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Chaetoceros  Ehrenberg
Taxonomic Serial No.: 2758

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Chromista  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: accepted  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2015   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
                ClassBacillariophyceae Haeckel – diatoms, diatomées  
                   SubclassCoscinodiscophycidae Round and Crawford  
                      OrderChaetocerotales Round and Crawford  
                         FamilyChaetocerotaceae Ralfs in Pritchard  
                            GenusChaetoceros Ehrenberg  
    Direct Children:  
                               Species Chaetoceros adelianus Manguin  
                               Species Chaetoceros aequatorialis Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros affinis Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros amanita Cleve-Euler  
                               Species Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow  
                               Species Chaetoceros approximatus Gran and Angst  
                               Species Chaetoceros atlanticus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros bacteriastroides Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros baculites Meunier  
                               Species Chaetoceros bermejensis Hernández-Becerril  
                               Species Chaetoceros borealis Bailey  
                               Species Chaetoceros borskowii Pantocsek  
                               Species Chaetoceros brevis Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros buceros G. Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros bulbosus (Ehrenberg) Heiden  
                               Species Chaetoceros capense Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros castracanei Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros ceratosporus Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros chilensis Krasske  
                               Species Chaetoceros chunii Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros cinctus Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros coarctatus Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros compressus Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros concavicornis L. Mangin  
                               Species Chaetoceros confertus Müller-Melchers  
                               Species Chaetoceros confusus VanLandingham  
                               Species Chaetoceros constrictus Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros contortus Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros convolutus Castracane  
                               Species Chaetoceros coronatus Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros costatus Pavillard  
                               Species Chaetoceros crinitus F. Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros criophilus Castracane  
                               Species Chaetoceros crucifer Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros curiosus I.V. Makarova  
                               Species Chaetoceros curvatus Castracane  
                               Species Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros cylindrosporus I.V. Makarova  
                               Species Chaetoceros dadayi Pavillard  
                               Species Chaetoceros danicus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros debilis Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros decipiens Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros delicatulus Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros densus (Cleve) Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros denticulatus Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros diadema (Ehrenberg) Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros dichaeta Ehrenberg  
                               Species Chaetoceros dicladia Castracane  
                               Species Chaetoceros didymus Ehrenberg  
                               Species Chaetoceros difficilis Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros distinguendus Lemmermann  
                               Species Chaetoceros diversicurvatus Van Goor  
                               Species Chaetoceros diversus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros dubius Prosckina-Lavrenko  
                               Species Chaetoceros eibenii (Grunow) Meunier  
                               Species Chaetoceros elmorei Boyer  
                               Species Chaetoceros exospermus Meunier  
                               Species Chaetoceros externus Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros fallax Prosckina-Lavrenko  
                               Species Chaetoceros filiferus Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros filiformis Meunier  
                               Species Chaetoceros flexuosus L. Mangin  
                               Species Chaetoceros forcipatus L. Mangin  
                               Species Chaetoceros fragilis Meunier  
                               Species Chaetoceros frickei Hustedt  
                               Species Chaetoceros furcillatus Bailey  
                               Species Chaetoceros fusus Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros galvestonensis Collier and A. Murphy  
                               Species Chaetoceros halo (Brun and Tempère) De Toni  
                               Species Chaetoceros hebes A. Mann  
                               Species Chaetoceros hendeyi Manguin  
                               Species Chaetoceros heterovalvatus Prosckina-Lavrenko  
                               Species Chaetoceros hirtisetus (Rhines and Hargraves) Chamnansinp, Moestrup and Lundholm  
                               Species Chaetoceros hispidus (Ehrenberg) Brightwell  
                               Species Chaetoceros holsaticus Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros horridus Krasske  
                               Species Chaetoceros ikari Skvortzov  
                               Species Chaetoceros imbricatus L. Mangin  
                               Species Chaetoceros incertus I.V. Makarova  
                               Species Chaetoceros indicus Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros ingolfianus Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros insignis Müller-Melchers  
                               Species Chaetoceros janischianus Castracane  
                               Species Chaetoceros karianus Grunow  
                               Species Chaetoceros laciniosus Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros lauderi Ralfs in Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros lawii Manguin  
                               Species Chaetoceros leudugeri Brun  
                               Species Chaetoceros longisetus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros lorenzianus Grunow  
                               Species Chaetoceros malayensis Steemann Nielsen  
                               Species Chaetoceros malygini Henckel  
                               Species Chaetoceros messanensis Castracane  
                               Species Chaetoceros minimus (Levander) Marino, Giuffré, Montresor and Zingone  
                               Species Chaetoceros mirabilis I.V. Makarova  
                               Species Chaetoceros mitra (Bailey) Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros muelleri Lemmermann  
                               Species Chaetoceros myriapodus L. Mangin  
                               Species Chaetoceros navicula (Ehrenberg) Brightwell  
                               Species Chaetoceros neglectus Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros neogracilis VanLandingham  
                               Species Chaetoceros nipponica Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros nodulosus (Shadbolt) De Toni  
                               Species Chaetoceros octagonus Hernández-Becerril  
                               Species Chaetoceros odessanus Axentjev  
                               Species Chaetoceros okamurai Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros oppositisetaceus Prosckina-Lavrenko  
                               Species Chaetoceros orientalis J. Schiller  
                               Species Chaetoceros pachyceros Margalef and Duran  
                               Species Chaetoceros pacificus Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros paradoxus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros parallelis Boden  
                               Species Chaetoceros paulsenii Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros pavillardii Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros pelagicus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros pendulus Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros perpusillus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros peruvianus Brightwell  
                               Species Chaetoceros pethoei Pantocsek  
                               Species Chaetoceros phuketensis Rines, Boonruang and E.C. Theriot  
                               Species Chaetoceros plicatorugosus Brun  
                               Species Chaetoceros polyamobicus Henckel  
                               Species Chaetoceros processus I.V. Makarova  
                               Species Chaetoceros productus (Smith) De Toni  
                               Species Chaetoceros protuberans Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros pseudoaurivilli Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros pseudobrevis Pavillard  
                               Species Chaetoceros pseudocrinitus Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros pseudocurvisetus L. Mangin  
                               Species Chaetoceros pseudodichaeta Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros pseudosymmetricus Steemann Nielsen  
                               Species Chaetoceros radicans F. Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros ramosus O.S. Korotkevich  
                               Species Chaetoceros rectus Hernández-Becerril  
                               Species Chaetoceros reichelti Hustedt  
                               Species Chaetoceros rigidus Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros robustus (Cleve) Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros rostratus Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros rotosporus Li, Lundholm and Moestrup  
                               Species Chaetoceros salsugineus Takano  
                               Species Chaetoceros saltans Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros schmidtii Ostenfeld and Schmidt  
                               Species Chaetoceros secundus Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros seiracanthus Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros sessilis Grøntved  
                               Species Chaetoceros setoensis Ikari  
                               Species Chaetoceros seychellarus Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros siamense Ostenfeld  
                               Species Chaetoceros sigmocalamus Tempère and Brun  
                               Species Chaetoceros similis Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros similoides Hustedt  
                               Species Chaetoceros simplex Meunier  
                               Species Chaetoceros socialis Lauder  
                               Species Chaetoceros strictus O.S. Korotkevich  
                               Species Chaetoceros subcoronatus Krasske  
                               Species Chaetoceros subtilis Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros subtortilis Prosckina-Lavrenko  
                               Species Chaetoceros sumatranus Karsten  
                               Species Chaetoceros tenuissimus Meunier  
                               Species Chaetoceros teres Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros tetrachaeta Ehrenberg  
                               Species Chaetoceros tetrastichon Cleve  
                               Species Chaetoceros throndsenii (Marino, Montresor and Zingone) Marino, Montresor and Zingone  
                               Species Chaetoceros tortissimus Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros uruguayensis Müller-Melchers  
                               Species Chaetoceros vanheurckii Gran  
                               Species Chaetoceros vistulae Apstein  
                               Species Chaetoceros vixvisibilis J. Schiller  
                               Species Chaetoceros volans Schütt  
                               Species Chaetoceros wighamii Brightwell  

  Expert: J. Patrick Kociolek  
  Notes: Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences   
  Reference for: Chaetoceros    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Diatoms of the United States, database (version 2014)  
  Acquired: 2014   
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  Reference for: Chaetoceros   
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  ISBN/ISSN: 0-12-693018-X   
  Notes: Although published as part of an earlier work ("Identifying Marine Diatoms and Dinoflagellates," 1996), the 1997 compilation was used here. The editor's forword notes that "All nomenclatural novelties were validated in the original publications"   
  Reference for: Chaetoceros   
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  Publication Place: Cambridge, England   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0-521-36318-7   
  Reference for: Chaetoceros   

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