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Arthrobacter  Conn and Dimmick, 1947 emend. Koch et al., 1995
Taxonomic Serial No.: 956778

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Bacteria  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2012   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomBacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002 – bactéries, bacteria, bacterias, bactérias  
    SubkingdomPosibacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002  
       PhylumActinobacteria Cavalier-Smith, 2002  
          SubclassActinobacteridae Stackebrandt et al., 1997  
             OrderActinomycetales Buchanan, 1917  
                SuborderMicrococcineae Stackebrandt et al., 1997  
                   FamilyMicrococcaceae Pribram, 1929  
                      GenusArthrobacter Conn and Dimmick, 1947 emend. Koch et al., 1995  
    Direct Children:  
                         Species Arthrobacter agilis (Ali-Cohen, 1889) Koch et al., 1995  
                         Species Arthrobacter albidus Ding et al., 2009  
                         Species Arthrobacter albus Wauters et al., 2000  
                         Species Arthrobacter alkaliphilus Ding et al., 2009  
                         Species Arthrobacter alpinus Zhang et al., 2010  
                         Species Arthrobacter antarcticus Pindi et al., 2010  
                         Species Arthrobacter ardleyensis Chen et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter arilaitensis Irlinger et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter aurescens Phillips, 1953  
                         Species Arthrobacter bergerei Irlinger et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter castelli Heyrman et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus Westerberg et al., 2000  
                         Species Arthrobacter citreus Sacks, 1954  
                         Species Arthrobacter creatinolyticus Hou et al., 1998  
                         Species Arthrobacter cryoconiti Margesin et al., 2012  
                         Species Arthrobacter cryotolerans Ganzert et al., 2011  
                         Species Arthrobacter crystallopoietes Ensign and Rittenberg, 1963  
                         Species Arthrobacter cumminsii Funke et al., 1997 emend. Funke et al., 1998  
                         Species Arthrobacter defluvii Kim et al., 2008  
                         Species Arthrobacter echigonensis Ding et al., 2009  
                         Species Arthrobacter equi Yassin et al., 2011  
                         Species Arthrobacter flavus Reddy et al., 2000  
                         Species Arthrobacter gandavensis Storms et al., 2003  
                         Species Arthrobacter gangotriensis Gupta et al., 2004  
                         Species Arthrobacter globiformis (Conn, 1928) Conn and Dimmick, 1947  
                         Species Arthrobacter histidinolovorans Adams, 1954  
                         Species Arthrobacter humicola Kageyama et al., 2008  
                         Species Arthrobacter ilicis Collins et al., 1982  
                         Species Arthrobacter kerguelensis Gupta et al., 2004  
                         Species Arthrobacter koreensis Lee et al., 2003  
                         Species Arthrobacter livingstonensis Ganzert et al., 2011  
                         Species Arthrobacter luteolus Wauters et al., 2000  
                         Species Arthrobacter methylotrophus Borodina et al., 2002  
                         Species Arthrobacter monumenti Heyrman et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter mysorens Nand and Rao, 1972  
                         Species Arthrobacter nasiphocae Collins et al., 2002  
                         Species Arthrobacter nicotianae Giovannozzi-Sermanni, 1959  
                         Species Arthrobacter nicotinovorans Kodama et al., 1992  
                         Species Arthrobacter niigatensis Ding et al., 2009  
                         Species Arthrobacter nitroguajacolicus Kotoucková et al., 2004  
                         Species Arthrobacter oryzae Kageyama et al., 2008  
                         Species Arthrobacter oxydans Sguros, 1954  
                         Species Arthrobacter parietis Heyrman et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter pascens Lochhead and Burton, 1953  
                         Species Arthrobacter phenanthrenivorans Kallimanis et al., 2009  
                         Species Arthrobacter pigmenti Heyrman et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter polychromogenes Schippers-Lammertse et al., 1963  
                         Species Arthrobacter protophormiae (Lysenko, 1959) Stackebrandt et al., 1984  
                         Species Arthrobacter psychrochitiniphilus Wang et al., 2009  
                         Species Arthrobacter psychrolactophilus Loveland-Curtze et al., 2000  
                         Species Arthrobacter psychrophenolicus Margesin et al., 2004  
                         Species Arthrobacter ramosus Jensen, 1960  
                         Species Arthrobacter rhombi Osorio et al., 1999  
                         Species Arthrobacter roseus Reddy et al., 2002  
                         Species Arthrobacter russicus Li et al., 2004  
                         Species Arthrobacter sanguinis Mages et al., 2009  
                         Species Arthrobacter scleromae Huang et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter soli Roh et al., 2008  
                         Species Arthrobacter stackebrandtii Tvrzová et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter subterraneus Chang et al., 2008  
                         Species Arthrobacter sulfonivorans Borodina et al., 2002  
                         Species Arthrobacter sulfureus Stackebrandt et al., 1984  
                         Species Arthrobacter tecti Heyrman et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter tumbae Heyrman et al., 2005  
                         Species Arthrobacter uratoxydans Stackebrandt et al., 1984  
                         Species Arthrobacter ureafaciens (Krebs and Eggleston, 1939) Clark, 1955  
                         Species Arthrobacter viscosus Gasdorf et al., 1965  
                         Species Arthrobacter woluwensis Funke et al., 1997  

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  Source: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date, website (version Jun 2012)  
  Acquired: 2012   
  Notes: Bacterial Nomenclature up-to-date published by the Leibniz Institute DSMZ-German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures at   
  Reference for: Arthrobacter   
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 Geographic Information
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  Comment: genus (AL)  
    International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM), 1980 30:253: Approved List  
    emend. description: IJSB 45:838*  



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