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Nepenthes  L.
Taxonomic Serial No.: 564924

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Plantae  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Nepenthes X ferrugineomarginata Sh. Kurata
    Nepenthes junghuhnii Macfarl.
    Nepenthes X kuchingensis Sh. Kurata
    Nepenthes lindleyana Low ex W. Baxt.
    Nepenthes X pangulubauensis Salmon & Maulder ex Mann
  Common Name(s): pitcher plants [English]
    pitcherplants [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: accepted  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2012   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomPlantae  – plantes, Planta, Vegetal, plants  
    SubkingdomViridiplantae  – green plants  
       InfrakingdomStreptophyta  – land plants  
             DivisionTracheophyta  – vascular plants, tracheophytes  
                SubdivisionSpermatophytina  – spermatophytes, seed plants, phanérogames  
                            FamilyNepenthaceae  – pitcher plants, pitcherplants  
                               GenusNepenthes L. – pitcher plants, pitcherplants  
    Direct Children:  
                                  Species Nepenthes adnata Tamin & M. Hotta ex Schlauer  
                                  Species Nepenthes alata Blanco  
                                  Species Nepenthes albomarginata T. Lobb ex Lindl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes X alisaputrana J.H. Adam & Wilcock  
                                  Species Nepenthes ampullaria Jack  
                                  Species Nepenthes andamana M. Catal.  
                                  Species Nepenthes appendiculata Chi. C. Lee, Bourke, Rembold, W. Taylor & S.T. Yeo  
                                  Species Nepenthes argentii Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes aristolochioides Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes attenboroughii A.S. Rob., S. McPherson & V.B. Heinrich  
                                  Species Nepenthes baramensis C. Clarke, J.A. Moran & Chi. C. Lee  
                                  Species Nepenthes X bauensis Chi. C. Lee  
                                  Species Nepenthes bellii K. Kondo  
                                  Species Nepenthes benstonei C. Clarke  
                                  Species Nepenthes bicalcarata Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes bokorensis Mey  
                                  Species Nepenthes bongso Korth.  
                                  Species Nepenthes boschiana Korth.  
                                  Species Nepenthes burbidgeae Hook. f. ex Burb.  
                                  Species Nepenthes burkei Mast.  
                                  Species Nepenthes campanulata Sh. Kurata  
                                  Species Nepenthes ceciliae Gronem., Coritico, Micheler, Marwinski, Acil & V.B. Amoroso  
                                  Species Nepenthes chang M. Catal.  
                                  Species Nepenthes chaniana C. Clarke, Chi. C. Lee & S. McPherson  
                                  Species Nepenthes X cincta Mast.  
                                  Species Nepenthes clipeata Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes X coccinea Mast.  
                                  Species Nepenthes danseri Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes deaniana Macfarl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes densiflora Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes diatas Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes distillatoria L.  
                                  Species Nepenthes dubia Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes edwardsiana Low ex Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes ephippiata Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes epiphytica A.S. Rob., Nerz & Wistuba  
                                  Species Nepenthes eustachya Miq.  
                                  Species Nepenthes eymae Sh. Kurata  
                                  Species Nepenthes faizaliana J.H. Adam & Wilcock  
                                  Species Nepenthes flava Wistuba, Nerz & A. Fleischm.  
                                  Species Nepenthes fusca Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes gantungensis S. McPherson, Cervancia, Chi. C. Lee, Jaunzems, Mey & A.S. Rob.  
                                  Species Nepenthes glabrata J.R. Turnbull & A.T. Middleton  
                                  Species Nepenthes glandulifera Chi. C. Lee  
                                  Species Nepenthes gracilis Korth.  
                                  Species Nepenthes gracillima Ridl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes gymnamphora Nees  
                                  Species Nepenthes hamata J.R. Turnbull & A.T. Middleton  
                                  Species Nepenthes hamiguitanensis Gronem., Wistuba, V.B. Heinrich, S. McPherson, Mey & V.B. Amoroso  
                                  Species Nepenthes X harryana Burb.  
                                  Species Nepenthes hirsuta Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes hispida Beck  
                                  Species Nepenthes holdenii Mey  
                                  Species Nepenthes X hookeriana Lindl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes hurrelliana Cheek & A.L. Lamb  
                                  Species Nepenthes inermis Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes insignis Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes izumiae Troy Davis, C. Clarke & Tamin  
                                  Species Nepenthes jacquelineae Clarke, Davis & Tamin  
                                  Species Nepenthes jamban Chi. C. Lee, Hernawati & Akhriadi  
                                  Species Nepenthes kampotiana Lecomte  
                                  Species Nepenthes kerrii M. Catal. & Kruetr.  
                                  Species Nepenthes khasiana Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes X kinabaluensis Sh. Kurata  
                                  Species Nepenthes klossii Ridl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes lamii Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes lavicola Wistuba & Rischer  
                                  Species Nepenthes lingulata Chi. C. Lee, Hernawati & Akhriadi  
                                  Species Nepenthes longifolia Nerz & Wistuba  
                                  Species Nepenthes lowii Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes macfarlanei Hemsl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes macrophylla (Marabini) Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes macrovulgaris J.R. Turnbull & A.T. Middleton  
                                  Species Nepenthes madagascariensis Poir.  
                                  Species Nepenthes mantalingajanensis Nerz & Wistuba  
                                  Species Nepenthes mapuluensis J.H. Adam & Wilcock  
                                  Species Nepenthes masoalensis Schmid-Hollinger  
                                  Species Nepenthes maxima Reinw. ex Nees  
                                  Species Nepenthes merrilliana Macfarl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes micramphora V.B. Heinrich, S. McPherson, Gronem. & V.B. Amoroso  
                                  Species Nepenthes mikei B. Salmon & Maulder  
                                  Species Nepenthes mindanaoensis Sh. Kurata  
                                  Species Nepenthes mira Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes mirabilis (Lour.) Druce  
                                  Species Nepenthes mollis Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes monticola A.S. Rob., Wistuba, Nerz, M. Mansur & S. McPherson  
                                  Species Nepenthes muluensis M. Hotta  
                                  Species Nepenthes murudensis Culham ex Jebb & Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes naga Akhriadi, Hernawati, Primaldhi & M. Hambali  
                                  Species Nepenthes neoguineensis Macfarl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes nigra Nerz, Wistuba, Chi. C. Lee, Bourke, U. Zimm. & S. McPherson  
                                  Species Nepenthes northiana Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes ovata Nerz & Wistuba  
                                  Species Nepenthes palawanensis S. McPherson, Cervancia, Chi. C. Lee, Jaunzems, Mey & A.S. Rob.  
                                  Species Nepenthes paniculata Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes papuana Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes pectinata Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes peltata Sh. Kurata  
                                  Species Nepenthes pervillei Blume  
                                  Species Nepenthes petiolata Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes philippinensis Macfarl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes pilosa Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes pitopangii Chi. C. Lee, S. McPherson, Bourke & M. Mansur  
                                  Species Nepenthes platychila Chi. C. Lee  
                                  Species Nepenthes pulchra Gronem., S. McPherson, Coritico, Micheler, Marwinski & V.B. Amoroso  
                                  Species Nepenthes X pyriformis Sh. Kurata (pro sp.)  
                                  Species Nepenthes rafflesiana Jack  
                                  Species Nepenthes rajah Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes ramispina Ridl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes reinwardtiana Miq.  
                                  Species Nepenthes rhombicaulis Sh. Kurata  
                                  Species Nepenthes rigidifolia Akhriadi, Hernawati & Tamin  
                                  Species Nepenthes robcantleyi Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes rowanae F.M. Bailey  
                                  Species Nepenthes sanguinea Lindl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes saranganiensis Sh. Kurata  
                                  Species Nepenthes sharifah-hapsahii J.H. Adam & Hafiza  
                                  Species Nepenthes sibuyanensis Nerz  
                                  Species Nepenthes singalana Becc.  
                                  Species Nepenthes smilesii Hemsl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes spathulata Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes spectabilis Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes stenophylla Mast.  
                                  Species Nepenthes sumatrana (Miq.) G. Beck  
                                  Species Nepenthes suratensis M. Catal.  
                                  Species Nepenthes surigaoensis Elmer  
                                  Species Nepenthes talangensis Nerz & Wistuba  
                                  Species Nepenthes tenax C. Clarke & R. Kruger  
                                  Species Nepenthes tentaculata Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes tenuis Nerz & Wistuba  
                                  Species Nepenthes thai Cheek  
                                  Species Nepenthes thorelii Lecomte  
                                  Species Nepenthes tobaica Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes tomoriana Danser  
                                  Species Nepenthes treubiana Warb.  
                                  Species Nepenthes X trichocarpa Miq.  
                                  Species Nepenthes truncata Macfarl.  
                                  Species Nepenthes X trusmadiensis Marabini  
                                  Species Nepenthes undulatifolia Nerz, Wistuba, U. Zimm., Chi. C. Lee, Pirade & Pitopang  
                                  Species Nepenthes veitchii Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes ventricosa Blanco  
                                  Species Nepenthes vieillardii Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes villosa Hook. f.  
                                  Species Nepenthes vogelii Schuit. & de Vogel  

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  Acquired: 2000   
  Notes: National Plant Data Center, NRCS, USDA. Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.   
  Reference for: Nepenthes   
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  Reference for: Nepenthes   

 Geographic Information
  Geographic Division:    



  Comment: CITES: Appendix II except the species included in Appendix I, adopted at the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (Doha, 2010)  



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