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 Kingdom Animalia
  Bombus saltuarius (Skorikov, 1923) – valid
  Colostethus saltuarius Grant and Ardila-Robayo, 2002 – invalid
  Craugastor saltuarius (McCranie and Wilson, 1997) – valid
  Crypturellus erythropus saltuarius Wetmore, 1950 – valid
  Crypturellus saltuarius Wetmore, 1950 – invalid
  Eleutherodactylus saltuarius McCranie and Wilson, 1997 – invalid
  Hyloxalus saltuarius (Grant and Ardila-Robayo, 2002) – valid
  Saltuarius Couper, Covacevich and Moritz, 1993 – valid
  Saltuarius cornutus (Ogilby, 1892) – valid
  Saltuarius kateae Couper, Sadlier, Shea and Wilmer, 2008 – valid
  Saltuarius moritzi Couper, Sadlier, Shea and Wilmer, 2008 – valid
  Saltuarius salebrosus (Covacevich, 1975) – valid
  Saltuarius swaini (Wells and Wellington, 1985) – valid
  Saltuarius wyberba Couper, Schneider and Covacevich, 1997 – valid
  Xiphorhynchus flavigaster saltuarius Wetmore, 1942 – valid

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