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Pseudomonas  Migula, 1894
Taxonomic Serial No.: 74

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Bacteria  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Chryseomonas Holmes et al., 1986
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2012   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomBacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002 – bactéries, bacteria, bacterias, bactérias  
    SubkingdomNegibacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002  
       PhylumProteobacteria Garrity et al., 2005  
          ClassGammaproteobacteria Garrity et al., 2005  
             OrderPseudomonadales Orla-Jensen, 1921  
                FamilyPseudomonadaceae Winslow et al., 1917  
                   GenusPseudomonas Migula, 1894  
    Direct Children:  
                      Species Pseudomonas abietaniphila Mohn et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Schroeter, 1872) Migula, 1900  
                      Species Pseudomonas agarici Young, 1970  
                      Species Pseudomonas alcaligenes Monias, 1928  
                      Species Pseudomonas alcaliphila Yumoto et al., 2001  
                      Species Pseudomonas amygdali Psallidas and Panagopoulos, 1975  
                      Species Pseudomonas anguilliseptica Wakabayashi and Egusa, 1972  
                      Species Pseudomonas antarctica Reddy et al., 2004  
                      Species Pseudomonas argentinensis Peix et al., 2005  
                      Species Pseudomonas arsenicoxydans Campos et al., 2011  
                      Species Pseudomonas asplenii (Ark and Tompkins, 1946) Savulescu, 1947 emend. Tvrzová, 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas avellanae Janse et al., 1997  
                      Species Pseudomonas azotifigens Hatayama et al., 2005  
                      Species Pseudomonas azotoformans Iizuka and Komagata, 1963  
                      Species Pseudomonas baetica López et al., 2012  
                      Species Pseudomonas balearica Bennasar et al., 1996  
                      Species Pseudomonas bauzanensis Zhang et al., 2011  
                      Species Pseudomonas benzenivorans Lang et al., 2012  
                      Species Pseudomonas beteli (Ragunathan, 1928) Savulescu, 1947  
                      Species Pseudomonas borbori Vanparys et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas boreopolis Gray and Thornton, 1928  
                      Species Pseudomonas brassicacearum Achouak et al., 2000 emend. Ivanova et al., 2009  
                      Species Pseudomonas brenneri Baïda et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas caeni Xiao et al., 2009  
                      Species Pseudomonas cannabina (ex Sutic and Dowson, 1959) Gardan et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas carboxydohydrogena (ex Sanjieva and Zavarzin, 1971) Meyer et al., 1980  
                      Species Pseudomonas caricapapayae Robbs, 1956  
                      Species Pseudomonas cedrina Dabboussi et al., 2002 emend. Behrendt et al., 2009  
                      Species Pseudomonas chlororaphis (Guignard and Sauvageau, 1894) Bergey et al., 1930 emend. Peix et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas cichorii (Swingle, 1925) Stapp, 1928  
                      Species Pseudomonas cissicola (Takimoto, 1939) Burkholder, 1948  
                      Species Pseudomonas citronellolis Seubert, 1960 emend. Lang et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas composti Gibello et al., 2011  
                      Species Pseudomonas congelans Behrendt et al., 2003  
                      Species Pseudomonas corrugata Roberts and Scarlett, 1981 emend. Sutra et al., 1997  
                      Species Pseudomonas costantinii Munsch et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas cremoricolorata Uchino et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas cuatrocienegasensis Escalante et al., 2009  
                      Species Pseudomonas deceptionensis Carrión et al., 2011  
                      Species Pseudomonas delhiensis Prakash et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas duriflava Liu et al., 2008  
                      Species Pseudomonas extremaustralis López et al., 2010  
                      Species Pseudomonas extremorientalis Ivanova et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas ficuserectae Goto, 1983  
                      Species Pseudomonas flavescens Hildebrand et al., 1994  
                      Species Pseudomonas flectens Johnson, 1956  
                      Species Pseudomonas fluorescens Migula, 1895  
                      Species Pseudomonas fragi (Eichholz, 1902) Gruber, 1905  
                      Species Pseudomonas frederiksbergensis Andersen et al., 2000  
                      Species Pseudomonas fulva Iizuka and Komagata, 1963  
                      Species Pseudomonas fuscovaginae (ex Tanii et al., 1976) Miyajima et al., 1983  
                      Species Pseudomonas gelidicola Kadota, 1951  
                      Species Pseudomonas geniculata (Wright, 1895) Chester, 1901  
                      Species Pseudomonas gessardii Verhille et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas graminis Behrendt et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas grimontii Baïda et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas guineae Bozal et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas halophila Fendrich, 1989  
                      Species Pseudomonas hibiscicola Moniz, 1963  
                      Species Pseudomonas indica Pandey et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas japonica Pungrasmi et al., 2008  
                      Species Pseudomonas jessenii Verhille et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas jinjuensis Kwon et al., 2003  
                      Species Pseudomonas kilonensis Sikorski et al., 2001  
                      Species Pseudomonas knackmussii Stolz et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas koreensis Kwon et al., 2003  
                      Species Pseudomonas libanensis Dabboussi et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas lini Delorme et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas litoralis Pascual et al., 2012  
                      Species Pseudomonas lundensis Molin et al., 1986  
                      Species Pseudomonas lurida Behrendt et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas lutea Peix et al., 2004  
                      Species Pseudomonas luteola Kodama et al., 1985  
                      Species Pseudomonas mandelii Verhille et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas marginalis (Brown, 1918) Stevens, 1925  
                      Species Pseudomonas marincola Romanenko et al., 2008  
                      Species Pseudomonas mediterranea Catara et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas mendocina Palleroni, 1970  
                      Species Pseudomonas meridiana Reddy et al., 2004  
                      Species Pseudomonas migulae Verhille et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas mohnii Cámara et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas monteilii Elomari et al., 1997  
                      Species Pseudomonas moorei Cámara et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas moraviensis Tvrzová et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas mosselii Dabboussi et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas mucidolens Levine and Anderson, 1932  
                      Species Pseudomonas nitroreducens Iizuka and Komagata, 1964 emend. Lang et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas oleovorans Lee and Chandler, 1941  
                      Species Pseudomonas orientalis Dabboussi et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas oryzihabitans Kodama et al., 1985  
                      Species Pseudomonas otitidis Clark et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas pachastrellae Romanenko et al., 2005  
                      Species Pseudomonas palleroniana Gardan et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas panacis Park et al., 2005  
                      Species Pseudomonas panipatensis Gupta et al., 2008  
                      Species Pseudomonas parafulva Uchino et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas pelagia Hwang et al., 2009  
                      Species Pseudomonas peli Vanparys et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas pertucinogena Kawai and Yabuuchi, 1975  
                      Species Pseudomonas pictorum Gray and Thornton, 1928  
                      Species Pseudomonas plecoglossicida Nishimori et al., 2000  
                      Species Pseudomonas poae Behrendt et al., 2003  
                      Species Pseudomonas pohangensis Weon et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas proteolytica Reddy et al., 2004  
                      Species Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes Stanier, 1966  
                      Species Pseudomonas psychrophila Yumoto et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas psychrotolerans Hauser et al., 2004  
                      Species Pseudomonas putida (Trevisan, 1889) Migula, 1895  
                      Species Pseudomonas reinekei Cámara et al., 2007  
                      Species Pseudomonas resinovorans Delaporte et al., 1961  
                      Species Pseudomonas rhizosphaerae Peix et al., 2003  
                      Species Pseudomonas rhodesiae Coroler et al., 1997  
                      Species Pseudomonas sabulinigri Kim et al., 2009  
                      Species Pseudomonas salomonii Gardan et al., 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas saponiphila Lang et al., 2012  
                      Species Pseudomonas savastanoi (Janse, 1982) Gardan et al., 1992  
                      Species Pseudomonas segetis Park et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas seleniipraecipitans Hunter and Manter, 2011  
                      Species Pseudomonas simiae Vela et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas straminea Iizuka and Komagata, 1963 emend. Uchino et al., 2000  
                      Species Pseudomonas stutzeri (Lehmann and Neumann, 1896) Sijderius, 1946  
                      Species Pseudomonas synxantha (Ehrenberg, 1840) Holland, 1920  
                      Species Pseudomonas syringae van Hall, 1902  
                      Species Pseudomonas taeanensis Lee et al., 2010  
                      Species Pseudomonas taetrolens Haynes, 1957  
                      Species Pseudomonas taiwanensis Wang et al., 2010  
                      Species Pseudomonas thermotolerans Manaia and Moore, 2002  
                      Species Pseudomonas thivervalensis Achouak et al., 2000  
                      Species Pseudomonas tolaasii Paine, 1919  
                      Species Pseudomonas toyotomiensis Hirota et al., 2011  
                      Species Pseudomonas tremae Gardan et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas trivialis Behrendt et al., 2003  
                      Species Pseudomonas tuomuerensis Xin et al., 2009  
                      Species Pseudomonas umsongensis Kwon et al., 2003  
                      Species Pseudomonas vancouverensis Mohn et al., 1999  
                      Species Pseudomonas veronii Elomari et al., 1996  
                      Species Pseudomonas viridiflava (Burkholder, 1930) Dowson, 1939  
                      Species Pseudomonas vranovensis Tvrzová et al., 2006  
                      Species Pseudomonas xanthomarina Romanenko et al., 2005  
                      Species Pseudomonas xiamenensis Lai and Shao, 2008  
                      Species Pseudomonas xinjiangensis Liu et al., 2009  

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  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date, website (version Jun 2012)  
  Acquired: 2012   
  Notes: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date published by the Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures at   
  Reference for: Pseudomonas   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Pseudomonas   
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  Comment: genus (AL)  
    International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM), 1980 30:349: Approved List  



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