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Source: Moraceae of North America Update, database (version 2011)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Artocarpus J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. -- accepted -- breadfruit
  Artocarpus altilis (Parkinson) Fosberg -- accepted -- breadfruit
  Artocarpus champeden (Lour.) Spreng. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus champeden (Lour.) Stokes -- not accepted
  Artocarpus communis J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus elasticus Reinw. -- accepted
  Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. -- accepted -- jackfruit
  Artocarpus hirsutus Lam. -- accepted -- hirsute artocarpus
  Artocarpus incisa (Thunb.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus incisus (Thunb.) L. f. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus integer auct. -- not accepted -- chempedak
  Artocarpus integer (Thunb.) Merr. -- accepted -- chempedak
  Artocarpus integrifolius L. f. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus integrifolius auct. -- not accepted
  Artocarpus mariannensis Trécul -- accepted
  Artocarpus odoratissimus Blanco -- accepted -- marang
  Artocarpus rigidus Blume -- accepted -- monkey Jack
  Artocarpus tamaran Becc. -- accepted
  Brosimum Sw. -- accepted
  Brosimum alicastrum Sw. -- accepted -- breadnut
  Brosimum alicastrum ssp. alicastrum Sw. -- not accepted -- ramon
  Brosimum alicastrum ssp. bolivarense (Pittier) C.C. Berg -- not accepted -- Bolivar brosimum
  Brosimum aubletii Poepp. & Endl. -- not accepted
  Brosimum guianense (Aubl.) Huber -- accepted -- Guiana brosimum
  Brosimum spurium Sw. -- not accepted
  Brosimum uleanum Mildbr. -- not accepted
  Brosimum utile (Kunth) Pittier -- accepted -- cow tree
  Broussonetia L'Hér. ex Vent. -- accepted -- paper mulberry
  Broussonetia kazinoki Siebold -- accepted
  Broussonetia papyrifera (L.) L'Hér. ex Vent. -- accepted -- paper mulberry, wauke
  Bucephalon racemosum L. -- not accepted
  Castilla Cerv. -- accepted
  Castilla elastica Sessé -- accepted -- Mexican rubber tree, Panama rubber tree, Panama rubbertree, puluvao
  Castilla elastica ssp. costaricana (Liebm.) C.C. Berg -- not accepted -- castilla
  Castilla elastica ssp. elastica Sessé -- not accepted -- castilloa rubber
  Castilla panamensis O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Castilla ulei Warb. -- accepted -- caucho rubber
  Chlorophora Gaudich. -- not accepted -- African teak
  Chlorophora excelsa (Welw.) Benth. -- not accepted -- African teak
  Chlorophora tinctoria (L.) Gaudich. ex Benth. & Hook. f. -- not accepted -- fustictree
  Cudrania Trécul -- not accepted -- cudrania
  Cudrania tricuspidata (Carrière) Bureau ex Lavallée -- not accepted -- storehousebush
  Dorstenia L. -- accepted
  Dorstenia contrajerva L. -- accepted -- tusilla
  Fatoua Gaudich. -- accepted
  Fatoua villosa (Thunb.) Nakai -- accepted -- hairy crabweed
  Ficus L. -- accepted -- fig
  Ficus altissima Blume -- accepted -- council tree, false banyan
  Ficus americana Aubl. -- accepted -- Jamaican cherry fig
  Ficus aurea Nutt. -- accepted -- Florida strangler, Florida strangler fig
  Ficus auriculata Lour. -- accepted -- Roxburgh fig
  Ficus benghalensis L. -- accepted -- Indian banyan
  Ficus benjamina L. -- accepted -- weeping fig
  Ficus brevifolia Nutt. -- not accepted
  Ficus broadwayi Urb. -- not accepted
  Ficus carica L. -- accepted -- common fig, edible fig, fiku, piku
  Ficus citrifolia Mill. -- accepted -- shortleaf fig, wild banyantree
  Ficus crassinervia Desf. ex Willd. -- not accepted
  Ficus drupacea Thunb. -- accepted -- brown-woolly fig
  Ficus elastica Roxb. ex Hornem. -- accepted -- Indian rubber fig, Indian rubberplant
  Ficus glomerata Roxb. -- not accepted
  Ficus godeffroyi Warb. -- accepted -- fig
  Ficus grenadensis Warb. -- not accepted
  Ficus hartii Warb. -- not accepted
  Ficus laevigata Vahl -- not accepted
  Ficus lutea Vahl -- accepted -- Lagos rubbertree
  Ficus lyrata Warb. -- accepted -- fiddleleaf fig
  Ficus microcarpa L. f. -- accepted -- Chinese banyan, curtain fig, laurel fig
  Ficus microcarpa Vahl -- not accepted
  Ficus microcarpa var. latifolia (Miq.) Corner -- not accepted
  Ficus natalensis Hochst. -- accepted
  Ficus nekbudu Warb. -- not accepted
  Ficus nitida Thunb. -- not accepted
  Ficus nota (Blanco) Merr. -- accepted -- tibig
  Ficus obtusifolia Kunth -- accepted -- amate
  Ficus palmata Forssk. -- accepted -- Punjab fig
  Ficus perforata L. -- not accepted
  Ficus prolixa G. Forst. -- accepted -- fig
  Ficus pseudo-carica Miq. -- not accepted
  Ficus pseudocarica Miq. -- not accepted
  Ficus pumila L. -- accepted -- climbingfig
  Ficus racemosa L. -- accepted -- clustertree
  Ficus religiosa L. -- accepted -- peepul tree
  Ficus repens Rottler -- not accepted
  Ficus retusa auct. -- not accepted
  Ficus rubiginosa Desf. ex Vent. -- accepted -- Port Jackson fig
  Ficus saffordii Merr. -- accepted
  Ficus sintenisii Warb. -- not accepted
  Ficus stahlii Warb. -- not accepted -- jaguey
  Ficus superba Miq. -- accepted -- sea fig
  Ficus superba var. henneana (Miq.) Corner -- not accepted -- deciduous fig
  Ficus sycomorus L. -- accepted -- sycamore fig
  Ficus thonningii Blume -- accepted -- Chinese banyan
  Ficus tinctoria G. Forst. -- accepted -- fig
  Ficus tobagensis Urb. -- not accepted
  Ficus triangularis Warb. -- not accepted
  Ficus trigonata L. -- accepted -- jaguey blanco
  Ficus ulmifolia Lam. -- accepted
  Ficus urbaniana Warb. -- not accepted
  Ficus vogelii (Miq.) Miq. -- not accepted -- West African rubbertree
  Ficus vogelli (Miq.) Miq. -- not accepted
  Ficus yoponensis Desv. -- accepted
  Ioxylon pomiferum Raf. -- not accepted
  Maclura Nutt. -- accepted
  Maclura excelsa (Welw.) Bureau -- not accepted -- African teak
  Maclura pomifera (Raf.) C.K. Schneid. -- accepted -- bois d'arc, osage orange, osage-orange
  Maclura tinctoria (L.) D. Don ex Steud. -- accepted -- fustictree
  Maclura tricuspidata Carrière -- accepted -- storehousebush
  Moraceae -- accepted -- mulberries
  Morus L. -- accepted -- mulberry
  Morus alba L. -- accepted -- mulberry, white mulberry
  Morus alba var. multicaulis (Perr.) Loudon -- not accepted
  Morus alba var. tatarica (L.) Ser. -- not accepted
  Morus confinis Greene -- not accepted
  Morus crataegifolia Greene -- not accepted
  Morus grisea Greene -- not accepted
  Morus microphylla Buckley -- accepted -- Texas mulberry
  Morus nigra L. -- accepted -- black mulberry
  Morus papyrifera L. -- not accepted
  Morus radulina Greene -- not accepted
  Morus rubra L. -- accepted -- red mulberry
  Morus rubra var. rubra L. -- not accepted -- red mulberry
  Morus rubra var. tomentosa (Raf.) Bureau -- not accepted -- red mulberry
  Morus tatarica L. -- not accepted
  Morus tinctoria L. -- not accepted
  Papyrius papyriferus (L.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Pseudolmedia Trécul -- accepted
  Pseudolmedia spuria (Sw.) Griseb. -- accepted -- false breadnut
  Pseudomorus Bureau -- not accepted
  Pseudomorus brunoniana (Endl.) Bureau -- not accepted
  Pseudomorus brunoniana var. sandwicensis (O. Deg.) Skottsb. -- not accepted
  Pseudomorus sandwicensis O. Deg. -- not accepted
  Sitodium altile Parkinson -- not accepted
  Streblus Lour. -- accepted
  Streblus anthropophagorum (Seem.) Corner -- accepted
  Streblus pendulinus (Endl.) F. Muell. -- accepted -- Hawai'i roughbush
  Streblus sandwicensis (O. Deg.) H. St. John -- not accepted
  Toxylon pomiferum Raf. -- not accepted
  Treculia Decne. ex Trécul -- accepted
  Treculia africana Decne. ex Trécul -- accepted -- African breadfruit
  Trophis P. Browne -- accepted
  Trophis racemosa (L.) Urb. -- accepted -- white ramoon

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