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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1996. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Review of Plant and Animal Taxa That Are Candidates for Listing as Endangered or Threatened Species. Federal Register, vol. 61, no. 40. 7596-7613.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Aegialia concinna Gordon and Cartwright, 1977 -- valid -- Ciervo aegialian scarab
  Artamus leucorhynchus pelewensis Finsch, 1876 -- invalid -- Palau white-breasted wood-swallow
  Eumops glaucinus floridanus (G. M. Allen, 1932) -- invalid -- Florida Bonneted Bat, Florida Mastiff-bat
  Lentipes concolor (Gill, 1860) -- valid -- Hiukole goby, O'opu alamo'o
  Lepidomeda mollispinis mollispinis Miller and Hubbs, 1960 -- valid -- Virgin Spinedace
  Rukia ruki (Hartert, 1897) -- valid -- Teardrop White-eye, Truk Greater White-eye
 Kingdom Plantae
  Allium aaseae Ownbey -- accepted -- Aase's onion, South Idaho onion
  Allium dictuon H. St. John -- accepted -- Blue Mountain onion
  Allium hickmanii Eastw. -- accepted -- Hickman's onion
  Amsinckia carinata A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. -- accepted -- Malheur Valley fiddleneck
  Arabis rigidissima var. demota Rollins -- not accepted -- Galena Creek rockcress, Trinity Mountain rockcress
  Arctostaphylos rudis Jeps. & Wiesl. ex Jeps. -- accepted -- sand mesa manzanita, shagbark manzanita
  Astragalus agnicidus Barneby -- accepted -- Humboldt County milkvetch, Humboldt milk-vetch
  Astragalus australis var. olympicus Isely -- not accepted
  Astragalus beatleyae Barneby -- accepted -- Beatley milk-vetch, Beatley's milkvetch
  Astragalus columbianus Barneby -- accepted -- Columbia milk-vetch, Columbian milkvetch
  Astragalus mulfordiae M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Mulford's milk-vetch
  Astragalus nevinii A. Gray -- accepted -- San Clemente Island milk-vetch
  Bloomeria humilis Hoover -- accepted -- dwarf goldenstar
  Calochortus clavatus var. avius Jeps. -- accepted -- clubhair mariposa lily, Pleasant Valley mariposa
  Calochortus greenei S. Watson -- accepted -- Greene's mariposa lily
  Calochortus howellii S. Watson -- accepted -- Howell's mariposa lily
  Calochortus nitidus Douglas -- accepted -- broadfruit mariposa, broadfruit mariposa lily
  Calochortus westonii Eastw. -- accepted -- Shirley Meadows mariposa lily
  Cardamine pattersonii L.F. Hend. -- accepted -- Saddle Mountain bittercress
  Castilleja salsuginosa N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- Monte Neva Indian paintbrush, Monte Neva paintbrush
  Caulanthus amplexicaulis var. barbarae (J.T. Howell) Munz -- not accepted -- claspingleaf wild cabbage, Santa Barbara jewelflower
  Chamaesyce remyi var. hanaleiensis (Sherff) O. Deg. & I. Deg. -- not accepted -- Remy's sandmat
  Clarkia temblorensis ssp. calientensis (Vasek) K.E. Hols. -- not accepted -- Caliente clarkia
  Claytonia lanceolata var. peirsonii Munz & I.M. Johnst. -- not accepted -- Peirson's spring beauty
  Collomia rawsoniana Greene -- accepted -- flaming trumpet, Rawson's flaming trumpet
  Cordylanthus nidularius J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Mount Diablo bird's-beak
  Cordylanthus rigidus ssp. littoralis (Ferris) T.I. Chuang & Heckard -- accepted -- seaside bird's-beak
  Coryphantha recurvata (Engelm.) Britton & Rose -- accepted -- Biznaga-partida de espinas curvas, Santa Cruz beehive cactus
  Cryptantha traskiae I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- Trask's cryptantha
  Cupressus stephensonii C.B. Wolf -- not accepted -- Cuyamaca cypress
  Cymopterus deserticola Brandegee -- accepted -- desert cymopterus, desert springparsley
  Delphinium pavonaceum Ewan -- accepted -- peacock larkspur
  Delphinium variegatum ssp. thornei Munz -- accepted -- royal larkspur, Thorne's royal larkspur
  Delphinium viridescens Leiberg -- accepted -- Wenatchee larkspur
  Dithyrea maritima (Davidson) Davidson -- accepted -- beach shieldpod, beach spectacle-pod
  Draba trichocarpa Rollins -- accepted -- Stanley Creek draba, Stanley whitlowgrass
  Dudleya cymosa ssp. costifolia Bartel & Shevock -- not accepted -- Pierpoint Springs liveforever
  Dudleya viscida (S. Watson) Moran -- accepted -- sticky liveforever, sticky-leaved liveforever
  Eriogonum breedlovei var. breedlovei (J.T. Howell) Reveal -- accepted -- Paiute buckwheat, Piute buckwheat
  Eriogonum chrysops Rydb. -- accepted -- bitterroot buckwheat, golden buckwheat
  Eriogonum ericifolium var. thornei Reveal & Henrickson -- not accepted -- Thorne's buckwheat
  Eryngium aristulatum var. hooveri Sheikh -- accepted -- Hoover's button-celery, Hoover's eryngo
  Erythrina eggersii Krukoff & Moldenke -- accepted -- cock's spur, pinon espinoso
  Franklinia alatamaha Marshall -- accepted -- Franklin tree
  Gilia maculata Parish -- not accepted -- little San Bernardino Mountains gilia, San Bernardino Mountains gilia
  Hackelia cronquistii J.L. Gentry -- accepted -- Cronquist's stickseed
  Hastingsia bracteosa S. Watson -- accepted -- largeflower rushlily
  Hesperolinon didymocarpum H. Sharsm. -- accepted -- Lake County dwarf-flax
  Ivesia aperta var. canina Ertter -- accepted -- Dog Valley ivesia, Sierra Valley mousetail
  Juncus leiospermus var. ahartii Ertter -- accepted -- Ahart's dwarf rush, Ahart's rush
  Lavatera assurgentiflora Kellogg -- not accepted -- island mallow, island tree mallow
  Lilium maritimum Kellogg -- accepted -- coast lily
  Limnanthes floccosa ssp. pumila (Howell) Arroyo -- accepted -- dwarf meadowfoam, woolly meadowfoam
  Lomatium erythrocarpum Meinke & Constance -- accepted -- red-fruited lomatium, redfruit desertparsley
  Lomatium greenmanii Mathias -- accepted -- Greenman's biscuitroot, Greenman's lomatium
  Lomatium shevockii R.L. Hartm. & Constance -- accepted -- Owens Peak desertparsley, Owens Peak lomatium
  Lotus argophyllus ssp. adsurgens (Dunkle) P.H. Raven -- not accepted -- San Clemente Island silver hosackia
  Malacothamnus abbottii (Eastw.) Kearney -- accepted -- Abbot's bush-mallow, Abbot's bushmallow
  Mimulus mohavensis Lemmon -- accepted -- Mojave monkey-flower
  Oenothera psammophila (A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr.) W.L. Wagner, Stockh. & W.M. Klein -- accepted -- St. Anthony Dunes evening primrose, St. Anthony Dunes evening-primrose
  Oenothera wolfii (Munz) P.H. Raven, W. Dietr. & Stubblef. -- accepted -- Wolf's evening primrose, Wolf's evening-primrose
  Ophioglossum concinnum Brack. -- not accepted -- tropical adderstongue
  Orobanche parishii ssp. brachyloba Heckard -- accepted -- Parish's broomrape, short-lobed broomrape
  Penstemon discolor D.D. Keck -- accepted -- Catalina beardtongue
  Petrophytum cinerascens (Piper) Rydb. -- accepted -- chelan rockmat, halfshrub rockmat
  Phlox idahonis Wherry -- accepted -- Clearwater phlox
  Polemonium pectinatum Greene -- accepted -- Washington Jacob's-ladder
  Polyctenium williamsiae Rollins -- not accepted -- Washoe combleaf, Williams' combleaf
  Ranunculus reconditus A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. -- not accepted
  Rubus nigerrimus (Greene) Rydb. -- not accepted -- dark raspberry
  Scrophularia macrantha Greene ex Stiefelh. -- accepted -- New Mexico figwort
  Sidalcea covillei Greene -- accepted -- Owens Valley checkermallow, Owens Valley sidalcea
  Sidalcea stipularis J.T. Howell & G.H. True -- accepted -- Scadden Flat checkerbloom, Scadden Flat checkermallow
  Streptanthus albidus ssp. peramoenus (Greene) Kruckeb. -- not accepted -- most beautiful jewelflower
  Streptanthus brachiatus ssp. brachiatus F.W. Hoffm. -- not accepted -- Contact Mine streptanthus, Socrates Mine jewelflower
  Streptanthus brachiatus ssp. hoffmanii R.W. Dolan & LaPré -- not accepted -- Freed's jewelflower, Socrates Mine jewelflower
  Streptanthus morrisonii ssp. elatus F.W. Hoffm. -- not accepted -- Three Peaks jewelflower
  Streptanthus morrisonii ssp. hirtiflorus F.W. Hoffm. -- not accepted -- Dorr's Cabin jewelflower
  Synthyris ranunculina Pennell -- accepted -- Charleston Mountain kittentails
  Trifolium polyodon Greene -- not accepted -- Pacific Grove clover
  Trifolium thompsonii C.V. Morton -- accepted -- Thompson's clover

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