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 Kingdom Animalia
  Anisolepis Boulenger, 1891 – valid
  Anisolepis grilli Boulenger, 1891 – valid – Boulenger's Tree Lizard
  Anisolepis longicauda (Boulenger, 1891) – valid – Wiegmann's Tree Lizard
  Anisolepis undulatus (Wiegmann, 1834) – valid – Wiegmann's Tree Lizard
  Anolis anisolepis H. M. Smith, Burley and Fritts, 1968 – valid – Anolis adornado, Chiapas Ornate Anole
  Apogon anisolepis Böhlke and Randall, 1968 – invalid – oddscale cardinalfish, oddscale cardinalfish
  Atheris anisolepis Mocquard, 1887 – valid – Mayombe Bush-Viper
  Enyalioides anisolepis Torres-Carvajal, Venegas and de Queiroz, 2015 – valid – Rough-scaled Woodlizard
  Norops anisolepis (H. M. Smith, Burley and Fritts, 1968) – invalid

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