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Aedes (Stegomyia)  Theobald, 1901
Taxonomic Serial No.: 1150706

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Subgenus  
  Synonym(s): Stegomyia Theobald, 1901
    Stegomyia (Stegomyia) Theobald, 1901
    Stegomyia (Bohartius) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Stegomyia (Heteraspidion) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Stegomyia (Mukwaya) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Stegomyia (Xyele) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Stegomyia (Actinothrix) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Stegomyia (Zoromorphus) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
    Stegomyia (Huangmyia) Reinert, Harbach and Kitching, 2009
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderDiptera  – mosca, mosquito, gnats, mosquitoes, true flies  
                                  SuborderNematocera  – long-horned flies  
                                        FamilyCulicidae Meigen, 1818 – mosquitoes, maringouins, moustiques  
                                           SubfamilyCulicinae Meigen, 1818  
                                              TribeAedini Neveu-Lemaire, 1902  
                                                 GenusAedes Meigen, 1818 – Pointy Mosquito  
                                                    SubgenusAedes (Stegomyia) Theobald, 1901  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Aedes aegypti (Linnaeus, 1762) – yellow fever mosquito, stégomyie, yellowfever mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes africanus (Theobald, 1901)  
                                                       Species Aedes agrihanensis Bohart, 1957  
                                                       Species Aedes albopictus (Skuse, 1895) – forest day mosquito, Asian tiger mosquito, tiger mosquito 
                                                       Species Aedes alcasidi Huang, 1972  
                                                       Species Aedes alorensis Bonne-Wepster and Brug, 1932  
                                                       Species Aedes amaltheus De Meillon and Lavoipierre, 1944  
                                                       Species Aedes andrewsi Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes angustus Edwards, 1935  
                                                       Species Aedes annandalei (Theobald, 1910)  
                                                       Species Aedes aobae Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes apicoargenteus (Theobald, 1909)  
                                                       Species Aedes bambusae Edwards, 1935  
                                                       Species Aedes blacklocki Evans, 1925  
                                                       Species Aedes bromeliae (Theobald, 1911)  
                                                       Species Aedes burnsi Basio and Reisen, 1971  
                                                       Species Aedes calceatus Edwards, 1924  
                                                       Species Aedes chaussieri Edwards, 1923  
                                                       Species Aedes chemulpoensis Yamada, 1921  
                                                       Species Aedes contiguus Edwards, 1936  
                                                       Species Aedes cooki Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes corneti Huang, 1986  
                                                       Species Aedes craggi (Barraud, 1923)  
                                                       Species Aedes cretinus Edwards, 1921  
                                                       Species Aedes daitensis Miyagi and Toma, 1981  
                                                       Species Aedes deboeri Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes demeilloni Edwards, 1936  
                                                       Species Aedes denderensis Wolfs, 1949  
                                                       Species Aedes dendrophilus Edwards, 1921  
                                                       Species Aedes desmotes (Giles, 1904)  
                                                       Species Aedes dybasi Bohart, 1957  
                                                       Species Aedes ealaensis Huang, 2004  
                                                       Species Aedes edwardsi (Barraud, 1923)  
                                                       Species Aedes ethiopiensis Huang, 2004  
                                                       Species Aedes flavopictus Yamada, 1921  
                                                       Species Aedes fraseri (Edwards, 1912)  
                                                       Species Aedes futunae Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes galloisi Yamada, 1921  
                                                       Species Aedes galloisiodes Liu and Lu, 1984  
                                                       Species Aedes gandaensis Huang, 2004  
                                                       Species Aedes gardnerii (Ludlow, 1905)  
                                                       Species Aedes grantii (Theobald, 1901)  
                                                       Species Aedes guamensis Farner and Bohart, 1944  
                                                       Species Aedes gurneyi Stone and Bohart, 1944  
                                                       Species Aedes hakanssoni Knight and Hurlbut, 1949  
                                                       Species Aedes hansfordi Huang, 1997  
                                                       Species Aedes hebrideus Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes heischi van Someren, 1951  
                                                       Species Aedes hensilli Farner, 1945  
                                                       Species Aedes hogsbackensis Huang, 2004  
                                                       Species Aedes hoguei Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes horrescens Edwards, 1935  
                                                       Species Aedes josiahae Huang, 1988  
                                                       Species Aedes katherinensis Woodhill, 1949  
                                                       Species Aedes keniensis van Someren, 1946  
                                                       Species Aedes kenyae van Someren, 1946  
                                                       Species Aedes kesseli Huang and Hitchcock, 1980  
                                                       Species Aedes kivuensis Edwards, 1941  
                                                       Species Aedes krombeini Huang, 1975  
                                                       Species Aedes langata van Someren, 1946  
                                                       Species Aedes ledgeri Huang, 1981  
                                                       Species Aedes lilii (Theobald, 1910)  
                                                       Species Aedes luteocephalus (Newstead, 1907)  
                                                       Species Aedes maehleri Bohart, 1957  
                                                       Species Aedes malayensis Colless, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes malikuli Huang, 1973  
                                                       Species Aedes marshallensis Stone and Bohart, 1944  
                                                       Species Aedes mascarensis MacGregor, 1924  
                                                       Species Aedes masseyi Edwards, 1923  
                                                       Species Aedes mattinglyorum Huang, 1994  
                                                       Species Aedes maxgermaini Huang, 1990  
                                                       Species Aedes mediopunctatus (Theobald, 1905)  
                                                       Species Aedes metallicus (Edwards, 1912)  
                                                       Species Aedes mickevichae Huang, 1988  
                                                       Species Aedes mpusiensis Huang, 2004  
                                                       Species Aedes muroafcete Huang, 1997  
                                                       Species Aedes neoafricanus Cornet, Valade and Dieng, 1978  
                                                       Species Aedes neogalloisi H.-L. Chen and H.-B. Chen, 2000  
                                                       Species Aedes neopandani Bohart, 1957  
                                                       Species Aedes njombiensis Huang, 1997  
                                                       Species Aedes novalbopictus Barraud, 1931  
                                                       Species Aedes opok Corbet and van Someren, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes palauensis Bohart, 1957  
                                                       Species Aedes pandani Stone, 1939  
                                                       Species Aedes patriciae Mattingly, 1954  
                                                       Species Aedes paullusi Stone and Farner, 1945  
                                                       Species Aedes pernotatus Farner and Bohart, 1944  
                                                       Species Aedes perplexus (Leicester, 1908)  
                                                       Species Aedes pia (Le Goff and Robert in Le Goff et al., 2013)  
                                                       Species Aedes polynesiensis Marks, 1951  
                                                       Species Aedes poweri (Theobald, 1905)  
                                                       Species Aedes pseudoafricanus Chwatt, 1949  
                                                       Species Aedes pseudoalbopictus (Borel, 1928)  
                                                       Species Aedes pseudonigeria (Theobald, 1910)  
                                                       Species Aedes pseudoscutellaris (Theobald, 1910)  
                                                       Species Aedes quasiscutellaris Farner and Bohart, 1944  
                                                       Species Aedes rhungkiangensis P.-X. Chang and S. M. Chang, 1974  
                                                       Species Aedes riversi Bohart and Ingram, 1946  
                                                       Species Aedes robinsoni Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes rotanus Bohart and Ingram, 1946  
                                                       Species Aedes rotumae Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes ruwenzori Haddow and van Someren, 1950  
                                                       Species Aedes saimedres Huang, 1988  
                                                       Species Aedes saipanensis Stone, 1945  
                                                       Species Aedes sampi Huang, 2004  
                                                       Species Aedes schwetzi Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes scutellaris (Walker, 1859)  
                                                       Species Aedes scutoscriptus Bohart and Ingram, 1946  
                                                       Species Aedes seampi Huang, 1974  
                                                       Species Aedes seatoi Huang, 1969  
                                                       Species Aedes segermanae Huang, 1997  
                                                       Species Aedes sibiricus Danilov and Filippova, 1978  
                                                       Species Aedes simpsoni (Theobald, 1905)  
                                                       Species Aedes soleatus Edwards, 1924  
                                                       Species Aedes strelitziae Muspratt, 1950  
                                                       Species Aedes subalbopictus Barraud, 1931  
                                                       Species Aedes subargenteus Edwards, 1925  
                                                       Species Aedes tabu Ramalingam and Belkin, 1965  
                                                       Species Aedes tongae Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes tulagiensis Edwards, 1926  
                                                       Species Aedes unilineatus (Theobald, 1906)  
                                                       Species Aedes upolensis Marks, 1957  
                                                       Species Aedes usambara Mattingly, 1953  
                                                       Species Aedes varuae Belkin, 1962  
                                                       Species Aedes vinsoni Mattingly, 1953  
                                                       Species Aedes w-albus (Theobald, 1905)  
                                                       Species Aedes wadai Tanaka, Mizusawa and Saugstad, 1979  
                                                       Species Aedes woodi Edwards, 1922  

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  Author(s)/Editor(s): Wilkerson, Richard C., Yvonne-Marie Linton and Daniel Strickman  
  Publication Date: 2021   
  Article/Chapter Title:    
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Mosquitoes of the World, vol. 1 and 2   
  Page(s): ix + 1308   
  Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press   
  Publication Place: Baltimore, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 9781421438146   
  Reference for: Aedes (Stegomyia)   

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