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Schistura  McClelland, 1838
Taxonomic Serial No.: 638925

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Oreias Sauvage, 1874
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2005   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
          PhylumChordata  – cordés, cordado, chordates  
             SubphylumVertebrata  – vertebrado, vertébrés, vertebrates  
                   SuperclassActinopterygii  – ray-finned fishes, spiny rayed fishes, poisson épineux, poissons à nageoires rayonnées  
                            OrderCypriniformes  – cyprins, meuniers, minnows, suckers  
                                  FamilyBalitoridae  – river loaches  
                                        GenusSchistura McClelland, 1838  
    Direct Children:  
                                           Species Schistura acuticephalus (Hora, 1929)  
                                           Species Schistura afasciata Mirza and Banarescu in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura alepidota (Mirza and Banarescu in Mirza, Banarescu and Nalbant, 1970)  
                                           Species Schistura alta Nalbant and Bianco, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura alticrista Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura altipedunculatus (Banarescu and Nalbant, 1968)  
                                           Species Schistura amplizona Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura anambarensis (Mirza and Banarescu in Mirza, Banarescu and Nalbant, 1970)  
                                           Species Schistura antennata Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura aramis Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura arifi Mirza and Banarescu in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura athos Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura atra Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura bachmaensis Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura bairdi Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura balteata (Rendahl, 1948)  
                                           Species Schistura bampurensis (Nikolskii, 1900)  
                                           Species Schistura beavani (Günther, 1868)  
                                           Species Schistura bella Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura bolavenensis Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura breviceps (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura bucculenta (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura callichromus (Zhu and Wang, 1985)  
                                           Species Schistura carbonaria Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura cataracta Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura caudofurca (Mai, 1978)  
                                           Species Schistura chapaensis (Rendahl, 1944)  
                                           Species Schistura chindwinicus (Tilak and Husain, 1990)  
                                           Species Schistura chrysicristinae Nalbant, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura cincticauda (Blyth, 1860)  
                                           Species Schistura clatrata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura conirostris (Zhu, 1982)  
                                           Species Schistura corica (Hamilton, 1822)  
                                           Species Schistura coruscans Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura crabro Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura cristata (Berg, 1898)  
                                           Species Schistura curtistigma Mirza and Nalbant in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura dabryi (Sauvage, 1874)  
                                           Species Schistura dalatensis Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura daubentoni Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura dayi (Hora, 1935)  
                                           Species Schistura deansmarti Vidthayanon and Kottelat, 2003  
                                           Species Schistura defectiva Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura deignani (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura denisoni (Day, 1867)  
                                           Species Schistura desmotes (Fowler, 1934)  
                                           Species Schistura dorsizona Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura dubia Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura ephelis Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura fascimaculata Mirza and Nalbant in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura fasciolata (Nichols and Pope, 1927)  
                                           Species Schistura finis Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura fowleriana (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura fusinotata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura geisleri Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura globiceps Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura harnaiensis (Mirza and Nalbant in Mirza, Banarescu and Nalbant, 1969)  
                                           Species Schistura hingi (Herre, 1934)  
                                           Species Schistura horai (Menon, 1952)  
                                           Species Schistura humilis (Lin, 1932)  
                                           Species Schistura huongensis Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura imitator Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura implicata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura incerta (Nichols, 1931)  
                                           Species Schistura irregularis Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura isostigma Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura jarutanini Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura kaysonei Vidthayanon and Jaruthanin, 2002  
                                           Species Schistura kengtungensis (Fowler, 1936)  
                                           Species Schistura kessleri (Günther, 1889)  
                                           Species Schistura khamtanhi Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura khugae Vishwanath and Shanta, 2004  
                                           Species Schistura kloetzliae Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura kohatensis Mirza and Banarescu in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura kohchangensis (Smith, 1933)  
                                           Species Schistura kongphengi Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura kontumensis Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura latidens Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura latifasciata (Zhu and Wang, 1985)  
                                           Species Schistura lepidocaulis Mirza and Nalbant in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura leukensis Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura lindbergi (Banarescu and Mirza, 1965)  
                                           Species Schistura longa (Zhu, 1982)  
                                           Species Schistura machensis (Mirza and Nalbant in Mirza, Banarescu and Nalbant, 1970)  
                                           Species Schistura macrocephalus Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura macrolepis Mirza and Banarescu in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura macrotaenia (Yang in Wu, 1990)  
                                           Species Schistura maculiceps (Roberts, 1989)  
                                           Species Schistura maepaiensis Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura magnifluvis Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura mahnerti Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura malaisei Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura manipurensis (Chaudhuri, 1912)  
                                           Species Schistura melarancia Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura menanensis (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura microlabra Mirza and Nalbant in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura moeiensis Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura montana McClelland, 1838  
                                           Species Schistura multifasciatus (Day, 1878)  
                                           Species Schistura nagaensis (Menon, 1987)  
                                           Species Schistura nalbanti (Banarescu and Mirza, 1972)  
                                           Species Schistura namboensis Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura namiri (Krupp and Schneider, 1991)  
                                           Species Schistura nandingensis (Zhu and Wang, 1985)  
                                           Species Schistura naseeri (Ahmad and Mirza, 1963)  
                                           Species Schistura nasifilis (Pellegrin, 1936)  
                                           Species Schistura nicholsi (Smith, 1933)  
                                           Species Schistura nielseni Nalbant and Bianco, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura nomi Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura notostigma (Bleeker, 1863) – spotted loach, spotback loach 
                                           Species Schistura novemradiata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura nudidorsum Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura obeini Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura oedipus (Kottelat, 1988)  
                                           Species Schistura orthocauda (Mai, 1978)  
                                           Species Schistura pakistanica (Mirza and Banarescu in Mirza, Banarescu and Nalbant, 1969)  
                                           Species Schistura paucicincta Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura paucifasciata (Hora, 1929)  
                                           Species Schistura personata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura pertica Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura pervagata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura poculi (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura porthos Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura prashadi (Hora, 1921)  
                                           Species Schistura prashari (Hora, 1933)  
                                           Species Schistura pridii Vidthayanon, 2003  
                                           Species Schistura procera Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura pseudofasciolata Zhou and Cui, 1993  
                                           Species Schistura psittacula Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura punctifasciata Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura punjabensis (Hora, 1923)  
                                           Species Schistura quaesita Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura quasimodo Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura rara (Zhu and Cao, 1987)  
                                           Species Schistura reidi (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura rendahli (Banarescu and Nalbant, 1968)  
                                           Species Schistura reticulata Vishwanath and Nebeshwar, 2004  
                                           Species Schistura rikiki Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura robertsi Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura russa Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura sargadensis (Nikolskii, 1900)  
                                           Species Schistura schultzi (Smith, 1945)  
                                           Species Schistura sertata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura sexcauda (Fowler, 1937)  
                                           Species Schistura shadiwalensis Mirza and Nalbant in Mirza, Nalbant and Banarescu, 1981  
                                           Species Schistura sigillata Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura sijuensis (Menon, 1987)  
                                           Species Schistura sikmaiensis (Hora, 1921)  
                                           Species Schistura similis Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura sokolovi Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura sombooni Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura spekuli Kottelat, 2004  
                                           Species Schistura spiesi Vidthayanon and Kottelat, 2003  
                                           Species Schistura spiloptera (Valenciennes in Cuvier and Valenciennes, 1846)  
                                           Species Schistura spilota (Fowler, 1934)  
                                           Species Schistura suber Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura susannae Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura tenura Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura thanho Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura tirapensis Kottelat, 1990  
                                           Species Schistura tizardi Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura tubulinaris Kottelat, 1998  
                                           Species Schistura vinciguerrae (Hora, 1935)  
                                           Species Schistura waltoni (Fowler, 1937)  
                                           Species Schistura xhatensis Kottelat, 2000  
                                           Species Schistura yersini Freyhof and Serov, 2001  
                                           Species Schistura zonata McClelland, 1839  

  Reference for:    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: Catalog of Fishes, 08-Apr-2005, website (version 05-Apr-05)  
  Acquired: 2005   
  Reference for: Schistura   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Eschmeyer, William N., ed.  
  Publication Date: 1998   
  Article/Chapter Title: Catalog of Fishes   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Special Publication of the Center for Biodiversity Research and Information, no. 1, vol 1-3   
  Page(s): 2905   
  Publisher: California Academy of Sciences   
  Publication Place: San Francisco, California, USA   
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  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Fishes of the World, Third Edition   
  Page(s): xvii + 600   
  Publisher: John Wiley and Sons   
  Publication Place: New York, New York, USA   
  ISBN/ISSN: 0-471-54713-1   
  Reference for: Schistura   

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