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 Kingdom Animalia
  Caesioperca lepidoptera (Forster in Bloch and Schneider, 1801) – valid
  Coryssocnemis lepidoptera Mello-Leitão, 1918 – valid
  Goera lepidoptera Schmid, 1965 – valid
  Lepidoptera – valid – butterflies, moths, papillons, papillons de nuit, Borboleta, Mariposa
  Macrolepidoptera – invalid
  Meladema lepidoptera Bilton and Ribera, 2017 – valid
  Micrathena lepidoptera Mello-Leitão, 1941 – valid
  Microlepidoptera – invalid
  Monocentra lepidoptera Rambur, 1842 – valid
 Kingdom Chromista
  Plagiotropis lepidoptera (W. Greg.) C. W. Reimer in Patrick & Reimer – accepted
  Plagiotropis lepidoptera var. proboscidea (Cleve) C. W. Reimer in Patrick & Reimer – accepted
  Tropidoneis lepidoptera (W. Greg.) Cleve – not accepted
  Tropidoneis lepidoptera var. proboscidea Cleve – not accepted

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