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Results of: Search in every Kingdom for Scientific Name containing 'Asclepias'
 Kingdom Animalia
  Tyloderma asclepiasae Sleeper, 1955 – invalid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Asclepias L. – accepted – milkweed
  Asclepias aceratoides Nash – not accepted
  Asclepias albicans S. Watson – accepted – whitestem milkweed, wax milkweed, candelilla
  Asclepias amplexicaulis Sm. – accepted – bluntleaf milkweed, clasping milkweed, blunt-leaved milkweed, sand milkweed
  Asclepias angustifolia Schweigg. – not accepted – Arizona milkweed, inmortal, narrow-leaved milkweed
  Asclepias arenaria Torr. – accepted – sand milkweed
  Asclepias asperula (Decne.) Woodson – accepted – spider antelope-horns, antelopehorn milkweed, spider milkweed, antelope horns
  Asclepias asperula ssp. asperula (Decne.) Woodson – accepted – spider milkweed, antelope horns
  Asclepias asperula ssp. capricornu (Woodson) Woodson – accepted – antelope horns, antelopehorns
  Asclepias asperula var. decumbens (Nutt.) Shinners – not accepted
  Asclepias auriculata (Engelm. ex Torr.) Holz. – not accepted
  Asclepias bicknellii Vail – not accepted
  Asclepias brachystephana Engelm. ex Torr. – accepted – bract milkweed, shortcrown milkweed, short-crowned milkweed
  Asclepias brevicornu Scheele – not accepted
  Asclepias californica Greene – accepted – California milkweed, round-hood milkweed, woolly milkweed
  Asclepias californica ssp. californica Greene – accepted – California milkweed, round-hood milkweed, woolly milkweed
  Asclepias californica ssp. greenei Woodson – accepted – Greene's milkweed, round-hood milkweed, California milkweed
  Asclepias capricornu Woodson – not accepted
  Asclepias capricornu ssp. occidentalis Woodson – not accepted
  Asclepias carnosa L. f. – not accepted
  Asclepias cinerea Walter – accepted – Carolina milkweed, ashy milkweed
  Asclepias connivens Baldw. – accepted – largeflower milkweed
  Asclepias cordifolia (Benth.) Jeps. – accepted – heartleaf milkweed, purple milkweed
  Asclepias cryptoceras S. Watson – accepted – Humboldt milkweed, pallid milkweed, cow cabbage, Humboldt Mountains milkweed
  Asclepias cryptoceras ssp. cryptoceras S. Watson – accepted – pallid milkweed, cow cabbage
  Asclepias cryptoceras ssp. davisii (Woodson) Woodson – accepted – Davis' milkweed, pallid milkweed
  Asclepias cryptoceras var. davisii (Woodson) W.H. Baker – not accepted
  Asclepias curassavica L. – accepted – wild ipecacuanha, bloodflower, hierba de la cucaracha, scarlet milkweed
  Asclepias curtissii A. Gray – accepted – Curtiss' milkweed
  Asclepias cutleri Woodson – accepted – Cutler's milkweed, Cutler milkweed
  Asclepias davisii Woodson – not accepted
  Asclepias decumbens (Nutt.) K. Schum. – not accepted
  Asclepias eastwoodiana Barneby – accepted – Eastwood's milkweed
  Asclepias elata Benth. – accepted – nodding milkweed
  Asclepias emoryi (Greene) Vail – accepted – Emory's milkweed
  Asclepias engelmanniana Woodson – accepted – Engelmann's milkweed
  Asclepias engelmanniana var. rusbyi (Vail) Kearney – not accepted
  Asclepias eriocarpa Benth. – accepted – woollypod milkweed, kotolo, Indian milkweed
  Asclepias eriocarpa var. microcarpa Munz & I.M. Johnst. – not accepted
  Asclepias erosa Torr. – accepted – desert milkweed
  Asclepias exaltata L. – accepted – poke milkweed, asclépiade très grande
  Asclepias fascicularis Decne. – accepted – Mexican whorled milkweed, narrowleaf milkweed, narrow-leaved milkweed
  Asclepias feayi Chapm. ex A. Gray – accepted – Florida milkweed, Feay's milkweed
  Asclepias fremontii Torr. – not accepted
  Asclepias fruticosa L. – not accepted – African milkweed
  Asclepias galioides auct. non Kunth – not accepted
  Asclepias giffordii Eastw. – not accepted
  Asclepias glaucescens Kunth – accepted – nodding milkweed
  Asclepias hallii A. Gray – accepted – Hall's milkweed
  Asclepias hirtella (Pennell) Woodson – accepted – green milkweed, tall-green milkweed, prairie milkweed
  Asclepias humistrata Walter – accepted – pinewoods milkweed, sandhill milkweed
  Asclepias hypoleuca (A. Gray) Woodson – accepted – mahogany milkweed, talayote
  Asclepias incarnata L. – accepted – rose milkweed, swamp milkweed
  Asclepias incarnata ssp. incarnata L. – accepted – swamp milkweed
  Asclepias incarnata ssp. pulchra (Ehrh. ex Willd.) Woodson – accepted – swamp milkweed
  Asclepias incarnata var. neoscotica Fernald – not accepted
  Asclepias incarnata var. pulchra (Ehrh. ex Willd.) Pers. – not accepted
  Asclepias intermedia Vail – not accepted
  Asclepias involucrata Engelm. ex Torr. – accepted – dwarf milkweed
  Asclepias kansana Vail – not accepted
  Asclepias labriformis M.E. Jones – accepted – Jones' milkweed, Utah milkweed, labriform milkweed, poisonous milkweed
  Asclepias lanceolata Walter – accepted – fewflower milkweed
  Asclepias lanceolata var. paupercula (Michx.) Fernald – not accepted
  Asclepias lanuginosa Nutt. – accepted – side-cluster milkweed, sidecluster milkweed, woolly milkweed, small-green milkweed
  Asclepias latifolia (Torr.) Raf. – accepted – broadleaf milkweed, corn-kernel milkweed
  Asclepias laurifolia Michx. – not accepted
  Asclepias lemmonii A. Gray – accepted – bigleaf milkweed, Lemmon's milkweed, big-leaf milkweed
  Asclepias linaria Cav. – accepted – pine-needle milkweed, pineneedle milkweed, yerba de cuervo
  Asclepias linearis Scheele – accepted – slim milkweed
  Asclepias longifolia Michx. – accepted – longleaf milkweed
  Asclepias longifolia ssp. hirtella (Pennell) J. Farmer & C.R. Bell – not accepted
  Asclepias longifolia var. hirtella (Pennell) J. Farmer & C.R. Bell – not accepted
  Asclepias macrosperma Eastw. – accepted – largeseed milkweed, large-seeded milkweed, dwarf milkweed
  Asclepias macrotis Torr. – accepted – long-hood milkweed, longhorn milkweed, longhood milkweed
  Asclepias maritima Jacq. – not accepted
  Asclepias meadii Torr. ex A. Gray – accepted – Mead's milkweed
  Asclepias mexicana auct. non Cav. – not accepted
  Asclepias michauxii Decne. – accepted – Michaux's milkweed
  Asclepias nivea L. – accepted – Caribbean milkweed, white milkweed
  Asclepias nivea var. curassavica (L.) Kuntze – not accepted
  Asclepias nummularia Torr. – accepted – tufted milkweed
  Asclepias nyctaginifolia A. Gray – accepted – Mojave milkweed
  Asclepias obovata Elliott – accepted – pineland milkweed
  Asclepias oenotheroides Schltdl. & Cham. – accepted – zizotes milkweed
  Asclepias otarioides auct. non E. Fourn. – not accepted
  Asclepias ovalifolia Decne. – accepted – milkweed, oval-leaf milkweed
  Asclepias pedicellata Walter – accepted – savannah milkweed
  Asclepias perennis Walter – accepted – aquatic milkweed
  Asclepias physocarpa (E. Mey.) Schltr. – not accepted – balloonplant
  Asclepias phytolaccoides G. Lyon ex Pursh – not accepted
  Asclepias procera Aiton – not accepted
  Asclepias prostrata W.H. Blackw. – accepted – prostrate milkweed
  Asclepias pulchra Ehrh. ex Willd. – not accepted
  Asclepias pumila (A. Gray) Vail – accepted – low milkweed, plains milkweed
  Asclepias purpurascens L. – accepted – purple milkweed
  Asclepias quadrifolia Jacq. – accepted – fourleaf milkweed
  Asclepias quinquedentata A. Gray – accepted – slim-pod milkweed, slimpod milkweed
  Asclepias rolfsii Britton ex Vail – not accepted
  Asclepias rubra L. – accepted – red milkweed
  Asclepias rusbyi (Vail) Woodson – accepted – Rusby's milkweed
  Asclepias ruthiae Maguire – accepted – Ruth's milkweed, Ruth milkweed
  Asclepias sanjuanensis K.D. Heil, J.M. Porter & S.L. Welsh – accepted – San Juan River milkweed, San Juan milkweed
  Asclepias scaposa Vail – accepted – Bear Mountain milkweed
  Asclepias solanoana Woodson – accepted – serpentine milkweed
  Asclepias speciosa Torr. – accepted – showy milkweed
  Asclepias sperryi Woodson – accepted – Sperry's milkweed
  Asclepias stenophylla A. Gray – accepted – slimleaf milkweed
  Asclepias subulata Decne. – accepted – desert milkweed, rush milkweed
  Asclepias subverticillata (A. Gray) Vail – accepted – whorled milkweed, poison milkweed, western whorled milkweed, horsetail milkweed
  Asclepias sullivantii Engelm. ex A. Gray – accepted – Sullivant's milkweed, prairie milkweed
  Asclepias syriaca L. – accepted – broadleaf milkweed, common milkweed
  Asclepias syriaca var. kansana (Vail) E.J. Palmer & Steyerm. – not accepted
  Asclepias texana A. Heller – accepted – Texas milkweed
  Asclepias tomentosa Elliott – accepted – tuba milkweed
  Asclepias tuberosa L. – accepted – butterflyweed, butterfly milkweed
  Asclepias tuberosa ssp. interior Woodson – accepted – butterfly milkweed
  Asclepias tuberosa ssp. rolfsii (Britton ex Vail) Woodson – accepted – Rolfs' milkweed
  Asclepias tuberosa ssp. terminalis Woodson – not accepted
  Asclepias tuberosa ssp. tuberosa L. – accepted – butterfly milkweed
  Asclepias tuberosa var. interior (Woodson) Shinners – not accepted – butterflyweed
  Asclepias uncialis Greene – accepted – wheel milkweed
  Asclepias uncialis ssp. ruthiae (Maguire) Kartesz & Gandhi – not accepted – Ruth's milkweed
  Asclepias uncialis ssp. uncialis Greene – not accepted – wheel milkweed
  Asclepias uncialis var. ruthiae (Maguire) E. Sundell – not accepted
  Asclepias variegata L. – accepted – white milkweed, redring milkweed
  Asclepias verticillata L. – accepted – eastern whorled milkweed, whorled milkweed
  Asclepias vestita Hook. & Arn. – accepted – woolly milkweed
  Asclepias vestita ssp. parishii (Jeps.) Woodson – accepted – Parish's woolly milkweed
  Asclepias vestita ssp. vestita Hook. & Arn. – accepted – woolly milkweed
  Asclepias vestita var. parishii Jeps. – not accepted
  Asclepias viridiflora Raf. – accepted – green milkweed, green antelopehorn milkweed, green comet milkweed
  Asclepias viridiflora var. lanceolata Torr. – not accepted
  Asclepias viridiflora var. linearis (A. Gray) Fernald – not accepted
  Asclepias viridiflora var. obovata (Elliott) Torr. – not accepted
  Asclepias viridis Walter – accepted – green antelopehorn
  Asclepias viridula Chapm. – accepted – southern milkweed
  Asclepias welshii N.H. Holmgren & P.K. Holmgren – accepted – Welsh's milkweed

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