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 Kingdom Animalia
  Andrena corallina Morawitz, 1876 – invalid
  Antrosagittifera corallina Hooge and Tyler, 2001 – valid
  Cassida corallina Boheman, 1862 – valid
  Cephaloleia corallina Erichson, 1847 – valid
  Cleptria corallina Villiers, 1948 – valid
  Erythrodiplax corallina (Brauer, 1865) – valid
  Kemphyra corallina (A. Milne-Edwards, 1883) – valid
  Lumbricillus corallinae Shurova, 1977 – valid
  Lycosa corallina McKay, 1974 – valid
  Mactra corallina – valid
  Maraenaspis corallina Villiers, 1983 – valid
  Nereis corallina Kinberg, 1866 – valid
  Patellapis corallina (Benoist, 1944) – valid
  Prosopodonta corallina Weise, 1910 – valid
  Psophis corallina (Reuter, 1887) – valid
  Spirorbis corallinae De Silva and Knight-jones, 1962 – valid
  Tangara cyanocephala corallina (von Berlepsch, 1903) – valid
  Telebasis corallina (Selys, 1876) – valid
  Telesto corallina – valid
  Trigonoscuta corallina Pierce, 1975 – invalid
  Trimma corallina (Smith, 1959) – valid
 Kingdom Fungi
  Catinaria subcorallina (Zahlbr.) Brako – accepted
  Chadefaudia corallinarum (Crouan and Crouan) Muell. and Vonarx – accepted
  Mycophycophila corallinarum (Crouan and Crouan) Kohlm. – not accepted
  Pertusaria pseudocorallina (Lilj.) Arnold – accepted
  Phyllopsora corallina (Eschw.) Müll. Arg. – accepted
  Phyllopsora corallina var. corallina Müll. Arg. – accepted
  Phyllopsora corallina var. santensis (Tuck.) Brako – accepted
  Physalospora corallinarum (Crouan and Crouan) Saccardo – not accepted
  Sphaeria corallinarum Crouan and Crouan – not accepted
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Actinophytocola corallina Otoguro et al., 2011 – valid
  Kosmotoga arenicorallina Nunoura et al., 2011 – valid
  Microbispora corallina Nakajima et al., 1999 – valid
  Oscillatoria corallinae – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Aiphanes corallina (Mart.) H. Wendl. – not accepted – coyor
  Aloe corallina I. Verd. – accepted
  Antithamnion corallina – accepted
  Besleria corallina Fritsch – not accepted
  Chara corallina – accepted
  Chara corallina var. corallina – accepted
  Chara corallina var. nobilis – accepted
  Chara corallina var. wallichi – accepted
  Corallina Linnaeus, 1759 – accepted
  Corallina bathybentha – accepted
  Corallina cretacea Postels and Ruprecht – not accepted
  Corallina cubensis – accepted
  Corallina curymbosa Lamarck – not accepted
  Corallina cuvieri – not accepted
  Corallina elegans – accepted
  Corallina elongata – accepted
  Corallina flabellum J. Ellis and D. Solander – not accepted
  Corallina frondescens – accepted
  Corallina gracilis – not accepted
  Corallina janioides – accepted
  Corallina mediterranea – not accepted
  Corallina membranacea Esper – not accepted
  Corallina officinalis Linnaeus – accepted
  Corallina officinalis var. chilensis – accepted
  Corallina officinalis var. vulgaris – accepted
  Corallina penicillus Linnaeus – not accepted
  Corallina phoenix J. Ellis and D. Solander – not accepted
  Corallina pilulifera – accepted
  Corallina pinnatifolia – accepted
  Corallina pinnatifolia var. digitata – not accepted
  Corallina polysticha – accepted
  Corallina rubens Linnaeus – not accepted
  Corallina tribulus Ellis and Solander – not accepted
  Corallina tuna Ellis and Solander – not accepted
  Corallina vancouveriensis – accepted
  Corallina vancouveriensis var. densa – not accepted
  Corallina vancouveriensis var. lycopodioides – not accepted
  Corallina vancouveriensis var. vancouveriensis – not accepted
  Corallinaceae – accepted
  Corallinales – accepted
  Cryptopleura corallinara – accepted
  Dermatolithon corallinae – accepted
  Lithophyllum corallinae – accepted
  Paeonia corallina Retz. – not accepted – peony
  Rhodymenia corallina – accepted

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