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 Kingdom Animalia
  Emplectonema – valid
  Emplectonema burgeri – valid
  Emplectonema echinoderma (Marion, 1873) – valid
  Emplectonema gracile – valid
  Emplectonema neesii (Orsted, 1843) – valid
  Emplectonema purpuratum – valid
  Emplectonematidae – valid
  Paraplectonema Strand, 1934 – valid
  Paraplectonema aberrans (Nicoletzky, 1915) – invalid
  Paraplectonema canadianum Hopper, 1968 – valid
  Paraplectonema multitubiferum (Imamura, 1931) – valid
  Paraplectonema pendunculatum (Hoffmanner, 1913) – valid
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Plectonema Thuret Ex Gomont, 1892 – valid
  Plectonema battersii Gomont – valid
  Plectonema boryanum Gomont – valid
  Plectonema calothrichoides – valid
  Plectonema carneum (Kuetzing) Lemmermann – valid
  Plectonema golenkinianum – valid
  Plectonema nostocorum – valid
  Plectonema notatum Schmidle – valid
  Plectonema phormidioides Hansgirg – valid
  Plectonema purpureum Gomont, 1892 – valid
  Plectonema radiosum Gomont – invalid
  Plectonema tenue Thur. Ex Gom. – invalid
  Plectonema terebrans Born. and Flah. – valid
  Plectonema tomasinianum (Kuetzing) Bornet and Gomont – valid
  Plectonema wollei Farlow, 1877 – valid

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