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Cyrtandra  J.R. Forst. & G. Forst.
Taxonomic Serial No.: 34100

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Plantae  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: accepted  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2011   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomPlantae  – plantes, Planta, Vegetal, plants  
    SubkingdomViridiplantae  – green plants  
       InfrakingdomStreptophyta  – land plants  
             DivisionTracheophyta  – vascular plants, tracheophytes  
                SubdivisionSpermatophytina  – spermatophytes, seed plants, phanérogames  
                            FamilyGesneriaceae  – gesnerias  
                               GenusCyrtandra J.R. Forst. & G. Forst.  
    Direct Children:  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aclada Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra acutangula Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra adnata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aeruginosa Quisumb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra agrihanensis T. Ohba  
                                  Species Cyrtandra agusanensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X alata H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra albertisii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra albibracteata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X alnea H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aloisiana A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra alvarezii Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X ambigua (Hillebr.) H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – ambiguous cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra amicta A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ammitophila B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ampla C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra amplifolia Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra andersonii B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aneiteensis C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra angularis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra angustielliptica Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra angustivenosa Rech.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra anisophylla C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra anisopoda Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra anthropophagorum Seem. ex A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra antoniana Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra antuana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra apaensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra apiculata C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra apoensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra arachnoidea Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra arborescens Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra areolata (Stapf) B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra arfakensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra argentata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra asikii Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra atherocalyx Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra athrocarpa B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X atomigyna H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra atrichoides Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra atrichos C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra atropurpurea Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra attenuata Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra augustii Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aundensis P. Royen  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aurantiaca B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aurantiicarpa Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aurea Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aureo-sericea Kanehira & Hatus.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra aureotincta Bramley & Cronk  
                                  Species Cyrtandra auriculata C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra axillantha K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra axillaris C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X axilliflora H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – axilflower cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra baileyi F. Muell.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra banyingii Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra barnesii Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra basiflora C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X basipartita H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bataanensis Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra beamanii B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra beccarii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra beckmannii Reinecke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra begonioides Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra behrmanniana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra benaratica B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra benguetiana Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bicolor Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bidwillii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra biflora J.R. Forst. & G. Forst.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra biserrata Hillebr. – Molokai cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra bismarckiensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bracheia B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bracteata Warburg  
                                  Species Cyrtandra brevicaulis Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra breviflora Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra brevisetosa Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra brownii K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bruteliana Koord.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bryophila B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra buergersiana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bullata Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra bullifolia B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra burbidgei C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra burleyana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra burttii N.P. Balakr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra calciphila B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra callicarpifolia Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra calpidicarpa (Rock) H. St. John & Storey – valley cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra calycina Benth.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra calyptribracteata Bakh. f.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra campanulata Reinecke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra capitellata C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X carinata H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra carnosa Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra castanea Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra caudata Kanehira & Hatus.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X caudatisepala H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X caulescens Rock (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cauliflora Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cephalophora Gillespie  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ceratocalyx K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cerea Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra chaiana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra chalcodea Diels  
                                  Species Cyrtandra chippendalei Horne ex C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra chiritoides Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra chlamydocalyx Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra chlorantha A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X christophersenii H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – Christophersen's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra chrysalabastrum K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra chrysea C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ciliata Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X cladantha Skottsb. (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra clarkei Stapf  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cleopatrae H.J. Atkins & Cronk  
                                  Species Cyrtandra coacta Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra coccinea Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra coleoides Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cominsii Hemsley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra comocarpa Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra compressa C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra confertiflora (Wawra) C.B. Clarke – lava cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra confusa Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra congestiflora B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra connata Nadeaud  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X conradtii Rock (pro. sp.) – Conradt's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra consimilis S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra constricta Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cordifolia Gaudich. – heartleaf cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra corniculata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X crassifolia (Hillebr.) Rock (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X crassior H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra crenata H. St. John & Storey – ha`iwale, Kahana Valley cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra cretacea Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra crockerella Hilliard  
                                  Species Cyrtandra crockeriana Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cryptantha Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cumingii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cuneata Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cuprea B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cupulata Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X cupuliformis H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cyaneoides Rock – mapele 
                                  Species Cyrtandra cyathibracteata Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cyclopum Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cylindrocalyx Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra cymosa J.R. Forst. & G. Forst.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dallasensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dasymallos Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra davaoensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra debilis Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra decipiens Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra decurrens de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra decussata Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra deinandra B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra denhamii Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dentata H. St. John & Storey – ha`iwale, mountain cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra detzneriana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra didissandriformis Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra digitaliflora B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dilatata C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dinocalyx Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra diplotricha B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dispar DC.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra disparifolia Quisumb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra disparoides B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dissimilis C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra disticha Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dolichocalyx Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dolichocarpa A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dolichopoda B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dorytricha Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dubiosa Kuntze  
                                  Species Cyrtandra dulitiana Hilliard  
                                  Species Cyrtandra efatensis Guillaumin  
                                  Species Cyrtandra elata Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra elatostemoides Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra elbertii Bakh. f.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra elegans Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra elizabethae H. St. John  
                                  Species Cyrtandra elmeri Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra eminens C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra engleri Koord.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra erectiloba Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra erectipila B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra eriantha Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra eriophylla S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra erythrotricha B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra esothrix A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra eximia C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra exserta K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra externata S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra falcifolia C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra farinosa C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra fasciata H.J. Atkins  
                                  Species Cyrtandra feaniana F. Brown  
                                  Species Cyrtandra fenestrata C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ferripilosa H. St. John – red-hair cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra X ferrocolorata H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ferruginea Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X ferruginosa H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra filibracteata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra filipes Hillebr. – gulch cyrtandra, ha'iwale 
                                  Species Cyrtandra filisecta B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra flabellifolia S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra flabelligera Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra flavescens Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra flexiramea Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra floribunda K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra florulenta Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra foliosa S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X forbesii H. St. John & Storey – Forbes's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra foveolata Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra frutescens Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra fulvisericea Bramley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra fulvovillosa Rech.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra funkii Reinecke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra fusco-vellea K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra fusconervia Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra fuscovenosa Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra futunae Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra garnotiana Gaudich. – hahala 
                                  Species Cyrtandra geantha Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra geesinkiana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra geminata Reinecke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra geminiflora Nadeaud  
                                  Species Cyrtandra geocarpa Koord.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X georgiana Forbes (pro. sp.) – Georgia cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra gibbsiae S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra giffardii Rock – ha`iwale, forest cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra gillettiana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra gimlettei Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra gitingensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra gjellerupii Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra glabra Banks ex Gaertn. f.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra glabrifolia Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra glabrilimba Quisumb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra gorontaloensis H.J. Atkins  
                                  Species Cyrtandra gorumensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra gracilenta Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra gracilis Hillebr. ex C.B. Clarke – Palolo Valley cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra graeffei C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra grandibracteata Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra grandiflora Gaudich. – largeflower cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra grandifolia Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra grandis Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra grayana Hillebr. – Pacific cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra grayi C.B. Clarke – Gray's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra guerkeana Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra halawensis Rock – toothleaf cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra hansenii B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hapalantha C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra harveyi Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hashimotoi Rock – Maui cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra hawaiensis C.B. Clarke – Hawai'i cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra hedraiantha Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra heineana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra heinrichii H. St. John – lava cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra heintzelmaniana Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hellwigii Warburg  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hematos H. St. John – singleflower cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra herbacea Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra heteronema Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra heterophylla de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X hillebrandii Oliv. – Hillebrand's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra hiranoi B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hirsuta Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hirta Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hirtigera H.J. Atkins & Cronk  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hispidissima Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra holodasys Miq.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hololeuca B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra homoplastica S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X honolulensis Wawra (pro. sp.) – Honolulu cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra horizontalis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hornei C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X hosakae H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – Hosaka's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra hoseana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hottae B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra humilis Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hypochrysea Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hypochrysoides Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hypogaea Koord.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra hypoleuca Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra iliasii B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ilicifolia Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ilocana Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra imminuta C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra impar Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra impressivenia C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra inaequifolia Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra incisa C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra incompta Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra incrustata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra induta A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra infantae Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra insignis C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra insolita Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra insularis Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra integerrima B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra integrifolia C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra involucrata Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra jabiensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra jadunae Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra janowskyi Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra jellesmani Koord.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra jonesii (F. Brown) Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra jugalis A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X kaalae H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – Kaala cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra X kahanaensis H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – Kahana cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra kajewskii Guillaumin  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kalichii Wawra  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kalimantana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kalyptantha Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kamoolaensis H. St. John – Kamo'oloa cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra kanae B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kandavuensis A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kaniensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kauaiensis Wawra – ulunahele 
                                  Species Cyrtandra kaulantha H. St. John & Storey – Waikane Valley cyrtandra, haiwale 
                                  Species Cyrtandra kealiae Wawra – Wahiawa Mountain cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra keithii Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kenivensis P. Royen  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kermesina B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X kipahuluensis H. St. John (pro. sp.) – Kipahulu cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra X kipapaensis H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – Kipapa cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra klossii S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kohalae Rock – Kohala Mountain cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra kostermansii Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kruegeri Reinecke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra kusaimontana Hosok.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra labiosa A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lacerata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra laciniata Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X laevis H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lagunae Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lambirensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lanata Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lanceolata Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lanceolifera S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lancifolia Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lasiantha K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lasiogyne Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra latibracteata Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra laxiflora H. Mann – Oahu cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra ledermannii Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra leiocrater B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lessoniana Gaudich. – Lesson's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra leucantha A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra leucochlamys B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra libauensis Hilliard  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ligulifera C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lillianae Setchell  
                                  Species Cyrtandra limnophila Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra linauana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lineariloba Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lithophila Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra livida Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lobbii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra locuples S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra loheri Quisumb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra longicarpa Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra longiflora J.W. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra longifolia (Wawra) Hillebr. ex C.B. Clarke – longleaf cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra longipedunculata Rech.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra longipes Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra longirostris de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lorentzii Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra luteiflora H.J. Atkins  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lutescens Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra lydgatei Hillebr. – Lydgate's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra lysiosepala (A. Gray) C.B. Clarke – oppositeleaf cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra macraei A. Gray – upland cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra macrantha C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra macrobracteata Kanehira & Hatus.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra macrocalyx Hillebr. – largecalyx cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra macrodiscus Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra macrophylla Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra macrotricha Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra maculata Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra maesifolia Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra magentiflora Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra magnoliifolia Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X malacophylla C.B. Clarke (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mamolea Reinecke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X mannii H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – Mann's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra mareensis Däniker  
                                  Species Cyrtandra martinii B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mcgregorii Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra megalocalyx Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra megalocrater Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra megaphylla Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra melinocalyx Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra membranacea Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra membranifolia Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mendumae Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra menziesii Hook. & Arn. – ha`iwale 
                                  Species Cyrtandra mesilauensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra microcalyx Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra microcarpa C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra microphylla Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra milnei Seem. ex A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mindanaensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra minjemensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra minor S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mirabilis C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mollis de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra montana Gillespie  
                                  Species Cyrtandra monticola K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra montigena Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mooreaensis Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mucronata Nadeaud  
                                  Species Cyrtandra mucronatisepala Quisumb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra multibracteata C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra multicaulis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra multifolia Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra multiseptata Gillespie  
                                  Species Cyrtandra muluensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra munroi C.N. Forbes – ha`iwale, Lanaihale cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra muskarimba A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nabirensis Kanehira & Hatus.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nadeaudii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nana Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nanawaleensis H. St. John  
                                  Species Cyrtandra natewaensis Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra navicellata Zipp. ex C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra neiothiantha B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nemorosa Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra neo-hebridensis Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nibongensis Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nitens C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nodulosa Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nudiflora C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra nukuhivensis F. Brown  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X nutans H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra oblongata Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra oblongifolia (Blume) Benth. & Hook. f. ex C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra obovata Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra occidentalis N.P. Balakr. & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra occulta A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ochroleuca B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra oenobarba H. Mann – haiwale, shaggystem cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra oligantha Korth. ex C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra olona C.N. Forbes – Kauai cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra ootensis F. Brown  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X opaeulae H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – opaeula cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra oreogeiton K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra oxybapha W.L. Wagner & Herbst – Pohakea Gulch cyrtandra, ha'iwale 
                                  Species Cyrtandra pachyneura Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pachyphylla Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra palawensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra paliku W.L. Wagner, K.R. Wood & Lorence – cliffside cyrtandra, haiwale 
                                  Species Cyrtandra palimasanica Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pallida Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra paludosa Gaudich. – kanawao ke`oke`o 
                                  Species Cyrtandra panayensis Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pandurata Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra panthothrix Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra papyracea B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra paragibbsiae B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra paravelutina Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra parva Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra parviflora C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra parvifolia Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra parvifructa Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra patentiserrata Bramley & Cronk  
                                  Species Cyrtandra patula Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pauciflora Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra paxiana Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pedicellata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra peltata Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pendula Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra penduliflora Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra perplexa S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra phaeodictyon Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra phaeotricha Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra phoenicea C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra phoenicoides Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra phoenicolasia Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pickeringii A. Gray – Pickering's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra picta Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pilosa Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pilostyla K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pinatubensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra platyphylla A. Gray – `ilihia 
                                  Species Cyrtandra plectranthiflora Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra plicata Hilliard  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pogonantha A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra poiensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra poikilophylla Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra polyantha C.B. Clarke – ha`iwale, Niu Valley cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra polyneura (C.B. Clarke) B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra populifolia Miq.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra poulsenii B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra prattii Gillespie  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pritchardii Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra procera Hillebr. – bog cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra propinqua C.N. Forbes – arrowleaf cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra prostrata Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pruinosa H. St. John & Storey – frosted cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra X pubens H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pulchella Rich ex A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pulgarensis H.J. Atkins & Cronk  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pulleana Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra pumilio B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra punctatissima Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra purpurea H.J. Atkins  
                                  Species Cyrtandra purpurifolia Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra quercifolia S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra quinquenotata Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra quisumbingii Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra radiciflora C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra raiateensis J.W. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ramiflora Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X ramosissima Rock (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ramunculosa Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rarotongensis Cheeseman  
                                  Species Cyrtandra repens de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra reticulata Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra revoluta Fosberg & Sachet  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rhabdothamnos Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rhizantha Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rhyncanthera C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra richii A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rivularis H. St. John & Storey – river cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra robusta Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X rockii H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.) – Rock's cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra roemeri Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rosea Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra roseiflora H.J. Atkins  
                                  Species Cyrtandra roseo-alba Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rostrata Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rotumaensis H. St. John  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rubiginosa Jack  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rubra de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rubricalyx B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rubropicta Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rufa Bakh. f.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rufotricha Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra rupicola Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra russa C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sagetorum Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra saligna Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra samoensis A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sandakanensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sandei de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sandwicensis (H. Lév.) H. St. John & Storey – hairy cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra saniensis Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra santosii Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sarawakensis C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra saxicola Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X scabrella C.B. Clarke (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra schizocalyx Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra schizostyla C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra schraderi K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra schultzei Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra schumanniana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra scutata S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra scutifolia B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra seganica Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sepikana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sericifolia Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra serratifolia H.J. Atkins  
                                  Species Cyrtandra serratobracteata Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sessilis H. St. John & Storey – haiwale, windyridge cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra sibuyanensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra similis Quisumb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra simplex Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sinclairiana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra smithiana B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sororia Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sorsogonensis Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra spathacea A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra spathulata H. St. John – spoonleaf cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra spelaea B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sphaerocalyx K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra spicata de Vriese  
                                  Species Cyrtandra splendens C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra stenoptera Bramley & Cronk  
                                  Species Cyrtandra stolleana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra stonei B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra strictipes Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra strongiana Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra suberosa Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra subglabra Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra subgrandis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X subintegra H. St. John (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sublanea Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra subsphaerocarpa B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra subulibractea Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra subumbellata (Hillebr.) H. St. John & Storey – ha`iwale, parasol cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra suffruticosa Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra sulcata Blume  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tagaleurium Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tahuatensis Fosberg & Sachet  
                                  Species Cyrtandra taitensis Rich ex A. Gray  
                                  Species Cyrtandra talonensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tarsodes B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra taviunensis Gillespie  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tayabensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tecomiflora Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tempestii Horne ex C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tenebrosa B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tenuicarpa H.J. Atkins  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tenuipes Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tenuisepala Quisumb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra teres C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra terrae-guilelmii K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tesselata Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra teysmannii Miq.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra thamnodes B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra thibaultii Fosberg & Sachet  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tibangensis B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tintinnabula Rock – ha`iwale, Laupahoehoe cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra todaiensis Kanehira  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tohiveaensis Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tomentosa A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra toreniiflora B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra toviana F. Brown  
                                  Species Cyrtandra trachycaulis K. Schum.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra treubiana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra trichocalyx Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra trichodon Ridley  
                                  Species Cyrtandra trichophylla A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra trisepala C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra trivialis Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tubibractea Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tubiflora Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra tunohica Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X turbiniformis H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra umbellifera Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X umbraculiflora Rock (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra umbraticola Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra undata Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra uniflora B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra urceolata C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra urdanetensis Elmer  
                                  Species Cyrtandra urvillei C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vaginata B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vairiae Drake  
                                  Species Cyrtandra valviloba Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vanoverberghii Kraenzl.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra velutina Korth. ex C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra ventricosa Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra versteegii Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vescoi Drake  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vesiculata Gillett  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vespertina H. St. John  
                                  Species Cyrtandra victoriae Gillespie  
                                  Species Cyrtandra X villicalyx H. St. John & Storey (pro. sp.)  
                                  Species Cyrtandra villifructus Hilliard & B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra villosissima Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra virescens Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra viridescens C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra viridiflora H. St. John & Storey – ha`iwale, greenleaf cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra vitiensis Seem.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vriesii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra vulpina (Kraenzl.) B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra wagneri Lorence & Perlman  
                                  Species Cyrtandra waianaeensis H. St. John & Storey – Waianaeuka cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra X waihoiensis H. St. John – sharp-tooth cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra wainihaensis H. Lév. – island cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra waiolani Wawra – fuzzyflower cyrtandra, haiwale 
                                  Species Cyrtandra wallichii (C.B. Clarke) B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra warburgiana Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra wariana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra wawrae C.B. Clarke – rockface cyrtandra 
                                  Species Cyrtandra weberi B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra wentiana Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra wichmanniana Schltr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra wilhelmensis P. Royen  
                                  Species Cyrtandra winkleri Lauterb.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra wollastonii S. Moore  
                                  Species Cyrtandra woodsii B.L. Burtt  
                                  Species Cyrtandra xanthantha A.C. Sm.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra yaeyamae Ohwi  
                                  Species Cyrtandra zamboangensis Merr.  
                                  Species Cyrtandra zippelii C.B. Clarke  
                                  Species Cyrtandra zollingeri C.B. Clarke  

  Expert: Laurence Skog, Ph. D.  
  Notes: Emeritus Research Botanist, Department of Botany, Smithsonian Institution   
  Reference for: Cyrtandra    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Lamiales of North America Update, database (version 2011)  
  Acquired: 2011   
  Notes: Updated for ITIS by the Flora of North America Expertise Network, in connection with an update for USDA PLANTS (2007-2010)   
  Reference for: Cyrtandra   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Cyrtandra   
  Source: The genera of Gesneriaceae, website (version 2007)  
  Acquired: 2011   
  Notes: Weber, A. & L.E. Skog (2007 onw.): The genera of Gesneriaceae. Basic information with illustration of selected species. Ed. 2.   
  Reference for: Cyrtandra   
  Source: The PLANTS Database, database (version 4.0.4)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Notes: National Plant Data Center, NRCS, USDA. Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.   
  Reference for: Cyrtandra   
  Source: The PLANTS Database, database (version 5.1.1)  
  Acquired: 2000   
  Notes: National Plant Data Center, NRCS, USDA. Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.   
  Reference for: Cyrtandra   
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