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Publication: Söderström, Lars, Anders Hagborg, Matt von Konrat, Sharon Bartholomew-Began, David Bell, et al. 2016. World Checklist of hornworts and liverworts. PhytoKeys, vol. 59. 1-828.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acanthocoleus R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Acrobolbaceae -- accepted
  Acrobolboideae R.M. Schust. ex Briscoe -- accepted
  Acrobolbus Nees -- accepted
  Acrobolbus bispinosus (J.B. Jack & Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Acrochila R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Acrolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Acrolejeunea abnormis (Gottsche) Pearson -- accepted
  Acrolejeunea comptonii Pearson -- not accepted
  Acrolejeunea inflexa (Gottsche) Pearson -- accepted
  Acrolophozia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Acromastigum A. Evans -- accepted
  Acromastigum (Acromastigum) A. Evans -- accepted
  Acromastigum (Inaequilatera) (Schiffn.) Grolle -- accepted
  Acromastigum echinatum (Gottsche) A. Evans -- accepted
  Acroscyphella N. Kitag. & Grolle -- accepted
  Adelanthaceae -- accepted
  Adelanthus Mitt. -- accepted
  Aitchisoniella Kashyap -- accepted
  Allisonia Herzog -- accepted
  Allisoniaceae -- accepted
  Allisoniella E.A. Hodgs. -- accepted
  Alobiella (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Alobiella pulvinata Steph. -- not accepted
  Alobielloideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Alobiellopsis R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Amazoopsis J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr. -- accepted
  Amphicephalozia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Anastrepta (Lindb.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Anastrophyllaceae -- accepted
  Anastrophyllopsis (R.M. Schust.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Anastrophyllum (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Anastrophyllum lignicola D.B. Schill & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Andrewsianthus R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Aneura Dumort. -- accepted
  Aneura amboinensis Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura augustae Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura biflora Colenso -- accepted
  Aneura brevissima Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura crinita C. Massal. -- accepted
  Aneura densa Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura denticulata Mitt. ex Thurn -- accepted
  Aneura giangena Hewson -- accepted
  Aneura goebeliana Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura hunsteinii Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura latemultifida Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura ledermannii Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura nymannii Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura roraimensis Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura serrulata Gottsche ex Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura singalangana (Schiffn.) Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura subledermannii Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura subtenerrima Steph. -- accepted
  Aneura vincentina Steph. -- accepted
  Aneuraceae -- accepted
  Anoplolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Anthelia (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Antheliaceae -- accepted
  Anthoceros L. -- accepted -- hornwort
  Anthoceros adscendens Lehm. & Lindenb. -- accepted
  Anthoceros aethyopicus Gola -- accepted
  Anthoceros agrestis Paton -- accepted
  Anthoceros alpinus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros amboinensis Schiffn. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros angustifolius Gottsche -- accepted
  Anthoceros angustus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros apiahynus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros bharadwajii Udar & A.K. Asthana -- accepted
  Anthoceros bolusii Sim -- not accepted
  Anthoceros brevicapsulus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros brunnthaleri Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros buettneri Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros bulbiculosus Brot. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros capricornii Cargill & G.A.M. Scott -- accepted
  Anthoceros carolinianus Michx. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros caucasicus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros cavernosus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros chambensis Kashyap -- accepted
  Anthoceros chungii Khanna -- accepted
  Anthoceros cichoraceus Mont. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros coriaceus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros crassinervis Nees -- not accepted
  Anthoceros crispatus Griff. -- accepted
  Anthoceros crispus Sw. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros decurvus Mitt. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros dendroceroides Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros denticulatus Lehm. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros dilatatus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros dimorphus Sim -- accepted
  Anthoceros dussii Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros endiviifolius Mont. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros erectus Kashyap -- accepted
  Anthoceros evanidus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros exiguus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros expansus (Steph.) J.C. Villarreal & Cargill -- accepted
  Anthoceros ferdinandi-muelleri Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros fimbriatus Gottsche -- not accepted
  Anthoceros flagellaris Mitt. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros flexivalvis Gottsche ex Nees -- not accepted
  Anthoceros floribundus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros fragilis Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros fuciformis Mont. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros fulvisporus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros fusiformis Austin -- accepted
  Anthoceros fusiformis ssp. fusiformis Austin -- accepted
  Anthoceros fusiformis ssp. taiwanensis J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Anthoceros gasongorii Gola -- accepted
  Anthoceros gemmifer Horik. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros giganteus Lehm. & Lindenb. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros glandulosus Lehm. & Lindenb. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros gracilis Reichardt -- not accepted
  Anthoceros granulatus Gottsche -- accepted
  Anthoceros gualaquizanus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros hallii Austin -- not accepted
  Anthoceros harrisanus (Steph.) Parihar -- accepted
  Anthoceros helmsii Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros himalayensis Kashyap -- not accepted
  Anthoceros incurvus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros inflatus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros jamesonii Taylor ex Mitt. -- accepted
  Anthoceros javanicoides H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Anthoceros javanicus Nees -- not accepted
  Anthoceros javanicus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros jungermannioides Schwein. -- accepted
  Anthoceros kajumas (K.I. Goebel) Prosk. -- accepted
  Anthoceros koshii Khanna -- accepted
  Anthoceros laevis L. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros lamellatus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros laminifer Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros macounii M. Howe -- accepted -- Macoun's anthoceros
  Anthoceros macrosporus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros maritimus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros megasporus Meijer -- accepted
  Anthoceros mildbraedii Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros minarum Nees -- not accepted
  Anthoceros minutus Mitt. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros mohrii Austin -- not accepted
  Anthoceros muscoides Colenso -- accepted
  Anthoceros myriandroecius Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros nagasakiensis Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros natalensis Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros neesii Prosk. -- accepted
  Anthoceros niger Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros oreganus Austin -- not accepted
  Anthoceros orizabensis (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Anthoceros pandei Udar & A.K. Asthana -- accepted
  Anthoceros parvifrons Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros parvulus Schiffn. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros patagonicus Hässel -- accepted
  Anthoceros patagonicus ssp. gremmenii J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Anthoceros patagonicus ssp. patagonicus Hässel -- accepted
  Anthoceros pearsonii M. Howe -- not accepted
  Anthoceros pellucidus Colenso -- not accepted
  Anthoceros peruvianus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros phymatodes M. Howe -- not accepted
  Anthoceros pichinchensis Spruce -- not accepted
  Anthoceros pinnatus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros pinnilobus Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros plicatus Mitt. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros propagulifer Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros pseudocostus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros punctatus L. -- accepted
  Anthoceros pusillus Colenso -- accepted
  Anthoceros rossoi Gola -- accepted
  Anthoceros rosulans J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Anthoceros sambesianus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros scariosus Austin -- accepted
  Anthoceros schroederi Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros serratus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros simulans M. Howe -- accepted
  Anthoceros skottsbergii Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros spongiosus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros squamuliger Spruce -- not accepted
  Anthoceros subtilis Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros telaganus Steph. -- accepted
  Anthoceros tenuis Spruce -- not accepted
  Anthoceros tigrinus Gola -- not accepted
  Anthoceros tristanianus J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Anthoceros tuberculatus Lehm. & Lindenb. -- accepted
  Anthoceros tuberosus Taylor -- not accepted
  Anthoceros venosus Lindenb. & Gottsche -- accepted
  Anthoceros verruculosus J. Haseg. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros vincentianus Lehm. & Lindenb. -- not accepted
  Anthoceros wrightii Steph. -- not accepted
  Anthocerotaceae Dumort. -- accepted
  Anthocerotales Limpr. -- accepted
  Anthocerotidae Rosenv. -- accepted
  Anthocerotopsida de Bary ex Jancz. -- accepted
  Aphanolejeunea lancifera R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Aphanolejeunea minima Tixier -- accepted
  Aphanotropis Herzog -- accepted
  Apotreubia S. Hatt. & Mizut. -- accepted
  Arachniopsis coactilis Spruce -- not accepted
  Archeophylla R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Archilejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Archilejeunea bilabiata (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Archilejeunea eberhardtii Steph. -- accepted
  Archilejeunea negrensis Steph. -- accepted
  Archilejeunea ovata Herzog -- accepted
  Arctoscyphus Hässel -- accepted
  Arnellia Lindb. -- accepted
  Arnelliaceae -- accepted
  Ascidiota C. Massal. -- accepted
  Aspiromitus Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus argillaceus Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus dixitianus Mahab. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus expansus Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus harrisanus Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus hirticalyx Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus kajumas K.I. Goebel -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus mangaloreus Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus maranguensis Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus microsporus Steph. -- not accepted
  Aspiromitus orizabensis Steph. -- not accepted
  Asterella P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Asterella caucasica (Steph.) H. Buch, A. Evans & Verd. -- accepted
  Asterella dognyensis (Steph.) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Asterella preussii (Schiffn.) M. Howe -- accepted
  Asterella tenerrima (Steph.) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Athalamia Falc. -- accepted
  Athalamia dioica Kashyap -- accepted
  Athalamia pulcherrima (Steph.) S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Aureolejeunea R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Austrolophozia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Austrolophozioideae R.M. Schust. ex Crand.-Stotl. -- accepted
  Austroriella Cargill & J. Milne -- accepted
  Aytoniaceae -- accepted
  Balantiopsidaceae -- accepted
  Balantiopsidoideae J.J. Engel & Vána -- accepted
  Balantiopsis Mitt. -- accepted
  Barbilophozia Loeske -- accepted
  Barbilophozia (Barbilophozia) Loeske -- accepted
  Barbilophozia (Sudeticae) (Schljakov) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Barbilophozia attenuata (Mart.) Loeske -- not accepted -- attenuate barbilophozia
  Bazzania Gray -- accepted
  Bazzania asymmetrica (Steph.) N. Kitag. -- accepted
  Bazzania comorensis Steph. -- accepted
  Bazzania corbieri (Steph.) Meagher -- accepted
  Bazzania crenata Trevis. -- accepted
  Bazzania curvidens Steph. -- accepted
  Bazzania distans (Nees) Trevis. -- accepted
  Bazzania fallax (Sande Lac.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Bazzania francana (Steph.) N. Kitag. -- accepted
  Bazzania intermedia (Gottsche & Lindenb.) Trevis. -- accepted
  Bazzania lehmanniana (Lindenb.) Trevis. -- accepted
  Bazzania marginata (Steph.) N. Kitag. -- accepted
  Bazzania mascarena (Steph.) Herzog -- accepted
  Bazzania menzelii (Herzog) E.D. Cooper -- accepted
  Bazzania praerupta var. obliquata (Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Bazzania recurva ssp. major (Sande Lac.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Bazzania scutigera (Nees & Mont.) Trevis. -- accepted
  Bazzania serpentina (Nees) Trevis. -- accepted
  Bazzania sikkimensis (Steph.) Herzog -- accepted
  Bazzania stolonifera var. granatensis (Gottsche) Fulford -- accepted
  Bazzania sumbavensis (Gottsche ex Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Bazzania wattsiana (Steph.) Meagher -- accepted
  Bazzanioideae Rodway -- accepted
  Biantheridion (Grolle) Konstant. & Vilnet -- accepted
  Blasia L. -- accepted
  Blasia javanica Sande Lac. -- not accepted
  Blasiaceae -- accepted
  Blasiales -- accepted
  Blasiidae -- accepted
  Blepharidophyllaceae -- accepted
  Blepharidophyllum Ångstr. -- accepted
  Blepharolejeunea S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Blepharostoma (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Blepharostoma corrugatum Steph. -- not accepted
  Blepharostoma vaginatum Herzog -- not accepted
  Blepharostomataceae -- accepted
  Brachiolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Bragginsella R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Brevianthaceae -- accepted
  Brevianthus J.J. Engel & R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Brevianthus hypocanthidium M.A.M. Renner & J.J. Engel -- not accepted
  Bromeliophila R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Bryopteris (Nees) Lindenb. -- accepted
  Bryopteris fissiloba Steph. -- accepted
  Bucegia Radian -- not accepted
  Bucegioideae -- not accepted
  Calatholejeunea K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Calobryales -- accepted
  Calycularia Mitt. -- accepted
  Calyculariaceae -- accepted
  Calyculariineae -- accepted
  Calypogeia Raddi -- accepted
  Calypogeia (Asperifoliae) (Warnst.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Calypogeia (Calypogeia) Raddi -- accepted
  Calypogeia amazonica (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Calypogeia cordifolia Steph. -- not accepted
  Calypogeia decurrens (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Calypogeia steyermarkii Fulford -- accepted
  Calypogeiaceae -- accepted
  Calyptrocolea R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Capillolejeunea S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Castanoclobos J.J. Engel & Glenny -- accepted
  Caudalejeunea Schiffn. -- accepted
  Caudalejeunea mauritiana (Steph.) Horik. -- accepted
  Cavicularia Steph. -- accepted
  Cephalantholejeunea R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Cephalojonesia Grolle -- accepted
  Cephalolejeunea Mizut. -- accepted
  Cephalomitrion R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Cephalozia (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Cephalozia bicuspidata ssp. bicuspidata (L.) Dumort. -- accepted -- twotoothed cephalozia
  Cephalozia bicuspidata ssp. lammersiana (Huebener) R.M. Schust. -- accepted -- Lammers' cephalozia
  Cephalozia hamatiloba ssp. hamatiloba Steph. -- accepted
  Cephalozia hamatiloba ssp. siamensis (N. Kitag.) Vána -- accepted
  Cephalozia hians Steph. -- accepted
  Cephalozia indica Udar & D. Kumar -- accepted
  Cephalozia kodaikanalensis G. Asthana & Saumya Srivast. -- accepted
  Cephalozia neesiana Steph. -- accepted
  Cephalozia parvifolia Arnell -- not accepted
  Cephalozia simulans C. Massal. -- not accepted
  Cephalozia tricuspidata (Nees) Trevis. -- accepted
  Cephaloziaceae -- accepted
  Cephaloziella (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Cephaloziella (Dichiton) (Mont.) Müll. Frib. -- not accepted
  Cephaloziella (Evansia) (Douin & Schiffn.) Müll. Frib. -- not accepted
  Cephaloziella (Prionolobus) (Spruce) Müll. Frib. -- not accepted
  Cephaloziella flexuosa C. Gao & K.C. Chang -- accepted
  Cephaloziella hyalina var. rappii (Douin) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Cephaloziella meghalayensis Udar & Ad. Kumar -- accepted
  Cephaloziella pygmaea (Spruce) Vána -- accepted
  Cephaloziella secundifolia Pearson -- accepted
  Cephaloziella villaumei (Steph.) Vána -- accepted
  Cephaloziellaceae -- accepted
  Cephaloziineae -- accepted
  Cephalozioideae Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Cephaloziopsis (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Ceramanus E.D. Cooper -- accepted
  Ceratolejeunea (Spruce) J.B. Jack & Steph. -- accepted
  Ceratolejeunea karstenii Steph. -- accepted
  Ceratolejeunea kuerschneri Eb. Fisch. & Vanderp. -- accepted
  Ceratolejeunea ledermannii Steph. -- accepted
  Ceratolejeunea sinensis P.C. Chen & P.C. Wu -- accepted
  Chaetocolea Spruce -- accepted
  Chaetophyllopsis R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Chandonanthus Mitt. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea curvatilobula (Herzog) Grolle -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea fukiensis (P.C. Chen & P.C. Wu) Piippo -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea galliotii Steph. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea herzogiana Steph. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea heteroclada (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea laurentii Steph. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea longiflora (Taylor) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea micholitzii (Steph.) R.M. Schust. & Kachroo -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea suborbicularis (Herzog) H.A. Mill., Bonner & Bischl. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea udarii G. Asthana, S.C. Srivast. & A.K. Asthana -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea ulugurica Malombe, Eb. Fisch. & Pócs -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea viridis Steph. -- accepted
  Cheilolejeunea wrightii Steph. -- accepted
  Chiastocaulon Carl -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus Corda -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus bifidus Schiffn. -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus brevistipulus Steph. -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus durus (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus ernstianus Steph. -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus hookeri var. constantifolius J.J. Engel -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus pallescens var. fragilis (Roth) Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus polyanthos var. rivularis (Schrad.) Lindb. & Arnell -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus tridens Steph. -- accepted
  Chiloscyphus venustulus Colenso -- accepted
  Clandarium (Grolle) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Clasmatocolea Spruce -- accepted
  Clevea Lindb. -- accepted
  Clevea hyalina var. californica M. Howe -- accepted
  Clevea pedicellata (Griff.) Lindb. -- accepted
  Cleveaceae -- accepted
  Cololejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea amoena Benedix -- not accepted
  Cololejeunea arrectifolia (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea augieri Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea bachmaensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea bontocensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea brunelii Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea caihuaella But & P.C. Wu -- accepted
  Cololejeunea camusii Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea chamlongiana Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea chittagongensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea crassipapillata Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea crenulata (Pearson) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea dadeuniana Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea dentilobula (Steph.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea deroinii Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea deslooveri Vanden Berghen -- accepted
  Cololejeunea dzumacensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea effusa (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea epiphylla G. Asthana & A. Shukla -- accepted
  Cololejeunea fischeri Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea flavida P.C. Wu & J.S. Lou -- accepted
  Cololejeunea floccosa var. amoenoides Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea floccosa var. ocellata Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea frahmii Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea fredericii Onr. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea hoabinhiana Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea kahuziensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea kohkongensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea lobulilineata Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea malaccensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea manlinensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea maritima Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea micronesica H.A. Mill. & Bonner -- accepted
  Cololejeunea ninguana Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea oblongiperianthia (P.C. Wu & J.S. Lou) Piippo -- accepted
  Cololejeunea obtusifolia var. madecassa (Tixier) Pócs -- accepted
  Cololejeunea peraffinis var. ciconiae Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea polisiana Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea pteroporum Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea punctata (Gottsche) Pearson -- accepted
  Cololejeunea reineckeana Steph. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea rotundilobula (P.C. Wu & P.J. Lin) Piippo -- accepted
  Cololejeunea spathulifolia (Steph.) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Cololejeunea takamakae Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea tamdaoensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea taprobanea Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea thailandensis Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea tribracteata Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea tridentata Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea tuksapiana Tixier -- accepted
  Cololejeunea uchimae Amakawa -- accepted
  Cololejeunea variifolia (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Colura (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Conocephalaceae -- accepted
  Conocephalum Hill -- accepted
  Conoscyphus Mitt. -- accepted
  Cordaea flotoviana Nees -- not accepted
  Corsinia Raddi -- accepted
  Corsiniaceae -- accepted
  Cronisia Berk. -- accepted
  Crossocalyx Meyl. -- accepted
  Crossotolejeunea curvifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Cryptocolea R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Cryptocoleopsis Amakawa -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea L. Söderstr., Crand.-Stotl., Stotler & Vána -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea levieri (Schiffn.) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea lilliena (Steph.) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea massalongoana (Schiffn.) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea proteus (Herzog) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea pycnophylla (Spruce) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea stephanii (Schiffn.) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea thermarum (Schiffn.) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptolophocolea whittieriana (Inoue & H.A. Mill.) L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Cryptomitrium Austin ex Underw. -- accepted
  Cuspidatula Steph. -- accepted
  Cyathodiaceae -- accepted
  Cyathodium Kunze -- accepted
  Cyathodium spurium (Dicks.) Lindb. ex Braithw. -- accepted
  Cyclolejeunea A. Evans -- accepted
  Cyclolejeunea ecuadorensis Steph. -- accepted
  Cyclolejeunea integerrima (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Cyclolejeunea spectabilis Steph. -- accepted
  Cylindrocolea R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Cyrtolejeunea A. Evans -- not accepted
  Cystolejeunea A. Evans -- not accepted
  Dactylophorella R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Deceptifrons J.J. Engel & Vána -- accepted
  Delavayella Steph. -- accepted
  Delavayelloideae Grolle -- accepted
  Dendroceros Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros (Apoceros) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Dendroceros (Dendroceros) Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros acutilobus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros adglutinatus (Hook. f. & Taylor) Gottsche -- accepted
  Dendroceros africanus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros allionii Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros australis Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros borbonicus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros breutelii Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros breutelii ssp. breutelii Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros breutelii ssp. surinamensis Lindenb. & Gottsche -- accepted
  Dendroceros canaliculatus Pagán -- not accepted
  Dendroceros cavernosus J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Dendroceros cichoraceus (Mont.) Gottsche -- accepted
  Dendroceros crassicostatus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros crassinervis (Nees) Gottsche -- accepted
  Dendroceros crispatus (Hook.) Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros crispatus var. crispatus (Hook.) Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros crispatus var. simplicior Spruce -- accepted
  Dendroceros crispus (Sw.) Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros cucullatus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros difficilis Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros exalatus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros foliicola J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Dendroceros gracilis Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros granulatus Mitt. -- accepted
  Dendroceros herasii M. Infante -- accepted
  Dendroceros humboldtensis Hürl. -- accepted
  Dendroceros japonicus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros javanicus (Nees) Nees -- accepted
  Dendroceros muelleri Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros ogeramnangus Piippo -- accepted
  Dendroceros paivae C.A. Garcia -- accepted
  Dendroceros pedunculatus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros rarus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros reticulus Herzog -- accepted
  Dendroceros rigidus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros seramensis J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Dendroceros subdifficilis S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Dendroceros subplanus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros subtropicus C.J. Wild -- accepted
  Dendroceros tahitensis Angstr. -- accepted
  Dendroceros tubercularis S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Dendroceros validus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendroceros vesconianus Gottsche -- accepted
  Dendroceros wattsianus Steph. -- accepted
  Dendrocerotaceae J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Dendrocerotales Hässel -- accepted
  Dendrocerotidae R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Dendrocerotoideae -- not accepted
  Dendrolembidium Herzog -- accepted
  Dendromastigophora R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Denotarisia Grolle -- accepted
  Dicranolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Dicranolejeunea bovonei Gola -- accepted
  Dinckleria Trevis. -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea comorensis Tixier -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea evansii Tixier -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea glaziovii Tixier -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea guadalupensis Steph. -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea heimii Jovet-Ast -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea integerrima Tixier -- accepted
  Diplasiolejeunea montecristensis S. Winkl. -- accepted
  Diplocolea Amakawa -- accepted
  Diplophyllum (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Diplophyllum androgynum J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr. -- accepted
  Diplophyllum angustifolium J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr. -- accepted
  Diplophyllum gemmiparum J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr. -- accepted
  Diplophyllum incrassatum J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr. -- accepted
  Diplophyllum novum J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr. -- accepted
  Douinia (C.E.O. Jensen) H. Buch -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea deslooveri Vanden Berghen -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea devendrae Sushil K. Singh & M. Dey -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea dissitifolia A. Evans -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea hampeana (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea integerrima Herzog -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea lancifolia (Gottsche) J.B. Jack & Steph. -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea longicornua (Herzog) Mizut. -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea nymanii Steph. -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea obliqua Steph. -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea ruandensis Vanden Berghen -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea serricalyx Herzog -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea subdissitifolia Herzog -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea tenax K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Drepanolejeunea tenera var. litoceras Herzog -- accepted
  Drucella E.A. Hodgs. -- accepted
  Drucelloideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Dumortiera Nees -- accepted
  Dumortiera hirsuta ssp. nepalensis (Taylor) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Dumortiera hirsuta ssp. tatunoi Horik. -- accepted
  Dumortieraceae -- accepted
  Echinolejeunea R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Endogemma Konstant., Vilnet & A.V. Troitsky -- accepted
  Endogemmataceae -- accepted
  Eocalypogeia (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Eotrichocolea R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Eremonotus Lindb. & Kaal. ex Pearson -- accepted
  Eulejeunea setulosa Steph. -- accepted
  Eulejeunea subpililoba Steph. -- accepted
  Euosmolejeunea parvistipula (Lindenb. & Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Euosmolejeunea tenerrima (Nees) Steph. -- accepted
  Evansianthus R.M. Schust. & J.J. Engel -- accepted
  Exormotheca Mitt. -- accepted
  Exormotheca gollanii Steph. -- accepted
  Exormothecaceae -- not accepted
  Fimbraria gigantea Steph. -- accepted
  Fimbraria incrassata Steph. -- accepted
  Fimbraria kamerunensis Steph. -- accepted
  Fimbraria pirottae Gola -- accepted
  Folioceros D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros amboinensis (Schiffn.) Piippo -- accepted
  Folioceros apiahynus (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Folioceros argillaceus (Steph.) J.C. Villarreal & Cargill -- accepted
  Folioceros assamicus D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros dilatatus (Steph.) J.C. Villarreal & Cargill -- accepted
  Folioceros dixitianus (Mahab.) D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros fuciformis (Mont.) D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros glandulosus (Lehm. & Lindenb.) D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros incurvus (Steph.) D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros indicus D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros kashyapii S.C. Srivast. & A.K. Asthana -- accepted
  Folioceros mangaloreus (Steph.) D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros paliformis D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Folioceros physocladus D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros pinnilobus (Steph.) D.C. Bharadwaj -- accepted
  Folioceros satpurensis D.C. Bharadwaj & K.P. Srivast. -- accepted
  Folioceros udarii A.K. Asthana & S.C. Srivast. -- accepted
  Folioceros verruculosus (J. Haseg.) R.L. Zhu & M.J. Lai -- accepted
  Fossombronia Raddi -- accepted
  Fossombronia crispula (Brot.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Fossombronia gregaria Colenso -- accepted
  Fossombronia grossepapillata Steph. -- accepted
  Fossombronia integerrima Steph. -- accepted
  Fossombronia integrifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Fossombronia macrophylla Colenso -- accepted
  Fossombronia nigricaulis Colenso -- accepted
  Fossombronia rosulata Colenso -- accepted
  Fossombronia spinosa Perold -- accepted
  Fossombronia subsaccata Steph. -- accepted
  Fossombroniaceae -- accepted
  Fossombroniales -- accepted
  Fossombroniineae -- accepted
  Frullania Raddi -- accepted
  Frullania affinis Nees & Mont. -- accepted
  Frullania allionii Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania alpina Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania amamiensis Kamim. -- accepted
  Frullania apertilobula Gerola -- accepted
  Frullania armatifolia Verd. -- accepted
  Frullania astrolabea Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania baileyana Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania belmorensis Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania borbonica Lindenb. -- accepted
  Frullania brachycarpa Spruce -- accepted
  Frullania breuteliana Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania brevicalycina Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania brotheri Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania brunea (Spreng.) Drège -- accepted
  Frullania caespitans (Steph.) Beauverd -- accepted
  Frullania caldensis Ångstr. -- accepted
  Frullania canaliculata Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania cataractarum Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania cavallii Gola -- accepted
  Frullania chiapasana Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania chilcootiensis Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania chiovendae Gola -- accepted
  Frullania claviloba Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania compacta Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania complicata Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania contracta Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania convoluta var. ampliata Herzog -- accepted
  Frullania cordaeana Lindenb. -- accepted
  Frullania cordistipula var. mutica (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Frullania cornuta Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania crawfordii Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania crenatiloba Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania crenulifolia J.B. Jack & Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania cuneiloba Nees -- accepted
  Frullania cuspiloba Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania degelii S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Frullania dispar Nees -- accepted
  Frullania ecklonii var. robustior (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Sim -- accepted
  Frullania ecklonii var. rufescens Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Frullania ecklonii var. tenerior (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Sim -- accepted
  Frullania elegans Lehm. -- accepted
  Frullania epiphylla ssp. fijiensis S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania ericoides var. laxa (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Frullania ericoides var. minor Kamim. -- accepted
  Frullania esenbeckiana (Steph.) Beauverd -- accepted
  Frullania evelynae var. devendrae Sushil K. Singh & Barbhuiya -- accepted
  Frullania evelynae var. srivastavae Sushil K. Singh & Barbhuiya -- accepted
  Frullania fallax Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania flammea Taylor -- accepted
  Frullania flexuosa S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania gracilis var. brevior (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Frullania granatensis Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania guadalupensis Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania gualaquizana Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania guatemalensis Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania hebridensis Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania hirtiflora Spruce -- accepted
  Frullania huerlimannii var. dioica S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania humilis Spruce -- accepted
  Frullania incisoduthiana var. parva S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania incisostipula Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania intermedia var. non-apiculata S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania jacquinotii Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania laetevirens Hampe ex Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Frullania lancistyla Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania larjiana Sushil K. Singh & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Frullania larjiana var. didyhatii S.N. Srivast. & M. Rai -- accepted
  Frullania laticaulis Spruce -- accepted
  Frullania latiflora Spruce -- accepted
  Frullania laxiflora var. crossii Spruce -- accepted
  Frullania leana Austin -- accepted
  Frullania levieri Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania lindenbergii var. fusca Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Frullania longistipula var. apiculata Demaret & Vanden Berghen -- accepted
  Frullania longistyla Yuzawa & S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania loricata var. laxa Pearson -- accepted
  Frullania ludoviciae Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania macularis Taylor -- accepted
  Frullania madagascariensis Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania matafaoica (Pearson) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Frullania mauritiana Austin -- accepted
  Frullania microcephala Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania miradorensis Lindenb. & Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania montana Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania multilacera Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania nigricaulis var. elongata Verd. -- accepted
  Frullania ocanniensis Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania odontostipa Spruce -- accepted
  Frullania ornithocephala var. major (Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Frullania pallidula S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania parvifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania plicata Hentschel & von Konrat -- accepted
  Frullania pseudericoides (S. Hatt.) S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania pyricalycina Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania reptans Mitt. -- accepted
  Frullania sabanetica Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania semienana Gola -- accepted
  Frullania solanderiana Colenso -- accepted
  Frullania subdilatata C. Massal. -- accepted
  Frullania subpedicellata S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania subsquarrosa S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania subtropica Steph. -- accepted
  Frullania taiheizana Horik. -- accepted
  Frullania tjibodensis S. Hatt. & Thaithong -- accepted
  Frullania trianae Gottsche -- accepted
  Frullania tricarinata Sande Lac. -- accepted
  Frullania trollii Herzog -- accepted
  Frullania vaginata var. nigricans (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Frullania van-zantenii Kamim. & S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Frullania victoriensis Steph. -- accepted
  Frullaniaceae -- accepted
  Frullanoides Raddi -- accepted
  Fulfordianthus Gradst. -- accepted
  Fulfordiella fuegiana Hässel -- not accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis Fulford -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis albescens var. islandica (Nees) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis catenulata ssp. catenulata (Huebener) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis catenulata ssp. nipponica (S. Hatt.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis connivens ssp. connivens (Dicks.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis connivens ssp. fissa (Steph.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis connivens ssp. sandwicensis (Mont.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis macrostachya ssp. australis (R.M. Schust.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis macrostachya var. spiniflora (Schiffn.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Fuscocephaloziopsis pleniceps var. caroliniana (R.M. Schust.) Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted -- Carolina cephalozia
  Fuscocephaloziopsis schusteri (Sushil K. Singh & D.K. Singh) Vána -- accepted
  Gackstroemia Trevis. -- accepted
  Geocalycaceae -- accepted
  Geocalyx Nees -- accepted
  Geothallus Campb. -- accepted
  Gerhildiella Grolle -- accepted
  Goebeliella Steph. -- accepted
  Goebeliellaceae -- accepted
  Goebelobryum Grolle -- accepted
  Gongylanthus Nees -- accepted
  Gottschelia Grolle -- accepted
  Greeneothallus Hässel -- accepted
  Grollea R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Grolleaceae -- accepted
  Gymnocolea (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Gymnocolea inflata ssp. acutiloba (Schiffn.) R.M. Schust. & Damsh. ex L. Söderstr. & Vána -- accepted
  Gymnocoleopsis (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Gymnomitriaceae -- accepted
  Gymnomitrioideae T. Jensen -- accepted
  Gymnomitrion Corda -- accepted
  Gyrothyra M. Howe -- accepted
  Gyrothyraceae -- accepted
  Haesselia Grolle & Gradst. -- accepted
  Hamatostrepta Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Haplolejeunea Grolle -- accepted
  Haplomitriaceae -- accepted
  Haplomitriidae -- accepted
  Haplomitriopsida -- accepted
  Haplomitrium Nees -- accepted
  Haplomitrium (Calobryum) (Nees) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Haplomitrium (Haplomitrium) Nees -- accepted
  Haplomitrium hookeri var. hookeri (Lyell ex Sm.) Nees -- accepted
  Haplomitrium hookeri var. minutum (E.O. Campb.) Barthol.-Began -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea acuta S. Winkl. -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea grossearmata Steph. -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea renneri Herzog -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea solitaria (Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea spruceana Steph. -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea tenuicuspis (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea uncinata var. setulosa Herzog -- accepted
  Harpalejeunea vitrea Herzog -- accepted
  Harpanthaceae -- accepted
  Harpanthus Nees -- accepted
  Hattoria R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Hattorianthus R.M. Schust. & Inoue -- accepted
  Hattoriolejeunea Mizut. -- accepted
  Hepatostolonophora J.J. Engel & R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Herbertaceae -- accepted
  Herbertus Gray -- accepted
  Herbertus evittatus (Steph.) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Herbertus subrotundatus X. Fu & Y.J. Yi -- accepted
  Herzogianthaceae -- accepted
  Herzogianthus R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Herzogianthus sanguineus R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Herzogiaria Fulford ex Hässel -- accepted
  Herzogobryum Grolle -- accepted
  Heterogemma (Jørg.) Konstant. & Vilnet -- accepted
  Heteroscyphus Schiffn. -- accepted
  Heteroscyphus caesius (Schiffn.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Heteroscyphus caledonicus (Steph.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Heteroscyphus elliottii var. portoricensis Fulford -- accepted
  Heteroscyphus falcifolius (Steph.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Heteroscyphus fragilicilius (Schiffn.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Hyalolepidozia S.W. Arnell ex Grolle -- accepted
  Hygrobiella Spruce -- accepted
  Hygrobiella acuminata Herzog -- not accepted
  Hygrobiellaceae -- accepted
  Hygrolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- not accepted
  Hygrolejeunea cubensis Steph. -- accepted
  Hygrolejeunea harpaphylla Steph. -- accepted
  Hygrolejeunea pacifica Steph. -- accepted
  Hygrolejeunea parvicalycina Steph. -- accepted
  Hygrolejeunea parvistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Hygrolejeunea patellirostris Steph. -- accepted
  Hygrolejeunea staudtiana Steph. -- accepted
  Hygrolembidium R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Hymenophytaceae -- accepted
  Hymenophyton Dumort. -- accepted
  Hypenantron Corda -- not accepted
  Hypenantron brachypus Steph. ex Lamothe -- accepted
  Hypenantron brasiliense Steph. ex Lamothe -- accepted
  Isolembidium R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Isopaches H. Buch -- accepted
  Isophyllaria E.A. Hodgs. & Allison -- accepted
  Isotachidoideae Grolle -- accepted
  Isotachis Mitt. -- accepted
  Isotachis boliviensis Gottsche -- accepted
  Isotachis hians Steph. -- accepted
  Isotachis lacustris Herzog -- accepted
  Isotachis sprucei (Steph.) Beauverd -- accepted
  Isotachis vexans Steph. -- accepted
  Iwatsukia N. Kitag. -- not accepted
  Jackiella Schiffn. -- accepted
  Jackiella unica Steph. -- accepted
  Jackiellaceae -- accepted
  Jamesoniella (Spruce) F. Lees -- not accepted
  Jamesoniella convoluta Steph. -- accepted
  Jensenia Lindb. -- accepted
  Jensenia crassifrons (Steph.) S. Schuette & Stotler -- accepted
  Jubula Dumort. -- accepted
  Jubula novae-zelandiae E.A. Hodgs. & S.W. Arnell -- not accepted
  Jubulaceae -- accepted
  Jubulineae -- accepted
  Jubulopsis R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Jubulopsis novae-zelandiae (E.A. Hodgs. & S.W. Arnell) R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia L. -- accepted
  Jungermannia amentacea Bertol. -- accepted
  Jungermannia argentea Hook.f. & Taylor -- not accepted
  Jungermannia brasiliensis Raddi -- accepted
  Jungermannia carnea Nees -- not accepted
  Jungermannia chamedryfolia With. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia chinensis Osbeck -- accepted
  Jungermannia clavigera Hook. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia cordata Vill. -- accepted
  Jungermannia crenulata Schmidel -- accepted
  Jungermannia creutzeri Kremer -- accepted
  Jungermannia digitata C.F.W. Meissn. ex Spreng. -- accepted
  Jungermannia dubioides (Nees) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Jungermannia erectii Ajit P. Singh & V. Nath -- accepted
  Jungermannia fernandeziana Mitt. -- accepted
  Jungermannia furcata L. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia hexagona Schwägr. -- accepted
  Jungermannia holandriana Kremer -- accepted
  Jungermannia hookeri Lyell ex Sm. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia incerta Gottsche -- accepted
  Jungermannia lateriflora Hampe ex Gottsche -- accepted
  Jungermannia lescuriana Austin -- accepted
  Jungermannia longiretis Besch. et Spruce -- accepted
  Jungermannia lyellii Hook. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia magellanica Lam. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia mastigophora Spreng. -- accepted
  Jungermannia michelii Mérat -- accepted
  Jungermannia minima Scop. -- accepted
  Jungermannia multifida L. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia odorata With. -- accepted
  Jungermannia orcadensis Hook. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia peltata Schmidel -- accepted
  Jungermannia pinnatifolia Hook. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia quadridigitata Griff. -- accepted
  Jungermannia ralfsii Wilson -- not accepted
  Jungermannia sauteri De Not. ex Rabenh. -- accepted
  Jungermannia secunda Hampe ex Gottsche -- accepted
  Jungermannia stereocaulis Bory -- accepted
  Jungermannia submersa Kremer -- accepted
  Jungermannia subtrifida Hook.f. & Taylor -- not accepted
  Jungermannia sullivantiana Austin -- accepted
  Jungermannia supina Hoffm. -- accepted
  Jungermannia tenuis Ehrh. -- accepted
  Jungermannia trilobata L. -- not accepted
  Jungermannia uncifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Jungermannia vernicosa Cass. ex Mérat -- accepted
  Jungermannia wondraczekii Corda -- not accepted
  Jungermannia woodsii Hook. -- not accepted
  Jungermanniaceae -- accepted
  Jungermanniales -- accepted
  Jungermanniidae -- accepted -- leafy hepatics
  Jungermanniineae -- accepted
  Jungermannioideae Dumort. -- accepted
  Jungermanniopsida -- accepted
  Kingiolejeunea H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Kingiolejeunea guayanensis H. Rob. -- accepted
  Kurzia G. Martens -- accepted
  Kurzia caduciloba R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Kurzia cucullifolia (Steph.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Kymatocalyx Herzog -- accepted
  Kymatolejeunea Grolle -- accepted
  Lamellocolea J.J. Engel -- accepted
  Leiocolea arctica S.W. Arnell -- not accepted
  Leiolejeunea A. Evans -- accepted
  Leiomitra Lindb. -- accepted
  Leiosporoceros Hässel -- accepted
  Leiosporoceros dussii (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Leiosporocerotaceae Hässel ex Ochyra -- accepted
  Leiosporocerotales Hässel -- accepted
  Leiosporocerotopsida Stotler & Crand.-Stotl. -- accepted
  Lejeunea Lib. -- accepted
  Lejeunea albiflora Colenso -- accepted
  Lejeunea amentulifera Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea angulifolia Mitt. -- accepted
  Lejeunea antillana Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea apiahyna (Steph.) Sushil K. Singh -- accepted
  Lejeunea aptycta Gottsche -- accepted
  Lejeunea asperifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea atheatostipa Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea bethanica Gottsche -- accepted
  Lejeunea caroliniana Austin -- accepted
  Lejeunea disjecta Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea elegans Gottsche -- accepted
  Lejeunea elongella Gottsche -- accepted
  Lejeunea emarginuliflora Gottsche ex Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea epibrya Taylor -- accepted
  Lejeunea fawcettiae (D.J. Carr) D.J. Carr -- accepted
  Lejeunea glaucescens var. obsoleta R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Lejeunea grossecristata (Steph.) E.W. Jones -- accepted
  Lejeunea grossiuscula Gottsche ex Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea haitica Nees & Mont. -- accepted
  Lejeunea hieronymii Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea hygrophila Gottsche -- accepted
  Lejeunea inflatiloba (Steph.) H.A. Mill., Bonner & Bischl. -- accepted
  Lejeunea kilimandjarensis Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea laxa (Nees) Lindenb. -- accepted
  Lejeunea leratii (Steph.) Mizut. -- accepted
  Lejeunea litoralis Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea musae (Spreng.) Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Lejeunea muscicola var. palmicola Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea nesiotica Besch. & Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea obscura Mitt. -- accepted
  Lejeunea oerstediana Lindenb. & Hampe -- accepted
  Lejeunea pallidissima Gola -- accepted
  Lejeunea paratropa Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea pertusa (Corda ex Nees & Mont.) Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Lejeunea pfleidereri (Steph.) Sushil K. Singh -- accepted
  Lejeunea phyllobola var. turgidula Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea proboscidea Gottsche -- accepted
  Lejeunea prominula Gottsche -- accepted
  Lejeunea ravenelii Austin -- accepted
  Lejeunea rothii (Schwägr.) Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Lejeunea scabriflora Loitl. -- accepted
  Lejeunea squarrosa (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea stephaniana (Steph.) Mizut. -- accepted
  Lejeunea subaquatica Schiffn. -- accepted
  Lejeunea subbifida (Steph.) Steph. ex Duss -- accepted
  Lejeunea trochantha Spruce -- accepted
  Lejeunea wichurae (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Lejeunea zacuapana (Steph.) Prantl -- accepted
  Lejeuneoideae -- accepted
  Lembidioideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Lembidium Mitt. -- accepted
  Lepicolea Dumort. -- accepted
  Lepicolea fryei Perss. -- not accepted
  Lepicoleaceae -- accepted
  Lepidogyna R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Lepidolaena Dumort. -- accepted
  Lepidolaenaceae -- accepted
  Lepidolejeunea R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Lepidozia (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Lepidozia brasiliensis Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia ceramensis Herzog -- accepted
  Lepidozia chaetophylla Spruce -- not accepted
  Lepidozia cordistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia cupressina ssp. pinnata (Hook.) Pócs -- accepted
  Lepidozia cupressina ssp. quinquefida (Steph.) Pócs -- accepted
  Lepidozia dusenii Steph. -- not accepted
  Lepidozia everettii var. javensis Herzog -- accepted
  Lepidozia gedena Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia griseola Herzog -- accepted
  Lepidozia hexiloba Pearson -- accepted
  Lepidozia massartiana (Schiffn.) Schiffn. ex Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia minor (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Solari -- accepted
  Lepidozia newtonii Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia nova Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia pallida Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia palmicola Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia parvistipa Taylor -- accepted
  Lepidozia paucifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia plumula Herzog -- accepted
  Lepidozia pseudocupressina Schiffn. -- accepted
  Lepidozia rufescens Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia squamifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidozia supradecomposita var. falcifolia Herzog -- accepted
  Lepidozia tricuspidata Steph. -- accepted
  Lepidoziaceae -- accepted
  Lepidozioideae Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Leptocolea (Spruce) Steph. -- not accepted
  Leptocolea sumatrana Herzog -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea borneensis Herzog -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea convexistipa Bischl. -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea curvatifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea emarginata (Horik.) S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea jamaicensis R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea massartiana Schiffn. ex Herzog -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea punctata Herzog -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea renneri Herzog -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea revoluta P.C. Chen -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea trigonostipa (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Leptolejeunea udarii M. Dey & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Leptophyllopsis R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Leptoscyphopsis R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Leptoscyphus Mitt. -- accepted
  Leptoscyphus difficilis (Steph.) Fulford -- accepted
  Leptoscyphus huidobroanus (Mont.) Gottsche -- accepted
  Lethocolea Mitt. -- accepted
  Lethocolea repens S. Winkl. -- accepted
  Lethocoleoideae Grolle -- accepted
  Lindigianthus Kruijt & Gradst. -- accepted
  Liochlaena Nees -- accepted
  Lobatiriccardia (Mizut. & S. Hatt.) Furuki -- accepted
  Lophocolea (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Lophocolea angustistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Lophocolea coadunata (Sw.) Mont. -- accepted
  Lophocolea deningeri Herzog -- accepted
  Lophocolea dusenii Steph. -- accepted
  Lophocolea gottscheoides Besch. & C. Massal. -- not accepted
  Lophocolea humifusa (Hook.f. & Taylor) Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Lophocolea kurzii var. siamensis N. Kitag. -- accepted
  Lophocolea laxissima Herzog -- accepted
  Lophocolea microstipula Steph. -- accepted
  Lophocolea mollis (Nees) Nees -- accepted
  Lophocolea morobeana Piippo -- accepted
  Lophocolea muricata var. major Pearson -- accepted
  Lophocolea pinnatistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Lophocolea silvestris Gottsche -- accepted
  Lophocolea undulata Mont. -- accepted
  Lophocoleaceae -- accepted
  Lophocoleineae -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea aberrantia Horik. -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea multilacera Steph. -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea obtusilacera Herzog -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea paramultilacera Vanden Berghen -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea proxima Steph. -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea quinquecarinata Vanden Berghen -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea tixieriana Vanden Berghen -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea vietnamica Tixier -- accepted
  Lopholejeunea yapensis Steph. -- accepted
  Lophonardia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Lophozia (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Lophozia austrosibirica Bakalin -- accepted
  Lophozia jamaicensis (Nees) Steph. -- accepted
  Lophozia pallida (Steph.) Grolle -- accepted
  Lophozia schusteriana Schljakov -- accepted
  Lophozia serpens (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Lophozia subapiculata R.M. Schust. & Damsh. -- accepted
  Lophozia wenzelii (Nees) Steph. -- accepted
  Lophoziaceae -- accepted
  Lophoziopsis Konstant. & Vilnet -- accepted
  Lophoziopsis propagulifera (Gottsche) Konstant. & Vilnet -- accepted
  Lunularia Adans. -- accepted
  Lunularia cruciata ssp. thaxteri (A. Evans & Herzog) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Lunulariaceae -- accepted
  Lunulariales -- accepted
  Luteolejeunea Piippo -- accepted
  Macrocolura R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Makinoa Miyake -- accepted
  Makinoaceae -- accepted
  Makinoiineae -- accepted
  Mannia Corda -- accepted
  Mannia hegewaldii Bischl. -- accepted
  Mannia paradoxa R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Mannia perssonii Udar & V. Chandra -- accepted
  Marchantia L. -- accepted
  Marchantia assamica Griff. -- accepted
  Marchantia balboi Gola -- accepted
  Marchantia balboi var. acutisquamata Gerola -- accepted
  Marchantia cagnii Gola -- accepted
  Marchantia cengiana Gerola -- accepted
  Marchantia friedrichsthaliana Trevis. -- accepted
  Marchantia keniae Gola -- accepted
  Marchantia papyracea Gola -- accepted
  Marchantia quadriloba Steph. -- accepted
  Marchantia sellae Gola -- accepted
  Marchantia trilocularis Roth -- accepted
  Marchantia tusui Gola -- accepted
  Marchantiales -- accepted
  Marchantiidae -- accepted
  Marchantiophyta -- accepted -- liverworts
  Marchesinia Gray -- accepted
  Marsupella Dumort. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum aberrans Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum asperum Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum deningeri Herzog -- accepted
  Mastigobryum karstenii Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum ledermannii Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum londbergii Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum longifolium Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum minutitextum Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum multidens Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum muscicola Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum nigricans Herzog -- accepted
  Mastigobryum nipuranum Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum palmicola Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum rajanum Herzog -- accepted
  Mastigobryum ribehanum Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum ruficaule Beauverd -- accepted
  Mastigobryum schraderbergii Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum squamulistipum Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum subhyalinum Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum venezuelanum Molk. -- accepted
  Mastigobryum vermiculare Herzog -- accepted
  Mastigolejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigopelma Mitt. -- accepted
  Mastigophora Nees -- accepted
  Mastigophora appendiculata Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigophora attenuata (Taylor) Trevis. -- accepted
  Mastigophora bisseti Mitt. -- not accepted
  Mastigophora diclados var. villosa Herzog -- accepted
  Mastigophora guineensis Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigophora humillima (Taylor) Trevis. -- accepted
  Mastigophora pyramidana Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigophora valida Steph. -- accepted
  Mastigophoraceae -- accepted
  Megaceros Campb. -- accepted
  Megaceros aenigmaticus R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Megaceros aneuriformis Steph. -- accepted
  Megaceros austronesophilus Cargill & Seppelt -- accepted
  Megaceros ciliatus K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Megaceros denticulatus (Lehm.) Steph. -- accepted
  Megaceros flagellaris (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Megaceros flavens (Spruce) Campb. -- accepted
  Megaceros gracilis (Reichardt) Steph. -- accepted
  Megaceros jamesonii (Taylor) Steph. -- accepted
  Megaceros leptohymenius (Hook. f. & Taylor) Steph. -- accepted
  Megaceros pellucidus (Colenso) E.A. Hodgs. -- accepted
  Megaceros schizophyllus Steph. -- not accepted
  Megaceros tjibodensis Campb. -- accepted
  Megalembidium R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Mesoceros Piippo -- accepted
  Mesoceros mesophoros Piippo -- accepted
  Mesoceros porcatus Piippo -- accepted
  Mesoptychia (Lindb.) A. Evans -- accepted
  Mesoptychia chichibuensis (Inoue) L. Söderstr. & Vána -- accepted
  Mesoptychia chinensis Bakalin, Vilnet & Y.X. Xiong -- accepted
  Mesoptychia collaris (Nees) L. Söderstr. & Vána -- accepted
  Mesoptychia fitzgeraldiae (Paton & A.R. Perry) L. Söderstr. & Vána -- accepted
  Mesoptychia mamatkulovii (Duda) L. Söderstr. & Vána -- accepted
  Mesoptychia polymorpha Stotler, Crand.-Stotl. & Bakalin -- accepted
  Mesoptychia ussuriensis (Bakalin) L. Söderstr. & Vána -- accepted
  Mesoptychioideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Metacalypogeia (S. Hatt.) Inoue -- accepted
  Metalejeunea Grolle -- accepted
  Metzgeria Raddi -- accepted
  Metzgeria foliicola Schiffn. -- accepted
  Metzgeria fruticulosa auct. amer. [non (Dicks.) A. Evans] -- not accepted
  Metzgeria furcata var. expansa Douin -- accepted
  Metzgeria furcata var. pacifica Brinkm. -- accepted
  Metzgeria heteroramea Steph. -- accepted
  Metzgeria simplex Lorb. ex Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Metzgeriaceae -- accepted
  Metzgeriales -- accepted
  Metzgeriidae -- accepted -- simple thalloids
  Microlejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Microlejeunea byssoides (Gottsche) Pearson -- accepted
  Microlejeunea magnilobula Gola -- accepted
  Microlejeunea minutistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Microlejeunea nepalensis Steph. -- accepted
  Microlejeunea ovistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Microlejeunea ruthii A. Evans -- not accepted
  Microlejeunea szechuanensis P.C. Chen -- accepted
  Microlejeunea usambarensis Steph. -- accepted
  Microlejeunea victoriensis D.J. Carr -- accepted
  Micropterygioideae Grolle -- accepted
  Micropterygium Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees -- accepted
  Micropterygium pterygophyllum var. lancifolium Reimers -- accepted
  Micropterygium trachyphyllum var. brasiliense Reimers -- accepted
  Micropterygium trachyphyllum var. cubense Reimers -- accepted
  Micropterygium trachyphyllum var. guadeloupense Reimers -- accepted
  Micropterygium trachyphyllum var. jamaicense Reimers -- accepted
  Mizutania Furuki & Z. Iwats. -- accepted
  Mnioloma Herzog -- accepted
  Moerckia Gottsche -- accepted
  Moerckiaceae -- accepted
  Monocarpaceae -- accepted
  Monocarpus D.J. Carr -- accepted
  Monoclea Hook. -- accepted
  Monoclea adglutinata Hook. f. & Taylor -- not accepted
  Monoclea crispata Hook. -- not accepted
  Monoclea leptohymenia Hook. f. & Taylor -- not accepted
  Monocleaceae -- accepted
  Monodactylopsis (R.M. Schust.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Monosoleniaceae -- accepted
  Monosolenium Griff. -- accepted
  Mylia Gray -- accepted
  Myliaceae -- accepted
  Myliineae -- accepted
  Myriocolea Spruce -- not accepted
  Myriocoleopsis Schiffn. -- accepted
  Mytilopsis Spruce -- accepted
  Nanomarsupella R.M. Schust. ex A. Hagborg, L. Söderstr. & von Konrat -- accepted
  Nardia Gray -- accepted
  Nardia geoscyphus var. dioica Bakalin -- accepted
  Nardia geoscyphus var. suberecta (Lindb. ex Kaal.) Vána -- accepted
  Nardia kamtschatica Arnell & C.E.O. Jensen -- accepted
  Nardia leptocaulis C. Gao -- accepted
  Nardia scalaris var. botryoidea (R.M. Schust.) Vána -- accepted
  Nardia scalaris var. harae (Amakawa) Vána -- accepted
  Nardioideae Vána -- accepted
  Neesioscyphus Grolle -- accepted
  Neogrollea E.A. Hodgs. -- accepted
  Neohattoria Kamim. -- accepted
  Neohodgsonia Perss. -- accepted
  Neohodgsoniaceae -- accepted
  Neohodgsoniales -- accepted
  Neolepidozia Fulford & J. Taylor -- accepted
  Neoorthocaulis L. Söderstr., De Roo & Hedd. -- accepted
  Neotrichocolea S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Neotrichocoleaceae -- accepted
  Nephelolejeunea Grolle -- accepted
  Neurolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Nipponolejeunea S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Noteroclada Taylor ex Hook.f. & Wilson -- accepted
  Noteroclada longiuscula Colenso -- accepted
  Noterocladaceae -- accepted
  Nothoceros (R.M. Schust.) J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Nothoceros aenigmaticus J.C. Villarreal & K.D. McFarland -- accepted
  Nothoceros canaliculatus (Pagán) J.C. Villarreal, Hässel & N. Salazar -- accepted
  Nothoceros endiviifolius (Mont.) J. Haseg. ex J.C. Villarreal, Hässel & N. Salazar -- accepted
  Nothoceros fuegiensis (Steph.) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Nothoceros giganteus (Lehm. & Lindenb.) J. Haseg. ex J.C. Villarreal, Hässel & N. Salazar -- accepted
  Nothoceros minarum (Nees) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Nothoceros renzagliensis J.C. Villarreal, L.V. Campos & Uribe -- accepted
  Nothoceros schizophyllus (Steph.) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Nothoceros superbus J.C. Villarreal, Hässel & N. Salazar -- accepted
  Nothoceros vincentianus (Lehm. & Lindenb.) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Nothogymnomitrion R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Notoscyphaceae -- accepted
  Notoscyphus Mitt. -- accepted
  Notothyladaceae Müll. Frib. ex Prosk. -- accepted
  Notothyladales Hyvönen & Piippo -- accepted
  Notothyladoideae Grolle -- accepted
  Notothylas Sull. ex A. Gray -- accepted
  Notothylas (Notothylas) Sull. ex A. Gray -- accepted
  Notothylas (Notothyloides) A.K. Asthana & S.C. Srivast. -- accepted
  Notothylas anaporata Udar & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Notothylas breutelii (Gottsche) Gottsche -- accepted -- Breutel's notothylas
  Notothylas decurva (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Notothylas depressispora J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Notothylas dissecta Steph. -- accepted
  Notothylas flabellata Steph. -- accepted
  Notothylas galapagensis M. Howe -- accepted
  Notothylas himalayensis Udar & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Notothylas indica Kashyap -- accepted
  Notothylas irregularis Chantanaorr. -- accepted
  Notothylas javanica (Sande Lac.) Gottsche -- accepted
  Notothylas kashyapii D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Notothylas khasiana Udar & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Notothylas nepalensis D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Notothylas orbicularis (Schwein.) Sull. -- accepted -- round notothylas
  Notothylas pandei Udar & V. Chandra -- accepted
  Notothylas pfleidereri Udar & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Notothylas temperata J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Notothylas udarii D.K. Singh & Semwal -- accepted
  Notothylas verdoornii Khanna -- accepted
  Notothylas vitalii Udar & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Notothylas yunnanensis T. Peng & R.L. Zhu -- accepted
  Notothylatidae R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Nowellia Mitt. -- accepted
  Obtusifolium S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Odontolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Odontoschisma (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Odontoschisma obcordatum (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Odontoschismatoideae H. Buch ex Grolle -- accepted
  Odontoseries Fulford -- accepted
  Odontoseries chimantana Fulford -- accepted
  Oleolophozia L. Söderstr., De Roo & Hedd. -- accepted
  Olgantha eophylla R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Omphalanthus Lindenb. & Nees -- not accepted
  Orthocaulis H. Buch -- accepted
  Orthocaulis cavifolius H. Buch & S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Otigoniolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Otigoniolejeunea crenulata Steph. -- accepted
  Otigoniolejeunea ledermannii Steph. -- accepted
  Otolejeunea Grolle & Tixier -- accepted
  Otoscyphus J.J. Engel, Bardat & Thouvenot -- accepted
  Oxymitra Bisch. ex Lindenb. -- accepted
  Oxymitraceae -- accepted
  Pachyglossa Herzog & Grolle -- accepted
  Pachyglossa exilis (Herzog & Grolle) Hässel & Solari -- accepted
  Pallavicinia Gray -- accepted
  Pallavicinia bipinnata Steph. -- accepted
  Pallaviciniaceae -- accepted
  Pallaviciniales -- accepted
  Pallaviciniineae -- accepted
  Pallavicinioideae -- accepted
  Paracromastigum Fulford & J. Taylor -- accepted
  Paramomitrion R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Paraphymatoceros Hässel -- accepted
  Paraphymatoceros diadematus Hässel -- accepted
  Paraphymatoceros hallii (Austin) Hässel -- accepted -- Hall's phaeoceros
  Paraphymatoceros pearsonii (M. Howe) J.C. Villarreal & Cargill -- accepted -- Pearson's phaeoceros
  Paraphymatoceros proskaueri (Stotler, Crand.-Stotl. & W.T. Doyle) J.C. Villarreal & Cargill -- accepted
  Pedinophyllopsis R.M. Schust. & Inoue -- accepted
  Pedinophyllum Lindb. ex Nordst. -- accepted
  Pellia Raddi -- accepted
  Pellia cordaeana Trevis. -- accepted
  Pellia crispa P. Kumm. -- accepted
  Pellia gottscheana Kreh -- accepted
  Pellia longifolia P. Kumm. -- accepted
  Pellia undulata P. Kumm. -- accepted
  Pelliaceae -- accepted
  Pelliales -- accepted
  Pelliidae -- accepted
  Peltolepis Lindb. -- accepted
  Perdusenia Hässel -- accepted
  Perssoniellineae -- accepted
  Petalophyllaceae -- accepted
  Petalophyllum Nees & Gottsche -- accepted
  Phaeoceros Prosk. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros austroandinus Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros bolusii (Sim) S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Phaeoceros brevicapsulus (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros carolinianus (Michx.) Prosk. -- accepted -- Carolina phaeoceros
  Phaeoceros delicatus E.O. Campb. & Outred -- accepted
  Phaeoceros dendroceroides (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros engelii Cargill & Fuhrer -- accepted
  Phaeoceros erectus Udar & D.K. Singh -- accepted
  Phaeoceros evanidus (Steph.) Cargill & Fuhrer -- accepted
  Phaeoceros exiguus (Steph.) J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros flexivalvis (Gottsche & Nees) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros foveatus J. Haseg. -- not accepted
  Phaeoceros fulvisporus (Steph.) J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros gemmifer (Horik.) J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros gualaquizanus (Steph.) Gradst. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros himalayensis (Kashyap) Prosk. ex Bapna & G.G. Vyas -- accepted
  Phaeoceros huebschmannii Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros inflatus (Steph.) Cargill & Fuhrer -- accepted
  Phaeoceros kashyapii A.K. Asthana & S.C. Srivast. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros laevis (L.) Prosk. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros maranguensis (Steph.) Bapna -- accepted
  Phaeoceros microsporus (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros minutus (Mitt.) S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Phaeoceros mohrii (Austin) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros oreganus (Austin) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros parvulus (Schiffn.) J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros perpusillus Chantanaorr. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros pichinchensis (Spruce) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros propagulifer (Steph.) Prosk. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros proskaueri Stotler -- not accepted
  Phaeoceros striatisporus J. Haseg. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros tenuis (Spruce) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeoceros tigrinus (Gola) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Phaeoceros tuberosus (Taylor) Prosk. -- accepted
  Phaeoceros udarii A.K. Asthana & V. Nath -- accepted
  Phaeoceros wrightii (Steph.) Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeocerotoideae Hässel -- accepted
  Phaeolejeunea Mizut. -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros coriaceus (Steph.) R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros fimbriatus (Gottsche) R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros foveatus (J. Haseg.) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros hirticalyx (Steph.) R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros plicatus (Mitt.) J.C. Villarreal, J.J. Engel & Vána -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros skottsbergii (Steph.) R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros squamuliger (Spruce) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros squamuliger ssp. hasselii J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Goffinet -- accepted
  Phaeomegaceros squamuliger ssp. squamuliger (Spruce) J.C. Villarreal -- accepted
  Phaeomegacerotoideae -- not accepted
  Phycolepidozia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Phyllothallia E.A. Hodgs. -- accepted
  Phyllothalliaceae -- accepted
  Phyllothalliineae -- accepted
  Phymatoceros Stotler, W.T. Doyle & Crand.-Stotl. emend. Duff et al. -- accepted
  Phymatoceros bulbiculosus (Brot.) Stotler, W.T. Doyle & Crand.-Stotl. -- accepted
  Phymatoceros phymatodes (M. Howe) R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Phymatocerotaceae R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Phymatocerotales R.J. Duff, J.C. Villarreal, Cargill & Renzaglia -- accepted
  Physocolea (Spruce) Steph. -- not accepted
  Physocolea tambillensis (Loitl.) Steph. -- accepted
  Physotheca autoica J.J. Engel & Gradst. -- not accepted
  Pictolejeunea Grolle -- accepted
  Pigafettoa C. Massal. -- accepted
  Pisanoa Hässel -- accepted
  Plagiochasma Lehm. -- accepted
  Plagiochasma megacarpon (Griff.) Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Plagiochila abscendens Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila adianthoides var. aspergillifera Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila albertii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila aliena Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila ambigua Lindenb. & Hampe -- accepted
  Plagiochila ampliata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila angolensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila angusteoblonga Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila arcta S. Winkl. -- accepted
  Plagiochila arctica var. intermedia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Plagiochila arnelliana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila artsii Pócs -- accepted
  Plagiochila aspera Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila bamingensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila barbata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila barbeyi Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila batava Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila berggrenii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila biapiculata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila bicaudata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila bidentula Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila boliviana Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila borneensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila brevicalycina Lindenb. & Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila byssacea Hampe -- accepted
  Plagiochila camusii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila capillicaulis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila cava Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila chiovendae Gola -- accepted
  Plagiochila cinchonae Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila circumvoluta Gerola -- accepted
  Plagiochila concava Nees -- accepted
  Plagiochila conferta Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila crispabilis var. minima Lindenb. -- accepted
  Plagiochila cuervina Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila cuneata Lindenb. & Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila delognei Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila dichotoma var. fluitans Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila dilatata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila distans Colenso -- accepted
  Plagiochila doerfleri Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila drepanophylla var. minor Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila ecuadorensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila effusa var. decurrens Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila effuseintricata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila electa Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila elegantula Herzog -- accepted
  Plagiochila emarginatobidentula Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila erythraeae Herzog -- accepted
  Plagiochila excisa Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila exilis Colenso -- accepted
  Plagiochila falcato-oblonga Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila filicicola Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila flabellifrons Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila flavorufescens Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila formosa Nees -- accepted
  Plagiochila fragilis Taylor -- accepted
  Plagiochila fragmentissima Inoue & R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Plagiochila frausa Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila frausa var. boliviana Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila gaffatensis Gottsche ex Schweinf. -- accepted
  Plagiochila geppii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila gibbiflora Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila glauca Carl -- accepted
  Plagiochila gracilicaulis Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila granatensis Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila hans-meyeri Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila heterofolia Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila heterospina Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila heterostipa Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila hieronymii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila holstii (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila huatuscana Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila humboldtiana Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila incisa Dugas -- accepted
  Plagiochila informifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila injasutiensis S.W. Arnell -- accepted
  Plagiochila integrilobula Schiffn. -- accepted
  Plagiochila inuensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila karstenii (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila kaulfussiana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila kuhliana Sande Lac. -- accepted
  Plagiochila lacerifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila lachenaudii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila laciniosa Dugas -- accepted
  Plagiochila laevifolia Gola -- accepted
  Plagiochila laxiramea Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila lecontei Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila ledermanniana (Steph.) Beauverd -- accepted
  Plagiochila ledieui Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila lignicola Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila lindaui Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila lindigiana Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila loloënsis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila longifissa Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila lotsyana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila luteola Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila macra Taylor -- accepted
  Plagiochila macrifolia var. angustifolia Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila matanga Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila mildbreadiana (Steph.) Beauverd -- accepted
  Plagiochila moenkemeyeri Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila multiflora Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila naranjoënsis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila neglecta Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila negrensis Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila negrii Gola -- accepted
  Plagiochila nigricaulis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila notha Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila nova Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila obliquetruncata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila ornata Wilson ex Lindenb. -- accepted
  Plagiochila ovato-obconica Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila ovifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila owaihiensis Nees & Lindenb. -- accepted
  Plagiochila pachyloma var. elatior Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila parvitexta Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila parvula Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila pastasensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila pearceana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila prostrata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila pseudopatula Herzog -- accepted
  Plagiochila ragazzii Gola -- accepted
  Plagiochila rubricaulis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila rufifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila rusbyi Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila sabensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila samoana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila schiffneri Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila schinzei Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila schmidtii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila schraderbergii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila scotica Macvicar ex Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila similis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila slateri Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila sprucei Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila staudtiana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila stephanii Schiffn. -- accepted
  Plagiochila steyermarkii H. Rob. -- accepted
  Plagiochila stolzii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila subconvoluta Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila subdenudata Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila subhyalina Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila subrara Herzog -- accepted
  Plagiochila subrotundifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila suringarii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila symmetrica Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila tenera Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila tenuispica Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila thollonii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila tonduzana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila tovarina Gottsche -- accepted
  Plagiochila trabeculatospinosa Herzog -- accepted
  Plagiochila trabutii Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila tricuspis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila unduavensis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila usambarana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila venezuelana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila ventricosotrigona Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila verrucosa Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila vetustisilva Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila viminea Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila viridis Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila weymouthiana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochila xanthochroma Spruce -- accepted
  Plagiochila yoshinagana Steph. -- accepted
  Plagiochilaceae -- accepted
  Plagiochilidium Herzog -- accepted
  Plagiochilion S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Platycaulis R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Plectocolea (Mitt.) Mitt. -- not accepted
  Plectocolea subamoena S. Winkl. -- accepted
  Pleurozia Dumort. -- accepted
  Pleuroziaceae -- accepted
  Pleuroziales -- accepted
  Plicanthus R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Podomitrium Mitt. -- accepted
  Poeltia Grolle -- accepted
  Porella L. -- accepted
  Porella acutifolia var. linguifolia (Steph.) M.L. So -- accepted
  Porella andica (Gottsche) Hässel -- accepted
  Porella brasiliensis var. ciliata (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Porella brasiliensis var. laevior (Gottsche, Lindenb. & Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Porella capehorniensis Swails -- accepted
  Porella caucasica Steph. -- accepted
  Porella chilensis var. antucensis (Gottsche) Hässel -- accepted
  Porella imbricata Lour. -- accepted
  Porella maxima (Steph.) M.L. So -- accepted
  Porellaceae -- accepted
  Porellales -- accepted
  Porellineae -- accepted
  Prasanthus Lindb. -- accepted
  Preissia Corda -- not accepted
  Prionolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Prionolejeunea corbisieri Pearson -- accepted
  Prionolejeunea maculata Herzog -- accepted
  Protocephalozia (Spruce) K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Protocephalozioideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Protolophozia (R.M. Schust.) Schljakov -- accepted
  Protosyzygiella (Inoue) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Pseudocephalozia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Pseudocephaloziella R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Pseudoisotachis Vána -- accepted
  Pseudolepicolea Fulford & J. Taylor -- accepted
  Pseudolepicolea trollii var. darjeelingensis S. Hatt. & Mizut. -- accepted
  Pseudolepicoleaceae -- accepted
  Pseudolophocolea R.M. Schust. & J.J. Engel -- accepted
  Pseudomarsupidium Herzog -- accepted
  Pseudomarsupidium borneensis (Grolle) Vána, L. Söderstr., A. Hagborg & von Konrat -- not accepted
  Pseudotritomaria Konstant. & Vilnet -- accepted
  Psiloclada Mitt. -- accepted
  Pteropsiella Spruce -- accepted
  Ptilidiaceae -- accepted
  Ptilidiales -- accepted
  Ptilidium Nees -- accepted
  Ptychanthoideae -- accepted
  Ptychanthus Nees -- accepted
  Ptychanthus stephensonianus (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea anotomensis Tixier -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea cavistipula (Steph.) Mizut. -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea connivens (Gottsche ex Schiffn.) Schiffn. ex P. Syd. -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea convexifolia (Mitt.) Steph. -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea grossiloba Steph. -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea palmicola Steph. -- accepted
  Pycnolejeunea schlimiana Steph. -- accepted
  Radula Dumort. -- accepted
  Radula bipinnata Mitt. -- accepted
  Radula crenulata Schiffn. -- accepted
  Radula decurrens Mitt. -- accepted
  Radula hedingeri K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Radula holstiana Steph. -- accepted
  Radula longispica Steph. -- accepted
  Radula multiflora Gottsche ex Schiffn. -- accepted
  Radula nudicaulis var. delicatula P. Allorge & V. Allorge -- accepted
  Radula oceania Castle -- accepted
  Radula paganii Castle -- accepted
  Radula pinnulata Mitt. -- accepted
  Radula rupicola K. Yamada -- accepted
  Radula socorana Gerola -- accepted
  Radula squarrosa K. Yamada -- accepted
  Radula tjibodensis K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Radula vagans Steph. -- accepted
  Radulaceae -- accepted
  Radulineae -- accepted
  Reboulia Raddi -- accepted
  Rectolejeunea A. Evans -- accepted
  Rectolejeunea colombiana R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Rectolejeunea flagelliformis ssp. hamata R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Rectolejeunea lindenbergii Steph. -- accepted
  Rectolejeunea lindigiana Steph. -- accepted
  Rectolejeunea pachyderma R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Riccardia Gray -- accepted
  Riccardia albomarginata (Steph.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia baldwinii (Steph.) H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Riccardia baumannii Hürl. -- accepted
  Riccardia decolyana Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia diminuta Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia diminuta var. thermarum Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia elata var. flaccida Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia elata var. intercedens Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia hirtiflora (Steph.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia hymenophylloides var. flaccida Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia jackii var. densa Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia karstenii (Steph.) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia multifidoides Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia palmatiformis Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia plana var. minor (Pearson) Hürl. ex H.A. Mill., H. Whittier & B. Whittier -- accepted
  Riccardia rigida Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia stipatiflora (Steph.) Pagán -- accepted
  Riccardia subexalata var. procera Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia submersa (Hook.f. & Taylor) Trevis. -- accepted
  Riccardia tenella Hewson -- accepted
  Riccardia tjibodensis Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia umida E.A. Br. -- accepted
  Riccardia villosa (Steph.) Pandé & K.P. Srivast. ex S.C. Srivast. & Udar -- accepted
  Riccardia wettsteinii var. angustilimbia Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia wettsteinii var. crassa Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia wettsteinii var. procera Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccardia wettsteinii var. tenuiretis Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccia L. -- accepted
  Riccia amboinensis Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccia arnellii Sultan Khan -- accepted
  Riccia asservanda De Not. ex Lamothe -- accepted
  Riccia bahiensis Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia balansae Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia bialbistrata Hässel -- accepted
  Riccia chartacea K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Riccia chudoana Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia congoana Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia coronata Sim -- accepted
  Riccia crustata Trab. -- accepted
  Riccia frostii var. crystallinoides Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccia gemmifera O.H. Volk -- accepted
  Riccia huebeneriana ssp. sullivantii (Austin) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Riccia ianthina Jovet-Ast -- accepted
  Riccia intermedia Roum. -- accepted
  Riccia marginata Lindb. -- accepted
  Riccia nigrescens Mont. -- accepted
  Riccia obtusa Meijer -- accepted
  Riccia perthiana Steph. ex K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Riccia prominens Meijer -- accepted
  Riccia reticulatula Udar -- accepted
  Riccia runssorensis Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia saharensis Steph. ex Jovet-Ast -- accepted
  Riccia schroederi Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia subtilis (Steph.) Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia treubiana var. subrubescens Schiffn. -- accepted
  Riccia triangularis Steph. -- accepted
  Riccia tuberculata Poir. -- accepted
  Riccia velenovskyi Kavina -- accepted
  Ricciaceae -- accepted
  Ricciocarpos Corda -- accepted
  Riella Mont. -- accepted
  Riella battandieri Trab. -- accepted
  Riella cyrenaica Maire -- accepted
  Riella gallica Balansa ex Trab. -- accepted
  Riella helicophylla var. macrocarpa P. Allorge -- accepted
  Riella indica Steph. ex Kashyap -- accepted
  Riella reuteri Mont. -- accepted
  Riella sersuensis Trab. -- accepted
  Riellaceae -- accepted
  Ruizanthoideae R.M. Schust. ex J.J. Engel & G.L. Merr. -- accepted
  Ruizanthus Ruizanthus -- accepted
  Saccobasis H. Buch -- accepted
  Saccogyna Dumort. -- accepted
  Saccogyna ligulata Steph. -- accepted
  Saccogynaceae -- accepted
  Saccogynidioideae Crand.-Stotl. -- accepted
  Saccogynidium Grolle -- accepted
  Sandeothallaceae -- accepted
  Sandeothallus R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Sauteria Nees -- accepted
  Sauteria chilensis (Lindenb.) Grolle -- accepted
  Sauteria crassipes Austin -- accepted
  Sauteria inflata C. Gao & K.C. Chang -- accepted
  Sauteria japonica (Shimizu & S. Hatt.) S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Sauteria nyikaensis Perold -- accepted
  Scapania (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Scapania (Ascapania) Grolle -- accepted
  Scapania (Gracilidae) (H. Buch) Vána, Hentschel, Joch. Müll. & Heinrichs -- accepted
  Scapania (Macroscapania) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Scapania (Plicaticalyx) Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Scapania (Pseudomacrodiplophyllum) Vána, Hentschel, Joch. Müll. & Heinrichs -- accepted
  Scapania (Scapania) (Dumort.) Dumort. -- accepted
  Scapania degenii Schiffn. ex Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Scapania geppii Steph. -- accepted
  Scapania glaucoviridis Horik. -- accepted
  Scapania javanica var. scabra Schiffn. -- accepted
  Scapania microphylla Warnst. -- not accepted
  Scapania scapanioides (C. Massal.) Grolle -- accepted
  Scapaniaceae -- accepted
  Scapaniella H. Buch -- not accepted
  Schiffneria Steph. -- accepted
  Schiffnerioideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Schiffneriolejeunea Verd. -- accepted
  Schisma Dumort. -- not accepted
  Schisma orizabense (Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Schisma uleanum Steph. -- accepted
  Schistochila Dumort. -- accepted
  Schistochila aligera var. laxa (Nees) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Schistochila baileyana Steph. -- accepted
  Schistochilaceae -- accepted
  Schistochilopsis (N. Kitag.) Konstant. -- accepted
  Schistochilopsis nakanishii (Inoue) Konstant. -- accepted
  Schizophyllopsis Vána & L. Söderstr. -- accepted
  Schljakovia Konstant. & Vilnet -- accepted
  Schljakovianthus Konstant. & Vilnet -- accepted
  Schusterolejeunea Grolle -- accepted
  Sendtnera quadrilaciniata Sull. -- not accepted
  Seppeltia Grolle -- accepted
  Sewardiella Kashyap -- accepted
  Siphonolejeunea Herzog -- accepted
  Solenostoma Mitt. -- accepted
  Solenostoma caoi (C. Gao & X.L. Bai) Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma flagellalioides C. Gao -- accepted
  Solenostoma gongshanense (C. Gao et J. Sun) Vána et D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma lixingjiangii (C. Gao & X.L. Bai) Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma microphyllum C. Gao -- accepted
  Solenostoma microrevolutum (C. Gao & X.L. Bai) Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma multicarpum (C. Gao & J. Sun) Vána & D.L. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma novazelandiae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Solenostoma obliquifolium (Schiffn.) R.M. Schust. ex Vána, Hentschel & Heinrichs -- accepted
  Solenostoma orbicularifolium (Piippo ex C. Gao & X.L. Bai) Vána -- accepted
  Solenostoma rupicola (Amakawa) Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma sunii Bakalin & Vilnet -- accepted
  Solenostoma tetragonum var. kodaikanalense A. Alam, D. Sharma & So. Yadav -- accepted
  Solenostoma totopapillosum (E.A. Hodgs.) R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Solenostoma ventroversum (Grolle) Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma zangmuii (C. Gao & X.L. Bai) Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostoma zengii (C. Gao & X.L. Bai) Vána & D.G. Long -- accepted
  Solenostomataceae -- accepted
  Southbya Spruce -- accepted
  Southbyaceae -- accepted
  Sphaerocarpaceae -- accepted
  Sphaerocarpales -- accepted
  Sphaerocarpos Boehm. -- accepted
  Sphaerolejeunea Herzog -- not accepted
  Sphenolobopsis R.M. Schust. & N. Kitag. -- accepted
  Sphenolobus (Lindb.) Berggr. -- accepted
  Spruceanthus Verd. -- accepted
  Steereella Kuwah. -- accepted
  Stephaniella J.B. Jack -- accepted
  Stephaniella boliviensis Steph. -- accepted
  Stephaniellaceae -- accepted
  Stephaniellidium S. Winkl. ex Grolle -- accepted
  Stephensoniella Kashyap -- not accepted
  Stephensoniella brevipedunculata Kashyap -- not accepted
  Stictolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- accepted
  Stolonivector J.J. Engel -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. -- not accepted
  Strepsilejeunea apollinea (Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea durelii Schiffn. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea hamatifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea lanceolata (Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea muscicola Herzog -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea novae-guineae Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea obtusistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea papulifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea pectiniformis (Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea renistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Strepsilejeunea vatovae Gerola -- accepted
  Symphyogyna Nees & Mont. -- accepted
  Symphyogyna boliviensis Steph. -- accepted
  Symphyogyna paucidens Steph. -- accepted
  Symphyogyna purpureolimbata E.A. Hodgs. -- accepted
  Symphyogyna ulvoides (Reinw., Blume & Nees) Nees -- accepted
  Symphyogynoideae -- accepted
  Symphyogynopsis Grolle -- accepted
  Syzygiella Spruce -- accepted
  Syzygiella (Anomalae) (Inoue) K. Feldberg, Vána, Hentschel & Heinrichs -- accepted
  Syzygiella (Cryptochila) (R.M. Schust.) K. Feldberg, Vána, Hentschel & Heinrichs -- accepted
  Syzygiella (Pseudoplagiochila) Inoue -- accepted
  Syzygiella (Roivainenia) (Perss.) K. Feldberg, Vána, Hentschel & Heinrichs -- accepted
  Syzygiella (Syzygiella) Spruce -- accepted
  Syzygiella colorata var. collenchymata J.J. Engel & Vána -- accepted
  Syzygiella securifolia (Nees) Inoue -- accepted
  Targionia L. -- accepted
  Targionia dioica Schiffn. -- accepted
  Targionia elongata Bisch. -- accepted
  Targionia fiorii Gola -- accepted
  Targionia formosica Horik. -- accepted
  Targionia indica Udar & A. Gupta -- accepted
  Targionia orbicularis Schwein. -- not accepted
  Targioniaceae -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea boliviana Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea compressiuscula Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea convoluta Herzog -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea cuervi (Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea cuneistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea cuspidata Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea dissitifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea elobulata Sim -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea ghatensis P.K. Verma et S.C. Srivast. -- not accepted
  Taxilejeunea giulianettii Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea grandifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea grandistipula Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea hamatifolia Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea immersa Eifrig -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea laevis (Gottsche) Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea langiana Pearson -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea maxima Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea microstipula Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea mucronata Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea muscicola Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea nilgiriensis P.K. Verma et S.C. Srivast. -- not accepted
  Taxilejeunea paucidens Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea pendula Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea peruviana Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea pusilla Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea rufescens Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea splendida Eifrig -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea suringarii Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea tjibodensis (Steph.) Eifrig -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea uleana Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea umbonata Steph. -- accepted
  Taxilejeunea urbanii Steph. -- accepted
  Telaranea Spruce ex Schiffn. -- accepted
  Temnoma Mitt. -- accepted
  Tetracymbaliella Grolle -- accepted
  Tetralophozia (R.M. Schust.) Schljakov -- accepted
  Thysananthus Lindenb. -- accepted
  Thysanolejeunea africana Sim -- accepted
  Trabacellula Fulford -- accepted
  Trabacelluloideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Trachylejeunea (Spruce) Steph. -- not accepted
  Trachylejeunea conifera Steph. -- accepted
  Trachylejeunea cristuliflora Steph. -- accepted
  Trachylejeunea englishii Steph. -- accepted
  Trachylejeunea jamaicensis Pearson -- accepted
  Trachylejeunea kusaiensis Inoue & H.A. Mill. -- accepted
  Treubia K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Treubia insignis ssp. bracteata (Steph.) R.M. Schust. & G.A.M. Scott -- accepted
  Treubia insignis ssp. caledonica R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Treubia insignis ssp. insignis K.I. Goebel -- accepted
  Treubia insignis ssp. vitiensis R.M. Schust. & G.A.M. Scott -- accepted
  Treubia nana S. Hatt. & Inoue -- not accepted
  Treubiaceae -- accepted
  Treubiales -- accepted
  Treubiidae -- accepted
  Triandrophyllum Fulford & Hatcher -- accepted
  Trichocolea Dumort. -- accepted
  Trichocolea floccosa Herzog & Hatcher -- accepted
  Trichocolea sprucei (Spruce) Steph. -- accepted
  Trichocoleaceae -- accepted
  Trichocoleopsis S. Okamura -- accepted
  Tricholepidozia (R.M. Schust.) E.D. Cooper -- accepted
  Trichotemnoma R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Trichotemnomataceae -- accepted
  Trilophozia (R.M. Schust.) Bakalin -- accepted
  Tritomaria Schiffn. ex Loeske -- accepted
  Tritomaria koreana Bakalin, S.S. Choi & B.Y. Sun -- accepted
  Tritomaria mexicana Bakalin -- accepted
  Trocholejeunea Schiffn. -- not accepted
  Tuyamaella S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Tuzibeanthus S. Hatt. -- accepted
  Vanaea (Inoue & Gradst.) Inoue & Gradst. -- accepted
  Vandiemenia Hewson -- accepted
  Verdoornia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Verdoorniaceae -- not accepted
  Verdoornianthus Gradst. -- accepted
  Vetaforma Fulford & J. Taylor -- accepted
  Vitalianthus R.M. Schust. & Giancotti -- accepted
  Wiesnerella Schiffn. -- accepted
  Wiesnerella fasciaria C. Gao & K.C. Chang -- accepted
  Wiesnerellaceae -- accepted
  Xenocephalozia R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Xenothallus R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Zantenia (S. Hatt.) Vána & J.J. Engel -- accepted
  Zoopsidella R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Zoopsidoideae R.M. Schust. -- accepted
  Zoopsis Hook.f. ex Gottsche -- accepted
  Zoopsis ciliata Colenso -- accepted
  Zoopsis martinicensis Steph. -- accepted

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