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 Kingdom Animalia
  Synagrops Günther, 1887 – valid
  Synagrops adeni Kotthaus, 1970 – valid
  Synagrops analis (Katayama, 1957) – valid
  Synagrops argyrea (Gilbert and Cramer, 1897) – invalid
  Synagrops argyreus (Gilbert and Cramer, 1897) – valid
  Synagrops bellus (Goode and Bean, 1896) – valid – blackmouth bass, blackmouth cardinalfish
  Synagrops japonicus (Döderlein in Steindachner and Döderlein, 1883) – valid – blackmouth cardinalfish, blackmouth false-cardinal, blackmouth cardinalfish, blackmouth false-cardinal, Japanese splitfin
  Synagrops malayanus Weber, 1913 – valid
  Synagrops microlepis Norman, 1935 – valid
  Synagrops philippinensis (Günther, 1880) – valid
  Synagrops pseudomicrolepis Schultz, 1940 – valid
  Synagrops serratospinosus Smith and Radcliffe in Radcliffe, 1912 – valid
  Synagrops spinosus Schultz, 1940 – valid – keelcheek bass, farolito cachetiquillada
  Synagrops trispinosus Mochizuki and Sano, 1984 – valid – farolito tres espinas, threespine bass

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