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Hyposmocoma  Butler, 1881
Taxonomic Serial No.: 117958

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Euperissus Butler, 1881
    Agonismus Walsingham, 1907
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: unverified  
  Global Species Completeness: unknown   
  Latest Record Review: unknown   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderLepidoptera  – butterflies, moths, papillons, papillons de nuit, Borboleta, Mariposa  
                                        GenusHyposmocoma Butler, 1881  
    Direct Children:  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma abjecta (Butler, 1881)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma adelphella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma adjacens Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma admirationis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma adolescens Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma advena Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma agnetella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma albifrontella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma albocinerea (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma albonivea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma alliterata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma alticola Myrich, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma alveata (Meyrick, 1915)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma anisoplecta Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma anthinella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma arenella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma argentea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma argentifera (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma argomacha Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma argyresthiella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma arundinicolor (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma aspersa (Bulter, 1882)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma atrovittella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma auripennis (Butler, 1881)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma auroargentea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma auropurpurea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma bacillella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma barbata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma basivittata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma bella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma belophora Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma bilineata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma bitincta (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma blackburnii Butler, 1881  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma brevistrigata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma butalidella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma caecinervis Meyrick, 1928  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma calva Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma candidella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma canella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma carbonenotata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma carnea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma catapyrrha (Meyrick, 1935)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma centralis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma centronoma Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma chilonella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma chloraula Meyrich, 1928  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma cincta Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma cinereosparsa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma cleodorella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma columbella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma commensella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma communis (Swezey, 1946)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma complanella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma conditella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma confusa (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma continuella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma coprosmae (Swezey, 1920)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma corticicolor (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma coruscans (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma corvina (Butler, 1881)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma costimaculata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma cristata (Butler, 1881)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma crossotis Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma cryptogamiella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma cuprea (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma cupreomaculata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma diffusa (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma digressa (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma discella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma discolor Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma divergens (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma divisa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma domicolens (Butler, 1881)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma dorsella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ekaha Swezey, 1910  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma elegans (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma elegantula (Swezey, 1934)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma eleuthera (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma emendata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma empedota Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma empertra (Meyrick, 1915)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma endryas Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma enixa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ensifer Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma epicharis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma erebogramma (Meyrick, 1935)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma erismatias Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma evanescens Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma exaltata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma exornata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma exsul (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fallacella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma falsimella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ferruginea (Swezey, 1915)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fervida Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma filicivora Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma flavicosta (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma flavipalpis (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fluctuosa (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fractinubella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fractistriata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fractivittella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fugitiva (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fulvida Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fulvocervina Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fulvogrisea (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fuscodentata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fuscofusa (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fuscopurpurata Zimmerman, 1978  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fuscopurpurea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma fuscotogata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma geminella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma genitalis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma hemicasis Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma hirsuta (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma homopyrrha (Meyrick, 1935)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma humerella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma humerovittella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma hygroscopa Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma illuminata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma impunctata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma incongrua (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma indicella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma inflexa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma insinuatrix Meyrick, 1928  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma intermixta Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma inversella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma iodes Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma irregularis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma jugifera Meyrick, 1928  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma kauaiensis (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma labetella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lacertella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lactea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lacticretella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma latiflua Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma leporella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lichenalis (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lignicolor (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lignivora (Butler, 1897)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma limata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lineata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma liturata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lixiviella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma longisquamella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma longitudinalis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lucifer Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ludificata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lugens Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lunifer Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma lupella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mactella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma maestella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma malacopa Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma malornata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma margella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma marginenotata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mediella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mediocris (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mediospurcata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma memo (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mesorectis Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma metallica Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma metrosiderella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mimema Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mimica Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma modesta Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma montivolans (Butler, 1882)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mormopica (Meyrick, 1935)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma municeps (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma mystodoxa Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nebulifera Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma neckerensis (Swezey, 1926)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nemoricola (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nephelodes Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma niger Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nigralbida Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nigrescens Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nigrodentata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ningorella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ningorifera (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nipholoncha Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma niveiceps Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma nividorsella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma notabilis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma numida Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma obliterata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ocellata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ochreocervina Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ochreociliata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ochreovittella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma oculifera Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma ossea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma oxypetra Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma pallidipalpis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma palmifera (Meyrick, 1935)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma palmivora Meyrick, 1928  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma paltodorella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma paradoxa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma parda (Butler, 1881)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma partita Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma passerella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma patriciella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma persimilis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma petalifera Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma petroptilota (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma petroscia Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma phalacra Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma phantasmatella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma pharsotoma Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma philocharis (Meyrick, 1915)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma picticornis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma pittospori (Swezey, 1954)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma plumbifer (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma pluviella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma poeciloceras (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma polia (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma praefracta (Meyrick, 1935)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma pritchardiae (Swezey, 1933)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma progressa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma prophantis Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma propinqua Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma psaroderma (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma pseudolita Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma pucciniella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma puncticiliata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma punctifumella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma punctiplicata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma quadristriata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma quinquemaculata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma radiatella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma rediviva (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma repandella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma rhabdophora Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma roseofulva Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma rotifer (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma rubescens Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma rutilella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma sabulella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma saccophora Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma sagittata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma saliaris Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma scandens Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma scapulella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma scepticella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma schismatica Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma sciurella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma scolopax Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma semicolon (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma semifusa (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma semifuscata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma semiusta (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma sideritis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma sideroxyloni (Swezey, 1932)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma similis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma somatodes Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma sordidella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma spurcata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma stigmatella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma straminella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subargentea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subaurata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subcitrella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subeburnea (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subflavidella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma sublimata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subnitida Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subocellata (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma suborella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subscolopax Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma subsericea Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma suffusa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma suffusella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma swezeyi (Busck, 1914)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma syrrhaptes Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tarsimaculata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tenuipalpis Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma terminella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tetraonella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma thermoxyla Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma thiatma Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma thoracella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tigrina (Butler, 1881)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tischeriella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tomentosa Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma torella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma torquata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma trichophora (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tricincta Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma trifasciata (Swezey, 1915)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma trilunella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma trimaculata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma trimelanota Meyrick, 1935  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma tripartita Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma triptila Meyrick, 1915  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma trivitella (Swezey, 1913)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma trossulella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma turdella Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma unicolor (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma unistriata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma vermiculata Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma veterella (Walsingham, 1907)  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma vicina Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma vinicolor Walsingham, 1907  
                                           Species Hyposmocoma virgata Walsingham, 1907  

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