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Patellapis  Friese, 1909
Taxonomic Serial No.: 634270

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2008   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHymenoptera  – abelha, formiga, vespa, ants, bees, wasps  
                                  SuborderApocrita  – abeilles, fourmis, guêpes véritables, narrow-waisted hymenopterans, ants, bees, true wasps  
                                        SuperfamilyApoidea  – bees, sphecoid wasps, apoid wasps  
                                           FamilyHalictidae  – halictid bees, sweat bees  
                                                    GenusPatellapis Friese, 1909  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Patellapis aberdarica (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis abessinica (Friese, 1916)  
                                                       Species Patellapis albipilata (Walker, 1996)  
                                                       Species Patellapis albofasciata (Smith, 1879)  
                                                       Species Patellapis albofilosa (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis albolineola (Meade-Waldo, 1916)  
                                                       Species Patellapis alopex (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis andersoni (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis andreniformis (Friese, 1925)  
                                                       Species Patellapis andrenoides (Friese, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis assamica (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis atricilla (Cockerell, 1940)  
                                                       Species Patellapis ausica (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis azurea (Pauly, 2007)  
                                                       Species Patellapis baralonga (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis bedana (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis benoiti (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis bihamata (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis bilineata (Friese, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis binghami (W. F. Kirby, 1900)  
                                                       Species Patellapis braunsella Michener, 1978  
                                                       Species Patellapis burmana (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis buruana (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis burungana (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis burungensis (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis calvini (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis calviniensis (Cockerell, 1934)  
                                                       Species Patellapis capillipalpis (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis carinostriata (Pauly, 1984)  
                                                       Species Patellapis castanea (Benoist, 1962)  
                                                       Species Patellapis celebensis (Blüthgen, 1931)  
                                                       Species Patellapis cerealis (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis chubbi (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis cincticauda (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis cinctifera (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis cinctulella (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis coccinea (Benoist, 1962)  
                                                       Species Patellapis communis (Smith, 1879)  
                                                       Species Patellapis concinnula (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis corallina (Benoist, 1944)  
                                                       Species Patellapis dapanensis (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis delphinensis (Benoist, 1964)  
                                                       Species Patellapis disposita (Cameron, 1905)  
                                                       Species Patellapis dispositina (Cockerell, 1934)  
                                                       Species Patellapis erythropyga (Benoist, 1964)  
                                                       Species Patellapis fisheri Pauly, 2001  
                                                       Species Patellapis flacourtiae (Pauly, 2007)  
                                                       Species Patellapis flavofasciata (Friese, 1915)  
                                                       Species Patellapis flavorufa (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis flavovittata (W. F. Kirby, 1900)  
                                                       Species Patellapis formosicola (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis fuliginosa (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis gabonensis (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis glabra (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis gowdeyi (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis hargreavesi (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis harunganae (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis heterozonica (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis hirsuta (Pauly, 1984)  
                                                       Species Patellapis inelegans (Benoist, 1964)  
                                                       Species Patellapis interstitialis (Cameron, 1903)  
                                                       Species Patellapis intricata (Vachal, 1895)  
                                                       Species Patellapis ivoirensis (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis javana (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis joffrei (Benoist, 1962)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kabetensis (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kalutarae (Cockerell, 1911)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kamerunensis (Friese, 1914)  
                                                       Species Patellapis katangensis (Cockerell, 1934)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kavirondica (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis keiseri (Benoist, 1964)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kinabaluensis (Pauly, 2007)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kivuensis (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kivuicola (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis knysnae (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kocki (Blüthgen, 1931)  
                                                       Species Patellapis kristenseni (Friese, 1915)  
                                                       Species Patellapis leonis (Cockerell, 1940)  
                                                       Species Patellapis lepesmei (Benoist, 1944)  
                                                       Species Patellapis limbata (Benoist, 1962)  
                                                       Species Patellapis liodoma (Vachal, 1895)  
                                                       Species Patellapis lioscutalis (Pesenko & Wu, 1997)  
                                                       Species Patellapis lombokensis (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis lyalli (Pauly, 2001)  
                                                       Species Patellapis macrozonia (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis malachurina (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis mandrakae Pauly, 2001  
                                                       Species Patellapis merescens (Cockerell, 1919)  
                                                       Species Patellapis micropastina (Cockerell, 1940)  
                                                       Species Patellapis microzonia (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis minima (Friese, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis minutior (Friese, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis mirandicornis (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis montagui (Cockerell, 1941)  
                                                       Species Patellapis moshiensis (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis mosselina (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis murbana (Blüthgen, 1931)  
                                                       Species Patellapis neavei (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis nefasitica (Cockerell, 1935)  
                                                       Species Patellapis negritica (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis neli (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis nilssoni Pauly, 2001  
                                                       Species Patellapis nomioides (Friese, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis obscurescens (Cockerell, 1940)  
                                                       Species Patellapis ochracea (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pachyvertex (Pauly, 2007)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pallidicincta (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pallidicinctula (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis partita (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pastina (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pastinella (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pastiniformis (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pastinops (Cockerell, 1941)  
                                                       Species Patellapis patriciformis (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pearsoni (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pearstonensis (Cameron, 1905)  
                                                       Species Patellapis penangensis (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis perineti (Benoist, 1954)  
                                                       Species Patellapis perlucens (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis perpansa (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis picturata (Benoist, 1962)  
                                                       Species Patellapis platti (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis plicata (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pondoensis (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis probita (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis promita (Cockerell, 1934)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pseudonomioides (Pauly, 2001)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pseudothoracica (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis puangensis (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pubens (Benoist, 1964)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pulchricincta (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pulchrihirta (Cockerell, 1933)  
                                                       Species Patellapis pulchrilucens (Cockerell, 1943)  
                                                       Species Patellapis punctifrons (Pauly, 1984)  
                                                       Species Patellapis reticulosa (Dalla Torre, 1896)  
                                                       Species Patellapis retigera (Cockerell, 1940)  
                                                       Species Patellapis rothschildiana (Vachal, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis rubrotibialis (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis rufobasalis (Alfken, 1930)  
                                                       Species Patellapis ruwensorensis (Strand, 1911)  
                                                       Species Patellapis sanguinibasis (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis schultzei (Friese, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis semipastina (Cockerell, 1940)  
                                                       Species Patellapis serrifera (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis sidula (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis sigiriella (Cockerell, 1911)  
                                                       Species Patellapis spinulosa (Cockerell, 1941)  
                                                       Species Patellapis stanleyi (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis stirlingi (Cockerell, 1910)  
                                                       Species Patellapis striata (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis suarezensis (Benoist, 1962)  
                                                       Species Patellapis sublustrans (Cockerell, 1919)  
                                                       Species Patellapis subpatricia (Strand, 1911)  
                                                       Species Patellapis subvittata (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis suprafulva (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis tecta (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis tenuicincta (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis tenuihirta (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis tenuimarginata (Friese, 1925)  
                                                       Species Patellapis terminalis (Smith, 1853)  
                                                       Species Patellapis territa (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis tinctula (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis trachyna (Pesenko & Wu, 1997)  
                                                       Species Patellapis trifilosa (Cockerell, 1945)  
                                                       Species Patellapis trizonula (Friese, 1909)  
                                                       Species Patellapis tshibindica (Cockerell, 1939)  
                                                       Species Patellapis unifasciata (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis upembensis (Pauly, 1989)  
                                                       Species Patellapis vanaja (Blüthgen, 1926)  
                                                       Species Patellapis villosicauda (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis vincta (Walker, 1860)  
                                                       Species Patellapis viridifilosa (Cockerell, 1946)  
                                                       Species Patellapis vittata (Smith, 1853)  
                                                       Species Patellapis vumbensis (Cockerell, 1940)  
                                                       Species Patellapis weisi (Friese, 1915)  
                                                       Species Patellapis wenzeli (Pauly, 2001)  
                                                       Species Patellapis yunnanica (Pesenko & Wu, 1997)  
                                                       Species Patellapis zacephala (Cockerell, 1937)  
                                                       Species Patellapis zaleuca (Cockerell, 1937)  

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  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Hymenoptera Name Server version 0.03 4.x.2002, website (version 0.03)  
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  Reference for: Patellapis   

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