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 Kingdom Animalia
  Colus oceanodromae (Dall, 1919) – valid – seahorse whelk
  Oceanodroma Reichenbach, 1853 – valid – Dark Storm Petrels
  Oceanodroma castro (Harcourt, 1851) – valid – Paíño de Harcourt, Band-rumped Storm Petrel, Océanite de Castro, Band-rumped Storm-Petrel
  Oceanodroma castro castro (Harcourt, 1851) – invalid
  Oceanodroma furcata (Gmelin, 1789) – valid – Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel, Fork-tailed Storm Petrel, Océanite à queue fourchue
  Oceanodroma furcata furcata (Gmelin, 1789) – valid
  Oceanodroma furcata plumbea (Peale, 1848) – valid
  Oceanodroma homochroa (Coues, 1864) – valid – Paíño cenizo, Ashy Storm Petrel, Ashy Storm-Petrel, Océanite cendré
  Oceanodroma hornbyi (G. R. Gray, 1854) – valid – Hornby's Storm Petrel, Océanite de Hornby, Ringed Storm-Petrel
  Oceanodroma jabejabe (Bocage, 1874) – valid – Cape Verde Storm Petrel
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa (Vieillot, 1818) – valid – Paíño de Leach, Leach's Storm-Petrel, Leach's Storm Petrel, Océanite cul-blanc
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa beali Emerson, 1906 – invalid
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa chapmani Berlepsch, 1906 – valid
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa cheimomnestes Ainley, 1980 – valid
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa leucorhoa (Vieillot, 1818) – valid
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa socorroensis C. H. Townsend, 1890 – valid
  Oceanodroma leucorhoa willetti van Rossem, 1942 – invalid
  Oceanodroma macrodactyla W. E. Bryant, 1887 – valid – Paíño de Guadalupe, Guadalupe Storm-Petrel, Océanite de Guadalupe
  Oceanodroma markhami (Salvin, 1883) – valid – Markham's Storm-Petrel, Océanite de Markham, Markham's Storm Petrel
  Oceanodroma matsudairae Kuroda, 1922 – valid – Matsudaira's Storm Petrel
  Oceanodroma melania (Bonaparte, 1854) – valid – Paíño negro, Black Storm Petrel, Océanite noir, Black Storm-Petrel
  Oceanodroma microsoma (Coues, 1864) – valid – Least Storm-Petrel, Paíño mínimo, Océanite minute, Least Storm Petrel
  Oceanodroma monorhis (Swinhoe, 1867) – valid – Swinhoe's Storm Petrel, Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel, Océanite de Swinhoe
  Oceanodroma monteiroi A. L. Smith, 2008 – valid – Monteiro's Storm Petrel
  Oceanodroma tethys (Bonaparte, 1852) – valid – Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel, Paíño de Galápagos, Océanite téthys, Wedge-rumped Storm Petrel
  Oceanodroma tethys kelsalli (Lowe, 1925) – valid
  Oceanodroma tethys tethys (Bonaparte, 1852) – valid
  Oceanodroma tristrami Salvin, 1896 – valid – Sooty Storm-Petrel, Tristram's Storm Petrel, Océanite de Tristram, Tristram's Storm-Petrel
  Plicifusus oceanodromae Dall, 1919 – invalid – seahorse whelk

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