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Publication: Hasle, Grethe R., and Erik E. Syvertsen / Tomas, Carmelo R., ed. 1997 Chapter 2: Marine Diatoms Identifying Marine Phytoplankton 5-385

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Chromista
  Actinocyclus actinochilus (Ehrenberg) Simonsen -- accepted
  Asterionellopsis Round -- accepted
  Asterionellopsis glacialis (Castracane) Round in Round et al. -- accepted
  Asterionellopsis kariana (Grunow) Round -- accepted
  Asterolampra marylandica Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Asteromphalus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Asteromphalus flabellatus (Brebisson) Greville -- accepted
  Asteromphalus hyalinus Karsten -- accepted
  Asteromphalus parvulus Karsten, 1905 -- accepted
  Asteromphalus roperianus (Greville, 1860) Ralfs in Prichard, 1861 -- accepted
  Asteromphalus sarcophagus Wallich -- accepted
  Attheya West -- accepted
  Attheya septentrionalis (Østrup) Crawford -- accepted
  Azpeitia Peragallo -- accepted
  Azpeitia tabularis (Grunow) G. Fryxell and P. A. Sims -- accepted
  Bacillariaceae Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Bacteriastrum furcatum Shadbolt -- accepted
  Bacteriosira Gran -- not accepted
  Bacteriosira fragilis (Gran) Gran -- not accepted
  Banquisia Paddock -- accepted
  Banquisia belgicae (Van Heurck) Paddock -- accepted
  Biddulphia aurita (Lyngbye) Brébisson -- not accepted
  Biddulphia aurita var. aurita (Lyngbye) Brébisson -- not accepted
  Biddulphia longicruris Greville -- not accepted
  Biddulphia longicruris var. hyalina (Schröder, 1906) Cupp, 1943 -- accepted
  Biddulphia mobiliensis (J. W. Bailey) Grunow -- not accepted
  Biddulphia regia (Schultze) Ostenf. -- not accepted
  Biddulphia sinensis Grev. -- not accepted
  Biddulphia striata Karsten -- not accepted
  Cerataulus dentata Hasle, 1980 -- accepted
  Chaetoceros Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Chaetoceros aequatorialis Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros affinis Lauder -- accepted
  Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow -- accepted
  Chaetoceros atlanticus Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros borealis Bailey -- accepted
  Chaetoceros castracanei Karsten -- accepted
  Chaetoceros ceratosporus Ostenfeld -- accepted
  Chaetoceros ceratosporus var. brachysetus Rines and Hargraves -- accepted
  Chaetoceros cinctus Gran -- accepted
  Chaetoceros coarctatus Lauder -- accepted
  Chaetoceros compressus Lauder -- accepted
  Chaetoceros concavicornis L. Mangin -- accepted
  Chaetoceros constrictus Gran -- accepted
  Chaetoceros convolutus Castracane -- accepted
  Chaetoceros costatus Pavillard -- accepted
  Chaetoceros criophilus Castracane -- accepted
  Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros dadayi Pavillard -- accepted
  Chaetoceros danicus Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros debilis Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros decipiens Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros densus (Cleve) Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) Gran -- accepted
  Chaetoceros dichaeta Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Chaetoceros didymus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Chaetoceros diversus Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros eibenii (Grunow) Meunier -- accepted
  Chaetoceros flexuosus L. Mangin -- accepted
  Chaetoceros furcellatus Bailey -- not accepted
  Chaetoceros holsaticus Schütt -- accepted
  Chaetoceros karianus Grunow -- accepted
  Chaetoceros laciniosus Schütt -- accepted
  Chaetoceros lauderi Ralfs in Lauder -- accepted
  Chaetoceros lorenzianus Grunow -- accepted
  Chaetoceros messanensis Castracane -- accepted
  Chaetoceros minimus (Levander) Marino, Giuffré, Montresor and Zingone -- accepted
  Chaetoceros mitra (Bailey) Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros neglectus Karsten -- accepted
  Chaetoceros peruvianus Brightwell -- accepted
  Chaetoceros pseudocurvisetus L. Mangin -- accepted
  Chaetoceros radicans F. Schütt -- accepted
  Chaetoceros rostratus Lauder -- accepted
  Chaetoceros seiracanthus Gran -- accepted
  Chaetoceros similis Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros simplex Meunier -- accepted
  Chaetoceros simplex var. calcitrans Paulsen -- not accepted
  Chaetoceros socialis Lauder -- accepted
  Chaetoceros subsecundus (Grunow in Van Heurck) Hustedt -- not accepted
  Chaetoceros subtilis Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros subtilis var. abnormis Prosckina-Lavrenko -- accepted
  Chaetoceros teres Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros tetrastichon Cleve -- accepted
  Chaetoceros tortissimus Gran -- accepted
  Chaetoceros wighamii Brightwell -- accepted
  Chaetocerotaceae Ralfs in Pritchard -- accepted
  Corethron Castracane -- accepted
  Corethron criophilum Castracane -- accepted
  Corethron inerme Karsten -- accepted
  Coscinodiscus gracilis Karsten -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscus lentiginosus Janisch -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscus tabularis Grunow -- not accepted
  Coscinodiscus tabularis var. antarctica Manguin, 1960 -- not accepted
  Cyclotella (Kützing) de Brebisson -- accepted
  Cylindrotheca Rabenhorst -- accepted
  Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenb.) J. C. Lewin and Reimann -- accepted
  Cylindrotheca gracilis (Bréb. in Kütz.) Grunow -- accepted
  Dactyliosolen Castracane -- accepted
  Dactyliosolen blavyanus (H. Perag.) Hasle -- accepted
  Dactyliosolen fragilissimus (Bergon) Hasle -- accepted
  Detonula pumila (Castracane) Gran -- accepted
  Ephemera Paddock -- accepted
  Ephemera planamembranacea (Hendey) Paddock -- accepted
  Eucampia Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Eucampia antarctica (Castracane) Mangin -- accepted
  Eucampia cornuta (Cleve) Grunow -- accepted
  Eucampia groenlandica Cleve -- accepted
  Eucampia zodiacus Ehrenberg -- accepted
  Fragilaria antarctica Schwartz ex Otto Möller, 1877 -- not accepted
  Fragilaria curta Van Heurck -- not accepted
  Fragilaria cylindrus Grunow in Cleve -- not accepted
  Fragilaria nana Steemann Nielsen -- not accepted
  Fragilaria rhombica (O'Meara) Heiden and Kolbe -- not accepted
  Fragilariaceae Greville -- accepted
  Fragilariopsis antarctica (Castracane, 1886) Hustedt, 1913 -- not accepted
  Fragilariopsis antarctica f. bouvet Karsten, 1905 -- not accepted
  Fragilariopsis curta (Van Heurck) Hustedt -- accepted
  Fragilariopsis cylindrus (Grunow) Krieger in Helmcke and Krieger -- accepted
  Fragilariopsis kerguelensis (O'Meara, 1877) Hustedt -- accepted
  Fragilariopsis nana (Steemann Nielsen) Paasche -- not accepted
  Fragilariopsis rhombica (O'Meara) Hustedt -- accepted
  Gossleriella tropica Schütt, 1893 -- accepted
  Guinardia Peragallo -- accepted
  Guinardia blavyana H. Perag. -- not accepted
  Guinardia delicatula (Cleve) Hasle -- accepted
  Guinardia flaccida (Castracane) H. Perag. -- accepted
  Haslea Simonsen -- accepted
  Haslea gigantea (Hustedt) Simonsen -- accepted
  Haslea ostrearia (Gaillon) Simonsen -- accepted
  Haslea wawrikae (Hustedt) Simonsen -- accepted
  Leptocylindrus danicus Cleve -- accepted
  Leptocylindrus danicus var. adriaticus (Schröder) Schiller -- accepted
  Manguinea Paddock -- accepted
  Manguinea fusiformis (Manguin) Paddock -- accepted
  Manguinea rigida (Perag.) Paddock -- accepted
  Meuniera Silva -- accepted
  Meuniera membranacea (Cleve) P. C. Silva -- accepted
  Minutocellus Hasle, von Stosch and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Minutocellus polymorphus (Hargraves and Guillard, 1974) Hasle, von Stosch, and Syvertsen, 1983 -- accepted
  Navicula distans (W. Smith) Brébisson -- accepted
  Navicula granii (E. Jørgensen) Gran -- accepted
  Navicula membranacea Cleve -- not accepted
  Navicula ostrearia (Gaillon) Bory -- not accepted
  Navicula pelagica Cleve -- accepted
  Navicula planamembranacea Hendey -- not accepted
  Navicula septentrionalis (Grunow) Gran -- accepted
  Navicula vanhoeffenii Gran -- accepted
  Navicula warwikae Hustedt -- not accepted
  Naviculaceae Kützing -- accepted
  Neodenticula Akiba and Yanagisawa -- accepted
  Neodenticula kamtschatica (Zabelina) Akiba and Yanagisawa -- accepted
  Neodenticula seminae (Simonsen and Kanaya) Akiba and Yanagisawa -- accepted
  Nitzschia cylindrus (Grunow) Hasle -- not accepted
  Nitzschia heimii (Manguin) Hasle -- not accepted
  Nitzschia lineola Cleve -- not accepted
  Nitzschiaceae -- not accepted
  Odontella Agardh -- accepted
  Odontella aurita (Lyngb.) C. Agardh -- accepted
  Odontella aurita var. aurita (Lyngb.) C. Agardh -- not accepted
  Odontella longicruris (Greville) Hoban -- accepted
  Odontella mobilensis (J. W. Bailey) Grunow -- accepted
  Odontella regia (Schultze) Simonsen -- accepted
  Odontella sinensis (Grev.) Grunow -- accepted
  Odontella weissflogii (Janisch) Grunow -- accepted
  Pachyneis Simonsen -- accepted
  Pachyneis gerlachii Simonsen -- accepted
  Phaeodactylum Bohlin -- accepted
  Proboscia Sundström -- accepted
  Proboscia alata (Brightwell) Sundström -- accepted
  Proboscia inermis (Castracane) Jordan and Ligowski -- accepted
  Proboscia truncata (Karsten) Nöthig and Ligowski -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia H. Peragallo in H. Peragallo and M. Peragallo -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia australis Freng. -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia barkleyi (Hustedt) Manguin -- not accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia delicatissima (Cleve) Heiden in Heiden and Kolbe -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia heimii Manguin -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia lineola (Cleve) Hasle -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries (Hasle) Hasle -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia prolongatoides (Hasle) Hasle -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia pseudodelicatissima (Hasle) Hasle -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia pungens (Grunow ex Cleve) Hasle -- accepted
  Pseudo-nitzschia seriata (Cleve) H. Perag. in H. Perag. and Perag. -- accepted
  Pyxillaceae (Schütt) Simonsen -- accepted
  Rhizosolenia alata Brightwell -- not accepted
  Rhizosolenia alata f. curvirostris Gran -- not accepted
  Rhizosolenia alata f. inermis (Castracane) Hustedt sensu Hendry -- not accepted
  Rhizosolenia alata var. alata Brightwell -- not accepted
  Rhizosolenia curvata Zacharias -- accepted
  Rhizosolenia truncata Karsten -- not accepted
  Rhizosoleniaceae De Toni -- accepted
  Schroederella delicatula (H. Peragallo, 1888) Pavillard, 1913 -- not accepted
  Stauroneis granii E. Jørgensen -- not accepted
  Stauroneis membranacea (Cleve) Hust. -- not accepted
  Stauroneis septentrionalis Grunow -- not accepted
  Stauropsis Meunier, 1910 -- not accepted
  Stellarima Hasle and Sims -- accepted
  Stellarima microtrias (Ehrenberg) Hasle and Sims -- accepted
  Synedra hyperborea Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra hyperborea var. flexuosa Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra hyperborea var. hyperborea Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra hyperborea var. rostellata Grunow -- not accepted
  Synedra pelagica Hendey -- not accepted
  Synedra reinboldii Van Heurck, 1909 -- not accepted
  Synedra spathulata Schimper ex Karsten -- not accepted
  Synedropsis Hasle, Medlin and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Synedropsis hyperborea (Grunow) Hasle, Medlin and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Synedropsis hyperboroides Hasle, Medlin and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Synedropsis recta Hasle, Medlin and Syvertsen -- accepted
  Thalassionema pseudonitzschioides (Schütt and Schrader) Hasle -- accepted
  Thalassionemataceae Round -- accepted
  Thalassiosira angstii (Gran, 1931) Makarova, 1970 -- not accepted
  Thalassiosira angulata (Gregory, 1857) Hasle, 1978 -- accepted
  Thalassiosira angustelineata (A. Schmidt) G. Fryxell and Hasle, 1977 -- accepted
  Thalassiosira coronata Gaarder, 1951 -- not accepted
  Thalassiosira delicatula Ostenfeld in Borgert, 1908 -- accepted
  Thalassiosira floridana (Cooper, 1958) Hasle, 1980 -- not accepted
  Thalassiosira gracilis (Karsten) Hustedt -- accepted
  Thalassiosira hispida Syvertsen -- accepted
  Thalassiosira lentiginosa (Janisch) G. Fryxell -- accepted
  Thalassiosira minima Gaarder, 1951 -- accepted
  Thalassiosira punctigera Castracane, 1886) Hasle, 1983 -- accepted
  Thalassiosira tumida (Janisch) Hasle -- accepted
  Thalassiothrix antarctica Schimper ex Karsten, 1905 -- accepted
  Thalassiothrix longissima Cleve and Grunow -- accepted
  Trichotoxon Reid and Round -- accepted
  Trichotoxon reinboldii (Van Heurck) Reid and Round -- accepted
  Tropidoneis fusiformis Manguin -- not accepted

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