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Ceratophysella  Börner in Brohmer, 1932
Taxonomic Serial No.: 723473

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2007   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                      OrderCollembola  – snow flies, springtails, colêmbolo, collemboles, puces des neiges  
                                  GenusCeratophysella Börner in Brohmer, 1932  
    Direct Children:  
                                     Species Ceratophysella adexilis Stach, 1964  
                                     Species Ceratophysella ainu Yosii, 1972  
                                     Species Ceratophysella annae (Babenko in Babenko, Chernova, Potapov & Stebaeva, 1994)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella armata (Nicolet, 1842)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella ateruii Tamura, 2001  
                                     Species Ceratophysella bengtssoni (Ågren, 1904)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella biclavata Park & Park, 2006  
                                     Species Ceratophysella biloba (Christiansen & Bellinger, 1980)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella bispinata Loksa, 1977  
                                     Species Ceratophysella boletivora (Packard, 1873)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella borealis Martynova, 1977  
                                     Species Ceratophysella brevis (Christiansen & Bellinger, 1980)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella brevisensillata Yosii, 1961  
                                     Species Ceratophysella caucasica Martynova, 1971  
                                     Species Ceratophysella cavicola (Börner, 1901)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella citri (Bacon, 1914)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella communis (Folsom, 1897)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella cylindrica Cassagnau, 1959  
                                     Species Ceratophysella czelnokovi Martynova, 1978  
                                     Species Ceratophysella czukczorum Martynova & Bondarenko, 1978  
                                     Species Ceratophysella denisana (Yosii, 1956)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella densornata (Maynard, 1951)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella denticulata (Bagnall, 1941)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella dolsana (Lee & Kim, 1995)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella duplicispinosa (Yosii, 1954)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella empodialis Babenko in Babenko, Chernova, Potapov & Stebaeva, 1994  
                                     Species Ceratophysella engadinensis (Gisin, 1949)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella engeli Ellis, 1968  
                                     Species Ceratophysella falcifer Cassagnau, 1959  
                                     Species Ceratophysella flectoseta Lin & Xia, 1983  
                                     Species Ceratophysella fujisana Itoh, 1985  
                                     Species Ceratophysella gibbosa (Bagnall, 1940)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella glancei Hammer, 1953  
                                     Species Ceratophysella granulata Stach, 1949  
                                     Species Ceratophysella granulifera Yosii, 1962  
                                     Species Ceratophysella gravesi Wray, 1971  
                                     Species Ceratophysella guthriei (Folsom, 1916)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella impedita Skarzynski, 2002  
                                     Species Ceratophysella indica Salmon, 1956  
                                     Species Ceratophysella indovaria Salmon, 1970  
                                     Species Ceratophysella ionescui (Börner, 1922)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella isabellae Fjellberg, 1985  
                                     Species Ceratophysella jondavi (Wray, 1946)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella jonescoi (Bonet, 1930)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella kapoviensis (Babenko in Babenko, Chernova, Potapov & Stebaeva, 1994)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella katraensis (Tyagi & Baijal, 1972)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella kolchidica (Babenko in Babenko, Chernova, Potapov & Stebaeva, 1994)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella kutyrevae Babenko, 1994  
                                     Species Ceratophysella laricis Martynova, 1977  
                                     Species Ceratophysella lawrencei (Gisin, 1963)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella liguladorsi Lee, 1974  
                                     Species Ceratophysella longispina (Tullberg, 1876)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella lucifuga (Packard, 1889)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella macrocantha Stach, 1946  
                                     Species Ceratophysella macrospinata (Maynard, 1951)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella maheuxi (Butler, 1966)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella maya Yosii, 1962  
                                     Species Ceratophysella meridionalis (Nosek & Cervek, 1967)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella michalinae Skarzynski, 2005  
                                     Species Ceratophysella microchaeta Babenko in Babenko, Chernova, Potapov & Stebaeva, 1994  
                                     Species Ceratophysella mocambicensis Cardoso, 1973  
                                     Species Ceratophysella moroni Villalobos & Palacios-Vargas, 1986  
                                     Species Ceratophysella morula Deharveng & Bourgeois, 1991  
                                     Species Ceratophysella mosquensis (Becker, 1905)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella mucronata Deharveng & Bourgeois, 1991  
                                     Species Ceratophysella multilobata Skarzynski, 2006  
                                     Species Ceratophysella najtae Villalobos & Palacios-Vargas, 1986  
                                     Species Ceratophysella neomeridionalis Nosek & Cervek, 1970  
                                     Species Ceratophysella norensis Cassagnau, 1964  
                                     Species Ceratophysella orizabae Yosii, 1962  
                                     Species Ceratophysella palustris Martynova, 1978  
                                     Species Ceratophysella paraliguladorsi Nguyen, 2001  
                                     Species Ceratophysella pecki (Christiansen & Bellinger, 1980)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella penicillifer Cassagnau, 1964  
                                     Species Ceratophysella planipila Yosii, 1966  
                                     Species Ceratophysella platyna Park & Park, 2006  
                                     Species Ceratophysella pratorum (Packard, 1873)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella proserpinae (Yosii, 1956)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella quinquesetosa Gisin, 1958  
                                     Species Ceratophysella recta Cassagnau, 1959  
                                     Species Ceratophysella robustiseta Skarzynski & Smolis, 2006  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sakayorii Tamura, 1997  
                                     Species Ceratophysella scotica (Carpenter & Evans, 1899)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella scotti Yosii, 1962  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sedecimocellata (Yosii, 1962)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella semnacantha (Börner in Schille, 1912)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sextensis Cassagnau, 1968  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sibirica Martynova, 1974  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sigillata (Uzel, 1891)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella silvatica Rusek, 1964  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sinensis Stach, 1964  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sinetertiaseta (Lee, 1974)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella sphagni (Becker, 1905)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella stercoraria Stach, 1963  
                                     Species Ceratophysella succinea (Gisin, 1949)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella tergilobata (Cassagnau, 1954)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella tolteca Yosii, 1962  
                                     Species Ceratophysella tomosvaryi Loksa, 1964  
                                     Species Ceratophysella troglodites (Yosii, 1956)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella tuberculata Cassagnau, 1959  
                                     Species Ceratophysella vargovychi Skarzynski, Kaprus & Shrubovych, 2002  
                                     Species Ceratophysella varians (Stach, 1967)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella wrayia (Uchida & Tamura, 1968)  
                                     Species Ceratophysella yakushimana Yosii, 1965  

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  Source: Checklist of the Collembola of the World - 2007.05.31, website (version 31-May-07)  
  Acquired: 2007   
  Notes: Bellinger, P.F., Christiansen, K.A. & Janssens, F. 1996-2007. Checklist of the Collembola of the World.   
  Reference for: Ceratophysella   
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