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 Kingdom Plantae
  Herberta hutchinsiae ssp. tenuis (A. Evans) H.A. Mill. & E.B. Scott – not accepted
  Herberta hutchinsiae var. tenuis (A. Evans) H.A. Mill. & E.B. Scott – not accepted
  Herbertus aduncus ssp. tenuis (A. Evans) H.A. Mill. & E.B. Scott – not accepted
  Herbertus aduncus var. tenuis (A. Evans) H.A. Mill. & E.B. Scott – not accepted
  Riccardia flagellaris (A. Gepp) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Fraxinus americana ssp. texensis (A. Gray) G.N. Mill. – not accepted
  Claytonia rubra ssp. depressa (A. Gray) John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – redstem springbeauty
  Euphorbia hamaderoensis A.G. Mill. – accepted – Gisso, Jissoh
  Actaea alba auct. non (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Malus sylvestris auct. non (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Aster ramosissimus auct. non Mill. – not accepted
  Crotalaria angulata auct. non Mill. – not accepted
  Solanum americanum auct. non Mill. – not accepted – American black nightshade
  Solanum villosum auct. non Mill. – not accepted
  Solidago petiolata auct. non Mill. – not accepted
  Ulmus minor auct. non Mill. – not accepted – smoothleaf elm
  Opuntia vulgaris auct. non P. Mill. – not accepted
  Koellia flexuosa auct. non (Walter) MacMill. – not accepted
  Asterella innovans (Austin) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia pectinata (Austin) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia pectinata var. pectinata (Austin) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania leratii (Beauverd) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania subserrifolia (Beauverd) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lejeunea hibernica (Bischl., H.A. Mill. & Bonner) Bischl., H.A. Mill. & Bonner ex Grolle – accepted
  Entosthodon subintegrus (Broth.) H.A. Mill., H. Whittier & B. Whittier – accepted
  Mastigophora tuberculata D.H. Mill. & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Claytonia parviflora ssp. viridis (Davidson) John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – streambank springbeauty
  Herbertus herpocladioides E.B. Scott & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Acalypha monococca (Engelm. ex A. Gray) Lill. W. Mill. & Gandhi – accepted – slender threeseed mercury
  Cuscuta gronovii var. saururi (Engelm.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Nymphaea bombycina G.S. Mill. & Standl. – not accepted
  Nymphaea chartacea G.S. Mill. & Standl. – not accepted
  Nymphaea fraterna G.S. Mill. & Standl. – not accepted
  Nymphaea ulvacea G.S. Mill. & Standl. – not accepted
  Nymphozanthus ozarkanus (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) E.J. Palmer & Steyerm. – not accepted
  Nuphar lutea ssp. ozarkana (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) E.O. Beal – not accepted
  Nuphar lutea ssp. ulvacea (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) E.O. Beal – not accepted – yellow pond-lily
  Nuphar luteum ssp. ulvaceum (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) E.O. Beal – not accepted
  Nuphar luteum var. ozarkanum (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) E.O. Beal – not accepted
  Nuphar luteum var. ulvaceum (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) E.O. Beal – not accepted
  Nuphar advena ssp. ozarkana (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) Padgett – accepted
  Nuphar advena ssp. ulvacea (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) Padgett – accepted – yellow pond-lily
  Nuphar advena var. fraterna (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) Standl. – not accepted
  Nuphar microcarpa (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) Standl. – not accepted
  Nuphar ovata (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) Standl. – not accepted
  Nuphar ozarkana (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) Standl. – not accepted
  Nuphar ulvacea (G.S. Mill. & Standl.) Standl. – not accepted – yellow pond-lily
  Apocynum cannabinum var. nemorale (G.S. Mill.) Fernald – not accepted
  Anthoceros javanicoides H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Chiloscyphus lambertonii H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Chiloscyphus skottsbergianus H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Cololejeunea kapingaensis H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Dicerandra thinicola H.A. Mill. – not accepted
  Herbertus hawaiiensis H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Herbertus lonchobasis H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lepidozia sellingiana H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lophocolea bartlettii H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Telaranea rosarioana H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Cololejeunea micronesica H.A. Mill. & Bonner – accepted
  Drepanolejeunea canceroides H.A. Mill. & Bonner – accepted
  Lejeunea trukensis H.A. Mill. & Bonner – accepted
  Riccardia trukensis H.A. Mill. & Bonner – accepted
  Herberta hutchinsiae var. schusteri H.A. Mill. & E.B. Scott – not accepted
  Herberta adunca var. schusteri (H.A. Mill. & E.B. Scott) H.A. Mill. – not accepted
  Herbertus aduncus ssp. schusteri (H.A. Mill. & E.B. Scott) H.A. Mill. – not accepted
  Dicerandra frutescens ssp. thinicola (H.A. Mill.) D.B. Ward – accepted
  Tricholepidozia jowettiana (H.A. Mill.) E.D. Cooper – accepted
  Tricholepidozia melanesica (H.A. Mill.) E.D. Cooper – accepted
  Chiloscyphus greenwelliae (H.A. Mill.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Kurzia mauiensis (H.A. Mill.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Kurzia tayloriana (H.A. Mill.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Dicerandra X thinicola H.A. Mill. (pro. sp.) – not accepted
  Schistochila cookei (H.A. Mill.) R.M. Schust. – accepted
  Protolophozia perssoniana (H.A. Mill.) Vna & L. Sderstr. – accepted
  Sarracenia purpurea f. luteola Hanrahan & James M. Mill. – not accepted
  Cereus hystrix (Haw.) Mill. – not accepted
  Cheilolejeunea suborbicularis (Herzog) H.A. Mill., Bonner & Bischl. – accepted
  Aster procumbens Houst. ex Mill. – not accepted
  Lathyrus americanus Houst. ex Mill. – not accepted
  Erigeron procumbens (Houst. ex Mill.) G.L. Nesom – accepted – Corpus Christi fleabane
  Rhynchosia americana (Houst. ex Mill.) Metz – accepted – American snoutbean
  Bazzania serrapiculata Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Cololejeunea taurifolia Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Drepanolejeunea ualanensis Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Leptolejeunea micronesica Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lophocolea micronesica Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Trachylejeunea kusaiensis Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Cryptolophocolea whittieriana (Inoue & H.A. Mill.) L. Sderstr. – accepted
  Aneura sharpii Inoue & N.G. Mill. – accepted
  Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.) MacMill. – accepted – grassleaf mudplantain, grass-leaf mud-plantain
  Claytonia ozarkensis John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted
  Claytonia parviflora ssp. grandiflora John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – streambank springbeauty
  Claytonia perfoliata ssp. intermontana John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – miner's lettuce
  Claytonia perfoliata var. intermontana (John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers) Dorn – not accepted
  Aster asteroides (L.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Diervilla diervilla (L.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Eragrostis eragrostis (L.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Koellia virginiana (L.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Oxycoccus oxycoccos (L.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Symphoricarpos symphoricarpos (L.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. – accepted – balsam fir
  Abies balsamea var. balsamea (L.) Mill. – accepted – balsam fir
  Acalypha gracilens var. delzii L. Mill. – not accepted
  Achyranthes indica (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Aloe humilis (L.) Mill. – accepted – dwarf hedgehog aloe, hedgehog aloe
  Aloe humilis var. humilis (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Aloe plicatilis (L.) Mill. – not accepted – fan aloe, Franschhoek, French hoek aloe
  Brassica napobrassica (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Castanea pumila (L.) Mill. – accepted – chinkapin, Allegheny chinkapin, northern catalpa
  Castanea pumila var. pumila (L.) Mill. – not accepted – chinkapin, trailing chinkapin
  Cerasus mahaleb (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Cereus grandiflorus (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Cereus hexagonus (L.) Mill. – accepted – lady of the night cactus
  Cereus peruvianus (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Cereus repandus (L.) Mill. – accepted
  Cereus royenii (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Cereus tetragonus (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Clematis alpina (L.) Mill. – accepted – alpine virginsbower
  Fragaria chiloensis (L.) Mill. – accepted – beach strawberry
  Fragaria chiloensis ssp. chiloensis (L.) Mill. – accepted – beach strawberry
  Grossularia cynosbati (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Grossularia oxyacanthoides (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Grossularia reclinata (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Helianthemum guttatum (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Helianthemum nummularium (L.) Mill. – accepted
  Helianthemum salicifolium (L.) Mill. – accepted – willowleaf frostweed
  Limonium sinuatum (L.) Mill. – accepted – wavyleaf sea lavender, wavyleaf sealavender
  Limonium sinuatum ssp. sinuatum (L.) Mill. – accepted – wavyleaf sea lavender
  Linaria cymbalaria (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Linaria dalmatica (L.) Mill. – accepted – Dalmatian toadflax, Dalmation toadflax
  Linaria dalmatica ssp. dalmatica (L.) Mill. – accepted – Dalmatian toadflax, Dalmation toadflax
  Linaria elatine (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Linaria genistifolia (L.) Mill. – accepted – broomleaf toadflax
  Linaria genistifolia ssp. genistifolia (L.) Mill. – accepted – broomleaf toadflax
  Linaria genistifolia var. genistifolia (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Linaria purpurea (L.) Mill. – accepted – purple toadflax
  Linaria repens (L.) Mill. – accepted – striped toadflax
  Lycopersicon peruvianum (L.) Mill. – not accepted – Peruvian tomato
  Lycopersicon peruvianum var. peruvianum (L.) Mill. – not accepted – Peruvian tomato
  Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium (L.) Mill. – not accepted – currant tomato
  Malus coronaria (L.) Mill. – accepted – sweet crabapple, sweet crab apple, American crabapple, fragrant crabapple, garland tree
  Malus coronaria var. coronaria (L.) Mill. – not accepted – sweet crabapple, sweet crab apple
  Malus sylvestris (L.) Mill. – accepted – European crabapple, European crab apple, European wild apple
  Medicago intertexta (L.) Mill. – accepted
  Medicago laciniata (L.) Mill. – accepted – cutleaf medick
  Medicago scutellata (L.) Mill. – accepted – snail medick, shield medick
  Medicago tornata (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Muscari botryoides (L.) Mill. – accepted – common grape hyacinth
  Muscari comosum (L.) Mill. – accepted – tassel grape hyacinth
  Opuntia cochenillifera (L.) Mill. – not accepted – cochineal cactus, Nopal de cochinilla, cochineal nopal cactus
  Opuntia curassavica (L.) Mill. – accepted
  Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill. – accepted – Nopal de Castilla, tuna cactus, Indian-fig
  Opuntia tuna (L.) Mill. – accepted – elephantear pricklypear
  Padus virginiana (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Paeonia mascula (L.) Mill. – accepted
  Persicaria (L.) Mill. – accepted – smartweed
  Pulsatilla patens (L.) Mill. – not accepted – pasqueflower, American pasqueflower, eastern pasqueflower
  Pulsatilla patens ssp. patens (L.) Mill. – not accepted – American pasqueflower, eastern pasqueflower
  Tithymalus myrtifolius (L.) Mill. – not accepted
  Watsonia meriana (L.) Mill. – accepted – bulbil bugle-lily
  Aster paniculatus Lam., non Mill. – not accepted
  Claytonia multiscapa ssp. pacifica (McNeill) John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – lanceleaf springbeauty
  Mirabilis nyctaginea (Michx.) MacMill. – accepted – heart-leaved four o'clock, heart-leaf four-o'clock, heartleaf four-o'clock, wild four-o'clock, heartleaf four o'clock
  Desmanthus illinoensis (Michx.) MacMill. ex B.L. Rob. & Fernald – accepted – Illinois bundleflower, prairie bundleflower
  Abies Mill. – accepted – fir
  Abies alba Mill. – accepted – silver fir
  Abies mariana Mill. – not accepted
  Abutilon Mill. – accepted – Indian mallow
  Acacia Mill. – accepted
  Acer opalus Mill. – accepted
  Acinos Mill. – not accepted
  Adhatoda Mill. – not accepted
  Ageratum houstonianum Mill. – accepted – bluemink
  Agrimonia odorata Mill. – not accepted
  Alchimilla Mill. – not accepted
  Alnus Mill. – accepted – alder
  Aloe arborescens Mill. – accepted – candelabra aloe, alo arborescente, alos arborescent, atzavara, balsemera, pulpos, zabila, candelabra plant, Kidachi aloe, mountain bush aloe, octopus plant, Oldenland's bush aloe, sword aloe, woody aloe, torch plant, krans aloe, krantz aloe
  Aloe arborescens ssp. arborescens Mill. – accepted – Kidachi aloe, krans aloe, mountain bush aloe, octopus plant, krantz aloe, Oldenland's bush aloe, sabila, sword aloe, torch plant, woody aloe, candelabra aloe, candelabra plant
  Aloe barbadensis Mill. – not accepted
  Aloe brevifolia Mill. – accepted
  Aloe brevifolia var. brevifolia Mill. – accepted
  Aloe ferox Mill. – accepted – Cape aloe, bitter aloe, Cape prickly aloe, common aloe, cultivated aloe, acibara, loe del cabo, alos du Cap, medicinal aloe, new aloes, red aloe, tap aloe
  Aloe glauca Mill. – accepted
  Aloe glauca var. glauca Mill. – not accepted
  Aloe mitriformis Mill. – not accepted
  Aloe obscura Mill. – not accepted
  Alyssoides Mill. – accepted
  Amygdalus dulcis Mill. – not accepted
  Anagallis foemina Mill. – accepted – poorman's weatherglass
  Ananas Mill. – accepted – pineapple
  Anchusa azurea Mill. – accepted – Italian bugloss
  Annona cheirimola Mill. – not accepted
  Annona cherimola Mill. – accepted – cherimoya
  Apium dulce Mill. – not accepted
  Apium rapaceum Mill. – not accepted
  Arctium tomentosum Mill. – accepted – woolly burdock, woolly burrdock
  Arum italicum Mill. – accepted – Italian lords and ladies
  Arundo versicolor Mill. – not accepted
  Asphodelus albus Mill. – accepted – gamn-blanco
  Aster umbellatus Mill. – not accepted
  Balsamita Mill. – accepted – balsamita
  Berberis canadensis Mill. – accepted – American barberry
  Bernardia Mill. – not accepted – myrtlecroton
  Boerhavia coccinea Mill. – accepted – scarlet spiderling
  Cactus intortus Mill. – not accepted
  Cakile Mill. – accepted – searocket
  Calamintha Mill. – not accepted – calamint
  Canna coccinea Mill. – not accepted
  Canna lutea Mill. – not accepted – yellow canna
  Cassia bahamensis Mill. – not accepted
  Cassia fructicosa Mill. – not accepted
  Cassia uniflora Mill. – not accepted
  Cassytha Mill. – not accepted
  Castanea Mill. – accepted – chestnut
  Castanea sativa Mill. – accepted – European chestnut
  Ceiba Mill. – accepted
  Cereus Mill. – accepted – sweetpotato cactus
  Cereus gracilis Mill. – not accepted
  Chamaemelum Mill. – accepted – dogfennel
  Cirsium Mill. – accepted – thistle
  Clinopodium carolinianum Mill. – accepted – Georgia calamint
  Coix angulata Mill. – not accepted
  Colutea istria Mill. – accepted – bladder-senna
  Conyza pedunculata Mill. – not accepted
  Conyza salicifolia Mill. – not accepted
  Conyza symphytifolia Mill. – not accepted
  Conyza viscosa Mill. – not accepted
  Cornus amomum Mill. – accepted – silky dogwood
  Cornus amomum ssp. amomum Mill. – accepted – silky dogwood
  Cornus foemina Mill. – accepted – stiff dogwood, swamp dogwood
  Cornus foemina Mill. – not accepted
  Coronilla orientalis Mill. – not accepted
  Corylus maxima Mill. – not accepted – giant filbert
  Cotinus Mill. – accepted – smoketree
  Crescentia latifolia Mill. – not accepted
  Crocus vernus Mill. – not accepted – Dutch crocus
  Croton fruticosus Mill. – not accepted
  Croton populifolius Mill. – not accepted
  Croton salvifolius Mill. – not accepted
  Cruciata Mill. – accepted – bedstraw
  Cupressus lusitanica Mill. – not accepted
  Cyclamen persicum Mill. – accepted – florist's cyclamen
  Cyclamen persicum f. persicum Mill. – not accepted
  Cyclamen persicum var. persicum Mill. – accepted
  Cyclamen purpurascens Mill. – accepted – cyclamen
  Cyclamen purpurascens f. purpurascens Mill. – not accepted
  Cyclamen purpurascens ssp. purpurascens Mill. – not accepted
  Cydonia Mill. – accepted
  Cydonia oblonga Mill. – accepted – quince
  Damasonium Mill. – accepted – damasonium
  Damasonium alisma Mill. – accepted
  Datura innoxia Mill. – not accepted – angel's trumpet, desert thornapple, sacred datura
  Datura innoxia var. innoxia Mill. – not accepted
  Datura inoxia Mill. – accepted – pricklyburr, angel's trumpet, desert thornapple, sacred datura, prickly datura
  Datura inoxia ssp. inoxia Mill. – not accepted – pricklyburr
  Diervilla Mill. – accepted – bush honeysuckle
  Diervilla lonicera Mill. – accepted – northern bush-honeysuckle, northern bush honeysuckle
  Digitalis grandiflora Mill. – accepted – yellow foxglove
  Digitalis orientalis Mill. – not accepted
  Dodonaea Mill. – accepted – hopseed bush
  Dorycnium Mill. – accepted
  Dracunculus Mill. – accepted
  Erinus verticillatus Mill. – not accepted
  Eruca Mill. – accepted – rocketsalad
  Eruca sativa Mill. – not accepted
  Erysimum vernum Mill. – not accepted
  Euonymus vulgaris Mill. – not accepted
  Eupatorium betonicifolium Mill. – not accepted – betonyleaf thoroughwort
  Euphorbia cretica Mill. – not accepted
  Euphorbia fructus-pini Mill. – not accepted
  Euphorbia inermis Mill. – accepted
  Euphorbia patula Mill. – accepted
  Euphorbia procumbens Mill. – accepted
  Euphorbia trigona Mill. – accepted
  Euphorbia viminalis Mill. – not accepted
  Fagopyrum Mill. – accepted – buckwheat
  Ficus citrifolia Mill. – accepted – shortleaf fig, wild banyantree
  Ficus nymphaeifolia Mill. – accepted
  Filipendula Mill. – accepted – queen
  Foeniculum Mill. – accepted – fennel
  Foeniculum vulgare Mill. – accepted – sweet fennel
  Frangula Mill. – not accepted – buckthorn
  Frangula alnus Mill. – not accepted – glossy buckthorn, alder buckthorn
  Fraxinus caroliniana Mill. – accepted – Carolina ash
  Galeopsis speciosa Mill. – accepted – Edmonton hempnettle
  Galium album Mill. – accepted – white bedstraw
  Glacium Mill. – not accepted
  Gladiolus byzantinus Mill. – not accepted
  Gladiolus italicus Mill. – accepted – Italian gladiolus
  Glaucium Mill. – accepted – hornpoppy
  Gnaphalium americanum Mill. – not accepted
  Guazuma Mill. – accepted
  Hedypnois Mill. – accepted – hedypnois
  Hedysarum pedunculatum Mill. – not accepted
  Helenium latifolium Mill. – not accepted
  Helianthemum Mill. – accepted – frostweed
  Helianthus tracheliifolius Mill. – not accepted
  Helichrysum Mill. – accepted – strawflower
  Heliotropium procumbens Mill. – not accepted – fourspike heliotrope
  Heliotropium procumbens var. procumbens Mill. – not accepted – fourspike heliotrope
  Hemerocallis minor Mill. – accepted – small daylily
  Hepatica Mill. – not accepted
  Indigofera caroliniana Mill. – accepted – Carolina indigo
  Indigofera suffruticosa Mill. – accepted – anil de pasto, indigobush
  Inga Mill. – accepted
  Iris orientalis Mill. – accepted – yellowband iris
  Jatropha aconitifolia Mill. – not accepted
  Kleinia Mill. – accepted
  Lantana alba Mill. – not accepted
  Lantana urticifolia Mill. – not accepted – nettleleaf shrubverbena
  Lantana urticifolia ssp. urticifolia Mill. – not accepted – nettleleaf shrubverbena
  Larix Mill. – accepted – larch
  Larix decidua Mill. – accepted – European larch
  Lavandula angustifolia Mill. – accepted – English lavender
  Lens Mill. – accepted – lentil
  Leucanthemum Mill. – accepted – daisy, leucanthemum
  Limonium Mill. – accepted – marsh rosemary, statice, sea lavender
  Limonium vulgare Mill. – accepted – Mediterranean sea lavender, Mediterranean sealavender
  Linaria Mill. – accepted – toadflax
  Linaria vulgaris Mill. – accepted – butter and eggs, greater butter-and-eggs, yellow toadflax, flaxweed, Jacob's ladder, ramsted, wild snapdragon
  Linum bienne Mill. – accepted – pale flax
  Linum humile Mill. – not accepted
  Liquidambar orientalis Mill. – accepted – Oriental sweetgum
  Lotus glaber Mill. – not accepted – narrow-leaf bird's-foot trefoil
  Luffa Mill. – accepted – luffa, vegetable sponge, loofah
  Luffa aegyptiaca Mill. – accepted – sponge gourd, dishcloth gourd, smooth luffa
  Lychnis alba Mill. – not accepted – white cockle
  Lycium chinense Mill. – accepted – Chinese desert-thorn
  Lycium chinense var. chinense Mill. – accepted – Chinese desert-thorn
  Lycium halimifolium Mill. – not accepted – matrimony vine
  Lycopersicon Mill. – not accepted – tomato
  Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. – not accepted – garden tomato
  Lycopersicon esculentum var. esculentum Mill. – not accepted – garden tomato
  Malpighia lucida Mill. – not accepted
  Malus Mill. – accepted – apple
  Malus pumila Mill. – not accepted – paradise apple
  Manihot Mill. – accepted – cassava
  Martynia louisiana Mill. – not accepted
  Martynia louisianica Mill. – not accepted
  Mays Mill. – not accepted
  Melilotus Mill. – accepted – sweetclover, sweet clover
  Mespilus cordata Mill. – not accepted
  Milium paniceum Mill. – not accepted
  Moraea Mill. – accepted
  Muscari Mill. – accepted – grapehyacinth, grape hyacinth
  Myrica caroliniensis Mill. – not accepted
  Myrrhis Mill. – accepted
  Ocimum campechianum Mill. – accepted – least basil
  Olea africana Mill. – not accepted
  Omphalodes Mill. – accepted – navelwort
  Onobrychis Mill. – accepted – sainfoin
  Opuntia Mill. – accepted – figues de Barbarie, pricklypear, cholla
  Opuntia elatior Mill. – accepted
  Opuntia spinosissima Mill. – not accepted – semaphore pricklypear
  Opuntia vulgaris Mill. – not accepted
  Padus caroliniana Mill. – not accepted
  Paliurus Mill. – accepted – Jerusalem thorn
  Paliurus spina-christi Mill. – accepted – Jerusalem thorn
  Pancratium latifolium Mill. – not accepted
  Panicum germanicum Mill. – not accepted
  Paronychia Mill. – accepted – nailwort
  Passiflora bicornis Mill. – accepted – wingleaf passionflower
  Pepo Mill. – not accepted
  Pereskia Mill. – accepted
  Pereskia aculeata Mill. – accepted – Barbados shrub
  Persea Mill. – accepted – bay
  Persea americana Mill. – accepted – avocado
  Persea americana var. americana Mill. – not accepted – avocado
  Persica vulgaris Mill. – not accepted
  Petasites Mill. – accepted – butterbur
  Physalis cordata Mill. – accepted – heartleaf groundcherry
  Physalis patula Mill. – accepted
  Physalis virginiana Mill. – accepted – Virginia groundcherry, Virginia ground-cherry, lanceleaf groundcherry, Virginia ground cherry
  Physalis virginiana var. virginiana Mill. – accepted – Virginia groundcherry, Virginia ground-cherry, field groundcherry
  Pinus echinata Mill. – accepted – shortleaf pine, Arkansas pine, shortleaf yellow pine, shortstraw pine, southern yellow pine, yellow pine
  Pinus halepensis Mill. – accepted – aleppo pine
  Pinus montana Mill. – not accepted
  Pinus palustris Mill. – accepted – longleaf pine
  Pinus rigida Mill. – accepted – pitch pine, pin rigide
  Pinus virginiana Mill. – accepted – scrub pine, Jersey pine, Virginia pine
  Piper humile Mill. – not accepted
  Polygala mariana Mill. – accepted – Maryland milkwort
  Polygonatum Mill. – accepted – Solomon's seal
  Populus tacamahaca Mill. – not accepted
  Prunella caroliniana Mill. – not accepted
  Pulmonaria saccharata Mill. – accepted – Bethlehem lungwort
  Pulsatilla Mill. – not accepted – pasqueflower
  Pulsatilla vulgaris Mill. – not accepted – European pasqueflower
  Quercus virginiana Mill. – accepted – live oak
  Quercus virginiana var. virginiana Mill. – not accepted
  Rhus chinensis Mill. – accepted – Chinese sumac
  Ribes americanum Mill. – accepted – American black currant, blank currant, wild black currant
  Rosa virginiana Mill. – accepted – Virginia rose
  Rosa virginiana var. virginiana Mill. – not accepted – Virginia rose
  Salicornia perennis Mill. – not accepted
  Salvia fruticosa Mill. – accepted – Greek oregano, Greek sage, three-lobe sage, salvia de jardn
  Sambucus laciniata Mill. – not accepted
  Santolina virens Mill. – not accepted
  Sapota Mill. – not accepted – sapota
  Sapota achras Mill. – not accepted
  Saxifraga paniculata Mill. – accepted – White Mountain saxifrage
  Saxifraga paniculata ssp. paniculata Mill. – not accepted
  Senna Mill. – accepted
  Senna alexandrina Mill. – accepted – Alexandrian senna
  Senna italica Mill. – accepted – Port Royal senna
  Serjania Mill. – accepted
  Sida abutifolia Mill. – not accepted – procumbent sida, prostrate sida, spreading fanpetals
  Sida abutilifolia Mill. – accepted – spreading fanpetals, prostrate sida, procumbent sida, creeping sida, hierba del buen da
  Sida angustifolia Mill. – not accepted
  Sida carpinifolia Mill. – not accepted
  Sida glabra Mill. – accepted – smooth fanpetals, sticky sida
  Sida ulmifolia Mill. – accepted – broomweed, broom weed, southern sida, common wire-weed, escobilla
  Sida villosa Mill. – not accepted
  Sisyrinchium angustifolium Mill. – accepted – blueeyed grass, common blue-eyed grass, common blue-eyedgrass, blue-eyed grass, narrowleaf blue-eyed grass
  Sisyrinchium bulbosum Mill. – not accepted
  Smilax aristolochiifolia Mill. – accepted – sarsaparilla
  Solanum africanum Mill. – accepted
  Solanum americanum Mill. – accepted – common purple nightshade, smallflower nightshade, American black nightshade
  Solanum angustifolium Mill. – accepted
  Solanum jamaicense Mill. – accepted – Jamaican nightshade, Jamaica nightshade
  Solanum luteum Mill. – not accepted
  Solanum luteum var. luteum Mill. – not accepted
  Solanum scabrum Mill. – accepted
  Solanum umbellatum Mill. – accepted
  Solanum villosum Mill. – accepted – hairy nightshade
  Solidago conferta Mill. – not accepted
  Solidago fistulosa Mill. – accepted – pine barren goldenrod, pinebarren goldenrod
  Solidago hirsutissima Mill. – not accepted
  Solidago latissimifolia Mill. – accepted – Elliott's goldenrod
  Solidago rugosa Mill. – accepted – wrinkleleaf goldenrod
  Solidago rugosa ssp. rugosa Mill. – accepted – wrinkleleaf goldenrod
  Solidago rugosa var. rugosa Mill. – accepted – wrinkleleaf goldenrod
  Stachys italica Mill. – not accepted
  Statice maritima Mill. – not accepted
  Tabernaemontana alba Mill. – accepted – white milkwood
  Tagetes rotundifolia Mill. – not accepted
  Thymelaea Mill. – accepted
  Tilia caroliniana Mill. – not accepted
  Tilia cordata Mill. – accepted – littleleaf linden
  Tithymalus Mill. – not accepted
  Tithymalus laurocerasifolius Mill. – not accepted
  Tournefortia tomentosa Mill. – not accepted
  Toxicodendron Mill. – accepted – poison ivy, poison oak
  Toxicodendron pubescens Mill. – accepted – poison oak, Atlantic poison oak
  Toxicodendron vulgare Mill. – not accepted
  Turnera angustifolia Mill. – not accepted – narrowleaf yellow alder
  Ulmus X hollandica Mill. – accepted – Holland elm, Dutch elm
  Valerianella Mill. – accepted – cornsalad
  Vanilla Mill. – accepted – vanilla
  Vanilla mexicana Mill. – accepted – Vainilla mexicana, Mexican vanilla
  Watsonia Mill. – accepted – bugle-lily
  Xanthium canadense Mill. – not accepted
  Xanthium chinense Mill. – not accepted
  Xiphion vulgare Mill. – not accepted
  Zanthoxylum americana Mill. – not accepted – common prickly ash
  Zanthoxylum americanum Mill. – accepted – common pricky-ash, toothachetree, common pricklyash
  Zea alba Mill. – not accepted
  Zea americana Mill. – not accepted
  Zea vulgaris Mill. – not accepted
  Zingiber Mill. – accepted – ginger
  Ziziphus Mill. – accepted – jujube
  Ziziphus jujuba Mill. – accepted
  Campe verna (Mill.) A. Heller – not accepted
  Amphitecna latifolia (Mill.) A.H. Gentry – accepted – black calabash
  Sarcocornia perennis (Mill.) A.J. Scott – accepted – chickenclaws
  Gladiolus communis ssp. byzantinus (Mill.) A.P. Ham. – not accepted – cornflag
  Crataegus cordata (Mill.) Aiton – not accepted
  Prunus caroliniana (Mill.) Aiton – accepted – Carolina laurelcherry
  Barbarea verna (Mill.) Asch. – accepted – early yellowrocket
  Blumea viscosa (Mill.) Badillo – accepted – clammy false oxtongue
  Pennisetum germanicum (Mill.) Baumg. – not accepted
  Setaria italica var. germanica (Mill.) Beck – not accepted
  Arundo donax f. versicolor (Mill.) Beetle – accepted
  Stachys germanica var. italica (Mill.) Briq. – not accepted
  Silene latifolia (Mill.) Britten & Rendle – not accepted – bladder campion
  Galatea bulbosa (Mill.) Britton – not accepted
  Harrisia gracilis (Mill.) Britton – accepted
  Hicoria glabra (Mill.) Britton – not accepted
  Hicoria ovata (Mill.) Britton – not accepted
  Lendneria verticillata (Mill.) Britton – not accepted
  Lindernia verticillata (Mill.) Britton – not accepted
  Meibomia procumbens (Mill.) Britton – not accepted
  Typhalea fruticosa (Mill.) Britton – not accepted
  Peiranisia bahamensis (Mill.) Britton & Rose – not accepted
  Picea canadensis (Mill.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. – not accepted
  Picea mariana (Mill.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. – accepted – black spruce, bog spruce, shortleaf black spruce, swamp spruce
  Picea mariana var. mariana (Mill.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb. – not accepted – black spruce
  Baccharis pedunculata (Mill.) Cabrera – accepted
  Tilia americana var. caroliniana (Mill.) Castigl. – not accepted – Carolina basswood
  Endymion hispanicus (Mill.) Chouard – not accepted
  Cayaponia racemosa (Mill.) Cogn. – accepted – mountain melonleaf
  Tetrazygia bicolor (Mill.) Cogn. – accepted – Florida clover ash
  Prunus dulcis (Mill.) D.A. Webb – accepted – sweet almond, almond, almendro
  Callitropsis lusitanica (Mill.) D.P. Little – accepted – Portuguese cypress, cedar-of-Goa, Mexican cypress
  Apium graveolens var. dulce (Mill.) DC. – accepted – wild celery
  Byrsonima lucida (Mill.) DC. – accepted – Key byrsonima, Long Key locustberry, Maricao cimarron
  Desmodium glabrum (Mill.) DC. – accepted – zarzabacoa dulce
  Lythrum salicaria var. tomentosum (Mill.) DC. – not accepted
  Euploca procumbens (Mill.) Diane & Hilger – accepted – fourspike heliotrope
  Setaria italica ssp. germanica (Mill.) Douin – not accepted
  Crassula ovata (Mill.) Druce – accepted – jade plant
  Ornithopus pinnatus (Mill.) Druce – accepted – yellow bird's-foot
  Panicum italicum var. germanicum (Mill.) Dll – not accepted
  Camelina sativa ssp. alyssum (Mill.) E. Schmid – not accepted – gold-of-pleasure
  Silene alba (Mill.) E.H.L. Krause – not accepted – white cockle, bladder campion, white campion
  Pinus uncinata Mill. ex Mirb. – accepted – mountain pine
  Setaria italica subvar. germanica (Mill.) F.T. Hubb. – not accepted
  Chaetochloa italica var. germanica (Mill.) Farw. – not accepted
  Crotalaria sagittalis var. fruticosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle – not accepted
  Desmodium purpureum (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle – not accepted
  Melochia villosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle – accepted
  Pavonia fruticosa (Mill.) Fawc. & Rendle – accepted – anamu
  Medicago italica (Mill.) Fiori – accepted
  Rudbeckia laciniata var. digitata (Mill.) Fiori – not accepted – cutleaf coneflower
  Manilkara achras (Mill.) Fosberg – not accepted
  Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Fuss – accepted – parsley
  Melandrium album (Mill.) Garcke – not accepted
  Apium graveolens var. rapaceum (Mill.) Gaudin – accepted – celeriac
  Pimpinella saxifraga ssp. nigra (Mill.) Gaudin – accepted – solidstem burnet saxifrage
  Pluchea symphytifolia (Mill.) Gillis – not accepted
  Schmaltzia crenata (Mill.) Greene – not accepted
  Bacopa procumbens (Mill.) Greenm. – not accepted – waterhyssop
  Stemodia tomentosa (Mill.) Greenm. & C.H. Thomps. – not accepted
  Silene latifolia ssp. alba (Mill.) Greuter & Burdet – not accepted – bladder campion, bladder-campion, white cockle, evening lychnis, white campion
  Setaria italica var. germanica (Mill.) Griseb. – not accepted
  Copernicia prunifera (Mill.) H.E. Moore – accepted – carnauba wax palm
  Senna fructicosa (Mill.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby – accepted – woody wild sensitive plant
  Senna racemosa (Mill.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby – accepted – limestone senna
  Senna uniflora (Mill.) H.S. Irwin & Barneby – accepted – oneleaf senna
  Stemodia verticillata (Mill.) Hassl. – accepted – whorled twintip
  Crepidaria myrtifolia (Mill.) Haw. – not accepted
  Dactylanthes patula (Mill.) Haw. – not accepted
  Galarhoeus creticus (Mill.) Haw. – not accepted
  Mammillaria prolifera (Mill.) Haw. – accepted – Biznaga prolifera, Texas nipple cactus
  Mammillaria prolifera ssp. prolifera (Mill.) Haw. – accepted
  Medusea procumbens (Mill.) Haw. – not accepted
  Capsicum annuum var. minimum (Mill.) Heiser – not accepted
  Desmodium procumbens (Mill.) Hitchc. – accepted – western trailing ticktrefoil, western trailing tickclover
  Desmodium procumbens var. procumbens (Mill.) Hitchc. – accepted – western trailing ticktrefoil
  Cnidoscolus aconitifolius (Mill.) I.M. Johnst. – accepted – treadsoftly
  Laburnum alpinum (Mill.) J. Presl – accepted – Scotch laburnum
  Daphnopsis americana (Mill.) J.R. Johnst. – accepted – burn nose
  Daphnopsis americana ssp. americana (Mill.) J.R. Johnst. – accepted
  Daphnopsis americana var. americana (Mill.) J.R. Johnst. – not accepted
  Pimenta racemosa (Mill.) J.W. Moore – accepted – bayrumtree
  Pimenta racemosa var. racemosa (Mill.) J.W. Moore – accepted – bayrumtree
  Phyla fruticosa (Mill.) K. Kenn. – accepted – diamondleaf frogfruit, diamondleaf fogfruit
  Carya ovata (Mill.) K. Koch – accepted – shagbark hickory, caryer ovale, noyer tendre, shellbark hickory
  Carya ovata (Mill.) K. Koch – not accepted
  Carya ovata var. ovata (Mill.) K. Koch – accepted
  Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K. Koch – accepted – eastern hophornbeam, hophornbeam
  Ostrya virginiana var. virginiana (Mill.) K. Koch – not accepted – hophornbeam, Virginia hophornbeam
  Pyrus pumila (Mill.) K. Koch – not accepted
  Gnaphalium purpureum var. americanum (Mill.) Klatt – not accepted
  Medusea patula (Mill.) Klotzsch & Garcke – not accepted
  Panicum italicum var. germanicum (Mill.) Koeler – not accepted
  Panicum italicum var. italicum (Mill.) Koeler – not accepted
  Arundo donax var. versicolor (Mill.) Kunth – not accepted
  Acacia angustissima (Mill.) Kuntze – accepted – whiteball acacia, prairie acacia
  Acacia angustissima (Mill.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Chamaeraphis italica var. germanica (Mill.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Dactylodes angulatum (Mill.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Meibomia glabra (Mill.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Pedilanthus laurocerasifolius (Mill.) L.C. Wheeler – not accepted
  Securigera orientalis (Mill.) Lassen – accepted
  Lycopersicon esculentum ssp. galenii (Mill.) Luckwill – not accepted
  Hymenocallis latifolia (Mill.) M. Roem. – accepted – perfumed spiderlily
  Lauro-cerasus caroliniana (Mill.) M. Roem. – not accepted
  Laurocerasus caroliniana (Mill.) M. Roem. – not accepted
  Sesbania herbacea (Mill.) McVaugh – accepted – bigpod sesbania, Colorado riverhemp, hemp sesbania, peatree
  Arthrocnemum perenne (Mill.) Moss – not accepted
  Lippia alba (Mill.) N.E. Br. ex Britton & P. Wilson – accepted – white lippia, bushy lippia
  Doellingeria umbellata (Mill.) Nees – accepted – parasol whitetop, parasol flat-top white aster
  Doellingeria umbellata var. umbellata (Mill.) Nees – accepted – parasol whitetop
  Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nyman ex A.W. Hill – not accepted – parsley
  Solanum nigrum var. americanum (Mill.) O.E. Schulz – not accepted
  Linum perenne ssp. anglicum (Mill.) Ockendon – accepted
  Setaria italica var. germanica (Mill.) Opiz – not accepted
  Setaria germanica (Mill.) P. Beauv. – not accepted
  Olea europaea ssp. africana (Mill.) P. Green – not accepted – African olive
  Linum usitatissimum var. humile (Mill.) Pers. – not accepted
  Rosa X damascena Mill. (pro sp.) – accepted – damask rose
  Narcissus X incomparabilis Mill. (pro. sp.) – accepted – nonesuch daffodil
  Narcissus X medioluteus Mill. (pro. sp.) – accepted – primrose peerless
  Primula X polyantha Mill. (pro. sp.) – accepted – elatior hybrid primroses
  Pluchea baccharis (Mill.) Pruski – accepted – rosy camphorweed
  Conoclinium betonicifolium (Mill.) R.M. King & H. Rob. – accepted – betonyleaf thoroughwort, betonyleaf mistflower
  Conoclinium betonicifolium var. betonicifolium (Mill.) R.M. King & H. Rob. – accepted
  Dalea scandens (Mill.) R.T. Clausen – accepted – low prairie clover, low prairieclover
  Dalea scandens var. scandens (Mill.) R.T. Clausen – accepted
  Cardiospermum corindum var. villosum (Mill.) Radlk. – not accepted
  Vaccaria hispanica (Mill.) Rauschert – accepted – cowcockle, field vaccaria, cow soapwort
  Setaria italica var. germanica (Mill.) Richt. – not accepted
  Hyacinthoides hispanica (Mill.) Rothm. – accepted – Hispanic hyacinthoides
  Pastinaca sativa ssp. sylvestris (Mill.) Rouy & E.G. Camus – not accepted
  Orbexilum pedunculatum (Mill.) Rydb. – accepted – Sampson's snakeroot
  Orbexilum pedunculatum var. pedunculatum (Mill.) Rydb. – accepted – Sampson's snakeroot, babyroot scurfpea
  Swida foemina (Mill.) Rydb. – not accepted
  Meibomia intorta (Mill.) S.F. Blake – not accepted
  Pluchea salicifolia (Mill.) S.F. Blake – accepted – Mexican camphorweed
  Tithonia rotundifolia (Mill.) S.F. Blake – accepted – clavel de muerto
  Colubrina arborescens (Mill.) Sarg. – accepted – coffee colubrina, greenheart
  Anagallis arvensis ssp. foemina (Mill.) Schinz & Thell. – not accepted – poorman's weatherglass
  Setaria italica var. germanica (Mill.) Schrad. – not accepted
  Chaetochloa italica var. germanica (Mill.) Scribn. – not accepted
  Enallagma latifolia (Mill.) Small – not accepted
  Mecardonia procumbens (Mill.) Small – accepted – baby jump-up, baby jumpup
  Morella caroliniensis (Mill.) Small – accepted – evergreen bayberry, southern bayberry
  Swida amomum (Mill.) Small – not accepted
  Chaetochloa germanica (Mill.) Smyth – not accepted
  Calliandra houstoniana (Mill.) Standl. – accepted
  Arundo donax var. versicolor (Mill.) Stokes – not accepted – giantreed
  Carya glabra (Mill.) Sweet – accepted – pignut hickory, sweet pignut
  Carya glabra var. glabra (Mill.) Sweet – not accepted – pignut hickory
  Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle – accepted – copal tree, tree-of-heaven, tree of heaven
  Chelidonium majus var. laciniatum (Mill.) Syme – not accepted – celandine
  Camelina alyssum (Mill.) Thell. – accepted – gold-of-pleasure
  Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa (Mill.) Thell. – accepted – arugula, rocket-salad, garden rocket, rocketsalad
  Proboscidea louisianica (Mill.) Thell. – accepted – aphid trap, devil's claw, unicorn-plant, common devilsclaw, ram's horn
  Proboscidea louisianica ssp. louisianica (Mill.) Thell. – accepted – aphid trap, devil's claw, unicorn-plant, Louisiana ram's horn, ram's horn
  Cerothamnus caroliniensis (Mill.) Tidestr. – not accepted
  Xanthium strumarium var. canadense (Mill.) Torr. & A. Gray – not accepted – rough cocklebur, cocklebur, common cocklebur, Canada cockleburr, rough cockleburr, Canada cocklebur
  Desmodium intortum (Mill.) Urb. – accepted – greenleaf ticktrefoil, greenleaf tick trefoil
  Eleutherine bulbosa (Mill.) Urb. – accepted – lagrimas de la virgen
  Melocactus intortus (Mill.) Urb. – accepted – Turk's cap
  Melocactus intortus ssp. intortus (Mill.) Urb. – accepted
  Meibomia purpurea (Mill.) Vail – not accepted
  Psoralea pedunculata (Mill.) Vail – not accepted
  Furcraea tuberosa (Mill.) W.T. Aiton – accepted – female karata
  Gamochaeta americana (Mill.) Wedd. – accepted – American everlasting
  Armeria maritima (Mill.) Willd. – accepted – thrift seapink
  Armeria maritima ssp. maritima (Mill.) Willd. – accepted – thrift seapink
  Lathyrus venetus (Mill.) Wohlf. – accepted
  Proboscidea louisiana (Mill.) Wooton & Standl. – not accepted
  Chondrosea paniculata (Mill.) . Lve – not accepted
  Cololejeunea retusula (Mitt.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Leucobryum seemannii var. fumarioli (Mll. Hal.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Leucobryum seemannii var. solfatarae (Mll. Hal.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Jungermannia dubioides (Nees) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica ssp. oregona (Nutt.) G.N. Mill. – not accepted
  Agrostis rubra var. alpina (Oakes) MacMill. – not accepted
  Aster umbellatus var. umbellatus P. Mill. – not accepted – parasol aster
  Solidago rugosa ssp. rugosa var. rugosa P. Mill. – not accepted – wrinkleleaf goldenrod
  Cactus spinosissimus (P. Mill.) Martyn – not accepted
  Cololejeunea comptonii (Pearson) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Cololejeunea crenulata (Pearson) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Colura tutuilana (Pearson) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Frullania matafaoica (Pearson) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia comptonii (Pearson) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia macrantha (Pearson) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia plana var. minor (Pearson) Hrl. ex H.A. Mill., H. Whittier & B. Whittier – accepted
  Rosa virginiana var. arkansana (Porter) MacMill. – not accepted
  Astragalus parviflorus (Pursh) MacMill. – not accepted
  Mirabilis hirsuta (Pursh) MacMill. – not accepted – hairy four-o'clock, hairy four o'clock
  Solidago speciosa var. erecta (Pursh) MacMill. – not accepted – showy goldenrod
  Cerastium arvense var. bracteatum (Raf.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Scolochloa arundinacea (Roem. & Schult.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Claytonia parviflora ssp. utahensis (Rydb.) John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – streambank springbeauty
  Claytonia perfoliata ssp. mexicana (Rydb.) John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – miner's lettuce
  Erysimum inconspicum (S. Watson) MacMill. – not accepted
  Erysimum inconspicuum (S. Watson) MacMill. – accepted – smallflower wallflower, shy wallflower
  Erysimum inconspicuum var. inconspicuum (S. Watson) MacMill. – not accepted – shy wallflower
  Disporum oreganum (S. Watson) W.T. Mill. – not accepted
  Sabal glabra Sarg., non Mill. – not accepted
  Bazzania platycnema (Schwgr. ex Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Cassytha baccifera Sol. ex J.M. Mill. – not accepted
  Rhipsalis baccifera (Sol. ex J.M. Mill.) Stearn – accepted – Nopalillo-mal ojo, mistletoe cactus
  Rhipsalis baccifera ssp. baccifera (Sol. ex J.M. Mill.) Stearn – accepted
  Asterella coronata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Asterella dioica (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Asterella dognyensis (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Asterella heteroflora (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Asterella longebarbata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Asterella tenerrima (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania conistipula (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania consociata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania falcifolia (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania gunniana (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania hamatifolia (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania hebridensis (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania lessonii (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania obcuneata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania paucidens (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania quadratistipula (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania squarrosa (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania temariana (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Chiloscyphus rotundiphyllus (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Cololejeunea spathulifolia (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Herbertus evittatus (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Herbertus leratii (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Herbertus ramosus (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lejeunea alobifolia (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lejeunea gibbiloba (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lophocolea papulimarginata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia angustissima (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia attenuata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia baldwinii (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia comata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia fleischeri (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia grandiflora (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia gunniana (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia hamatiflora (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia hawaica (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia hebridensis (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia hyalina (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia intricata (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia lichenoides (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia lilliena (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia loriana (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia newellana (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia nigra (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia obtusifrons (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia palmatifida (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia pauciramea (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia punahuina (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia robusta (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Riccardia rockii (Steph.) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Lejeunea inflatiloba (Steph.) H.A. Mill., Bonner & Bischl. – accepted
  Lejeunea wattsiana (Steph.) H.A. Mill., Bonner & Bischl. – accepted
  Bazzania bernieri (Steph.) Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania caudistipula (Steph.) Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Bazzania minutidens (Steph.) Inoue & H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Iris orientalis Thunb., non Mill. – not accepted – yellowband iris
  Cololejeunea mouensis (Tixier) H.A. Mill. – accepted
  Claytonia exigua ssp. glauca (Torr. & A. Gray) John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – serpentine springbeauty
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica ssp. velutina (Torr.) G.N. Mill. – not accepted
  Panicularia americana (Torr.) MacMill. – not accepted
  Claytonia multiscapa ssp. czukczorum (Volkova) John M. Mill. & K.L. Chambers – accepted – lanceleaf springbeauty
  Oenothera kleinii W.L. Wagner & S.W. Mill. – not accepted – Klein's evening-primrose, Wolf Creek evening-primrose
  Lithospermum caroliniense (Walter ex J.F. Gmel.) MacMill. – accepted – Carolina gromwell, hairy puccoon, Carolina puccoon
  Lithospermum caroliniense var. caroliniense (Walter ex J.F. Gmel.) MacMill. – accepted – Carolina puccoon
  Fraxinus pennsylvanica ssp. oregana (Wesm.) G.N. Mill. – not accepted
  Peramium pubescens (Willd.) MacMill. – not accepted

A gray bar