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Nocardia  Trevisan, 1889
Taxonomic Serial No.: 189404

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Bacteria  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2012   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomBacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002 – bactéries, bacteria, bacterias, bactérias  
    SubkingdomPosibacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002  
       PhylumActinobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002  
          SubclassActinobacteridae Stackebrandt et al., 1997  
             OrderActinomycetales Buchanan, 1917  
                SuborderCorynebacterineae Stackebrandt et al., 1997  
                   FamilyNocardiaceae Castellani and Chalmers, 1919 emend. Rainey et al., 1997 emend. Zhi et al., 2009  
                      GenusNocardia Trevisan, 1889  
    Direct Children:  
                         Species Nocardia abscessus Yassin et al., 2000  
                         Species Nocardia acidivorans Kämpfer et al., 2007  
                         Species Nocardia africana Hamid et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia alba Li et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia altamirensis Jurado et al., 2008  
                         Species Nocardia amamiensis Yamamura et al., 2007  
                         Species Nocardia anaemiae Kageyama et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia aobensis Kageyama et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia araoensis Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia artemisiae Zhao et al., 2011  
                         Species Nocardia arthritidis Kageyama et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia asiatica Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia asteroides (Eppinger, 1891) Blanchard, 1896  
                         Species Nocardia beijingensis Wang et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia blacklockiae Conville et al., 2009  
                         Species Nocardia brasiliensis (Lindenberg, 1909) Pinoy, 1913  
                         Species Nocardia brevicatena (Lechevalier et al., 1961) Goodfellow and Pirouz, 1982  
                         Species Nocardia caishijiensis Zhang et al., 2003  
                         Species Nocardia callitridis Kaewkla and Franco, 2010  
                         Species Nocardia carnea (Rossi Doria, 1891) Castellani and Chalmers, 1913  
                         Species Nocardia cerradoensis Albuquerque de Barros et al., 2003  
                         Species Nocardia coeliaca (Gray and Thornton, 1928) Waksman and Henrici, 1948  
                         Species Nocardia concava Kageyama et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia coubleae Rodríguez-Nava et al., 2007  
                         Species Nocardia crassostreae Friedman et al., 1998  
                         Species Nocardia cummidelens Maldonado et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia cyriacigeorgica Yassin et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia elegans Yassin and Brenner, 2005  
                         Species Nocardia endophytica Xing et al., 2011  
                         Species Nocardia exalbida Iida et al., 2006  
                         Species Nocardia farcinica Trevisan, 1889  
                         Species Nocardia flavorosea Chun et al., 1998  
                         Species Nocardia fluminea Maldonado et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia gamkensis le Roes and Meyers, 2007  
                         Species Nocardia globerula (Gray, 1928) Waksman and Henrici, 1948  
                         Species Nocardia goodfellowii Sazak et al., 2012  
                         Species Nocardia grenadensis Kämpfer et al., 2012  
                         Species Nocardia harenae Seo and Lee, 2006  
                         Species Nocardia higoensis Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia ignorata Yassin et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia inohanensis Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia iowensis Lamm et al., 2009  
                         Species Nocardia jejuensis Lee, 2006  
                         Species Nocardia jiangxiensis Cui et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia jinanensis Sun et al., 2009  
                         Species Nocardia kruczakiae Conville et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia lijiangensis Xu et al., 2006  
                         Species Nocardia mexicana Rodríguez-Nava et al., 2006  
                         Species Nocardia mikamii Jannat-Khah et al., 2010  
                         Species Nocardia miyunensis Cui et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia neocaledoniensis Saintpierre-Bonaccio et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia niigatensis Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia ninae Laurent et al., 2007  
                         Species Nocardia niwae Moser et al., 2011  
                         Species Nocardia nova Tsukamura, 1983  
                         Species Nocardia otitidiscaviarum Snijders, 1924  
                         Species Nocardia paucivorans Yassin et al., 2000  
                         Species Nocardia pigrifrangens Wang et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia pneumoniae Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia polyresistens Xu et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia pseudobrasiliensis Ruimy et al., 1996  
                         Species Nocardia pseudovaccinii Kim et al., 2002  
                         Species Nocardia puris Yassin et al., 2003  
                         Species Nocardia rhamnosiphila Everest et al., 2012  
                         Species Nocardia salmonicida Isik et al., 1999  
                         Species Nocardia seriolae Kudo et al., 1988  
                         Species Nocardia shimofusensis Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia sienata Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia soli Maldonado et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia speluncae Seo et al., 2007  
                         Species Nocardia takedensis Yamamura et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia tenerifensis Kämpfer et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia terpenica Hoshino et al., 2007  
                         Species Nocardia testacea Kageyama et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia thailandica Kageyama et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia thraciensis Sazak et al., 2012  
                         Species Nocardia transvalensis Pijper and Pullinger, 1927  
                         Species Nocardia uniformis (ex Marton and Szabó, 1959) Isik et al., 1999  
                         Species Nocardia vaccinii Demaree and Smith, 1952  
                         Species Nocardia vermiculata Kageyama et al., 2005  
                         Species Nocardia veterana Gürtler et al., 2001  
                         Species Nocardia vinacea Kinoshita et al., 2002  
                         Species Nocardia wallacei Conville et al., 2009  
                         Species Nocardia xishanensis Zhang et al., 2004  
                         Species Nocardia yamanashiensis Kageyama et al., 2004  

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  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date, website (version Jun 2012)  
  Acquired: 2012   
  Notes: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date published by the Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures at   
  Reference for: Nocardia   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Nocardia   
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 Geographic Information
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  Comment: genus (AL)  
    International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM), 1980 30:337: Approved List  



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