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Selaginella  P. Beauv.
Taxonomic Serial No.: 17064

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Plantae  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Bryodesma Soják
    Hypopterygiopsis Sakurai
    Lycopodioides Boehm.
    Stachygynandrum P. Beauv. ex Mirb.
  Common Name(s): lesser clubmoss [English]
    spikemoss [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: accepted  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: partial   
  Latest Record Review: 2012   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomPlantae  – plantes, Planta, Vegetal, plants  
    SubkingdomViridiplantae  – green plants  
       InfrakingdomStreptophyta  – land plants  
             DivisionTracheophyta  – vascular plants, tracheophytes  
                         OrderSelaginellales  – spikemosses  
                               GenusSelaginella P. Beauv. – lesser clubmoss, spikemoss  
    Direct Children:  
                                  Species Selaginella acanthonota Underw. – spiny spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella apoda (L.) Spring – sélaginelle apode, meadow spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella arbuscula (Kaulf.) Spring – dwarf spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella arenicola Underw. – sand spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella arizonica Maxon – Arizona clubmoss, Arizona spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella armata Baker – armored spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella asprella Maxon – bluish spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella bigelovii Underw. – bushy spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella braunii Baker – Braun's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella cinerascens A.A. Eaton – mesa spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella cordifolia (Desv. ex Poir.) Spring – heartleaf spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella deflexa Brack. – deflexed spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella densa Rydb. – small clubmoss, dense clubmoss, lesser spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella douglasii (Hook. & Grev.) Spring – Douglas' spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella eatonii Hieron. ex Small – Eaton's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella eclipes W.R. Buck – hidden spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella eremophila Maxon – desert spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella flabellata (L.) Spring – fan spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella hansenii Hieron. – Hansen's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella heterodonta (Desv. ex Poir.) Hieron.  
                                  Species Selaginella kraussiana (Kunze) A. Braun – Krauss' spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella krugii Hieron. – Krug's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella laxa Spring  
                                  Species Selaginella laxifolia Baker – limpleaf spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella lepidophylla (Hook. & Grev.) Spring – flower of stone 
                                  Species Selaginella leucobryoides Maxon – Mojave spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella ludoviciana A. Braun – gulf spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella mutica D.C. Eaton ex Underw. – bluntleaf spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella X neomexicana Maxon – New Mexican spikemoss, New Mexico selaginella 
                                  Species Selaginella oregana D.C. Eaton – Oregon spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella ovifolia Baker – oval-leaf spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella peruviana (Milde) Hieron. – Peruvian spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella pilifera A. Braun – resurrection plant 
                                  Species Selaginella plana (Desv. ex Poir.) Hieron. – Asian spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella plumosa (L.) C. Presl – plumed spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella rupestris (L.) Spring – ledge spikemoss, rock spikemoss, northern selaginella 
                                  Species Selaginella rupincola Underw. – clubmoss, rockloving spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella scopulorum Maxon  
                                  Species Selaginella selaginoides (L.) P. Beauv. ex Mart. & Schrank – club spikemoss, clubmoss, northern spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella sibirica (Milde) Hieron. – Siberian spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella standleyi Maxon  
                                  Species Selaginella stellata Spring – starry spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella subcaulescens Baker – handsome spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella substipitata Spring – stalked spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella tenella (P. Beauv.) Spring – delicate spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella tortipila A. Braun – twistedhair spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella umbrosa Lem. ex Hieron.  
                                  Species Selaginella uncinata (Desv. ex Poir.) Spring – blue spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella underwoodii Hieron. – Underwood's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella utahensis Flowers – Utah spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella viridissima Weath. – green spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella wallacei Hieron. – Wallace's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella watsonii Underw. – alpine spikemoss, Watson's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella weatherbiana R.M. Tryon – Rocky Mountain spikemoss, Weatherby's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella willdenowii (Desv. ex Poir.) Baker – Willdenow's spikemoss 
                                  Species Selaginella wrightii Hieron. – Wright's spikemoss 

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Lycopodiopsida of North America Update, database (version 2011)  
  Acquired: 2011   
  Notes: Updated for ITIS by the Flora of North America Expertise Network, in connection with an update for USDA PLANTS (2007-2010)   
  Reference for: Selaginella   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Selaginella   
  Source: The PLANTS Database, database (version 4.0.4)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Notes: National Plant Data Center, NRCS, USDA. Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.   
  Reference for: Selaginella   
  Source: The PLANTS Database, database (version 5.1.1)  
  Acquired: 2000   
  Notes: National Plant Data Center, NRCS, USDA. Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.   
  Reference for: Selaginella   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Christenhusz, Maarten J. M., Xian-Chun Zhang, and Harald Schneider  
  Publication Date: 2011   
  Article/Chapter Title: A linear sequence of extant families and genera of lycophytes and ferns   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Phytotaxa, vol. 19   
  Page(s): 7-54   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 1179-3155   
  Notes: Available online at   
  Reference for: Selaginella   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): The Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group  
  Publication Date: 2016   
  Article/Chapter Title: A community-derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Journal of Systematics and Evolution, vol. 54, no. 6   
  Page(s): 563-603   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 1759-6831   
  Notes: doi: 10.1111/jse.12229   
  Reference for: Selaginella   

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