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Trupanea  Schrank, 1795
Taxonomic Serial No.: 143052

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Urellia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
    Trypanoidea Bryan, 1924
    Trypanea Agassiz, 1847
    Trupanea Guettard, 1762
    Tripanea Bezzi, 1924
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2002   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderDiptera  – mosca, mosquito, gnats, mosquitoes, true flies  
                                  SuborderBrachycera  – circular-seamed flies, muscoid flies, short-horned flies, mouches muscoïdes  
                                        FamilyTephritidae Newman, 1834 – fruit flies, téphrites, fruit flies  
                                           GenusTrupanea Schrank, 1795  
    Direct Children:  
                                              Species Trupanea aboreae Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea actinobola (Loew, 1873)  
                                              Species Trupanea ageratae Benjamin, 1934  
                                              Species Trupanea aira (Walker, 1849)  
                                              Species Trupanea alboapicata (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea aldrichi Aczel, 1953  
                                              Species Trupanea ambigua (Shiraki, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea amoena (Frauenfeld, 1857)  
                                              Species Trupanea andobana Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea antiqua (Walker, 1853)  
                                              Species Trupanea apicalis Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea arboreae Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea argentina (Brethes, 1908)  
                                              Species Trupanea arizonensis (Malloch, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea artemisiae Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea asteria (Schiner, 1868)  
                                              Species Trupanea asteroides (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea aucta Bezzi, 1913  
                                              Species Trupanea austera (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea basiflava (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea basistriga (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea beardsleyi Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea bidensicola Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea bifida Hardy & Drew, 1996  
                                              Species Trupanea bisdiversa (Bezzi, 1924)  
                                              Species Trupanea bisetosa (Coquillett, 1899)  
                                              Species Trupanea bisreducta (Bezzi, 1924)  
                                              Species Trupanea bistigmosa (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea bistriga (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea bonariensis (Brethes, 1908)  
                                              Species Trupanea brasiliensis Aczel, 1953  
                                              Species Trupanea brevitarsis (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea browni Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea brunneipennis Hardy, 1973  
                                              Species Trupanea bullocki (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea caerulea Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea californica (Malloch, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea candida (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea celaenoptera Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea centralis (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea chariessa (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea chilensis (Macquart, 1843)  
                                              Species Trupanea chrysanthemifolii Frias, 1985  
                                              Species Trupanea colligata Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea completa (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea conjuncta (Adams, 1904)  
                                              Species Trupanea constans Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea convergens (Hering, 1936)  
                                              Species Trupanea cosmia (Schiner, 1868)  
                                              Species Trupanea cosmina Hendel, 1938  
                                              Species Trupanea crassipes (Thomson, 1869)  
                                              Species Trupanea crassitarsis (Hering, 1940)  
                                              Species Trupanea cratericola (Grimshaw, 1901)  
                                              Species Trupanea curvata Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea cuspidiflexa Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea cyclops (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea dacetoptera (Phillips, 1923)  
                                              Species Trupanea daphne (Wiedemann, 1830)  
                                              Species Trupanea dealbata Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea decepta Hardy, 1970  
                                              Species Trupanea decora (Loew, 1861)  
                                              Species Trupanea dempta Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea denotata Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea digrammata (Hering, 1947)  
                                              Species Trupanea diluta (Enderlein, 1911)  
                                              Species Trupanea discyrta Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea distincta (Shiraki, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea diversa (Wiedemann, 1830)  
                                              Species Trupanea dubautiae (Bryan, 1921)  
                                              Species Trupanea dubia (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea dumosa (Munro, 1940)  
                                              Species Trupanea durvillei (Macquart, 1843)  
                                              Species Trupanea eclipta Benjamin, 1934  
                                              Species Trupanea edwardsi (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea erasa (Malloch, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea erigeroni Freidberg, 1974  
                                              Species Trupanea excepta (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea extensa (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea falcata Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea femoralis (Thomson, 1869)  
                                              Species Trupanea fenwicki (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea flavivena (Hering, 1937)  
                                              Species Trupanea foliosi Frias, 1985  
                                              Species Trupanea footei Frias, 1985  
                                              Species Trupanea formosae (Hendel, 1927)  
                                              Species Trupanea furcifera (Bezzi, 1924)  
                                              Species Trupanea glauca (Thomson, 1869)  
                                              Species Trupanea gratiosa (Ito, 1952)  
                                              Species Trupanea guttistella (Hering, 1951)  
                                              Species Trupanea helota Hering, 1941  
                                              Species Trupanea hendeli (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea heronensis Hardy & Drew, 1996  
                                              Species Trupanea horologii Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea imperfecta (Coquillett, 1902)  
                                              Species Trupanea inaequabilis (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea infissa Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea inscia Munro, 1960  
                                              Species Trupanea insularum (Becker, 1908)  
                                              Species Trupanea intermedia Munro, 1933  
                                              Species Trupanea isolata Hardy, 1973  
                                              Species Trupanea jonesi (Curran, 1932)  
                                              Species Trupanea joycei Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea keralaensis Agarwal, Grewal et al., 1989  
                                              Species Trupanea kraussi Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea latinota Hardy, 1988  
                                              Species Trupanea lignoptera (Munro, 1929)  
                                              Species Trupanea lilloi Aczel, 1953  
                                              Species Trupanea limpidapex (Grimshaw, 1901)  
                                              Species Trupanea lipochaetae Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea longipennis (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea lunifrons (Bezzi, 1924)  
                                              Species Trupanea lyneborgi Hardy, 1970  
                                              Species Trupanea maculaminuta (Munro, 1929)  
                                              Species Trupanea maculigera Foote, 1960  
                                              Species Trupanea mallochi (Hering, 1940)  
                                              Species Trupanea marginalis Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea megaspila Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea melantherae Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea metoeca (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea mevarna (Walker, 1849)  
                                              Species Trupanea modesta (Blanchard, 1852)  
                                              Species Trupanea multisetosa (Hering, 1936)  
                                              Species Trupanea mutabilis (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea neodaphne (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea nigricornis (Coquillett, 1899)  
                                              Species Trupanea nigricornuta (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea nigripennis Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea nigriseta (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea notata Hardy & Drew, 1996  
                                              Species Trupanea novarae (Schiner, 1868)  
                                              Species Trupanea nubilata (Hering, 1936)  
                                              Species Trupanea nudipes (Hering, 1938)  
                                              Species Trupanea nymphula (Blanchard, 1852)  
                                              Species Trupanea obsoleta (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea ochthlera Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea okinawaensis Shiraki, 1968  
                                              Species Trupanea omphale (Hering, 1936)  
                                              Species Trupanea oppleta Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea opprimata (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea orfila (Hering, 1940)  
                                              Species Trupanea ornum Norrbom, 1999  
                                              Species Trupanea pantosticta Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea paradaphne (Hering, 1953)  
                                              Species Trupanea paragoga (Hering, 1936)  
                                              Species Trupanea paraplesia (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea patagonica (Brethes, 1908)  
                                              Species Trupanea paupercula (Hering, 1940)  
                                              Species Trupanea pekeloi Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea pentheres (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea pentziana (Munro, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea perkinsi Hardy, 1980  
                                              Species Trupanea peruviana (Malloch, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea phrycta (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea pictofracta Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea platensis (Brethes, 1908)  
                                              Species Trupanea plaumanni (Hering, 1940)  
                                              Species Trupanea pollens Munro, 1957  
                                              Species Trupanea polyclona (Loew, 1873)  
                                              Species Trupanea porteri (Seguy, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea proavita (Hering, 1939)  
                                              Species Trupanea prolata Hardy & Drew, 1996  
                                              Species Trupanea prominens Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea propinqua (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea pseudoamoena Freidberg, 1974  
                                              Species Trupanea pseudodaphne Hering, 1942  
                                              Species Trupanea pseudovicina (Hering, 1947)  
                                              Species Trupanea pteralis Agarwal, Grewal et al., 1989  
                                              Species Trupanea pubescens (Kieffer & Jorgensen, 1910)  
                                              Species Trupanea pusilla Hardy & Drew, 1996  
                                              Species Trupanea putata (Hering, 1940)  
                                              Species Trupanea queenslandensis Hardy & Drew, 1996  
                                              Species Trupanea radifera (Coquillett, 1899)  
                                              Species Trupanea reducta (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea renschi (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea repleta (Bezzi, 1918)  
                                              Species Trupanea richteri Hering, 1956  
                                              Species Trupanea rufa Hardy, 1988  
                                              Species Trupanea sandoana (Munro, 1938)  
                                              Species Trupanea sarangana (Curran, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea sedata Munro, 1957  
                                              Species Trupanea semiguttata (Becker, 1919)  
                                              Species Trupanea setifrons (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea shaula Dirlbek, 1975  
                                              Species Trupanea signata Foote, 1960  
                                              Species Trupanea simplex (Malloch, 1932)  
                                              Species Trupanea sirhindiensis Agarwal & Kapoor, 1988  
                                              Species Trupanea solivaga (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea spadix Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea stellata (Fuesslin, 1775)  
                                              Species Trupanea stenoptera (Hendel, 1914)  
                                              Species Trupanea stulta (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea subsetosa Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea superdecora (Bezzi, 1924)  
                                              Species Trupanea swezeyi (Bryan, 1921)  
                                              Species Trupanea syrmophora (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea teitensis Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea terryi Hardy, 1988  
                                              Species Trupanea tersa Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea texana (Malloch, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea thuriferae Frias, 1985  
                                              Species Trupanea tubulata Munro, 1964  
                                              Species Trupanea tucumanensis (Malloch, 1933)  
                                              Species Trupanea unimaculata (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea unimaculosa (Hering, 1941)  
                                              Species Trupanea vernoniae Hardy, 1973  
                                              Species Trupanea vicina (Wulp, 1900)  
                                              Species Trupanea viciniformis Foote, 1987  
                                              Species Trupanea vitiosa Foote, 1989  
                                              Species Trupanea vittigera (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea vulpina (Hering, 1942)  
                                              Species Trupanea watti (Malloch, 1931)  
                                              Species Trupanea wheeleri (Curran, 1932)  
                                              Species Trupanea xanthochaeta (Munro, 1929)  
                                              Species Trupanea zonata (Hendel, 1914)  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: BioSystematic Database of World Diptera, website (version 22-Feb-02)  
  Acquired: 2002   
  Reference for: Trupanea   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Trupanea   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Norrbom, A. L., L. E. Carroll, F. C. Thompson, I. M. White and A. Freidberg / F. C. Thompson, ed.  
  Publication Date: 1999   
  Article/Chapter Title: Systematic database of names   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Fruit Fly Expert Identification System and Systematic Information Database. Myia, vol. 9   
  Page(s): 65-251   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 90-5782-013-7   
  Reference for: Trupanea   

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