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 Kingdom Plantae
  Aristida gypsophila Beetle – accepted – gypsum threeawn
  Aristida gypsophila f. diffusa Allred & Valdés-Reyna – accepted
  Aristida gypsophila f. gypsophila Beetle – accepted
  Aristida gypsophila f. gypsophiloides Allred & Valdés-Reyna – accepted
  Cryptantha gypsophila Reveal & C.R. Broome – accepted – Gypsum Valley cryptantha
  Euphorbia gypsophila S. Carter – accepted
  Gypsophila L. – accepted – babysbreath, baby's-breath
  Gypsophila acorzonerifolia Ser. – not accepted
  Gypsophila acutifolia Steven ex Spreng. – accepted – sharpleaf babysbreath, sharpleaf baby's-breath
  Gypsophila arrostii Guss. – accepted – Arrost's babysbreath, Arrost's baby's-breath
  Gypsophila cerastoides D. Don – accepted – chickweed baby's-breath
  Gypsophila elegans M. Bieb. – accepted – showy babysbreath, showy baby's-breath
  Gypsophila elegans var. elegans M. Bieb. – not accepted – showy baby's-breath
  Gypsophila muralis L. – accepted – low babysbreath, low baby's-breath
  Gypsophila oldhamiana Miq. – accepted – Oldham's babysbreath, Manchurian baby's-breath, Oldham's baby's-breath
  Gypsophila pacifica Kom. – accepted
  Gypsophila paniculata L. – accepted – bachelor's button, babysbreath gypsophila, babysbreath, perfoliate baby's breath, baby's breath
  Gypsophila paniculata var. paniculata L. – not accepted – baby's breath
  Gypsophila perfoliata L. – accepted – perfoliate babysbreath, perfoliate baby's-breath
  Gypsophila perfoliata var. latifolia Maxim. – not accepted – perfoliate babysbreath
  Gypsophila perfoliata var. perfoliata L. – not accepted – perfoliate baby's-breath, perfoliate babysbreath
  Gypsophila pilosa Huds. – accepted – Turkish baby's-breath, Turkish babysbreath
  Gypsophila porrigens (L.) Boiss. – not accepted
  Gypsophila repens L. – accepted – creeping babysbreath, creeping baby's-breath
  Gypsophila scorzonerifolia Ser. – accepted – garden babysbreath, garden baby's-breath
  Gypsophila stevenii Fisch. ex Schrank – accepted – Steven's babysbreath
  Machaeranthera gypsophila B.L. Turner – not accepted – gypsum tansyaster
  Muhlenbergia gypsophila Reeder & C. Reeder – accepted
  Oenothera pallida ssp. gypsophila (Eastw.) Munz & W.M. Klein – not accepted – whitepole evening primrose, whitepole evening-primrose, whitepole eveningprimrose
  Oenothera runcinata var. gypsophila (Eastw.) Munz – not accepted
  Sartwellia gypsophila Powell & B.L. Turner – accepted – gypsum glowwort
  Sophora gypsophila B.L. Turner & A.M. Powell – not accepted – Guadalupe Mountain necklacepod
  Sophora gypsophila var. guadalupensis B.L. Turner & A.M. Powell – not accepted – Guadalupe Mountain necklacepod, Guadalupe Mountains mescal bean
  Sophora gypsophila var. gypsophila B.L. Turner & A.M. Powell – not accepted – Guadalupe Mountain necklacepod
  Stenaria nigricans var. gypsophila (B.L. Turner) Terrell – accepted
  Townsendia gypsophila T.K. Lowrey & P.J. Knight – accepted – gypsum-loving Townsend daisy

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