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Source: Jepson Manual, website (version 2)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Allotropa Torr. & A. Gray ex A. Gray -- accepted -- sugar stick, sugarstick
  Arbutus L. -- accepted -- madrones
  Arbutus menziesii Pursh -- accepted -- Pacific madrone
  Arctostaphylos andersonii A. Gray -- accepted -- Santa Cruz manzanita
  Arctostaphylos auriculata Eastw. -- accepted -- Mount Diablo manzanita
  Arctostaphylos bakeri ssp. bakeri Eastw. -- accepted -- Baker's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos bakeri ssp. sublaevis P.V. Wells -- accepted -- The Cedars' manzanita
  Arctostaphylos canescens ssp. canescens Eastw. -- accepted -- hoary manzanita
  Arctostaphylos canescens ssp. sonomensis (Eastw.) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Sonoma manzanita
  Arctostaphylos catalinae P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Santa Catalina Island manzanita
  Arctostaphylos columbiana Piper -- accepted -- Columbia manzanita, hairy manzanita
  Arctostaphylos confertiflora Eastw. -- accepted -- Santa Rosa Island manzanita
  Arctostaphylos crustacea ssp. insulicola (P.V. Wells) V.T. Parker, M.C. Vasey & J.E. Keeley -- accepted -- island manzanita, island-loving manzanita
  Arctostaphylos crustacea ssp. rosei (Eastw.) V.T. Parker, M.C. Vasey & J.E. Keeley -- accepted -- Rose's manzanita, rosy manzanita
  Arctostaphylos crustacea ssp. subcordata (Eastw.) V.T. Parker, M.C. Vasey & J.E. Keeley -- accepted -- Santa Cruz Island manzanita
  Arctostaphylos cruzensis Roof -- accepted -- Arroyo de la Cruz manzanita, La Cruz manzanita
  Arctostaphylos densiflora M.S. Baker -- accepted -- Vine Hill manzanita
  Arctostaphylos edmundsii J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Little Sur manzanita
  Arctostaphylos franciscana Eastw. -- accepted -- Franciscan manzanita, San Francisco manzanita
  Arctostaphylos gabilanensis V.T. Parker & M.C. Vasey -- accepted -- Gabilan manzanita
  Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. cushingiana (Eastw.) J.E. Keeley, M.C. Vasey & V.T. Parker -- accepted -- Cushing manzanita
  Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. gabrielensis (P.V. Wells) J.E. Keeley, M.C. Vasey & V.T. Parker -- accepted -- San Gabriel manzanita
  Arctostaphylos hookeri ssp. hearstiorum (Hoover & Roof) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Hearst's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos hookeri ssp. hookeri G. Don -- accepted -- Hooker's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos imbricata Eastw. -- accepted -- San Bruno Mountain manzanita
  Arctostaphylos klamathensis S.W. Edwards, Keeler-Wolf & W. Knight -- accepted -- Klamath manzanita
  Arctostaphylos luciana P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Santa Lucia manzanita
  Arctostaphylos malloryi (W. Knight & Gankin) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Mallory's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos manzanita ssp. elegans (Jeps.) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Konocti manzanita
  Arctostaphylos montana ssp. montana Eastw. -- accepted -- Mt. Tamalpais manzanita
  Arctostaphylos montana ssp. ravenii (P.V. Wells) V.T. Parker, M.C. Vasey & J.E. Keeley -- accepted -- Presidio manzanita
  Arctostaphylos montaraensis Roof -- accepted -- Montara manzanita
  Arctostaphylos montereyensis Hoover -- accepted -- Monterey manzanita
  Arctostaphylos morroensis Wiesl. & B. Schreib. -- accepted -- Morro manzanita
  Arctostaphylos myrtifolia Parry -- accepted -- Ione manzanita
  Arctostaphylos nevadensis ssp. knightii (Gankin & W.R. Hildreth) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Knight's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos nevadensis ssp. nevadensis A. Gray -- accepted -- pine-mat manzanita, pinemat manzanita
  Arctostaphylos nissenana Merriam -- accepted -- Nissenan manzanita
  Arctostaphylos nortensis (P.V. Wells) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Del Norte manzanita
  Arctostaphylos nummularia ssp. mendocinoensis (P.V. Wells) V.T. Parker, M.C. Vasey & J.E. Keeley -- accepted -- pigmy manzanita, pygmy manzanita
  Arctostaphylos obispoensis Eastw. -- accepted -- Bishop manzanita, serpentine manzanita
  Arctostaphylos ohloneana M.C. Vasey & V.T. Parker -- accepted -- Ohlone manzanita
  Arctostaphylos osoensis P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Oso manzanita
  Arctostaphylos otayensis Wiesl. & B. Schreib. -- accepted -- Otay manzanita
  Arctostaphylos pacifica Roof -- accepted -- Pacific manzanita
  Arctostaphylos pajaroensis (J.E. Adams ex McMinn) J.E. Adams -- accepted -- Pajaro manzanita
  Arctostaphylos pallida Eastw. -- accepted -- Alameda manzanita, pallid manzanita
  Arctostaphylos parryana ssp. deserticum J.E. Keeley, L. Boykin & Massihi -- accepted -- desert manzanita, Parry's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos parryana ssp. tumescens J.E. Keeley, L. Boykin & Massihi -- accepted -- interior manzanita, Parry's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos patula Greene -- accepted -- greenleaf manzanita
  Arctostaphylos pilosula Jeps. & Wiesl. -- accepted -- La Panza manzanita, Santa Margarita manzanita
  Arctostaphylos pumila Nutt. -- accepted -- sand-mat manzanita, sandmat manzanita
  Arctostaphylos purissima P.V. Wells -- accepted -- La Purissima manzanita
  Arctostaphylos rainbowensis J.E. Keeley & Massihi -- accepted -- rainbow manzanita
  Arctostaphylos refugioensis Gankin -- accepted -- Refugio manzanita
  Arctostaphylos rudis Jeps. & Wiesl. ex Jeps. -- accepted -- sand mesa manzanita, shagbark manzanita
  Arctostaphylos silvicola Jeps. & Wiesl. ex Jeps. -- accepted -- Bonny Doon manzanita
  Arctostaphylos stanfordiana ssp. decumbens (P.V. Wells) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Rincon manzanita
  Arctostaphylos stanfordiana ssp. raichei W. Knight -- accepted -- Raiche's manzanita
  Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. -- accepted -- bearberry, bearberry manzanita, kinnikinnick, mealberry
  Arctostaphylos virgata Eastw. -- accepted -- Bolinas manzanita, Marin manzanita
  Arctostaphylos viridissima (Eastw.) McMinn -- accepted -- white-haired manzanita, whitehair manzanita
  Arctostaphylos viscida ssp. mariposa (Dudley) P.V. Wells -- accepted -- Mariposa manzanita
  Cassiope D. Don -- accepted -- moss heather, mountain heather
  Cassiope mertensiana (Bong.) G. Don -- accepted -- western moss heather, white heather
  Chimaphila Pursh -- accepted -- pipsissewa, prince's pine
  Chimaphila menziesii (D. Don) Spreng. -- accepted -- little prince's pine
  Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W.P.C. Barton -- accepted -- pipsissewa, prince's pine
  Comarostaphylis diversifolia ssp. diversifolia (Parry) Greene -- accepted -- summer holly, summer-holly
  Empetrum nigrum L. -- accepted -- black crowberry
  Erica L. -- accepted -- heath
  Hemitomes A. Gray -- accepted -- coneplant, gnome plant
  Kalmia polifolia Wangenh. -- accepted -- bog kalmia, bog laurel, box laurel, swamp laurel
  Leucothoe davisiae Torr. ex A. Gray -- accepted -- Sierra laurel
  Menziesia ferruginea Sm. -- accepted -- mock azalea, rusty menziesia, rusty-leaf menziesia
  Moneses uniflora (L.) A. Gray -- accepted -- one-flowered shinleaf, one-flowered wintergreen, single delight, woodnymph
  Monotropa hypopithys L. -- not accepted -- pinesap
  Monotropa uniflora L. -- accepted -- ghost plant, Indian pipe, Indianpipe
  Onithostaphylos oppositifolia (Parry) Small -- not accepted
  Orthilia secunda (L.) House -- accepted -- one-sided wintergreen, sidebells wintergreen
  Phyllodoce Salisb. -- accepted -- mountain heath, mountain heather
  Pityopus californicus (Eastw.) H.F. Copel. -- accepted -- California pinefoot
  Pterospora Nutt. -- accepted -- pinedrops
  Pyrola L. -- accepted -- shineleaf, wintergreen
  Pyrola asarifolia ssp. asarifolia Michx. -- accepted -- bog wintergreen, liverleaf wintergreen
  Pyrola asarifolia ssp. bracteata (Hook.) Haber -- accepted -- bog wintergreen, long-bracted wintergreen, pink wintergreen
  Pyrola chlorantha Sw. -- accepted -- green-flowered shineleaf, green-flowered wintergreen, pale-green wintergreen
  Pyrola minor L. -- accepted -- lesser wintergreen, snowline wintergreen
  Pyrola picta Sm. -- accepted -- white-veined wintergreen
  Rhododendron columbianum (Piper) Harmaja -- accepted -- western Labrador tea
  Rhododendron macrophyllum D. Don -- accepted -- California rhododendron, Pacific rhododendron
  Rhododendron occidentale (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- California azalea, Sonoma azalea, western azalea
  Sarcodes Torr. -- accepted -- snow plant, snowplant
  Vaccinium L. -- accepted -- blueberries, blueberry, huckleberry
  Vaccinium deliciosum Piper -- accepted -- Cascade bilberry
  Vaccinium scoparium Leiberg ex Coville -- accepted -- grouse whortleberry, grouseberry, littleleaf huckleberry, red alpine blueberry
  Vaccinium uliginosum L. -- accepted -- bog blueberry
  Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. occidentale (A. Gray) HultÚn -- accepted
  Vaccinium uliginosum var. occidentale (A. Gray) Hara -- not accepted

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