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Bazzania  Gray
Taxonomic Serial No.: 14359

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Plantae  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Dendrobazzania R.M. Schust. & W.B. Schofield
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: accepted  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2018   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomPlantae  – plantes, Planta, Vegetal, plants  
    SubkingdomViridiplantae  – green plants  
       InfrakingdomStreptophyta  – land plants  
             DivisionMarchantiophyta  – liverworts  
                   SubclassJungermanniidae  – leafy hepatics  
                               SubfamilyBazzanioideae Rodway  
                                  GenusBazzania Gray  
    Direct Children:  
                                     Species Bazzania acanthostipa Spruce  
                                     Species Bazzania accreta (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania acinaciformis Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania acuminata (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania acutifolia (Steph.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania adnexa (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania affinis (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania albifolia Horik.  
                                     Species Bazzania ambigua (Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania amblyphylla Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania aneityensis (Steph.) Tixier  
                                     Species Bazzania angusta (Steph.) Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania angustifolia Horik.  
                                     Species Bazzania angustisedens (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania angustistipula N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania appendiculata (Mitt.) S. Hatt.  
                                     Species Bazzania approximata Onr.  
                                     Species Bazzania armatistipula (Steph.) Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania asperrima Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania asymmetrica (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania aterrima (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania aurescens Spruce  
                                     Species Bazzania avia Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania azorica H. Buch & Perss.  
                                     Species Bazzania baldwinii Austin  
                                     Species Bazzania bernieri (Steph.) Inoue & H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania bescherellei Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania bhutanica N. Kitag. & Grolle  
                                     Species Bazzania bicrenata N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania bidens (Gottsche & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania bidentula (Steph.) Yasuda  
                                     Species Bazzania bilobata N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania borneensis (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania brasiliensis (Gottsche & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania brighamii (Austin) A. Evans  
                                     Species Bazzania cadens N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania calcarata (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania callida (Sande Lac. ex Steph.) Abeyw.  
                                     Species Bazzania canelensis (Steph.) Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania caudata (Steph.) Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania caudistipula (Steph.) Inoue & H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania ceylanica (Mitt.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania chilensis (Steph.) Spruce  
                                     Species Bazzania chimantensis Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania cincinnata (De Not.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania citharodes Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania combinata (J.B. Jack & Steph.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania commutata (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania comorensis Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania confertifolia (Steph.) Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania conistipula (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania conophylla (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania consanguinea (Hampe & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania consociata (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania corbieri (Steph.) Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania crassidentata Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania crassitexta Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania crenata Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania cubensis (Gottsche ex Steph.) Pagán  
                                     Species Bazzania cucullata Onr.  
                                     Species Bazzania cuneistipula (Gottsche & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania curvidens Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania debilis N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania deciduifolia Onr.  
                                     Species Bazzania decrescens (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania densa (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania denticulata (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania denticulifera Mägd.  
                                     Species Bazzania denudata (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania deplanchei (Gottsche) Jovet-Ast  
                                     Species Bazzania desciscens (Steph.) Meijer  
                                     Species Bazzania didericiana (Gottsche ex Steph.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania diminuta Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania distans (Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania diversicuspis Spruce  
                                     Species Bazzania drepanophylla Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania dulitensis Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania dulongensis L.P. Zhou & Li Zhang  
                                     Species Bazzania eggersiana (Steph.) Pagán  
                                     Species Bazzania elmeri (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania elongata Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania emarginata (Steph.) C.M. Cooke  
                                     Species Bazzania engelii Glenny  
                                     Species Bazzania erosa (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania exempta J.J. Engel  
                                     Species Bazzania falcata (Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania falcifolia (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania fallax (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania fasciculata (Steph.) Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania fauriana (Steph.) S. Hatt.  
                                     Species Bazzania filiformis Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania flaccida (Dumort.) Grolle  
                                     Species Bazzania flavescens (Sande Lac. ex Steph.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania fleischeri (Steph.) Abeyw.  
                                     Species Bazzania francana (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania friabilis N. Kitag. & T. Kodama  
                                     Species Bazzania fuhreri Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania fuscescens A. Evans  
                                     Species Bazzania gamscottii Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania gedeana (Steph.) Meijer  
                                     Species Bazzania gracilis (Hampe & Gottsche) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania grandiretis (Steph.) Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania griffithiana (Steph.) Mizut.  
                                     Species Bazzania gunniana (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania hainanensis L.P. Zhou & Li Zhang  
                                     Species Bazzania halconiensis (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania hamatifolia (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania harpago (De Not.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania hebridensis (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania herminieri (Gottsche ex Steph.) Pagán  
                                     Species Bazzania herzogiana (Herzog) Meijer  
                                     Species Bazzania heterostipa (Steph.) Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania himalayana (Mitt.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania hochstetteri (Reichardt) E.A. Hodgs.  
                                     Species Bazzania hookeri (Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania horridula Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania imbricata (Mitt.) S. Hatt.  
                                     Species Bazzania inaequabilis Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania inaequitexta Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania incrassata (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania indica (Gottsche & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania indigenarum (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania insignis (De Not.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania intermedia (Gottsche & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania involuta (Mont.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania involutiformis (De Not.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania irregularis (Steph.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania jamaicensis (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania japonica (Sande Lac.) Lindb.  
                                     Species Bazzania javanica (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania kernii Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania kokawana N. Kitag. & T. Kodama  
                                     Species Bazzania latifolia Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania lehmanniana (Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania leratii (Beauverd) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania lessonii (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania levieri (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania liebmaniana (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania linearis Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania linguiformis (Sande Lac.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania longa (Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania longicaulis (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania longistipula (Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania loricata (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania lowii (Sande Lac. ex Steph.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania luzonensis (Steph.) Del Ros.  
                                     Species Bazzania macgregorii Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania magna Horik.  
                                     Species Bazzania magnistipula N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania malaccensis (Steph.) Tixier  
                                     Species Bazzania manczurica Bakalin  
                                     Species Bazzania manillana (Gottsche ex Steph.) S. Hatt.  
                                     Species Bazzania marginata (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania marginella (Herzog) N. Kitag. & T. Kodama  
                                     Species Bazzania mascarena (Steph.) Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania mayebarae S. Hatt.  
                                     Species Bazzania menzelii (Herzog) E.D. Cooper  
                                     Species Bazzania merrillana (Steph.) Inoue ex Bonner  
                                     Species Bazzania minuta (Austin) A. Evans  
                                     Species Bazzania minutidens (Steph.) Inoue & H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania minutiserra (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania missionum (Herzog) Jovet-Ast  
                                     Species Bazzania mittenii (Steph.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania monilinervis (Lehm. & Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania morokensis (Steph.) Grolle  
                                     Species Bazzania nitida (F. Weber) Grolle  
                                     Species Bazzania novae-zelandiae (Mitt.) Besch. & C. Massal.  
                                     Species Bazzania nudicaulis A. Evans  
                                     Species Bazzania nuuanuensis C.M. Cooke  
                                     Species Bazzania obcuneata (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania obtusata (Mitt.) Abeyw.  
                                     Species Bazzania okaritana Meagher & Glenny  
                                     Species Bazzania oleosa Grolle  
                                     Species Bazzania orbanii Pócs  
                                     Species Bazzania ovistipula (Steph.) Abeyw.  
                                     Species Bazzania pallidevirens (Steph.) Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania papillosa S.W. Arnell  
                                     Species Bazzania parabidentula Bakalin  
                                     Species Bazzania paradoxa (Sande Lac.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania parisii (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania parvitexta Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania patens (Mont.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania patentistipa (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania paucidens (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania pearsonii Steph. – Pearson's bazzania 
                                     Species Bazzania pectinata (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania perfalcata N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania perrotana (Steph.) E.W. Jones  
                                     Species Bazzania peruviana (Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania phyllobola Spruce  
                                     Species Bazzania placophylla (Taylor) Grolle  
                                     Species Bazzania platycnema (Schwägr. ex Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania polyodus (Casp.) Grolle  
                                     Species Bazzania pompeana (Sande Lac.) Mitt.  
                                     Species Bazzania praerupta (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania pseudovittata N. Kitag. & T. Kodama  
                                     Species Bazzania pusilla (Mitt.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania pycnophylla (Taylor) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania quadratistipula (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania rabenhorstii (Steph.) Abeyw.  
                                     Species Bazzania recurva (Mont.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania reflexa (Gottsche) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania reinwardtii (Sande Lac.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania renistipula Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania revoluta (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania rimosa Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania roccatii Gola  
                                     Species Bazzania roraimensis (Steph.) Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania sandvicensis (Gottsche ex Steph.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania sauropoda Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania scalaris Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania schultze-motelii N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania schusteriana N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania schwaneckiana (Hampe & Gottsche) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania scutigera (Nees & Mont.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania semicordata (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Kuntze  
                                     Species Bazzania serpentina (Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania serrapiculata Inoue & H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania serrata Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania serrulatoides Horik.  
                                     Species Bazzania sikkimensis (Steph.) Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania spinosa S. Okamura  
                                     Species Bazzania spiralis (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Meijer  
                                     Species Bazzania spruceana Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania squarrosa (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania stolonifera (Sw.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania stresemannii (Herzog) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania subacuta (Mitt.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania subaequitexta (Steph.) N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania subintegra (Steph.) L. Söderstr. & A. Hagborg  
                                     Species Bazzania sublonga Fulford  
                                     Species Bazzania subserrifolia (Beauverd) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania subserrulata A. Evans  
                                     Species Bazzania subtilis (Sande Lac.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania succulenta N. Kitag.  
                                     Species Bazzania sumatrana (Sande Lac. ex Steph.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania sumbavensis (Gottsche ex Steph.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania tayloriana (Mitt.) Kuntze  
                                     Species Bazzania temariana (Steph.) H.A. Mill.  
                                     Species Bazzania tessellata Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania tiaoloensis Mizut. & K.C. Chang  
                                     Species Bazzania tricrenata (Wahlenb.) Lindb.  
                                     Species Bazzania tridens (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania trilobata (L.) Gray – threelobed bazzania 
                                     Species Bazzania uncigera (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania undulata Herzog  
                                     Species Bazzania vietnamica Pócs  
                                     Species Bazzania vitiana Mitt.  
                                     Species Bazzania vittata (Gottsche) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania wallichiana (Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania watanabei Inoue  
                                     Species Bazzania wattsiana (Steph.) Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania wiltensii (Sande Lac. ex Steph.) Schiffn.  
                                     Species Bazzania wooroonooran Meagher  
                                     Species Bazzania wrightii (Gottsche ex Steph.) Steph.  
                                     Species Bazzania yoshinagana (Steph.) Yasuda  
                                     Species Bazzania zollingeri (Lindenb.) Trevis.  
                                     Species Bazzania zonulata Meagher  

  Expert: Anders Hagborg  
  Notes: Associate, Botany Department, The Field Museum of Natural History, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Illinois 60605, USA   
  Reference for: Bazzania    
  Expert: Lars Söderström  
  Notes: Professor, Department of Biology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway   
  Reference for: Bazzania    
  Expert: Matt von Konrat  
  Notes: Head of Botanical Collections, The Field Museum of Natural History, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, Illinois 60605, USA   
  Reference for: Bazzania    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: ELPT (Marchantiophyta & Anthocerotophyta), database (version 7-Jan-2018)  
  Acquired: 2018   
  Notes: Early Land Plants Today. Söderström L, Hagborg A, von Konrat M (eds.) The Early Land Plants Today (ELPT) project aims to combine existing data on nomenclature, taxonomy and distribution for liverworts and hornworts. The project is jointly coordinated by Prof. Lars Söderström (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway) and Anders Hagborg and Dr. Matt von Konrat (The Field Museum of Natural History, Illinois).   
  Reference for: Bazzania   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Bazzania   
  Source: The PLANTS Database, database (version 4.0.4)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Notes: National Plant Data Center, NRCS, USDA. Baton Rouge, LA 70874-4490 USA.   
  Reference for: Bazzania   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Crandall-Stotler, Barbara, and Raymond E. Stotler / Shaw, A. Jonathan, and Bernard Goffinet, eds.  
  Publication Date: 2000   
  Article/Chapter Title: Morphology and classification of the Marchantiophyta   
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  Page(s): 21-70   
  Publisher: Cambridge University Press   
  Publication Place: Cambridge, United Kingdom   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0 521 660971   
  Reference for: Bazzania   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Crandall-Stotler, Barbara, Raymond E. Stotler, and D. G. Long / Goffinet, B., and A. J. Shaw, eds.  
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  ISBN/ISSN: 9780521693226   
  Notes: Hardback ISBN: 978-0-521-87225-6   
  Reference for: Bazzania   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Söderström, Lars, Anders Hagborg, Matt von Konrat, Sharon Bartholomew-Began, David Bell, et al.  
  Publication Date: 2016   
  Article/Chapter Title: World Checklist of hornworts and liverworts   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: PhytoKeys, vol. 59   
  Page(s): 1-828   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 1314-2003   
  Notes: doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.59.6261   
  Reference for: Bazzania   

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  Comment: nom. cons.  



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