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Anthophora  Latreille, 1803
Taxonomic Serial No.: 154384

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Anthophora excelsior Strand, 1916
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2020   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
    SubkingdomBilateria  – triploblasts  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHymenoptera  – abelha, formiga, vespa, ants, bees, wasps  
                                  SuborderApocrita  – abeilles, fourmis, guępes véritables, narrow-waisted hymenopterans, ants, bees, true wasps  
                                        SuperfamilyApoidea  – bees, sphecoid wasps, apoid wasps  
                                           FamilyApidae  – euglossine, euglossines, honey bees, stingless bees  
                                                    GenusAnthophora Latreille, 1803  
    Direct Children:  
                                                       Species Anthophora abjuncta Cockerell, 1922  
                                                       Species Anthophora abramowi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora abrochia Eardley and Brooks, 1989  
                                                       Species Anthophora abroniae Timberlake, 1937  
                                                       Species Anthophora abrupta Say, 1837  
                                                       Species Anthophora acutilabris Morawitz, 1880  
                                                       Species Anthophora adamsorum Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora aegyptiaca (Dalla Torre and Friese, 1895)  
                                                       Species Anthophora aeneiventris Hedicke, 1931  
                                                       Species Anthophora aestivalis (Panzer, 1801)  
                                                       Species Anthophora affabilis Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora affinis Brullé, 1832  
                                                       Species Anthophora aflabellata Gribodo, 1926  
                                                       Species Anthophora agama Radoszkowski, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora albata Cresson, 1876  
                                                       Species Anthophora albella Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora albiceps Friese, 1917  
                                                       Species Anthophora albicilla Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora albifacies Alfken, 1936  
                                                       Species Anthophora albifronella Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora albitomentosa Eardley and Brooks, 1989  
                                                       Species Anthophora albobarbata Hedicke, 1936  
                                                       Species Anthophora albopicta Cockerell, 1917  
                                                       Species Anthophora albosignata (Friese, 1896)  
                                                       Species Anthophora albotibialis Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora alfkenella Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora alluaudi Pérez, 1902  
                                                       Species Anthophora altaica Radoszkowski, 1882  
                                                       Species Anthophora alternans (Klug, 1845)  
                                                       Species Anthophora ambitiosa Alfken, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora amegilloides Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora amseli Hedicke, 1936  
                                                       Species Anthophora andalusica Pérez, 1902  
                                                       Species Anthophora andicola Schrottky, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora angolensis (Dalla Torre, 1896)  
                                                       Species Anthophora annulifera Walker, 1871  
                                                       Species Anthophora anoplura Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora antennalis Wu, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora appletoni Cockerell, 1946  
                                                       Species Anthophora arabica Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora arctica Morawitz, 1883  
                                                       Species Anthophora arequipensis Brčthes, 1920  
                                                       Species Anthophora argyrospila Cockerell, 1938  
                                                       Species Anthophora arida Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora armata Friese, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora aschabadensis Radoszkowski, 1893  
                                                       Species Anthophora asiatica Morawitz, 1880  
                                                       Species Anthophora astragali Morawitz, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora atrata Cresson, 1865  
                                                       Species Anthophora atriceps Pérez, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora atricilla Eversmann, 1846  
                                                       Species Anthophora atroalba Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora auone Eardley and Brooks, 1989  
                                                       Species Anthophora auripes Morawitz, 1887  
                                                       Species Anthophora badia Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora bahamensis Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora balassogloi (Radoszkowski, 1876)  
                                                       Species Anthophora balearica (Friese, 1896)  
                                                       Species Anthophora balneorum Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora barbipes Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora basalis Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora beijingensis (Wu, 1986)  
                                                       Species Anthophora belieri Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora bifasciata Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora bimaculata (Panzer, 1798)  
                                                       Species Anthophora bisulca Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora blanda Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora bogdanowi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora bogutensis (Mariskovskaya, 1976)  
                                                       Species Anthophora boharti Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora bomboides Kirby, 1837  
                                                       Species Anthophora borealis Morawitz, 1865  
                                                       Species Anthophora brasiliana Urban and Melo, 2005  
                                                       Species Anthophora braunsiana Friese, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora caelebs Gribodo, 1924  
                                                       Species Anthophora calcarata Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora californica Cresson, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora candidifrons Cockerell, 1946  
                                                       Species Anthophora canescens Brullé, 1832  
                                                       Species Anthophora capistrata Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora carinulata Morawitz, 1887  
                                                       Species Anthophora caroli Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora caudata Orr, 2018  
                                                       Species Anthophora centriformis Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora chihuahua Orr, 2018  
                                                       Species Anthophora chinensis Friese, 1919  
                                                       Species Anthophora chulumani Urban and Melo, 2005  
                                                       Species Anthophora cincreus (Friese, 1896)  
                                                       Species Anthophora cinerascens Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora cinerithoracis Wu, 1982  
                                                       Species Anthophora clavicornis Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora clavitarsa Wu, 1990  
                                                       Species Anthophora clessini Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora cockerelli Timberlake, 1937  
                                                       Species Anthophora codentata Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora columbariae Timberlake and Cockerell, 1937  
                                                       Species Anthophora combusta Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora concinna (Klug, 1845)  
                                                       Species Anthophora concolor Alfken, 1926  
                                                       Species Anthophora connexiformis Cockerell, 1917  
                                                       Species Anthophora coptognatha Timberlake, 1951  
                                                       Species Anthophora crassipes Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora crinipes Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora croceitarsis Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora crotchii Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora crysocnemis Morawitz, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora cunicularia Friese, 1914  
                                                       Species Anthophora curta Provancher, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora dalmatica Pérez, 1902  
                                                       Species Anthophora dammersi Timberlake, 1937  
                                                       Species Anthophora dentilabris Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora deserticola Morawitz, 1873  
                                                       Species Anthophora desertorum Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora dispar Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora disparilis Friese, 1922  
                                                       Species Anthophora diversipes Friese, 1922  
                                                       Species Anthophora dorsalis Vachal, 1909  
                                                       Species Anthophora doursiana (Friese, 1897)  
                                                       Species Anthophora dubia Eversmann, 1852  
                                                       Species Anthophora dufourii Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora eburnea Radoszkowski, 1876  
                                                       Species Anthophora edwardsii Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora ekuivensis Cockerell, 1908  
                                                       Species Anthophora elbana Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora epichariformis Gribodo, 1893  
                                                       Species Anthophora erschowi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora erubescens Morawitz, 1880  
                                                       Species Anthophora erythrothorax Michener, 1936  
                                                       Species Anthophora escalante Orr, 2018  
                                                       Species Anthophora estebana Cockerell, 1923  
                                                       Species Anthophora eugeniae Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora eustatiensis Brooks, 1999  
                                                       Species Anthophora eversa Cockerell, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora eversmannii (Dalla Torre and Friese, 1895)  
                                                       Species Anthophora excisa Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora exigua Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora extricata Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora facialoides Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora fallaciosa Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora fayoumensis Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora fedchenkoi Radoszkowski, 1872  
                                                       Species Anthophora fedorica Cockerell, 1906  
                                                       Species Anthophora femorata (Olivier, 1789)  
                                                       Species Anthophora ferghanensis Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora ferreola Cockerell, 1931  
                                                       Species Anthophora ferripicta Cockerell, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora ferruginea Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora festae Gribodo, 1924  
                                                       Species Anthophora finitima Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora fixseni Morawitz, 1876  
                                                       Species Anthophora flabellata Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora flavescens Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora flavicornis Morawitz, 1887  
                                                       Species Anthophora flaviscopa Eardley and Brooks, 1989  
                                                       Species Anthophora flavocincta Huard, 1897  
                                                       Species Anthophora flavonigra (Wu, 1988)  
                                                       Species Anthophora footei Crawford, 1914  
                                                       Species Anthophora forbesi Cockerell, 1907  
                                                       Species Anthophora fratercula Gribodo, 1924  
                                                       Species Anthophora fraterna Bingham, 1897  
                                                       Species Anthophora freimuthi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora fuliginosa Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora fulva Eversmann, 1852  
                                                       Species Anthophora fulvicauda Timberlake, 1937  
                                                       Species Anthophora fulvipes Eversmann, 1846  
                                                       Species Anthophora fulvitarsis Brullé, 1832  
                                                       Species Anthophora fulvodimidiata Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora furcata (Panzer, 1798)  
                                                       Species Anthophora furcotibialis Wu, 1985  
                                                       Species Anthophora fuscipennis Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora galalensis Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora gemella Morawitz, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora germabica Radoszkowski, 1893  
                                                       Species Anthophora ghigii Gribodo, 1924  
                                                       Species Anthophora glasunovi Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora glaucopis Friese, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora gracilipes Morawitz, 1873  
                                                       Species Anthophora hanseni Morawitz, 1883  
                                                       Species Anthophora harmalae Morawitz, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora hebeiensis Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora hedini Alfken, 1936  
                                                       Species Anthophora hegasica Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora heinemanni Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora heliopolitensis Pérez, 1910  
                                                       Species Anthophora hermanni Schwarz and Gusenleitner, 2003  
                                                       Species Anthophora hilaris Smith, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora hirtiventris Friese, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora hispanica (Fabricius, 1787)  
                                                       Species Anthophora hispaniola Brooks, 1999  
                                                       Species Anthophora hololeuca Cockerell, 1923  
                                                       Species Anthophora holoxantha Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora hortensis Morawitz, 1887  
                                                       Species Anthophora huashanensis Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora humilis (Spinola, 1838)  
                                                       Species Anthophora illepida Walker, 1871  
                                                       Species Anthophora incerta Spinola, 1851  
                                                       Species Anthophora inclyta Walker, 1871  
                                                       Species Anthophora intricata Gribodo, 1924  
                                                       Species Anthophora iole Bingham, 1898  
                                                       Species Anthophora ireos (Pallas, 1773)  
                                                       Species Anthophora irregularis Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora joetta Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora kaszabi Banaszak, 1984  
                                                       Species Anthophora kaufmanni Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora kigomensis Cockerell, 1938  
                                                       Species Anthophora kigonserana Friese, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora kneuckeri Alfken, 1938  
                                                       Species Anthophora kochi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora kodrokonis Cockerell, 1946  
                                                       Species Anthophora kristenseni Friese, 1915  
                                                       Species Anthophora kronebergi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora krugeri Eardley and Brooks, 1989  
                                                       Species Anthophora krugii Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora labrosa Friese, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora lacteifrons Hedicke, 1931  
                                                       Species Anthophora lanzarotensis (Tkalcu, 1993)  
                                                       Species Anthophora larvata Giraud, 1863  
                                                       Species Anthophora laticeps Friese, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora latigena Morawitz, 1887  
                                                       Species Anthophora leonis Cockerell, 1933  
                                                       Species Anthophora lesquerellae (Cockerell, 1896)  
                                                       Species Anthophora leucophaea Pérez, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora leucopyga Friese, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora leucorhina Cockerell, 1917  
                                                       Species Anthophora libyphaenica Gribodo, 1893  
                                                       Species Anthophora lieftincki (Tkalcu, 1993)  
                                                       Species Anthophora linsleyi Timberlake, 1941  
                                                       Species Anthophora loczyi Mocsáry, 1892  
                                                       Species Anthophora loewi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora longipes Morawitz, 1884  
                                                       Species Anthophora lumbwana Cockerell, 1946  
                                                       Species Anthophora lusitanica Friese, 1919  
                                                       Species Anthophora luteodimidiata Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora lutescens Walker, 1871  
                                                       Species Anthophora lydia Tkalcu, 1994  
                                                       Species Anthophora maculifrons Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora maculigera Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora maculilabralis Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora mangkamensis Wu, 1982  
                                                       Species Anthophora marginata Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora martensi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora matopensis Cockerell, 1933  
                                                       Species Anthophora megarrhina Cockerell, 1910  
                                                       Species Anthophora melanocephala Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora melanognatha Cockerell, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora melanopyga Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora melanopyrrha Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora mellina Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora mephistophelicana Strand, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora meridionalis Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora metallica Morawitz, 1887  
                                                       Species Anthophora mexicana Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora micheneri Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora microrhina Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora mongolica Morawitz, 1890  
                                                       Species Anthophora montana Cresson, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora morawitzi Friese, 1909  
                                                       Species Anthophora moricei (Friese, 1899)  
                                                       Species Anthophora mortuaria Timberlake, 1937  
                                                       Species Anthophora mucida Gribodo, 1873  
                                                       Species Anthophora mucoriventris Friese, 1922  
                                                       Species Anthophora murina Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora murutica Friese, 1919  
                                                       Species Anthophora muscaria Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora namaquensis Eardley and Brooks, 1989  
                                                       Species Anthophora neavei Vachal, 1910  
                                                       Species Anthophora neglecta Timberlake and Cockerell, 1936  
                                                       Species Anthophora nigriceps Morawitz, 1886  
                                                       Species Anthophora nigrifacies Friese, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora nigrifrons Cockerell, 1931  
                                                       Species Anthophora nigrilabris Spinola, 1838  
                                                       Species Anthophora nigroaeruginosa Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora nigrocaudata Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora nigrociliata Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora nitidula Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora niveifacies Hedicke, 1940  
                                                       Species Anthophora niveiventris Friese, 1919  
                                                       Species Anthophora nurrana Cockerell, 1931  
                                                       Species Anthophora obtusispina Wu, 1982  
                                                       Species Anthophora occidentalis Cresson, 1869 – Digger Bee 
                                                       Species Anthophora occulta Hedicke, 1938  
                                                       Species Anthophora oldi Meade-Waldo, 1914  
                                                       Species Anthophora olgae Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora onosmarum Morawitz, 1876  
                                                       Species Anthophora orientalis Morawitz, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora orophila Cockerell, 1910  
                                                       Species Anthophora orotavae (Saunders, 1904)  
                                                       Species Anthophora pachyodonta Cockerell, 1923  
                                                       Species Anthophora pacifica Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora paranensis Holmberg, 1903  
                                                       Species Anthophora parkeri Orr, 2018  
                                                       Species Anthophora patruelis Cockerell, 1931  
                                                       Species Anthophora pauperata Walker, 1871  
                                                       Species Anthophora pedata Eversmann, 1852  
                                                       Species Anthophora perdita Cockerell, 1946  
                                                       Species Anthophora perezi Morawitz, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora peritomae Cockerell, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora perlustrata Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora peterseni Morawitz, 1884  
                                                       Species Anthophora petrophila Cockerell, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora phaceliae Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora phenax (Cockerell, 1898)  
                                                       Species Anthophora pilifrons Packard, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora pilosa Morawitz, 1880  
                                                       Species Anthophora plagiata (Illiger, 1806)  
                                                       Species Anthophora plagioleuca Hedicke, 1940  
                                                       Species Anthophora planca Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora platti Timberlake, 1951  
                                                       Species Anthophora plebeja Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora plumipes (Pallas, 1772)  
                                                       Species Anthophora pluto Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora podagra Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora ponomarevae Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora porphyrea Westrich, 1993  
                                                       Species Anthophora porterae Cockerell, 1900  
                                                       Species Anthophora postica Vachal, 1910  
                                                       Species Anthophora praecox Friese, 1909  
                                                       Species Anthophora pretiosa Friese, 1919  
                                                       Species Anthophora priesneri Alfken, 1932  
                                                       Species Anthophora proxima Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora prshewalskyi Morawitz, 1880  
                                                       Species Anthophora pruinosa Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora pubescens (Fabricius, 1781)  
                                                       Species Anthophora pueblo Orr, 2016  
                                                       Species Anthophora pulsella Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora pulverosa Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora punctilabris Pérez, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora purpuraria Westrich, 1993  
                                                       Species Anthophora pyropyga Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora pyrozonata Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora qinghaiensis Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora quadricolor (Erichson, 1840)  
                                                       Species Anthophora quadrimaculata (Panzer, 1798)  
                                                       Species Anthophora raddei Morawitz, 1876  
                                                       Species Anthophora radoszkowskyi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora rara Orr, 2018  
                                                       Species Anthophora retusa (Linnaeus, 1758)  
                                                       Species Anthophora rhodesiae Meade-Waldo, 1914  
                                                       Species Anthophora rhodothorax Michener, 1936  
                                                       Species Anthophora richaensis Alfken, 1938  
                                                       Species Anthophora rivolleti Pérez, 1895  
                                                       Species Anthophora robbi Cockerell, 1911  
                                                       Species Anthophora robusta (Klug, 1845)  
                                                       Species Anthophora rogenhoferi Morawitz, 1872  
                                                       Species Anthophora romandii Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora rubricrus Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora ruficaudis (Cameron, 1905)  
                                                       Species Anthophora rufolanata Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora rufovestita Cockerell, 1946  
                                                       Species Anthophora rufozanana Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora rufozonata Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora rugosa Radoszkowski, 1884  
                                                       Species Anthophora rutilans Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora sagemehli Morawitz, 1883  
                                                       Species Anthophora salazariae Timberlake, 1937  
                                                       Species Anthophora saropodoides (Dalla Torre, 1896)  
                                                       Species Anthophora schultzei Friese, 1909  
                                                       Species Anthophora scopipes Spinola, 1838  
                                                       Species Anthophora sefrensis Cockerell, 1933  
                                                       Species Anthophora selecta Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora semirufa (Friese, 1898)  
                                                       Species Anthophora semiscinerea Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora senescens Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora senicula Pérez, 1902  
                                                       Species Anthophora senilis Eversmann, 1846  
                                                       Species Anthophora sergia (Nurse, 1904)  
                                                       Species Anthophora shagrensis Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora shestakovi Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora sichelii Radoszkowski, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora sichuanensis (Wu, 1986)  
                                                       Species Anthophora siewersi Morawitz, 1876  
                                                       Species Anthophora signata Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora simia Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora similis Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora simplicipes Morawitz, 1880  
                                                       Species Anthophora sinensis (Wu, 1982)  
                                                       Species Anthophora socia (Klug, 1845)  
                                                       Species Anthophora soikai Benoist, 1961  
                                                       Species Anthophora solskyi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora spinacoxa Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora spinitarsis Wu, 1982  
                                                       Species Anthophora spodia Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora squammulosa Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora stilobia Wu, 2000  
                                                       Species Anthophora strauchi Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora striata Orr, 2018  
                                                       Species Anthophora strucki Eardley and Brooks, 1989  
                                                       Species Anthophora subaequa (Kohl, 1905)  
                                                       Species Anthophora submicans Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora subserricornis Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora superans Walker, 1871  
                                                       Species Anthophora suworzevi Morawitz, 1888  
                                                       Species Anthophora syriaca Friese, 1922  
                                                       Species Anthophora tarsalis Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora tarsidens Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora tecta Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora tedshenensis Radoszkowski, 1893  
                                                       Species Anthophora tenella (Klug, 1845)  
                                                       Species Anthophora terminalis Cresson, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora testaceipes Morawitz, 1888  
                                                       Species Anthophora tetradonta Cockerell, 1933  
                                                       Species Anthophora thomsoni Saunders, 1882  
                                                       Species Anthophora tibialis Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora timberlakei Orr, 2018  
                                                       Species Anthophora torensis Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora torridella Meade-Waldo, 1914  
                                                       Species Anthophora trichopus Hedicke, 1940  
                                                       Species Anthophora tricolor (Fabricius, 1775)  
                                                       Species Anthophora tridentata (Friese, 1899)  
                                                       Species Anthophora tridentella Priesner, 1957  
                                                       Species Anthophora trifasciata Radoszkowski, 1886  
                                                       Species Anthophora trilineata (Pérez, 1906)  
                                                       Species Anthophora trochanterica Morawitz, 1888  
                                                       Species Anthophora tuberculilabris Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora turcomannica Morawitz, 1888  
                                                       Species Anthophora uljanini Fedtschenko, 1875  
                                                       Species Anthophora unistrigata Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora urbana Cresson, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora ursina Cresson, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora usbekistana Cockerell, 1930  
                                                       Species Anthophora valga (Klug, 1845)  
                                                       Species Anthophora vallorum (Cockerell, 1896)  
                                                       Species Anthophora vannigera Timberlake, 1951  
                                                       Species Anthophora variipes Morawitz, 1894  
                                                       Species Anthophora ventrilabris Lepeletier, 1841  
                                                       Species Anthophora vernalis Morawitz, 1879  
                                                       Species Anthophora versicolor Friese, 1925  
                                                       Species Anthophora vestita Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora vidua (Klug, 1845)  
                                                       Species Anthophora villosula Smith, 1854  
                                                       Species Anthophora wadicola Alfken, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora walshii Cresson, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora walteri Gonzalez, 2004  
                                                       Species Anthophora waltoni Cockerell, 1910  
                                                       Species Anthophora wartmanni Friese, 1905  
                                                       Species Anthophora wegelini Friese, 1914  
                                                       Species Anthophora wuae Brooks, 1988  
                                                       Species Anthophora xanthostoma Cockerell, 1932  
                                                       Species Anthophora xinjiangensis (Wu, 1985)  
                                                       Species Anthophora xizangensis (Wu, 1988)  
                                                       Species Anthophora zanoni Gribodo, 1924  
                                                       Species Anthophora zimini Gussakovsky, 1935  
                                                       Species Anthophora zombana Cockerell, 1910  
                                                     GenusAnthophora Latreille, 1803 incertae sedis  
    Children with Uncertain Position:  
                                                       Species Anthophora citreostrigata Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora laevigata Spinola, 1808  
                                                       Species Anthophora lepidodea Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora mediozonata Laboulbene, 1870  
                                                       Species Anthophora padiola Vachal, 1909  
                                                       Species Anthophora repleta Dours, 1869  
                                                       Species Anthophora uniciliata Sichel, 1860  
                                                       Species Anthophora volucellaeformis Dours, 1869  

  Expert: John S. Ascher, PhD  
  Notes: Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore   
  Reference for: Anthophora    
  Expert: Michael C. Orr, PhD  
  Notes: Postdoctoral Fellow, Key Laboratory of Zoological Systematics, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing   
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  Reference for: Anthophora   

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