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Careproctus  Krøyer, 1862
Taxonomic Serial No.: 167488

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Temnocora Burke, 1930
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderScorpaeniformes  – chabots, rascasses, mail-cheeked fishes, scorpion fishes, sculpins  
                               SuborderCottoidei  – sculpins, chabots  
                                     FamilyLiparidae  – snailfishes, limaces de mer, peces babosos  
                                        GenusCareproctus Krøyer, 1862  
    Direct Children:  
                                           Species Careproctus abbreviatus Burke, 1930  
                                           Species Careproctus acaecus Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus acanthodes Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus aciculipunctatus Andriashev and Chernova, 1997  
                                           Species Careproctus acifer Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus aculeolatus Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus albescens Barnard, 1927  
                                           Species Careproctus ampliceps Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus armatus Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus atakamensis Andriashev, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus atrans Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus attenuatus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus aureomarginatus Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus bathycoetus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus batialis Popov, 1933  
                                           Species Careproctus bowersianus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus cactiformis Andriashev, 1990  
                                           Species Careproctus candidus Gilbert and Burke, 1912 – bigeye snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus canus Kido, 1985  
                                           Species Careproctus catherinae Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus colletti Gilbert, 1896  
                                           Species Careproctus continentalis Andriashev and Prirodina, 1990  
                                           Species Careproctus credispinulosus Andriashev and Prirodina, 1990  
                                           Species Careproctus cryptacanthoides Krasyukova, 1984  
                                           Species Careproctus curilanus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus cyclocephalus Kido, 1983  
                                           Species Careproctus cypseluroides Schmidt, 1950  
                                           Species Careproctus cypselurus (Jordan and Gilbert in Jordan and Evermann, 1898)  
                                           Species Careproctus dubius Zugmayer, 1911  
                                           Species Careproctus ectenes Gilbert, 1896  
                                           Species Careproctus eltaninae Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus entargyreus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus entomelas Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus falklandicus (Lönnberg, 1905)  
                                           Species Careproctus fedorovi Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus filamentosus Stein, 1978  
                                           Species Careproctus furcatus Mori, 1956  
                                           Species Careproctus furcellus Gilbert and Burke, 1912 – emarginate snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus georgianus Lönnberg, 1905  
                                           Species Careproctus gilberti Burke, 1912 – smalldisk snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus guillemi Matallanas, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus herwigi Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus homopterus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus hyaleius Geistdoerfer, 1994  
                                           Species Careproctus improvisus Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus inflexidens Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus lacmi Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus leptorhinus Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus longifilis Garman, 1892  
                                           Species Careproctus longipectoralis Duhamel, 1992  
                                           Species Careproctus longipinnis Burke, 1912 – longfin snailfish, limace à longues nageoires 
                                           Species Careproctus macranchus Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus macrodiscus Schmidt, 1950  
                                           Species Careproctus magellanicus Matallanas and Pequeño, 2000  
                                           Species Careproctus marginatus Kido, 1988  
                                           Species Careproctus mederi Schmidt, 1916  
                                           Species Careproctus melanuroides Schmidt, 1950  
                                           Species Careproctus melanurus Gilbert, 1892 – blacktail snailfish, baboso colinegra 
                                           Species Careproctus merretti Andriashev and Chernova, 1988  
                                           Species Careproctus micropus (Günther, 1887)  
                                           Species Careproctus microstomus Stein, 1978  
                                           Species Careproctus minimus Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus mollis Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus nigricans Schmidt, 1950  
                                           Species Careproctus novaezelandiae Andriashev, 1990  
                                           Species Careproctus opisthotremus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus oregonensis Stein, 1978  
                                           Species Careproctus ostentum Gilbert, 1896 – microdisk snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus ovigerus (Gilbert, 1896)  
                                           Species Careproctus pallidus (Vaillant, 1888)  
                                           Species Careproctus parini Andriashev and Prirodina, 1990  
                                           Species Careproctus parvidiscus Imamura and Nobetsu, 2002  
                                           Species Careproctus parviporatus Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus patagonicus Matallanas and Pequeño, 2000  
                                           Species Careproctus paxtoni Stein, Chernova and Andriashev, 2001  
                                           Species Careproctus phasma Gilbert, 1896 – spectral snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus polarsterni Duhamel, 1992  
                                           Species Careproctus profundicola Duhamel, 1992  
                                           Species Careproctus pseudoprofundicola Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus pycnosoma Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus ranula (Goode and Bean, 1879)  
                                           Species Careproctus rastrinoides Schmidt, 1950  
                                           Species Careproctus rastrinus Gilbert and Burke, 1912 – salmon snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus reinhardti (Krøyer, 1862) – sea tadpole, petite limace de mer 
                                           Species Careproctus rhodomelas Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus rimiventris Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus roseofuscus Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus sandwichensis Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus sarasa Tanaka, 1916  
                                           Species Careproctus scaphopterus Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus scottae Chapman and DeLacy, 1934 – peachskin snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus segaliensis Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus seraphimae Schmidt, 1950  
                                           Species Careproctus simus Gilbert, 1896  
                                           Species Careproctus sinensis Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus smirnovi Andriashev, 1991  
                                           Species Careproctus solidus Chernova, 1999  
                                           Species Careproctus spectrum Bean, 1890 – stippled snailfish 
                                           Species Careproctus steini Andriashev and Prirodina, 1990  
                                           Species Careproctus trachysoma Gilbert and Burke, 1912  
                                           Species Careproctus tricapitidens Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus vladibeckeri Andriashev and Stein, 1998  
                                           Species Careproctus zachirus Kido, 1985  
                                           Species Careproctus zispi Andriashev and Stein, 1998  

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