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 Kingdom Animalia
  Anthophorula gutierreziae (Timberlake, 1947) – valid
  Asphondylia gutierreziae Cockerell, 1901 – invalid
  Asteromyia gutierreziae Felt, 1916 – valid
  Exomalopsis gutierreziae Timberlake, 1947 – invalid
  Nomada gutierreziae Cockerell, 1896 – valid
  Perdita gutierreziae Cockerell, 1896 – valid
  Rhopalomyia gutierreziae (Cockerell, 1901) – valid
  Tetraloniella gutierreziae (Cockerell, 1905) – valid
  Xenoglossodes gutierreziae Cockerell, 1905 – invalid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Gutierrezia Lag. – accepted – snakeweed
  Gutierrezia arizonica (A. Gray) M.A. Lane – accepted – Arizona snakeweed
  Gutierrezia bracteata Abrams – not accepted
  Gutierrezia californica (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray – accepted – San Joaquin snakeweed, California snakeweed
  Gutierrezia diversifolia Greene – not accepted
  Gutierrezia dracunculoides (DC.) S.F. Blake – not accepted – prairie broomweed
  Gutierrezia eriocarpa A. Gray – not accepted
  Gutierrezia glomerella Greene – not accepted
  Gutierrezia glutinosa (S. Schauer) Sch. Bip. – not accepted
  Gutierrezia gymnospermoides A. Gray – not accepted
  Gutierrezia lepidota Greene – not accepted
  Gutierrezia linearifolia Lag. – not accepted
  Gutierrezia linearis Rydb. – not accepted
  Gutierrezia linoides Greene – not accepted
  Gutierrezia longipappa S.F. Blake – not accepted
  Gutierrezia lucida (Greene) Greene – not accepted
  Gutierrezia microcephala (DC.) A. Gray – accepted – threadleaf snakeweed
  Gutierrezia petradoria (S.L. Welsh & Goodrich) S.L. Welsh – accepted – San Pedro snakeweed
  Gutierrezia polyantha A. Nelson – not accepted
  Gutierrezia pomariensis (S.L. Welsh) S.L. Welsh – accepted – orchard snakeweed
  Gutierrezia sarothrae (Pursh) Britton & Rusby – accepted – broom snakeweed, broomweed, perennial snakeweed, stinkweed, turpentine weed, yellow top
  Gutierrezia sarothrae var. microcephala (DC.) L.D. Benson – not accepted
  Gutierrezia sarothrae var. pomariensis S.L. Welsh – not accepted
  Gutierrezia serotina Greene – accepted – late snakeweed
  Gutierrezia sphaerocephala A. Gray – accepted – roundleaf snakeweed, round-leaf snakeweed
  Gutierrezia tenuis Greene – not accepted
  Gutierrezia texana (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray – accepted – Texas snakeweed, Texas broomweed
  Gutierrezia texana var. glutinosa (S. Schauer) M.A. Lane – accepted – sticky snakeweed
  Gutierrezia texana var. texana (DC.) Torr. & A. Gray – accepted – Texas snakeweed
  Gutierrezia triflora (Rose) M.A. Lane – not accepted
  Gutierrezia wrightii A. Gray – accepted – Wright's snakeweed

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