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 Kingdom Animalia
  Cercartetus Gloger, 1841 – valid – pygmy possums
  Cercartetus caudatus (Milne-Edwards, 1877) – valid – Long-tailed Pygmy Possum
  Cercartetus caudatus caudatus (Milne-Edwards, 1877) – valid
  Cercartetus caudatus macrurus (Mj÷berg, 1916) – valid
  Cercartetus concinnus (Gould, 1845) – valid – Southwestern Pygmy Possum
  Cercartetus concinnus concinnus (Gould, 1845) – valid
  Cercartetus concinnus minor Wakefield, 1963 – valid
  Cercartetus lepidus (Thomas, 1888) – valid – Tasmanian Pygmy Possum
  Cercartetus nanus (Desmarest, 1818) – valid – Eastern Pygmy Possum
  Cercartetus nanus nanus (Desmarest, 1818) – valid
  Cercartetus nanus unicolor (Krefft, 1863) – valid

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