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 Kingdom Animalia
  Ceratina gomphrenae Schrottky, 1909 – valid
  Megachile gomphrenae Holmberg, 1886 – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Gomphrena L. – accepted – globe amaranth
  Gomphrena brasiliana L. – not accepted
  Gomphrena caespitosa Torr. – accepted – tufted ball clover, tufted globe amaranth
  Gomphrena celosioides auct. non Mart. – not accepted
  Gomphrena celosioides Mart. – accepted
  Gomphrena decumbens Jacq. – not accepted
  Gomphrena dispersa Standl. – not accepted
  Gomphrena globosa L. – accepted – common globe amaranth
  Gomphrena haageana Klotzsch – accepted – Rio Grande globe amaranth
  Gomphrena martiana Gillies ex Moq. – accepted – globe amaranth
  Gomphrena nealleyi J.M. Coult. & Fisher – accepted – Nealley's globe amaranth
  Gomphrena nitida Rothr. – accepted – ball clover, pearly globe amaranth
  Gomphrena serrata L. – accepted – arrasa con todo
  Gomphrena sessilis L. – not accepted
  Gomphrena sonorae Torr. – accepted – Sonoran globe-amaranth, Sonoran globe amaranth
  Gomphrena tuberifera Torr. – not accepted
  Gomphrena vermicularis L. – not accepted
  Gomphrena viridis Wooton & Standl. – accepted

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