accepted -- Japanese linden, Japanese lime
  Tournefortia sibirica L. -- accepted -- Siberian sea rosemary
  Toxicodendron succedaneum (L.) Kuntze -- accepted -- wax tree
  Toxicodendron vernicifluum (Stokes) F.A. Barkley -- accepted -- Chinese lacquer
  Trachycarpus H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Chinese windmill palm
  Trachycarpus fortunei (Hook.) H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Chinese windmill palm
  Trachycarpus wagnerianus Becc. -- not accepted
  Trichosanthes anguina L. -- accepted -- snakegourd
  Trichosanthes cucumerina L. -- accepted -- snakegourd
  Triphysaria chinensis (D.Y. Hong) D.Y. Hong -- accepted
  Triumfetta procumbens G. Forst. -- accepted
  Triumfetta velutina Vahl -- not accepted -- African burrbark
  Tulipa dasystemon (Regel) Regel -- accepted
  Typhonium Schott -- accepted
  Typhonium blumei Nicolson & Sivad. -- accepted
  Ulmus davidiana Planch. -- accepted -- Japanese elm
  Ulmus davidiana var. japonica (Rehder) Nakai -- accepted -- Japanese elm
  Utricularia bifida L. -- accepted -- bladderwort
  Utricularia caerulea L. -- accepted -- bladderwort
  Utricularia racemosa Wall. ex Walp. -- not accepted
  Utricularia racemosa Wall. -- not accepted -- bladderwort
  Utricularia uliginosa Vahl -- accepted -- bladderwort
  Vallisneria asiatica Miki -- not accepted
  Vallisneria natans (Lour.) H. Hara -- accepted
  Viburnum buddleifolium C.H. Wright -- accepted -- buddlejaleaf viburnum
  Vicia sativa ssp. nigra (L.) Ehrh. -- accepted -- garden vetch, common vetch, slimleaf vetch, vetch
  Vicia sativa var. nigra L. -- not accepted
  Vitis amurensis Rupr. -- accepted -- Amur grape
  Waldsteinia ternata (Stephan) Fritsch -- accepted
  X Citrofortunella J.W. Ingram & H.E. Moore -- not accepted -- citrofortunella
  Xanthoceras Bunge -- accepted
  Xanthoceras sorbifolium Bunge -- accepted
  Xenostegia D.F. Austin & Staples -- accepted -- morningvine
  Xylocarpus granatum J. Koenig -- accepted
  Xyris complanata R. Br. -- accepted -- Hawai'i yelloweyed grass
  Xyris indica L. -- accepted
  Zehneria guamensis (Merr.) Fosberg -- accepted
  Zornia gibbosa Span. -- accepted
  Zostera asiatica Miki -- accepted

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