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Results of: Search in every Kingdom for Scientific Name containing 'Stillingia'
 Kingdom Fungi
  Buellia stillingiana Stirt. – accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Stillingia Garden ex L. – accepted – toothleaf
  Stillingia angustifolia (Müll. Arg.) Engelm. ex S. Watson – not accepted
  Stillingia aquatica Chapm. – accepted – water toothleaf
  Stillingia linearifolia S. Watson – accepted – queen's-root, narrowleaf stillingia
  Stillingia paucidentata S. Watson – accepted – Mojave toothleaf
  Stillingia salicifolia (Torr.) Raf. – not accepted
  Stillingia spathulata (Müll. Arg.) Small – not accepted
  Stillingia spinulosa Torr. – accepted – annual toothleaf, annual stillingia
  Stillingia sylvatica L. – accepted – queen's-delight
  Stillingia sylvatica ssp. sylvatica L. – not accepted – queen's-delight
  Stillingia sylvatica ssp. tenuis (Small) D.J. Rogers – not accepted – queen's-delight
  Stillingia sylvatica var. linearifolia (Torr.) Müll. Arg. – not accepted
  Stillingia sylvatica var. salicifolia Torr. – not accepted
  Stillingia tenuis Small – not accepted
  Stillingia texana I.M. Johnst. – accepted – Texas toothleaf, Texas queen's-delight
  Stillingia treculiana (Müll. Arg.) I.M. Johnst. – accepted – Trecul's toothleaf

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