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Source: Arecaceae of North America Update, database (version 2010)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acoelorraphe H. Wendl. -- accepted -- paurotis palm
  Acoelorraphe arborescens (Sarg.) Becc. -- not accepted
  Acoelorraphe wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. ex Becc. -- accepted -- paurotis palm, Everglades palm
  Acoelorrhaphe H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Acoelorrhaphe arborescens (Sarg.) Becc. -- not accepted
  Acoelorrhaphe wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. ex Becc. -- not accepted -- Everglades palm
  Acrocomia Mart. -- accepted -- acrocomia
  Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Mart. -- accepted
  Acrocomia media O.F. Cook -- accepted -- grugru palm
  Acrocomia totai Mart. -- accepted -- grugru palm
  Acrocomia vinifera Oerst. -- not accepted -- coyol palm
  Aeria attenuata O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Aiphanes Willd. -- accepted -- aiphanes
  Aiphanes acanthophylla (Mart.) Burret -- not accepted -- ruffle palm
  Aiphanes aculeata Willd. -- not accepted
  Aiphanes caryotaefolia (Kunth) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Aiphanes caryotifolia (Kunth) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- coyure palm
  Aiphanes corallina (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- coyor
  Aiphanes erosa (Linden) Burret -- not accepted
  Aiphanes lindeniana (H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Aiphanes minima (Gaertn.) Burret -- accepted -- Guinea bactris
  Aiphanes truncata (Brongn. ex Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Allagoptera Nees -- accepted
  Allagoptera arenaria (Gomes) Kuntze -- accepted
  Allagoptera campestris (Mart.) Kuntze -- accepted
  Archontophoenix H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- archontophoenix
  Archontophoenix alexandrae (F. Muell.) H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- Alexandra palm
  Areca L. -- accepted -- areca palm
  Areca catechu L. -- accepted -- betel palm
  Areca cathecu L. -- not accepted
  Areca ipot Becc. -- accepted
  Arecaceae -- accepted
  Arecastrum (Drude) Becc. -- not accepted -- arecastrum palm
  Arecastrum romanzoffianum (Cham.) Becc. -- not accepted -- queen palm
  Arenga Labill. -- accepted -- arenga palm
  Arenga pinnata (Wurmb) Merr. -- accepted -- sugar palm
  Arenga saccharifera Labill. ex DC. -- not accepted
  Attalea Kunth -- accepted -- attalea palm
  Attalea cohune Mart. -- accepted -- cohune palm, Corozo cohune
  Attalea funifera Mart. ex Spreng. -- not accepted -- Bahia piassaba palm
  Attalea speciosa Mart. -- accepted
  Bactris Jacq. ex Scop. -- accepted -- bactris palm
  Bactris acanthophylla Mart. -- not accepted
  Bactris gasipaes Kunth -- accepted -- peach palm
  Bactris guineensis (L.) H.E. Moore -- accepted -- Guinea bactris
  Beccariophoenix Jum. & H. Perrier -- accepted
  Beccariophoenix madagascariensis Jum. & H. Perrier -- accepted
  Borassus L. -- accepted -- borassus palm
  Borassus aethiopum Mart. -- accepted -- palmyra palm
  Borassus flabellifer L. -- accepted -- toddy palm
  Brahea filamentosa (Fenzi) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Brahea filifera (Linden ex André) W. Watson -- not accepted
  Brahea serrulata (Michx.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Butia Becc. -- accepted
  Butia capitata (Mart.) Becc. -- accepted -- South American jelly palm
  Calamus L. -- accepted -- calamus
  Calamus caesius Blume -- accepted -- calamus
  Calamus deerratus G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- calamus
  Calamus rotang L. -- accepted -- rattan
  Calyptrogyne rivalis (O.F. Cook) León -- not accepted
  Calyptronoma Griseb. -- accepted -- manac
  Calyptronoma rivalis (O.F. Cook) L.H. Bailey -- accepted -- Puerto Rico manac, palma de manaca, manac palm
  Caryota L. -- accepted -- fishtail palm
  Caryota mitis Lour. -- accepted -- Burmese fishtail palm
  Caryota urens L. -- accepted -- jaggery palm
  Ceroxylon Bonpl. ex DC. -- accepted -- ceroxylon palm
  Ceroxylon alpinum Bonpl. ex DC. -- accepted -- wax palm
  Ceroxylon andicola Humb. & Bonpl. -- not accepted
  Ceroxylon andicolum Humb. & Bonpl. -- not accepted
  Chamaedorea Willd. -- accepted -- chamaedorea
  Chamaedorea costaricana Oerst. -- accepted -- pacaya
  Chamaedorea elegans Mart. -- accepted -- parlor palm, Tepejilote cambray
  Chamaedorea seifrizii Burret -- accepted -- Seifriz's chamaedorea, Camedor xiat
  Chamaephoenix sargentii H. Wendl. ex Curtiss -- not accepted
  Chamaerops L. -- accepted -- fan palm
  Chamaerops humilis L. -- accepted -- European fan palm
  Chrysalidocarpus H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- chrysalidocarpus palm
  Chrysalidocarpus decipiens Becc. -- not accepted
  Chrysalidocarpus lutescens H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- Madagascar palm
  Coccothrinax Sarg. -- accepted -- silver palm
  Coccothrinax alta (O.F. Cook) Becc. -- accepted
  Coccothrinax argentata (Jacq.) L.H. Bailey -- accepted -- Florida silver palm
  Coccothrinax barbadensis (Lodd. ex Mart.) Becc. -- accepted -- Puerto Rico silver palm
  Coccothrinax discreta L.H. Bailey -- not accepted
  Coccothrinax eggersiana Becc. -- not accepted
  Coccothrinax eggersiana var. sanctae-crucis Becc. -- not accepted
  Coccothrinax garberi (Chapm.) Sarg. -- not accepted
  Coccothrinax sanctae-thomasae Becc. -- not accepted
  Cocos L. -- accepted -- coconut palm
  Cocos coronata Mart. -- not accepted
  Cocos nucifera L. -- accepted -- coconut palm, Palma de Coco
  Coelococcus amicarum (H. Wendl.) W. Wight -- not accepted
  Copernicia Mart. ex Endl. -- accepted -- copernicia
  Copernicia alba Morong ex Morong & Britton -- accepted -- copernicia
  Copernicia australis Becc. -- not accepted
  Copernicia cerifera (Arruda) Mart. -- not accepted
  Copernicia prunifera (Mill.) H.E. Moore -- accepted -- carnauba wax palm
  Copernicia wrightii Griseb. & H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Corozo oleifera (Kunth) L.H. Bailey -- not accepted
  Corypha minor Jacq. -- not accepted
  Corypha palmetto Walter -- not accepted
  Corypha repens Bartram -- not accepted
  Curima colophylla O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Dypsis Noronha ex Mart. -- accepted -- butterfly palm
  Dypsis decaryi (Jum.) Beentje & J. Dransf. -- accepted
  Dypsis decipiens (Becc.) Beentje & J. Dransf. -- accepted
  Dypsis lutescens (H. Wendl.) Beentje & J. Dransf. -- accepted -- yellow butterfly palm
  Elaeis Jacq. -- accepted -- oil palm
  Elaeis guineensis Jacq. -- accepted -- African oil palm
  Elaeis oleifera (Kunth) Cortés -- accepted -- American oil palm
  Eremospatha (G. Mann & H. Wendl.) G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Eremospatha macrocarpa (G. Mann & H. Wendl.) G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- rattan palm
  Eugeissona Griff. -- accepted -- eugeissona
  Eugeissona utilis Becc. -- accepted -- kadjatoa
  Euterpe Mart. -- accepted
  Euterpe globosa auct. non Gaertn. -- not accepted
  Euterpe montana Graham -- not accepted
  Euterpe oleracea Mart. -- accepted -- Assai palm
  Gaussia H. Wendl. -- accepted -- gaussia
  Gaussia attenuata (O.F. Cook) Becc. -- accepted -- llume
  Guilielma gasipaes (Kunth) L.H. Bailey -- not accepted
  Guilielma speciosa Mart. -- not accepted
  Heterospathe Scheff. -- accepted
  Heterospathe elata Scheff. -- accepted
  Howeia Becc. -- not accepted -- howeia
  Howeia belmoreana (C. Moore & F. Muell.) Becc. -- not accepted -- Belmore sentrypalm
  Howeia forsteriana (C. Moore & F. Muell.) Becc. -- not accepted -- sentrypalm
  Hyphaene Gaertn. -- accepted -- hyphaene
  Hyphaene benguelensis Welw. ex H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Hyphaene coriacea Gaertn. -- accepted -- doum palm
  Hyphaene thebaica (L.) Mart. -- accepted -- doum palm
  Inodes O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Inodes exul O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Inodes schwarzii O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Inodes texana O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Jubaea Kunth -- accepted -- jubaea
  Jubaea chilensis (Molina) Baill. -- accepted -- Chile cocopalm
  Lemurophoenix J. Dransf. -- accepted
  Lemurophoenix halleuxii J. Dransf. -- accepted
  Leopoldinia Mart. -- accepted -- leopoldinia
  Leopoldinia piassaba Wallace -- accepted -- para piassava
  Linospadix H. Wendl. -- accepted -- linospadix
  Linospadix monostachya (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- walking-stick palm
  Linospadix monostachyos (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- accepted -- walking-stick palm
  Livistona R. Br. -- accepted -- livistona
  Livistona chinensis (Jacq.) R. Br. ex Mart. -- accepted -- fountain palm, Chinese fan palm
  Livistona oliviformis (Hassk.) Mart. -- not accepted
  Livistona rotundifolia (Lam.) Mart. -- accepted -- round-leaf fountain palm
  Lodoicea Comm. ex Labill. -- accepted -- lodoicea
  Lodoicea maldivica (J.F. Gmel.) Pers. -- accepted -- double coconut, Seychelles-nut, coco de mer
  Marojejya Humbert -- accepted
  Marojejya darianii J. Dransf. & N.W. Uhl -- accepted
  Mauritia L. f. -- accepted -- mauritia
  Mauritia flexuosa L. f. -- accepted -- muriti
  Mauritia vinifera Mart. -- not accepted -- mauritia
  Metroxylon Rottb. -- accepted -- metroxylon
  Metroxylon amicarum (H. Wendl.) Becc. -- accepted -- Caroline ivory nutpalm
  Metroxylon rumphii (Willd.) Mart. -- not accepted
  Metroxylon sagu Rottb. -- accepted -- sago palm
  Neodypsis decaryi Jum. -- not accepted
  Neowashingtonia filamentosa (Franceschi) Sudw. -- not accepted
  Nypa Steck -- accepted
  Nypa fruticans Wurmb -- accepted -- nipa palm
  Orbignya Mart. ex Endl. -- not accepted -- orbignya
  Orbignya barbosiana Burret -- not accepted -- babassu
  Orbignya cohune (Mart.) Dahlgren ex Standl. -- not accepted -- cohune palm, Corozo cohune
  Orbignya speciosa (Mart.) Barb. Rodr. -- not accepted
  Palma elata Bartram -- not accepted
  Paurotis O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Paurotis wrightii (Griseb. & H. Wendl.) Britton -- not accepted
  Phoenix L. -- accepted -- date palm
  Phoenix canariensis Chabaud -- accepted -- Canary Island date palm
  Phoenix dactylifera L. -- accepted -- date palm
  Phoenix hanceana Naudin -- not accepted
  Phoenix hanceana var. philippinensis Becc. -- not accepted
  Phoenix loureirii Kunth -- not accepted -- Loureir's date palm
  Phoenix reclinata Jacq. -- accepted -- Senegal date palm, reclining date palm
  Phoenix roebelenii O'Brien -- accepted -- pygmy date palm
  Phoenix sylvestris (L.) Roxb. -- accepted -- wild date palm
  Phytelephas Ruiz & Pav. -- accepted -- nut palm
  Phytelephas macrocarpa Ruiz & Pav. -- accepted -- ivory nut palm
  Pinanga Blume -- accepted
  Pinanga insignis Becc. -- accepted
  Prestoea Hook. f. -- accepted -- prestoea
  Prestoea acuminata (Willd.) H.E. Moore -- accepted -- Sierran palm
  Prestoea acuminata var. montana (Graham) A.J. Hend. & Galeano -- accepted -- Sierran palm
  Prestoea montana (Graham) G. Nicholson -- not accepted -- Sierran palm
  Pritchardia Seem. & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- pritchardia
  Pritchardia affinis Becc. -- not accepted -- Hawai'i pritchardia, lo'ulu, Loulu
  Pritchardia affinis var. gracilis Becc. -- not accepted
  Pritchardia affinis var. halophila Becc. -- not accepted
  Pritchardia affinis var. rhopalocarpa Becc. -- not accepted
  Pritchardia arecina Becc. -- accepted -- Maui pritchardia
  Pritchardia aylmer-robinsonii H. St. John -- not accepted -- wahane
  Pritchardia beccariana Rock -- accepted -- Kilauea pritchardia
  Pritchardia beccariana var. giffardiana Becc. -- not accepted
  Pritchardia brevicalyx Becc. & Rock -- not accepted
  Pritchardia donata Caum -- not accepted
  Pritchardia elliptica Rock & Caum -- not accepted -- lo'ulu
  Pritchardia eriophora Becc. -- not accepted -- lo'ulu
  Pritchardia eriostachya Becc. -- not accepted
  Pritchardia filamentosa Franceschi -- not accepted
  Pritchardia filifera Linden ex André -- not accepted
  Pritchardia flynnii Lorence & Gemmill -- accepted
  Pritchardia forbesiana Rock -- accepted -- Mt. Eke pritchardia
  Pritchardia gaudichaudii (Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- lo'ulu
  Pritchardia glabrata Becc. & Rock -- accepted
  Pritchardia hardyi Rock -- accepted -- lo'ulu, Makaleha pritchardia
  Pritchardia hillebrandii Becc. -- accepted -- lo'ulu lelo
  Pritchardia insignis Becc. -- not accepted
  Pritchardia kaalae Rock -- accepted -- Waianae Range pritchardia, lo'ulu, Loulu
  Pritchardia kaalae var. minima Caum -- not accepted
  Pritchardia kahanae Rock & Caum -- not accepted -- lo'ulu
  Pritchardia kahukuensis Caum -- not accepted
  Pritchardia kamapuaana Caum -- not accepted
  Pritchardia lanaiensis Becc. & Rock -- not accepted -- lo'ulu, Lanai pritchardia
  Pritchardia lanigera Becc. -- accepted -- lo'ulu
  Pritchardia limahuliensis H. St. John -- not accepted -- Limahuli Valley pritchardia
  Pritchardia lowreyana Rock -- accepted -- Molokai pritchardia
  Pritchardia lowreyana var. turbinata Rock -- not accepted
  Pritchardia macdanielsii Caum -- not accepted
  Pritchardia macrocarpa Linden ex André -- not accepted
  Pritchardia martii (Gaudich.) H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Koolau Range pritchardia
  Pritchardia martioides Rock & Caum -- not accepted
  Pritchardia minor Becc. -- accepted -- Alakai Swamp pritchardia
  Pritchardia montis-kea Rock -- not accepted
  Pritchardia munroi Rock -- accepted -- Kamalo pritchardia, lo'ulu, Loulu
  Pritchardia napaliensis H. St. John -- accepted -- lo'ulu, Loulu
  Pritchardia perlmanii Gemmill -- accepted -- Wai'oli Valley pritchardia
  Pritchardia remota (Kuntze) Becc. -- accepted -- lo'ulu, Nihoa pritchardia, Loulu
  Pritchardia remota ssp. aylmer-robinsonii (H. St. John) Read -- not accepted
  Pritchardia remota ssp. glabrata (Becc. & Rock) Read -- not accepted
  Pritchardia remota ssp. napaliensis (H. St. John) Read -- not accepted
  Pritchardia remota ssp. remota (Kuntze) Becc. -- not accepted -- Nihoa pritchardia
  Pritchardia rockiana Becc. -- not accepted
  Pritchardia schattaueri Hodel -- accepted -- lands of Papa pritchardia, lo'ulu, Loulu
  Pritchardia viscosa Rock -- accepted -- stickybud pritchardia, lo'ulu, Loulu
  Pritchardia waialealeana Read -- accepted -- poleline pritchardia
  Pritchardia weissichiana Rock -- not accepted
  Pseudophoenix H. Wendl. ex Sarg. -- accepted -- pseudophoenix
  Pseudophoenix saonae O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Pseudophoenix sargentii H. Wendl. ex Sarg. -- accepted -- Florida cherry palm, Palma kuká
  Pseudophoenix sargentii ssp. saonae (O.F. Cook) Read -- accepted -- Florida cherry palm
  Pseudophoenix sargentii ssp. sargentii H. Wendl. ex Sarg. -- accepted -- Florida cherry palm, Sargent's cherry palm, buccaneer palm
  Pseudophoenix vinifera sensu Britton & Millsp., non (Mart.) Becc. -- not accepted
  Ptychosperma Labill. -- accepted -- ptychosperma
  Ptychosperma alexandrae F. Muell. -- not accepted
  Ptychosperma elegans (R. Br.) Blume -- accepted -- Alexander palm, solitary palm
  Raphia P. Beauv. -- accepted -- raffia palm
  Raphia farinifera (Gaertn.) Hyl. -- accepted -- raffia palm
  Raphia hookeri G. Mann & H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Ivory Coast raphia palm
  Raphia pedunculata P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Raphia sudanica A. Chev. -- accepted -- Sudan raphia palm
  Raphia vinifera P. Beauv. -- accepted -- West African piassava palm
  Ravenea H. Wendl. ex C.D. Bouché -- accepted
  Ravenea louvelii Beentje -- accepted
  Ravenea rivularis Jum. & H. Perrier -- accepted
  Rhapidophyllum H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- rhapidophyllum
  Rhapidophyllum hystrix (Fraser ex Thouin) H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- needle palm
  Roystonea O.F. Cook -- accepted -- royal palm
  Roystonea borinquena O.F. Cook -- accepted -- Puerto Rico royal palm
  Roystonea elata (W. Bartram) F. Harper -- not accepted -- Florida royal palm
  Roystonea floridana O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Roystonea regia auct. non (Kunth) O.F. Cook -- not accepted -- Cuban royal palm, Florida royal palm, Palma real cubana
  Sabal Adans. -- accepted -- palmetto
  Sabal adansonii Guers. -- not accepted
  Sabal causiarum (O.F. Cook) Becc. -- accepted -- Puerto Rico palmetto
  Sabal deeringiana Small -- not accepted
  Sabal etonia Swingle ex Nash -- accepted -- scrub palmetto
  Sabal exul (O.F. Cook) L.H. Bailey -- not accepted
  Sabal glabra Sarg., non Mill. -- not accepted
  Sabal jamesiana Small -- not accepted
  Sabal louisiana (Darby) Bomhard -- not accepted
  Sabal mexicana Mart. -- accepted -- Rio Grande palmetto, Palma apachite, palmetto
  Sabal miamiensis Zona -- not accepted -- Miami palmetto
  Sabal minor (Jacq.) Pers. -- accepted -- dwarf palmetto
  Sabal palmetto (Walter) Lodd. ex Schult. & Schult. f. -- accepted -- cabbage palmetto, cabbage palm
  Sabal texana (O.F. Cook) Becc. -- not accepted
  Salacca Reinw. -- accepted -- salacca
  Salacca clemensiana Becc. -- accepted
  Salacca edulis Reinw. -- not accepted -- salac palm
  Salacca zalacca (Gaertn.) Voss -- accepted
  Sargentia aricocca H. Wendl. & Drude -- not accepted
  Saribus oliviformis Hassk. -- not accepted
  Satranala J. Dransf. & Beentje -- accepted
  Satranala decussilvae Beentje & J. Dransf. -- accepted
  Serenoa Hook. f. -- accepted -- serenoa
  Serenoa repens (W. Bartram) Small -- accepted -- saw palmetto
  Serenoa serrulata (Michx.) G. Nicholson -- not accepted
  Simpsonia microcarpa (Sarg.) O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Syagrus Mart. -- accepted -- syagrus
  Syagrus coronata (Mart.) Becc. -- accepted -- Ouricury palm
  Syagrus romanzoffiana (Cham.) Glassman -- accepted -- queen palm
  Syagrus romanzoffianum (Cham.) Glassman -- not accepted
  Thrinax Sw. -- accepted -- thatch palm, thatchpalm
  Thrinax floridana Sarg. -- not accepted
  Thrinax keyensis Sarg. -- not accepted
  Thrinax microcarpa Sarg. -- not accepted
  Thrinax morrisii H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Key thatch palm, brittle-thatch, Key thatchpalm
  Thrinax multiflora sensu R.W. Read, non Mart. -- not accepted
  Thrinax parviflora auct. non Sw. -- not accepted
  Thrinax ponceana O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Thrinax praeceps O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Thrinax radiata Lodd. ex Schult. & Schult. f. -- accepted -- Florida thatch palm, Florida thatchpalm, Palma chit
  Thrincoma alta O.F. Cook -- not accepted
  Trachycarpus H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Chinese windmill palm
  Trachycarpus fortunei (Hook.) H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Chinese windmill palm
  Trachycarpus wagnerianus Becc. -- not accepted
  Voanioala J. Dransf. -- accepted
  Voanioala gerardii J. Dransf. -- accepted
  Washingtonia H. Wendl. -- accepted -- fan palm
  Washingtonia filamentosa (Franceschi) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Washingtonia filifera (Linden ex André) H. Wendl. -- not accepted -- California fan palm, Washingtonia de Castilla
  Washingtonia filifera var. robusta Parish -- not accepted
  Washingtonia gracilis Parish -- not accepted
  Washingtonia robusta H. Wendl. -- accepted -- Washington fan palm, Mexican fan palm, Washingtonia colorada
  Washingtonia sonorae S. Watson -- not accepted

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