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Xysticus  C. L. Koch, 1835
Taxonomic Serial No.: 873341

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Common Name(s): ground crab spiders [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2011   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumChelicerata  – cheliceriformes, quelicerado, queliceriforme  
                   ClassArachnida  – arachnids, aracnídeo, araignées, arácnidos  
                      OrderAraneae  – spiders, aranhas, araignées, arańas  
                         FamilyThomisidae Sundevall, 1833 – crab spiders  
                            GenusXysticus C. L. Koch, 1835 – ground crab spiders  
    Direct Children:  
                               Species Xysticus abditus Logunov, 2006  
                               Species Xysticus abramovi Marusik & Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus acerbus Thorell, 1872  
                               Species Xysticus acquiescens Emerton, 1919  
                               Species Xysticus advectus O. P.-Cambridge, 1890  
                               Species Xysticus adzharicus Mcheidze, 1971  
                               Species Xysticus aethiopicus L. Koch, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus albertensis Dondale, 2008  
                               Species Xysticus albidus Grese, 1909  
                               Species Xysticus albolimbatus Hu, 2001  
                               Species Xysticus albomaculatus Kulczynski, 1891  
                               Species Xysticus alboniger Turnbull, Dondale & Redner, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus aletaiensis Hu & Wu, 1989  
                               Species Xysticus alpicola Kulczynski, 1882  
                               Species Xysticus alpinistus Ono, 1978  
                               Species Xysticus alsus Song & Wang, 1994  
                               Species Xysticus altaicus Simon, 1895  
                               Species Xysticus altitudinis Levy, 1976  
                               Species Xysticus ampullatus Turnbull, Dondale & Redner, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus anatolicus Demir, Aktas & Topçu, 2008  
                               Species Xysticus apachecus Gertsch, 1933  
                               Species Xysticus apalacheus Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus apertus Banks, 1898  
                               Species Xysticus apricus L. Koch, 1876  
                               Species Xysticus aprilinus Bryant, 1930  
                               Species Xysticus arenarius Thorell, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus arenicola Simon, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus argenteus Jézéquel, 1966  
                               Species Xysticus asper (Lucas, 1838)  
                               Species Xysticus atevs Ovtsharenko, 1979  
                               Species Xysticus atrimaculatus Bösenberg & Strand, 1906  
                               Species Xysticus auctificus Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus audax (Schrank, 1803)  
                               Species Xysticus audaxoides Zhang, Zhang & Song, 2004  
                               Species Xysticus austrosibiricus Logunov & Marusik, 1998  
                               Species Xysticus autumnalis L. Koch, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus aztecus Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus bacurianensis Mcheidze, 1971  
                               Species Xysticus bakanas Marusik & Logunov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus baltistanus (Caporiacco, 1935)  
                               Species Xysticus banksi Bryant, 1933  
                               Species Xysticus barbatus Caporiacco, 1936  
                               Species Xysticus benefactor Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus bengalensis Tikader & Biswas, 1974  
                               Species Xysticus bengdakus Saha & Raychaudhuri, 2007  
                               Species Xysticus beni Strand, 1913  
                               Species Xysticus berlandi Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus bermani Marusik, 1994  
                               Species Xysticus bharatae Gajbe & Gajbe, 1999  
                               Species Xysticus bicolor L. Koch, 1867  
                               Species Xysticus bicuspis Keyserling, 1887  
                               Species Xysticus bifasciatus C. L. Koch, 1837  
                               Species Xysticus bilimbatus L. Koch, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus bimaculatus L. Koch, 1867  
                               Species Xysticus bliteus (Simon, 1875)  
                               Species Xysticus boesenbergi Charitonov, 1928  
                               Species Xysticus bolivari Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus bonneti Denis, 1938  
                               Species Xysticus bradti Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus breviceps O. P.-Cambridge, 1885  
                               Species Xysticus brevidentatus Wunderlich, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus britcheri Gertsch, 1934  
                               Species Xysticus brunneitibiis Caporiacco, 1939  
                               Species Xysticus bufo (Dufour, 1820)  
                               Species Xysticus californicus Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus canadensis Gertsch, 1934  
                               Species Xysticus canariensis (Wunderlich, 1987)  
                               Species Xysticus caperatoides Levy, 1976  
                               Species Xysticus caperatus Simon, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus caspicus Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus caucasius L. Koch, 1878  
                               Species Xysticus chaparralis Schick, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus charitonowi Mcheidze, 1971  
                               Species Xysticus chippewa Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus chui Ono, 1992  
                               Species Xysticus clavulus (Wunderlich, 1987)  
                               Species Xysticus clercki (Audouin, 1826)  
                               Species Xysticus cochise Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus coloradensis Bryant, 1930  
                               Species Xysticus concinnus Kroneberg, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus concretus Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus concursus Gertsch, 1934  
                               Species Xysticus conflatus Song, Tang & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus connectens Kulczynski, 1901  
                               Species Xysticus cor Canestrini, 1873  
                               Species Xysticus corsicus Simon, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus cribratus Simon, 1885  
                               Species Xysticus crispabilis Song & Gao, 1996  
                               Species Xysticus cristatus (Clerck, 1757)  
                               Species Xysticus croceus Fox, 1937  
                               Species Xysticus cunctator Thorell, 1877  
                               Species Xysticus curtus Banks, 1898  
                               Species Xysticus daisetsuzanus Ono, 1988  
                               Species Xysticus dali Li & Yang, 2008  
                               Species Xysticus davidi Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus deichmanni Sorensen, 1898  
                               Species Xysticus demirsoyi Demir, Topçu & Türkes, 2006  
                               Species Xysticus denisi Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus desidiosus Simon, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus discursans Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus diversus (Blackwall, 1870)  
                               Species Xysticus dolpoensis Ono, 1978  
                               Species Xysticus doriai (Dalmas, 1922)  
                               Species Xysticus durus (Sorensen, 1898)  
                               Species Xysticus dzhungaricus Tyschchenko, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus edax (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872)  
                               Species Xysticus egenus Simon, 1886  
                               Species Xysticus elegans Keyserling, 1880 – elegant crab spider 
                               Species Xysticus elephantus Ono, 1978  
                               Species Xysticus ellipticus Turnbull, Dondale & Redner, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus embriki Kolosváry, 1935  
                               Species Xysticus emertoni Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus ephippiatus Simon, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus erraticus (Blackwall, 1834)  
                               Species Xysticus excavatus Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus facetus O. P.-Cambridge, 1896  
                               Species Xysticus fagei Lessert, 1919  
                               Species Xysticus fagei Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus federalis Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus ferox (Hentz, 1847)  
                               Species Xysticus ferrugineus Menge, 1876  
                               Species Xysticus ferruginoides Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus ferus O. P.-Cambridge, 1876  
                               Species Xysticus fervidus Gerstch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus fienae (Jocqué, 1993)  
                               Species Xysticus flavitarsis Simon, 1877  
                               Species Xysticus flavovittatus Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus floridanus Banks, 1896  
                               Species Xysticus fraternus Banks, 1895  
                               Species Xysticus fuerteventurensis (Wunderlich, 1992)  
                               Species Xysticus funestus Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus furtivus Gertsch, 1936  
                               Species Xysticus gallicus Simon, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus gattefossei Denis, 1956  
                               Species Xysticus geometres L. Koch, 1874  
                               Species Xysticus gertschi Schick, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus ghigii Caporiacco, 1938  
                               Species Xysticus gobiensis Marusik & Logunov, 2002  
                               Species Xysticus gortanii Caporiacco, 1922  
                               Species Xysticus gosiutus Gertsch, 1933  
                               Species Xysticus gracilis Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus graecus C. L. Koch, 1837  
                               Species Xysticus grallator Simon, 1932  
                               Species Xysticus grohi (Wunderlich, 1992)  
                               Species Xysticus guizhou Song & Zhu, 1997  
                               Species Xysticus gulosus Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus gymnocephalus Strand, 1915  
                               Species Xysticus havilandi Lawrence, 1942  
                               Species Xysticus hedini Schenkel, 1936  
                               Species Xysticus helophilus Simon, 1890  
                               Species Xysticus hepaticus Simon, 1903  
                               Species Xysticus himalayaensis Tikader & Biswas, 1974  
                               Species Xysticus hindusthanicus Basu, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus hotingchiehi Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus hui Platnick, 1993  
                               Species Xysticus humilis Redner & Dondale, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus ibex Simon, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus ictericus L. Koch, 1874  
                               Species Xysticus idolothytus Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus illaudatus Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus imitarius Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus indiligens (Walckenaer, 1837)  
                               Species Xysticus insulicola Bösenberg & Strand, 1906  
                               Species Xysticus iviei Schick, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus jabalpurensis Gajbe & Gajbe, 1999  
                               Species Xysticus jaharai Basu, 1979  
                               Species Xysticus japenus Roewer, 1938  
                               Species Xysticus jiangi Peng, Yin & Kim, 2000  
                               Species Xysticus jinlin Song & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus joyantius Tikader, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus jugalis L. Koch, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus kalandadzei Mcheidze & Utochkin, 1971  
                               Species Xysticus kali Tikader & Biswas, 1974  
                               Species Xysticus kamakhyai Tikader, 1962  
                               Species Xysticus kansuensis Tang, Song & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus kashidi Tikader, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus kaznakovi Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus kempeleni Thorell, 1872  
                               Species Xysticus keyserlingi Bryant, 1930  
                               Species Xysticus khasiensis Tikader, 1980  
                               Species Xysticus kochi Thorell, 1872  
                               Species Xysticus krakatauensis Bristowe, 1931  
                               Species Xysticus kulczynskii Wierzbicki, 1902  
                               Species Xysticus kurilensis Strand, 1907  
                               Species Xysticus kuzgi Marusik & Logunov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus labradorensis Keyserling, 1887  
                               Species Xysticus laetus Thorell, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus lalandei (Audouin, 1826)  
                               Species Xysticus lanio C. L. Koch, 1835  
                               Species Xysticus lanzarotensis (Wunderlich, 1992)  
                               Species Xysticus lapidarius Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus lassanus Chamberlin, 1925  
                               Species Xysticus laticeps Bryant, 1933  
                               Species Xysticus latitabundus Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus lendli Kulczynski, 1897  
                               Species Xysticus lepnevae Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus lindbergi Roewer, 1962  
                               Species Xysticus lineatus (Westring, 1851)  
                               Species Xysticus locuples Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus loeffleri Roewer, 1955  
                               Species Xysticus logunovi Ono & Martens, 2005  
                               Species Xysticus logunovi Seyfulina & Mikhailov, 2004  
                               Species Xysticus lucifugus Lawrence, 1937  
                               Species Xysticus luctans (C. L. Koch, 1845)  
                               Species Xysticus luctator L. Koch, 1870  
                               Species Xysticus luctuosus (Blackwall, 1836)  
                               Species Xysticus lutzi Gertsch, 1935  
                               Species Xysticus macedonicus Silhavy, 1944  
                               Species Xysticus maculatipes Roewer, 1962  
                               Species Xysticus maculiger Roewer, 1951  
                               Species Xysticus madeirensis (Wunderlich, 1992)  
                               Species Xysticus manas Song & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus marmoratus Thorell, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus martensi Ono, 1978  
                               Species Xysticus marusiki Ono & Martens, 2005  
                               Species Xysticus minor Charitonov, 1946  
                               Species Xysticus mongolicus Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus montanensis Keyserling, 1887  
                               Species Xysticus mugur Marusik, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus mulleri Lawrence, 1952  
                               Species Xysticus multiaculeatus Caporiacco, 1940  
                               Species Xysticus mundulus O. P.-Cambridge, 1885  
                               Species Xysticus namaquensis Simon, 1910  
                               Species Xysticus natalensis Lawrence, 1938  
                               Species Xysticus nataliae Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus nebulo Simon, 1909  
                               Species Xysticus nenilini Marusik, 1989  
                               Species Xysticus nepalhimalaicus Ono, 1978  
                               Species Xysticus nevadensis (Keyserling, 1880)  
                               Species Xysticus nigriceps Berland, 1922  
                               Species Xysticus nigromaculatus Keyserling, 1884  
                               Species Xysticus nigropunctatus L. Koch, 1867  
                               Species Xysticus nigrotrivittatus (Simon, 1870)  
                               Species Xysticus ninnii Thorell, 1872  
                               Species Xysticus nitidus Hu, 2001  
                               Species Xysticus nubilus Simon, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus nyingchiensis Song & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus obesus Thorell, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus obscurus Collett, 1877  
                               Species Xysticus ocala Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus orizaba Banks, 1898  
                               Species Xysticus ovadan Marusik & Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus ovatus Simon, 1876  
                               Species Xysticus ovcharenkoi Marusik & Logunov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus paiutus Gertsch, 1933  
                               Species Xysticus palawanicus Barrion & Litsinger, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus palpimirabilis Marusik & Chevrizov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus paniscus L. Koch, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus parallelus Simon, 1873  
                               Species Xysticus parapunctatus Song & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus pearcei Schick, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus peccans O. P.-Cambridge, 1876  
                               Species Xysticus pellax O. P.-Cambridge, 1894  
                               Species Xysticus peninsulanus Gertsch, 1934  
                               Species Xysticus pentagonius Seyfulina & Mikhailov, 2004  
                               Species Xysticus periscelis Simon, 1908  
                               Species Xysticus pieperi Ono & Martens, 2005  
                               Species Xysticus pigrides Mello-Leităo, 1929  
                               Species Xysticus pinocorticalis (Wunderlich, 1992)  
                               Species Xysticus posti Sauer, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus potamon Ono, 1978  
                               Species Xysticus pretiosus Gertsch, 1934  
                               Species Xysticus promiscuus O. P.-Cambridge, 1876  
                               Species Xysticus pseudobliteus (Simon, 1880)  
                               Species Xysticus pseudocristatus Azarkina & Logunov, 2001  
                               Species Xysticus pseudolanio Wunderlich, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus pseudoluctuosus Marusik & Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus pseudorectilineus (Wunderlich, 1995)  
                               Species Xysticus pulcherrimus Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus punctatus Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus pygmaeus Tyschchenko, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus pynurus Tikader, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus quadratus Tang & Song, 1988  
                               Species Xysticus quadrispinus Caporiacco, 1933  
                               Species Xysticus quagga Jocqué, 1977  
                               Species Xysticus rainbowi Strand, 1901  
                               Species Xysticus rectilineus (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872)  
                               Species Xysticus robinsoni Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus robustus (Hahn, 1832)  
                               Species Xysticus rockefelleri Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus roonwali Tikader, 1964  
                               Species Xysticus rostratus Ono, 1988  
                               Species Xysticus rugosus Buckle & Redner, 1964  
                               Species Xysticus ryukyuensis Ono, 2002  
                               Species Xysticus sabulosus (Hahn, 1832)  
                               Species Xysticus saganus Bösenberg & Strand, 1906  
                               Species Xysticus sagittifer Lawrence, 1927  
                               Species Xysticus sansan Levy, 2007  
                               Species Xysticus sardiniensis (Wunderlich, 1995)  
                               Species Xysticus schoutedeni Lessert, 1943  
                               Species Xysticus secedens L. Koch, 1876  
                               Species Xysticus semicarinatus Simon, 1932  
                               Species Xysticus seserlig Logunov & Marusik, 1994  
                               Species Xysticus setiger O. P.-Cambridge, 1885  
                               Species Xysticus sharlaa Marusik & Logunov, 2002  
                               Species Xysticus shillongensis Tikader, 1962  
                               Species Xysticus shyamrupus Tikader, 1966  
                               Species Xysticus sibiricus Kulczynski, 1908  
                               Species Xysticus siciliensis Wunderlich, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus sicus Fox, 1937  
                               Species Xysticus sikkimus Tikader, 1970  
                               Species Xysticus silvestrii Simon, 1905  
                               Species Xysticus simonstownensis Strand, 1909  
                               Species Xysticus simplicipalpatus Ono, 1978  
                               Species Xysticus sinaiticus Levy, 1999  
                               Species Xysticus sjostedti Schenkel, 1936  
                               Species Xysticus slovacus Svaton, Pekár & Prídavka, 2000  
                               Species Xysticus soderbomi Schenkel, 1936  
                               Species Xysticus soldatovi Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus spasskyi Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus sphericus (Walckenaer, 1837)  
                               Species Xysticus spiethi Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus squalidus Simon, 1883  
                               Species Xysticus strandi Kolosváry, 1934  
                               Species Xysticus striatipes L. Koch, 1870  
                               Species Xysticus subjugalis Strand, 1906  
                               Species Xysticus tampa Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus tarcos L. Koch, 1875  
                               Species Xysticus taukumkurt Marusik & Logunov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus tenebrosus Silhavy, 1944  
                               Species Xysticus texanus Banks, 1904  
                               Species Xysticus thessalicoides Wunderlich, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus thessalicus Simon, 1916  
                               Species Xysticus tikaderi Bhandari & Gajbe, 2001  
                               Species Xysticus toltecus Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus torsivoides Song & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus torsivus Tang & Song, 1988  
                               Species Xysticus tortuosus Simon, 1932  
                               Species Xysticus transversomaculatus Bösenberg & Strand, 1906  
                               Species Xysticus triangulosus Emerton, 1894  
                               Species Xysticus triguttatus Keyserling, 1880 – threebanded crab spider 
                               Species Xysticus tristrami (O. P.-Cambridge, 1872)  
                               Species Xysticus trizonatus Ono, 1988  
                               Species Xysticus tsanghoensis Hu, 2001  
                               Species Xysticus tugelanus Lawrence, 1942  
                               Species Xysticus turkmenicus Marusik & Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus turlan Marusik & Logunov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus tyshchenkoi Marusik & Logunov, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus ukrainicus Utochkin, 1968  
                               Species Xysticus ulkan Marusik & Logunov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus ulmi (Hahn, 1831)  
                               Species Xysticus urbensis Lawrence, 1952  
                               Species Xysticus urgumchak Marusik & Logunov, 1990  
                               Species Xysticus vachoni Schenkel, 1963  
                               Species Xysticus variabilis Keyserling, 1880  
                               Species Xysticus verecundus Gertsch, 1934  
                               Species Xysticus verneaui Simon, 1883  
                               Species Xysticus viduus Kulczynski, 1898  
                               Species Xysticus viveki Gajbe, 2005  
                               Species Xysticus wagneri Gertsch, 1953  
                               Species Xysticus walesianus Karsch, 1878  
                               Species Xysticus winnipegensis Turnbull, Dondale & Redner, 1965  
                               Species Xysticus wuae Song & Zhu, 1995  
                               Species Xysticus wunderlichi Logunov, Marusik & Trilikauskas, 2001  
                               Species Xysticus xerodermus Strand, 1913  
                               Species Xysticus xiningensis Hu, 2001  
                               Species Xysticus xizangensis Tang & Song, 1988  
                               Species Xysticus xysticiformis (Caporiacco, 1935)  
                               Species Xysticus yogeshi Gajbe, 2005  
                               Species Xysticus zonshteini Marusik, 1989  

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  Reference for: Xysticus, ground crab spiders [English]   

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