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Source: Catalogue of New World Grasses (Poaceae) - 2016, database (version 2014)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Alopecurus typhoides Burm. f. -- not accepted
  Beckeropsis Fig. & De Not. -- not accepted
  Cenchropsis Nash -- not accepted
  Cenchropsis myosuroides (Kunth) Nash -- not accepted
  Cenchrus L. -- accepted -- fountaingrass, Kikuyu grass, kikuyugrass, sandbur
  Cenchrus advena (Wipff & Veldkamp) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus alopecuroides J. Presl -- not accepted
  Cenchrus americanus (L.) Morrone -- accepted -- pearl millet
  Cenchrus annuus (Mez) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus bambusiformis (E. Fourn.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus biflorus Roxb. -- accepted -- Indian sandburr
  Cenchrus brownii Roem. & Schult. -- accepted -- slimbristle sandbur
  Cenchrus catharticus Delile -- not accepted
  Cenchrus catharticus Schltdl. -- not accepted
  Cenchrus chilensis (E. Desv.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus ciliaris L. -- accepted -- buffelgrass
  Cenchrus clandestinus (Hochst. ex Chiov.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus complanatus (Nees) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus distachyus (E. Fourn.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus distichophyllus Griseb. -- accepted
  Cenchrus domingensis (Spreng. ex Schult.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus durus (Beal) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus echinatus L. -- accepted -- burgrass, common sandbur, field sandbur, konpeito-gusa, sandburr, se mbulabula, southern sandbur, vao tui tui
  Cenchrus echinatus Cav. -- not accepted
  Cenchrus echinatus Steud. ex Döll -- not accepted
  Cenchrus elegans (Hassk.) Veldkamp -- accepted
  Cenchrus flaccidus (Griseb.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus gracillimus Nash -- accepted -- slender sandbur
  Cenchrus incertus M.A. Curtis -- accepted -- coast sandspur, field sandbur, sandbur, southern sandbur, spiny burrgrass
  Cenchrus intectus (Chase) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus latifolius (Spreng.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus longisetus M.C. Johnst. -- accepted
  Cenchrus longispinus (Hack.) Fernald -- accepted -- burgrass, field sandbur, innocent-weed, longspine sandbur, mat sandbur, sandbur
  Cenchrus macrourus (Trin.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus michoacanus H.F. Gut. & Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus multiflorus J. Presl -- accepted
  Cenchrus mutilatus Kuntze -- accepted
  Cenchrus myosuroides Kunth -- accepted -- big sandbur
  Cenchrus myosuroides var. myosuroides Kunth -- accepted
  Cenchrus nervosus (Nees) Kuntze -- accepted
  Cenchrus nervosus var. ramosus Kuntze -- not accepted
  Cenchrus occidentalis (Chase) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus orientalis (Rich.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus palmeri Vasey -- accepted
  Cenchrus pauperus (Nees ex Steud.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus pedicellatus (Trin.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus peruvianus (Trin.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus petiolaris (Hochst.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus pilcomayensis (Mez) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus pilosus Kunth -- accepted
  Cenchrus platyacanthus Andersson -- accepted
  Cenchrus polystachios (L.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus prolificus (Chase) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus purpurascens Thunb. -- accepted
  Cenchrus purpureus (Schumach.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus rigidus Willd. -- not accepted
  Cenchrus rigidus (Griseb.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus rupestris (Chase) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus sagittatus (Henrard) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus setaceus (Forssk.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus setiger Vahl -- accepted -- cow sandbur
  Cenchrus spicatus (L.) Cav. -- not accepted
  Cenchrus spicatus (L.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Cenchrus spinifex Cav. -- accepted -- coastal sandbur
  Cenchrus tempisquensis (R.W. Pohl) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus tribuloides L. -- accepted -- sanddune sandbur
  Cenchrus tristachyus (Kunth) Kuntze -- accepted
  Cenchrus villosus (R. Br. ex Fresen.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Cenchrus violaceus (Lam.) Morrone -- accepted
  Cenchrus weberbaueri (Mez) Morrone -- accepted
  Chaetochloa glauca (L.) Scribn. -- not accepted
  Chamaeraphis glauca (L.) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Echinaria Fabr. -- not accepted
  Elymus churchii J.J.N. Campb. -- accepted
  Elymus hoffmannii K.B. Jensen & Asay -- not accepted -- RS wheatgrass
  Elymus macgregorii R.E. Brooks & J.J.N. Campb. -- accepted
  Elymus repens (L.) Gould -- accepted -- quackgrass
  Elymus texensis J.J.N. Campb. -- accepted
  Elymus X cayouetteorum (Boivin) Barkworth -- accepted
  Gymnothrix K. Sprengel -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix chilensis E. Desv. -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix crinita Kunth -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix elegans (Hassk.) Büse -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix macrostachys Brongn. -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix nervosa Nees -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix peruviana (Trin.) Döll -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix rigida Griseb. -- not accepted
  Gymnotrix tristachya Kunth -- not accepted
  Holcus spicatus L. -- not accepted
  Hymenachne montana Griseb. -- not accepted
  Ixophorus glaucus (L.) Nash -- not accepted
  Kikuyuochloa H. Scholz -- not accepted
  Nastus Lunell -- not accepted
  Panicum alopecuroides L. -- not accepted
  Panicum cenchroides Elliott -- not accepted
  Panicum cenchroides Rich. -- not accepted
  Panicum compressum Balb. ex Steud. -- not accepted
  Panicum crinitum Willd. ex Steud. -- not accepted
  Panicum glaucum L. -- not accepted
  Panicum montanum (Griseb.) Jackson ex Lillo -- not accepted
  Panicum spicatum (L.) Roxb. -- not accepted
  Penicellaria Kunth -- not accepted
  Penicillaria Willd. -- not accepted
  Penicillaria spicata (L.) Willd. -- not accepted
  Penicillaria typhoidea (Rich.) Fig. & De Not. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum Rich. -- not accepted -- fountaingrass, Kikuyu grass, kikuyugrass
  Pennisetum alopecuroides (L.) Spreng. -- not accepted -- Chinese fountaingrass
  Pennisetum alopecuroides Desv. ex Ham. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum americanum (L.) Leeke -- not accepted -- American fountaingrass
  Pennisetum americanum (L.) K. Schum. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum americanum ssp. americanum (L.) Leeke -- not accepted
  Pennisetum americanum ssp. typhoideum (Rich.) Maire & Weiller -- not accepted
  Pennisetum bambusiforme (E. Fourn.) Hemsl. ex B.D. Jacks. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum chilense (E. Desv.) B.D. Jacks. ex R.E. Fr. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum chilense Hack. ex Buchtien -- not accepted
  Pennisetum chilense var. macrophyllum Parodi -- not accepted
  Pennisetum chilense var. planifolia Hack. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum ciliare var. setigerum (Vahl) Leeke -- not accepted -- cow sandbur
  Pennisetum crinitum (Kunth) Spreng. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum crinitum Scribn. ex Beal -- not accepted
  Pennisetum erubescens (Willd.) Desv. ex Ham. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum erubescens (Willd.) Link -- not accepted
  Pennisetum flaccidum Griseb. ex Roshev. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br. -- not accepted -- pearl millet, pearl-millet, yellow bristlegrass
  Pennisetum humboldtianum Hemsl. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum longistylum var. clandestinum (Hochst. ex Chiov.) Chiov. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum longistylum var. clandestinum (Hochst. ex Chiov.) Leeke -- not accepted
  Pennisetum macrostachys (Brongn.) Trin. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum mexicanum (E. Fourn.) B.D. Jacks. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum mexicanum Hemsl. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum montanum (Griseb.) Hack. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum mutilatum (Kuntze) Leeke -- not accepted
  Pennisetum mutilatum Hack. ex Kuntze -- not accepted
  Pennisetum nervosum (Nees) Trin. -- not accepted -- bentspike fountaingrass, bentspike pennisetum
  Pennisetum rigidum (Griseb.) Hack. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum rigidum var. longisetum (Griseb.) Stuck. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum setaceum ssp. orientale (Rich.) Maire -- not accepted
  Pennisetum setaceum var. orientale (Rich.) Maire -- not accepted
  Pennisetum setigerum (Vahl) Wipff -- not accepted
  Pennisetum setosum var. laxiusculum Hack. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum spicatum (L.) Roem. & Schult. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum spicatum var. typhoideum (Rich.) T. Durand & Schinz -- not accepted
  Pennisetum tempisquense R.W. Pohl -- not accepted
  Pennisetum tristachyon Spreng. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum tristachyum (Kunth) Spreng. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum tristachyum ssp. boliviense Chase -- not accepted
  Pennisetum tristachyum var. jamesoni Leeke -- not accepted
  Pennisetum tristachyum var. ruizianum Leeke -- not accepted
  Pennisetum typhoides (Burm. f.) Stapf & C.E. Hubb. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum typhoideum Rich. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum typhoideum Rich. ex Pers. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum villosum R. Br. ex Fresen. -- not accepted -- feathertop
  Pennisetum villosum R. Br. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum villosum var. humile Hochst. ex A. Rich. -- not accepted
  Phragmites Adans. -- accepted -- reed
  Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. -- accepted -- common reed
  Phragmites australis ssp. americanus Saltonst., P.M. Peterson & Soreng -- accepted
  Phragmites australis ssp. australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. -- accepted
  Phragmites australis ssp. berlandieri (E. Fourn.) Saltonstall & Hauber -- accepted
  Phragmites karka (Retz.) Trin. ex Steud. -- accepted -- tall reed
  Saccharum caninum Reinw. ex Blume -- not accepted
  Sericura elegans Hassk. -- not accepted
  Setaria glauca (L.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted -- pearl millet, pigeongrass, wild millet, yellow bristlegrass, yellow foxtail
  Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv. -- accepted -- foxtail bristlegrass, foxtail millet, Italian bristle grass, Italian foxtail
  Setariopsis glauca (L.) Samp. -- not accepted

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