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Taxonomic Serial No.: 137632

(Download Help) Campsicnemus TSN 137632

 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: unverified  
  Global Species Completeness: unknown   
  Latest Record Review: unknown   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrˇpode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailÚs, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderDiptera  – mosca, mosquito, gnats, mosquitoes, true flies  
                                  SuborderBrachycera  – circular-seamed flies, muscoid flies, short-horned flies, mouches musco´des  
                                        FamilyDolichopodidae  – longlegged flies  
    Direct Children:  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus acuticornis Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus aeptus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus alaskensis (Harmston and Miller, 1966)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus alblytylus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus alexanderi (Harmston and Miller, 1966)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus americanus Van Duzee, 1924  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus arcuatus Van Duzee, 1917  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus bellulus Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus bicoloripes Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus bicrenatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus biseta Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus breviciliatus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus brevipes Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus brevitibia Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus brunnescens Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus bryanti Malloch, 1932  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus bryphilus (Adachi)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus calcaritarsus Adachi  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus camptoplax Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus capitulatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus carinatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus chauliopodus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus ciliatus Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus cinctipus Harmston, 1968  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus claudicans Loew, 1864  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus clinotibia Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus coloradensis (Harmston and Miller, 1966)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus comatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus compressus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus conculus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus congregatus Malloch  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus conturtus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus cracens Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus crassipes Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus crinitibia Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus crossotibia Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus crossotus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus curvispina Van Duzee, 1930  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus deficiens Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus degener Wheeler, 1899  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus depauperatus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus diamphidius Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus dicondylus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus diffusus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus disjunctus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus distinctus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus distortipes Grimshaw  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus divergens Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus drymoscartes Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus ephydrus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus exguus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus exmius Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus ferrugineus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus fimbriatus Grimshaw  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus flavipes Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus flavithorax Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus flaviventer Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus flexusos Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus fragilis Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus fulvifacies Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus fumipennis Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus furax Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus fusticulus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus gloriosus Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus goniochaeta Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus grimshawi Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus haleakalaae (Zimmerman)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus helvolus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus hirtipes Loew, 1861  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus hispidipes Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus hoplitipodus Adachi  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus hygrophilus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus impariseta Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus inaequalis Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus indecorus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus inermipes Malloch  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus insuetus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus labilis Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus latipenna Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus lepidochaites Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus longiciliatus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus longitibia Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus loxothrix Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus macula Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus mediofloccus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus melanus Harmston and Knowlton, 1942  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus membranilobus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus milleri (Harmston, 1966)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus mirabilis (Grimshaw)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus miritibialis Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus miser Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus modicus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus montanus Harmston and Knowlton, 1942  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus mucronatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus munduluws Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus nambai Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus nigricollis Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus nigripes Van Duzee, 1917  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus nigroanalis Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus norops Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus obscurus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus oedipus Wheeler, 1899  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus olympicolus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus oregonensis (Harmston and Miller, 1966)  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus ornatus Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus pallidus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus paniculatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus parvulus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus patellifer Grimshaw  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus penicillatus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus perplexus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus petalicnemus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus pherocteis Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus philoctetes Wheeler, 1899  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus philohydratus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus planitibia Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus platystylatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus plautinus Adachi  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus putillus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus pycnochaeta Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus rectus Malloch  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus restrictus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus rhyphopus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus ridiculus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus sciarus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus scolimerus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus setiger Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus silvaticus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus simlicipes Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus sinuatus Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus spinicoxa Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus tarsiciliatus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus terracolus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus thersites Wheeler, 1899  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus tibialis Van Duzee  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus truncatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus undulatus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus uniseta Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus utahensis Harmston and Knowlton, 1942  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus vafellus Parent  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus vanduzeei Curran, 1933  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus viridulus Hardy, 1964  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus wheeleri Van Duzee, 1923  
                                                 Species Campsicnemus williamsi Van Duzee  

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  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Campsicnemus   
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