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Echiniscus  C.A.S. Schultze, 1840
Taxonomic Serial No.: 155306

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumTardigrada  – tardigrades, water bears, tardigrades, tardígrado  
                ClassHeterotardigrada Marcus, 1927 – heterotardigrades  
                   OrderEchiniscoidea Marcus, 1927  
                      FamilyEchiniscidae Thulin, 1928  
                         GenusEchiniscus C.A.S. Schultze, 1840  
    Direct Children:  
                            Species Echiniscus africanus Murray, 1907  
                            Species Echiniscus aliquantillus Grigarick, Schuster and Nelson, 1983  
                            Species Echiniscus angolensis da Cunha and do Nascimento Ribeiro, 1964  
                            Species Echiniscus apuanus M. Bertolani, 1946  
                            Species Echiniscus arcangelii Maucci, 1974  
                            Species Echiniscus arctomys Ehrenberg, 1853  
                            Species Echiniscus arthuri Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2005  
                            Species Echiniscus baius Marcus, 1928  
                            Species Echiniscus baloghi Iharos, 1973  
                            Species Echiniscus barbarae Kaczmarek and Michalczyk, 2002  
                            Species Echiniscus bartramiae Iharos, 1936  
                            Species Echiniscus becki Schuster and Grigarick, 1966  
                            Species Echiniscus bigranulatus Richters, 1908  
                            Species Echiniscus bisculptus Maucci, 1983  
                            Species Echiniscus bisetosus Heinis, 1908  
                            Species Echiniscus blumi Richters, 1903  
                            Species Echiniscus calcaratus Richters, 1908  
                            Species Echiniscus calvus Marcus, 1931  
                            Species Echiniscus canadensis Murray, 1910  
                            Species Echiniscus canedoi da Cunha and do Nascimento Ribeiro, 1962  
                            Species Echiniscus capillatus Ramazzotti, 1956  
                            Species Echiniscus carsicus Mihelcic, 1966  
                            Species Echiniscus carusoi Pilato, 1972  
                            Species Echiniscus cavagnaroi Schuster and Grigarick, 1966  
                            Species Echiniscus cervicornis Murray, 1906  
                            Species Echiniscus charrua Claps and Rossi, 1997  
                            Species Echiniscus cheonyoungi Moon and Kim, 1994  
                            Species Echiniscus cirinoi Binda and Pilato, 1993  
                            Species Echiniscus clevelandi Beasley, 1999  
                            Species Echiniscus columinis Murray, 1911  
                            Species Echiniscus crassispinosus Murray, 1907  
                            Species Echiniscus curiosus Claxton, 1996  
                            Species Echiniscus darienae Miller, Horning and Dastych, 1995  
                            Species Echiniscus dearmatus Bartos, 1935  
                            Species Echiniscus dikenli Maucci, 1973  
                            Species Echiniscus diploglyptus Durante Pasa and Maucci, 1975  
                            Species Echiniscus divergens Marcus, 1936  
                            Species Echiniscus dreyfusi De Barros, 1942  
                            Species Echiniscus duboisi Richters, 1902  
                            Species Echiniscus egnatiae Durante Pasa and Maucci, 1979  
                            Species Echiniscus ehrenbergi Dastych and Kristensen, 1995  
                            Species Echiniscus elaeinae Pilato, Binda and Lisi, 2005  
                            Species Echiniscus elegans Richters, 1906  
                            Species Echiniscus evelinae De Barros, 1942  
                            Species Echiniscus filamentosus Plate, 1889  
                            Species Echiniscus glaber Bartos, 1937  
                            Species Echiniscus granulatus (Doyère, 1840)  
                            Species Echiniscus heterospinosus Maucci, 1954  
                            Species Echiniscus hoonsooi Moon and Kim, 1990  
                            Species Echiniscus horningi Schuster and Grigarick, 1971  
                            Species Echiniscus inocellatus Mihelcic, 1964  
                            Species Echiniscus insuetus Mihelcic, 1967  
                            Species Echiniscus jagodici Mihelcic, 1951  
                            Species Echiniscus jamesi Claxton, 1996  
                            Species Echiniscus japonicus Morikawa, 1951  
                            Species Echiniscus jenningsi Dastych, 1984  
                            Species Echiniscus kerguelensis Richters, 1904  
                            Species Echiniscus knowltoni Schuster and Grigarick, 1971  
                            Species Echiniscus kofordi Schuster and Grigarick, 1966  
                            Species Echiniscus lapponicus Thulin, 1911  
                            Species Echiniscus laterosetosus Ito, 1993  
                            Species Echiniscus laterospinosus Rudescu, 1964  
                            Species Echiniscus latifasciatus Dudichev and Biserov, 2000  
                            Species Echiniscus lichenorum Maucci, 1983  
                            Species Echiniscus limai da Cunha and do Nascimento Ribeiro, 1964  
                            Species Echiniscus longispinosus Murray, 1907  
                            Species Echiniscus loxophthalmus Richters, 1911  
                            Species Echiniscus madonnae Michalczyk and Kaczmarek, 2006  
                            Species Echiniscus maesi Séméria, 1985  
                            Species Echiniscus malpighii Biserov, 1994  
                            Species Echiniscus manuelae da Cunha and do Nascimento Ribeiro, 1962  
                            Species Echiniscus marcusi Pilato, Claxton and Binda, 1990  
                            Species Echiniscus marginatus Binda and Pilato, 1995  
                            Species Echiniscus marginoporus Grigarick, Schuster and Nelson, 1983  
                            Species Echiniscus marinellae Bartos, 1935  
                            Species Echiniscus markezi Mihelcic, 1971  
                            Species Echiniscus mauccii Ramazzotti, 1956  
                            Species Echiniscus mediantus Marcus, 1930  
                            Species Echiniscus melanophthalmus Bartos, 1936  
                            Species Echiniscus menzeli Heinis, 1917  
                            Species Echiniscus merokensis Richters, 1904  
                            Species Echiniscus migiurtinus Franceschi, 1957  
                            Species Echiniscus mihelcici Iharos, 1973  
                            Species Echiniscus militaris Murray, 1911  
                            Species Echiniscus molluscorum Fox and Garcia-Moll, 1962  
                            Species Echiniscus moniliatus Iharos, 1967  
                            Species Echiniscus montanus Iharos, 1982  
                            Species Echiniscus mosaicus Grigarick, Schuster and Nelson, 1983  
                            Species Echiniscus multispinosus da Cunha, 1944  
                            Species Echiniscus murrayi Iharos, 1969  
                            Species Echiniscus nepalensis Dastych, 1975  
                            Species Echiniscus nigripustulus Horning, Schuster and Grigarick, 1978  
                            Species Echiniscus nobilis Mihelcic, 1967  
                            Species Echiniscus oihonnae Richters, 1903  
                            Species Echiniscus ollantaytamboensis Nickel, Miller and Marley, 2002  
                            Species Echiniscus osellai Maucci, 1975  
                            Species Echiniscus pajstunensis Bartos, 1941  
                            Species Echiniscus palmai Dastych, 1997  
                            Species Echiniscus perarmatus Murray, 1907  
                            Species Echiniscus peruvianus Binda and Pilato, 1994  
                            Species Echiniscus perviridis Ramazzotti, 1959  
                            Species Echiniscus phocae Du Bois-Reymond Marcus, 1944  
                            Species Echiniscus polygonalis Ito, 1993  
                            Species Echiniscus pooensis Rodriguez-Roda, 1948  
                            Species Echiniscus porabrus Horning, Schuster and Grigarick, 1978  
                            Species Echiniscus postojnensis Mihelcic, 1967  
                            Species Echiniscus pseudelegans Séméria, 1994  
                            Species Echiniscus pseudowendti Dastych, 1984  
                            Species Echiniscus punctus McInnes, 1995  
                            Species Echiniscus pusae Marcus, 1928  
                            Species Echiniscus quadrispinosus Richters, 1902  
                            Species Echiniscus rackae Dastych, 1986  
                            Species Echiniscus ramazzottii Binda and Pilato, 1969  
                            Species Echiniscus ranzii Ramazzotti, 1964  
                            Species Echiniscus reticulatus Murray, 1905  
                            Species Echiniscus reymondi Marcus, 1928  
                            Species Echiniscus robertsi Schuster and Grigarick, 1965  
                            Species Echiniscus rodnae Claxton, 1996  
                            Species Echiniscus rosaliae Mihelcic, 1951  
                            Species Echiniscus rufoviridis Du Bois-Reymond Marcus, 1944  
                            Species Echiniscus rugospinosus Marcus, 1928  
                            Species Echiniscus scabrospinosus Fontoura, 1982  
                            Species Echiniscus semifoveolatus Ito, 1993  
                            Species Echiniscus siegristi Heinis, 1911  
                            Species Echiniscus simba Marcus, 1928  
                            Species Echiniscus speciosus Mihelcic, 1967  
                            Species Echiniscus spiculifer Schaudinn, 1901  
                            Species Echiniscus spiniger Richters, 1904  
                            Species Echiniscus spinulosus (Doyère, 1840)  
                            Species Echiniscus storkani Bartos, 1940  
                            Species Echiniscus sylvanus Murray, 1910  
                            Species Echiniscus taibaiensis Wang and Li, 2005  
                            Species Echiniscus tamus Mehlen, 1969  
                            Species Echiniscus tardus Mihelcic, 1951  
                            Species Echiniscus tenuis Marcus, 1928  
                            Species Echiniscus tessellatus Murray, 1910  
                            Species Echiniscus testudo (Doyère, 1840)  
                            Species Echiniscus trisetosus Cuénot, 1932  
                            Species Echiniscus trojanus Maucci, 1973  
                            Species Echiniscus tropicalis Binda and Pilato, 1995  
                            Species Echiniscus tympanista Murray, 1911  
                            Species Echiniscus velaminis Murray, 1910  
                            Species Echiniscus vinculus Horning, Schuster and Grigarick, 1978  
                            Species Echiniscus virginicus Riggin, 1962  
                            Species Echiniscus viridis Murray, 1910  
                            Species Echiniscus viridissimus Péterfi, 1956  
                            Species Echiniscus walteri Pilato and Lisi, 2003  
                            Species Echiniscus weisseri Maucci, 1978  
                            Species Echiniscus wendti Richters, 1903  
                            Species Echiniscus zetotrymus Horning, Schuster and Grigarick, 1978  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
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  Acquired: 1996   
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  Author(s)/Editor(s): Guidetti, Roberto, and Roberto Bertolani  
  Publication Date: 2005   
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  ISBN/ISSN: 0374-9118   
  Reference for: Echiniscus   

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